"John, I don't understand your trepidation about this case." Sherlock said, clearly irritated by the good doctor's apprehension. Sherlock had received the most interesting case. That which had murder, illegal smuggling and a high probability of danger. So to say the least, Sherlock was excited about it. He paced the floor near John's chair with his violin in hand, anxiously waiting for his friend's response. However, his flat mate was a bit more cautious about the case.

"Of course you wouldn't find it alarming! You're too busy trying to figure out the case even before you've officially accepted it! For God's sake Sherlock, these are Russian Nuclear Arms Dealers!" John shouted as he slammed his tea down on the saucer.

"The only reason I haven't accepted it yet was because of you." Sherlock stated bitterly.

"Just say yes so we can work on the case!" Sherlock stared down at John aggressively. John simply shook his head.

"No, I will not put myself in that sort of danger. That is crossing a line and you know it. You want to take the case, fine. YOU go to Russia. Have fun being blown up. I'll be here with my cup of tea." John said, delicately picking up his cup again and taking a sip.

Sherlock threw his violin down angrily on his chair and stalked past the kitchen and into his room.

Later That Night

Sherlock had accepted the fact that John wasn't going to accompany him on the Russian Arms Dealer Case, so he had begun packing his things with more than hostile movements.

"What are you doing in here?" John stood at Sherlock's half opened door with two cups, he leaned gently against the door frame with a curious look on his face.

"Isn't it obvious John? I'm packing." Sherlock said with no emotion.

"Well, yes, I see that. But why? Where are you going?"

"You are insufferable John… I am going to Russia, like you said I should." Sherlock snapped.

"Sherlock." John sighed and walked into the room. He sat the cups down on Sherlock's nightstand and walked over to where his friend sat on this bed with his clothes chaotically jammed into his suitcase.

"Sherlock, just forget the case. There are other cases that are just as interesting as that one."

"NO John. There is not! Not now anyways. I am absolutely bored! My brain needs something stimulating! I need a puzzle or I'll go mad!" Sherlock shouted in frustration, he let his head drop and ran his fingers anxiously through his hair as he thought. John froze. He sucked in a slow shallow breath. He didn't dare move closer or farther away. He was suspending in time. Sherlock ruffled his hair a bit more and then turned and looked up at John, that's when John let out the breath that he didn't know he was holding. That's when he came back to reality.

"Sherlock there must be something else that can occupy your mind." John said as he slowly moved away from his flat mate.

"There are few things in this world, John, that are puzzling enough to keep me entertained." Sherlock replied as he noticed John's odd movements. His friend's posture was erect. His limbs were stiff with an anxiety that John was desperately trying to hide. His hands were shaking slightly with a sort of nervous twitch, one that Sherlock had seen only when John was with one of his girlfriends. Sherlock frowned as he thought. John felt Sherlock's eyes as he looked him up and down in a deducing manner. He instantly felt more awkward and so naturally, he would talk instead of the more intelligent option of staying quiet.

"Well, what are they? Maybe we can get your mind off this ludicrous case. I mean, that is much too dangerous. You can't go and get into that kind of situation, I don't know what I would-"

"I am perfectly capable of fending for myself." Sherlock interrupted as he watched John's hand nervously tap out three quick taps on the edge of the bed then pause then three more rapid taps. John was doing this unconsciously, that was obvious. But why was he doing it? Sherlock looked up to meet John's gaze.

"Yes, of course. I know that, I just… it's just that… You know, you're my…friend." John stumbled over his words; as if he wasn't sure what he was saying until the words had already fallen from his lips. Sherlock let out a small smirk.

"As you are mine. But I fail to see what my safety has to do with our friendship. I am also wondering why you are so nervous all of a sudden." Sherlock stated. John swallowed and looked away from his friend's vibrant blue eyes. Those deducing eyes...Seducing…eyes… John swallowed again.

"Nervous?" John chuckles trying to make it sound light.
"What are you talking about?" John felt his stomach knot up and his cheeks began to involuntarily flush. And then his feelings began to well up again; he had to push the feelings away. He had to push them way down where they can't crawl back up and show themselves to Sherlock again. He stood up them and turned toward the door.

"You're pulse has quickened, you have a nervous tick and well plainly John, I can see it on your face." Sherlock said, standing as well, behind his friend. John's back was to Sherlock as he walked to the bedroom door.

"You're crazy…Want a cup of tea?" And with that John was out into the kitchen leaving behind the two cups he had already brought into Sherlock's room. Both cups were still steaming hot, but not as hot as John's cheeks.