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"And that's it for today, make sure to read through the second chapter and sign up for your shooting range time slot. Remember, practice makes a good shot!"

Seeley Booth grabbed his books and rushed out of the classroom. He had to get across campus for his first psychology lecture of the semester in less than 15 minutes.

Why am I rushing for psychology? He thought to himself, regretting picking it as his final third year elective.

Lets be honest, my time is clearly better spent shooting a few rounds at the range than learning about touchy-feely mumbo jumbo.

Making it to the lecture hall, he quickly sat down in an open seat near the middle. He glanced around, surveying his 800 or so classmates as they made their way in. A tall man with greying hair and a sweater vest walked to the front and began to unpack his book bag.

That must be Professor Michaels, thought Seeley, Lets hope he talks fast and we can get this class over with quickly.

Just as the professor started addressing the class Seeley's attention went to a tall and uniquely pretty brunette who was coming in late. She wore dark jeans and a teal sweater, which caused her electric blue eyes to stand out like a snowstorm in the desert. Those piercing eyes seemed to dart around, obviously uncomfortable with all the other students watching her walk in, letting Booth know she was modest or perhaps even clueless of how stunning she was. That realization, plus her "I don't give a fuck" attitude that she was radiating made her instantly attractive to Booth.

She was scanning for a seat, and was obviously ticked off to only find an open one in the front row.

Booth watched her intensely as she sat down, throwing her book bag to the side, laying her head down on the table in front of her and seemingly ignoring Professor Michaels completely. He smiled to himself and then reluctantly turned his limited attention back to the class.

"I'm sorry, are you serious?" Professor Michaels says suddenly, turning towards the girl in the teal sweater. The room stirs for a moment, everyone turning to see who he is looking at. At first she doesn't notice, apparently napping. But the sudden silence from the professor must have been a clue. She slowly raised her head, and Seeley watched as raised her eyebrows at the Prof and responded, "Sorry, what?"

"Normally when people sit in the front it is to pay closer attention to me, but you are so blatantly ignoring everything I say." He said, more quizzically than angry. The girl just sat there staring, a small but visible blush appearing on her cheeks, but her eyes continued to stubbornly stare the professor down.

"That wasn't a question. Yet it appears you are waiting for answer from me." She said finally. The professor, along with the rest of the class gawked at her audacity.

"Do you not care to be in this class?" Professor Michaels asks, getting more aggravated by the second.

"Given that this is only a vague and inexact science, and therefore carries no real merit in my education, no. I do not care to be here." She said and then laid her head back down.

Seeley found himself grinning at her matter of fact answer. He watched her for the remainder of the lecture, and finding himself infatuated with her decided to introduce himself to her afterwards.

She got up, grabbed her stuff and practically shot out the door at the end of class. Seeley sprinted after her.

"Hey, um, you there!" he shouted into the crowd of moving students, waving his hand in the air and praying to god she notices him.

Temperance had just sat through an entire psychology lecture, and as upsetting as that fact was she knew that she might have to sit through many more in order to complete her elective courses.

"What a waste of time!" she said to herself quietly as she made her way up the stairs and towards the exit. Finally outside, she turned towards the student support center, hoping it wasn't too late to drop the course.

There has to be some other course I can take, she thought, I mean psychology? Please! What a waste of my intellect!

A voice calling out from behind her interrupted her thoughts and caused her to turn around. There stood a tall, quarterback-looking guy making purposeful eye contact with her. He wore a NWU sweatshirt, jeans and sneakers, his brown hair looking like he just rolled out of bed. His eyes lit up as she returned the eye contact and had a quizzical, yet annoyed expression.

"You really don't like psychology do you?" he said with a goofy grin on his face. Temperance stared for a moment, turned back around and kept walking.

"Hey, hey wait!" came the same voice again. This time he caught up beside her and held out with right hand, "I'm Seeley, and you are?"

"Temperance." She said, ignoring his outstretched hand.

"Beautiful name," Seeley said walking along with her, "Where are you going now Temperance?"

She continued to walk with her gaze straight ahead, hoping to give this stranger the message that she wasn't open for casual conversation. He kept walking beside her despite her silence, glancing over at her every few seconds.

What is his problem? She thought. She quickly stole a glance sideways at him. He is pleasing to look at though, she decided. She hoped slightly that he would keep walking beside her.

"Okay well, I'll see you next class!" Seeley suddenly said, and took a right turn walking away, his hand waving.

Temperance found herself wishing she had said something to him, she was sure she had come off as rude. She sighed. It was only a few days in and University was not the fresh start she had been hoping for.

What is wrong with you Temperance? She though, scolding herself, This is your chance to attempt to make friends and participate in the social aspect of life- to fill what was missing throughout high school.

Temperance's mind wandered, thinking back to when she was a young and naïve freshman in high school.


"Come on Tempe!" Russ said smiling warmly at her from the driver's seat of his car, "It's just high school; you don't have to be so nervous!"

They were parked in the student lot at the school. Russ had started to get out of the car as soon as they parked, eager to get inside and see his friends, eager to start his senior year.

"Wait!" Temperance had said, grabbing his arm. Her voice became small and unsure as she continued, "What if no one likes me? You know what school is like for me…"

Russ' face couldn't hide the pain her words caused him. He wanted nothing more than his younger sister to be able to make friends and really connect with people. She was brilliant, funny and actually pretty cool for a little sister, but no one ever gave her a chance long enough to figure that out. That, or she didn't give them the chance.

"Okay, listen." Russ said, still trying desperately to calm her nerves. "You will walk in with me. I'm a senior and you are my sister. No one will mess with you, I'll make sure of it. And I have a couple friends who have siblings your age starting today too. I'm sure you'll meet lots of people. Just give it a chance?" Russ held out his elbow to his sister. She bumped her own elbow against his, their secret brother-sister sign. She smiled, took a deep breath and opened the car door.


She had had so much hope back then. Thinking of it now she felt stupid. She quickly fell into the background in high school, like usual. Her 'cool' older brother the only thing keeping her from getting put down by the other students, like she so often had been in the school years prior.

Things only got worse when her parents disappeared one day and her brother left not too long after. She was alone, no longer protected by Russ' 'Marco-polos' and elbow bumps.

Walking towards the student support center, she stopped herself. She wanted the depressing thoughts in her head to go away. She didn't want her hopeful thoughts about University to be as wrong as the ones she had as a high school freshman.

Maybe I can go to Psychology class at least one more time, she decided smiling to herself, thinking of a certain boy who she would see there.

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