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Anyways here's the second chapter of Tamashi no Kira

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Kira woke up the next morning about seven. 'I guess I was supposed to be at the training field already.' She thought. 'Oops.' She shrugged, uncaring.

She got up and trudged into her bathroom.

Twenty minutes later, she came out of the bathroom. When she got dressed, she put on a new outfit. Instead of her usual red and white, she chose a red corset with a black skirt. Instead of her usual combat boots, she put on something much more deadly. She also kept her hair down, but put on a red headband to keep it out of her face.

Grabbing her scythe and senbon, she ate a few rice onigirl on the way to the training field.

When she arrived, the other three glared at her. Ignoring them, she began running. She loved running. It cleared her head and helped her to think.

"Hey Kira," Naruto interrupted. "Isn't it hard to run in those?"

Ah yes. Kira had worn heels. "No, Naruto-san. These aren't ordinary heels. Watch." She directed chakra to her heels. Instantly deadly spikes shot out. The spikes were covered in one of the most deadly poisons known to ninja or civilian alike. Her clan specialized in poisons, so she was immune to it and most others, since they were in her blood. As a baby, all clan heirs were injected with a serum that was counteract to most poisons. However, there was a high chance of them dying at a young age.

When Naruto moved to touch, she released the chakra. "Be careful Naruto-san, they're poisonous."

He nodded. "Okay Kira-chan." He turned to leave. "Hey Kira-chan?"

"Yes Naruto-san?"

"Why don't you hate me like the others? I never once saw you scoff at me."

"Your furry little problem was a friend of my family. I know who he is and while you are alike, you are also very different. Naruto-san, neither of you are monsters." Kira told him softly.

"Thank you Kira-nee-chan." He smiled brightly and went back to the others.

Kira froze. "Alright, otouto." She whispered quietly. She almost let a tear fall. She missed her own little brother. Her bright ball of sunshine. But he died with the rest of her clan.

Ten o'clock…

"Yo." Kakashi appeared out of nowhere.

He found himself with a scythe to his throat. "You're late, ero-sensei." A dangerously soft voice whispered in his ear.

He chuckled nervously. "I was helping an old lady put up the groceries?" He offered.

"Liar." But the scythe left his neck anyways.

"The point of this test is to take these three bells from me." He held them up. "The one who doesn't is tied to the stump while the rest of us eat lunch. Also the one who doesn't will be sent back to the academy." He smiled his one-eyed smile.

An hour later…

Kakashi was tied up at the stump, while his students were eating lunch.

He was crying inside. 'Damn it. I actually have to pass this team. Thankfully they do work well together.' He got serious. 'They were in sync with each other. They knew so easily what to do. That last move of theirs, All their chakras were blended. They beat me. Sasuke, the fire user. Naruto, the air bender, Sai, earth user, and Kira the water user. All four major elements on one team. The medic will probably be Sai or Sasuke. Naruto will most likely be the offense with Kyuubi inside him. Kyuubi's chakra is too violent to be anything else. Kira will be defense. She will be the one who holds us all together. She brought them down to earth. Made them able and willing to work with each other."

He felt the ropes loosen around him. In his line of vision he saw a white hand.

"We are a team, sensei." Her voice spoke softly, but it was strong.

"Are you?" He asked the others. They nodded defiantly.

"You pass." Kakashi told them. "In the morning, we'll start with D rank missions and then in the afternoon, we'll train."

They nodded, Sasuke gave a smirk.

Kira spoke up. "Sensei, tomorrow, I'm cooking a big dinner. Will all of you come to eat?"


"Because we are family now and families eat together sometimes, right?" She answered, unsure of the answer.

Kakashi smiled beneath his mask.





Kira said good-bye and left quickly. Naruto followed after her. Sasuke gave his usual good bye before following after them, discreetly of course. Sai went as well.

Kakashi shook his head amused. "I'm training stalkers." He muttered.

A few minutes away from her home, Kira stopped. She waited for Naruto to come out. "Come on out, Naruto-san. I know you're following me."

"Ah, I just wanted to see where Nee-chan lived." He came into view, rubbing the back of his head, smiling sheepishly.

"Sasuke-san, Sai-san, you might as well come on out too." She sighed, a bit irritated and a bit amused.

Two dark figures came into view.

Kira Point of View

My stalkers followed me until we came to what seemed to be a deserted clan house. Obviously it wasn't deserted. It was mine.

I put my chakra into a rock innocently standing there. I waved them over. "You need to put your chakra into this rock. This will allow you entry."

After probably fifteen minutes of trying to get them to bring their chakra into their hands, which you think would be easy to do, but apparently it wasn't for some Kami forsaken reason, I was finally able to let them inside.

"Welcome to my home." I said formally.

"It's so pretty Nee-chan." Naruto said. He was nearly bouncing off the walls.

"Thanks Naruto-san." I turned to Sasuke and Sai, who were standing off to the side quietly. "Now that I know why Naruto-san followed me home, I want to know why you two were following me. Would you mind?"

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