Yes you can all kill me. YES OKAY?! I HAVE BEEN GONE FOR FOREVER.

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"I don't like you." I say. Daisy tilts her head and frowns. As Doctor Hodgins' entomology intern, I work here almost all day and Doctor Brennan's ever changing intern's are always horrible. Well... Let me change that. Colin Fisher, Wendall Bray and Clark Edison have been the best. They are all the one's that have been here so far. But Daisy Wick...

I want to punch her in the face.

"You don't like me? Everyone likes me. I'm so fun and kind."

"Daisy. I'm sarcastic, mean and truthful. No one here likes you."



Wow. She got fired. I should be happy but I'm not. Daisy, in all her hyper, irritating, no sense of personal spaceness; I kinda miss her. She was the only other female intern that Brennan's ever had. Fisher was the only other person that I've ever connected with after Zack...

I pull my hair into a fat bun and turn around. Walking back though the lobby, I go to the car parking and jump onto my motorcycle. Daisy lives in some small flat on the other side of town. I start the bike and zip from the lot.

Turns out that Daisy lives in some crappy rundown apartment. I always knew thats she wasn't living it up. I calmly knock on the door. A tanned brunette with her hair in a wispy ponytail opened the door.


"Yeah Daisy. Sorry that you got fired. Must suck."

"How long have you been working there?"

"Um... About two or three years."

"What's it like there."

"Um, you where there like six hours ago..."

"No, I mean. What's it like to be part of there family?"

"I'm not really-"

"Yes you are. Doctor Brennan, Doctor Hodgins, Doctor Sweets and everyone else call you Whitney, not Ms. Black. They treat you with respect, allow you to share there emotions and you know who the Zack person is."

"Zack." I mutter under my breath.


"It's different. I know how they feel about them leaving. I know how Hodgins feels about losing his best friend, after all I lost my boyfriend. I know how Brennan feels about losing her assistant. I can relate to them about there losses, I can relate to the cases because I've worked with them for years now. I can relate to them about anything and everything going on."

"That must be hard."

"Not really."

"No, I mean losing your boyfriend that the same time that you lost Zack."


"Daisy... Zack was.. my... boyfriend."

"Wow! Your all strange and Gothic and weird and he sounds all smart!" She burbles.

I feel the punching her. "Are you calling me dumb?"

Daisy jumps back, startled. "No! I'm just saying he sounded smarter then you!"

"Your point being...?"

"I'm sorry that you lost your boyfriend."

"I'm sorry you got fired."

I smile at her, an honest smile. One that I mean to her. Friend wise.

"Do you want to come inside?"

"Sure..." I say. "Thanks Daisy, your not that bad..."

"Thanks!" She almost screams.

Maybe not...