Melody Pianissima continued taunting Luigi as she giggled, her tuba like flatulence getting louder and grosser as Luigi screamed and panicked, bumping into Melody's piano stool, with a blue colored Speedy Spirit emerging from it.

"Pe-yew!" The Speedy Spirit exclaimed as he shook his head, immediately dashing out of the Conservatory as he didn't even pay attention to Luigi. "Melody's farts are bad enough as it is, but now she's going overboard! I'm out!"

Luigi eyed the piano stool, his eyes widening in horror as he placed his right hand on it, noticing how warm it was. "Mamma mia, this is getting-a heavy..."

Melody Pianissima farted loudly again as she giggled, still invisible to Luigi as she had her hands behind her back. "Sitting on a stool for all eternity doing nothing but playing music and video games does a number to your body," She muttered, with Luigi screaming in horror as he pulled down his green cap.

Shivers The Wandering Butler was coming down the hallway towards the Conservatory, hearing Melody's giggles and breaking wind alongside Luigi's screams. He sighed as he shook his head. "Oh Melody, how I love you... but why do you not love me back?" He muttered to himself as he headed to his own room, the Butler's Room, deciding not to check out what was actually happening.