"Hello? Helloooo? Anyone here?" A woman's voice seems to call out to me.

"But Atrus—" There's men, too. "Shut up, there might be someone..." I try to communicate with them, but even I can't hear my own voice. "Hey, there's books over here, Mason," the girl said. I hear footsteps walking closer.

Suddenly, there's so much light, all the light that I missed was back, it was with me. Someone had opened the red book. I could finally talk to real humans again! The woman that had opened the book was fair-skinned with freckles around her nose. Her short, dark red hair was pulled into a high ponytail and she wore jean shorts and a green tank top.

She said her name was Piper Kane, and she had (accidentally) come to Myst Island with two of her friends. Mason, one friend, was tall, tan, and had curly honey-blonde hair. Hack, the other friend, had short, spiky black hair and wore a beige sportscoat.

"Okay, so you guys have a connection to Atrus, right?" Piper Kane nodded. "Yes, he's my—well, he's more of an ancestor." "What?!" Piper Kane still continued. "Mason, Hack, and I were in my attic looking for something when we came across this really old, yellowish book." I gasped. "The Myst book! It's still...alive?"

"What do you mean, still alive?" Hack questioned. I began to tell my story.

"Well, when I first came to Myst, I met Atrus in the fireplace-thing over there—" I gestured to the small, brick door. "—and he told me that he was still writing it for Linking, y'know? He let me come back, but it didn't exactly work. Sirrus was here, too, and he trapped me in this red book for...how long has it been?" Mason shrugged, but Piper Kane's eyes widened in shock. "Atrus never came home from Releeshahn after helping the D'nis... He died soon after sending a letter to the family in Channelwood. He was old due to his Linking, more than one hundred twenty."

"How old are you, then?" I asked, shaky and panicked. "I am eighteen. I never lived in Channelwood; in fact, I am not even from any recent ages." I stood quietly for a moment, doing the math. The D'ni Age was so ancient, we had learned about it in school during the Is'enthe Age! Suddenly, I froze.

I had been imprisoned for millions of years.