Galleom Strikes Back

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Well, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire turned 10 today in the US, even though it was already ten since November of last year. That's partially why I made this new entry in my weird Daisy Smash Bros series. And I haven't really seen anyone using Brawl's unique bosses in a fanfic for quite a while, so... yes. Enjoy!

After Nintendo City was cleared and cleaned up from the gassy antics of Princess Daisy and Princess Peach Toadstool, the two princesses were scolded by Master Hand, who had to pay the city a lot of money to make up for destroying the metropolis. As punishment, Peach and Daisy had to clean all the bathrooms in the entire mansion. As night time arrived, Daisy sighed as she rubbed her forehead, exhausted. She was wearing her yellow jeans and a yellow shirt, with a blue apron over them to keep her clothes clean.

"Man, of all the dirty deeds I have to do in this mansion..." Daisy grumbled as she shook her head, looking up to see a cute young Torchic staring right at her in the doorway. She smiled as she tilted her head to the right. "Oh hey there, you cute little thing! What's your name?"

The Torchic blinked as she cooed out her name. "Tor-chic!"

Daisy giggled as she clapped her hands together, approaching the Torchic and hugging her. "Aww, I just want to hug you 'til the end of time! You are so cute, I could eat you!"

The Torchic then giggled as she suddenly started burning, with Daisy screaming as she let the Torchic go, falling on her back.

"Whoa! Are you a powerful one!" Daisy admitted as she dusted herself off, shaking her head. "Let me guess, you must be a fire type?"

The wild young Torchic nodded her head in response. "Chic, tor!" She then dashed towards the western direction.

Daisy smiled as she folded her arms, nodding her head. "Golly, what would I do to have one of those Pokemon back home..." She sighed as she closed her eyes, only to spring right up to her feet as she heard a loud scream. "What the? That sounds like Lucas!"

She dashed towards the stairs, tossing off her blue apron as she ran as fast as she could, to see Lucas and the wild Torchic in the hands of Galleom, who turned and glared at Daisy as he then jetpacked out of the mansion, breaking a hole through several ceilings as Daisy looked up.

"What in the world was that thing?" Daisy asked as she saw Red, the mansion's local Pokemon Trainer, rushing out of the mansion, promtping her to follow him. "Hey! Wait up!"