Melody's Farting Problem

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I can be full of surprises, guys. But a good question is how is it possible for a ghost to pass gas...? I don't know, I just felt like having Melody Pianissima fart because I remembered how cute she was in Luigi's Mansion. And it's coincidental with that certain new sequel to this game... but that's besides the point. Enjoy while I still question if ghosts can fart.

Luigi's Mansion. A place that's never been more haunted, or so it seemed. While Luigi had officially own it for quite a while and freed Mario from the dastardly ghouls, some portrait ghosts sneak out every now and then to have a little moment in the moon light.

This is one of those nights. Melody Pianissima, the Beautiful Pianist was in her room in the second area of the mansion, inside the Conservatory room. She was playing on her piano as one of the randomly named Boos, a Boo called Boomeo, appeared in the room, all of the lights in the entire mansion off as Melody was playing the melody to Mad Monster Mansion, a fellow nightmarish song.

"Wherefore am I Boomeo?" Boomeo stated as he floated towards Melody. "Thou art fine, Melody?"

Melody sighed as she turned to Boomeo. "Oh, it's quite a bore talking to you, Boomeo. All you say is broken English that is older than even me."

Boomeo sighed as he shook his head. "Thou not understand moi... I take my leave now." He then vanished in a flash.

Melody sighed as she shook her head. "Humph. Weird fellow, that odd little Boo. Anyway..." As she was about to play another piece of classical video, she felt a low rumble in her stomach, placing her right hand on her belly as she glanced down at it. "Oh my, what's this? It seems my tummy has a little music inside it..."

She then appeared out of the Conservatory, looked around the hallway as no one was there except a couple of ghoulish pink mice. Smiling, she headed back into her Conservatory, clenching her maroon colored dress with her left hand as she grunted, letting out a high pitched trombone-like fart that echoed throughout the room. After waiting a few seconds, she let out another, deeper pitched bassy fart, giggling innocently after hearing her musical toots.

"My, my, am I a little gassy tonight..." Melody stated as she smirked, placing her hands behind her back as her yellow eyes started to glow brighter, letting out a cute little poot, "I think I'll share my musical wind with the rest of the ghosts... I think they'll have quite the gas..."