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Chapter 11

John didn't know if he could do as well as Sherlock had done for him. He must have a bit more experience though, right? I mean, I've had more sex than he has…at least I think I have…John thought reluctantly. The army doctor had been through many stressful situations throughout his time in Afghanistan, but even still, this moment had him more apprehensive than all other situations put together.

"Your heart rate is up again." Sherlock perceived with intrigue as John tried to maneuver out from under Sherlock's body.

"Do you always have to tell everyone in the room what you see?"

"I didn't see I observe." Sherlock replied with slight annoyance. John smiled as he proceeded to straddle Sherlock. His tan thighs against Sherlock's alabaster skin, made John want to attack his bedfellow with every sexual act he had ever heard of .

"Yes, well, you know what I observe?" John said.

"I'm sure you'll tell me." Sherlock rolled his eyes. John looks suggestively at Sherlock as he grinds up against Sherlock's erection, making Sherlock let out a disgruntled huff.

"Very insightful observation, John. But I was hoping you'd dig a bit deeper. " Sherlock replied sarcastically, but even John knew that the words he said were playful.

"Deeper you say?" John asked with a grin as he continued to grind into Sherlock but with more pressure and force behind his hips. Sherlock let out an airy chuckle.

"Not what I had in mind, but don't stop on my account." Sherlock replied with a half grin that made John want him even more. John continued with vigorous consistency as he leaned over and held onto Sherlock's broad muscular shoulders. He looked down at Sherlock whom had his eyes shut in ecstasy. John couldn't think of a better sight. It was funny, if someone told him a week ago that he would be doing this right now, he would have told them that they were insane. Sweat beaded on John's forehead as he thrust into Sherlock. He stared down at the slender man below him, his neck was so long and his skin was so soft. John slid his hands down from Sherlock's shoulder's past his impressive biceps, and forearm and finally reached Sherlock's soft hands. Those hands. John thought. He had touched them once or twice before, in the process of obtaining a phone or handing Sherlock a cup of tea, he had always loved the softness that had brushed up against him. Now he could seize the entire hand with no qualms. He interlocked his fingers with Sherlock's which made the detective open his eyes. Sherlock knew this was meant as an intimate gesture, and for the first time, he understood why people held hands.

Before it had always annoyed him, most probably because he did not understand why you would hold another person's hand unless you were pulling them along with you or something along those lines. But maybe he had been annoyed by the thought of people holding hands because he had never really had that much contact with other people, especially nothing as intimate as holding someone else's hand in his. He looked down at the interlocking fingers.

"Is this alright?" John asked in a bit of a concerned tone.

"Yes, I mean, I don't… dislike it. It's quite alright." Sherlock replied trying to find the right words.

John nodded and leaned down to kiss Sherlock again, as he did so Sherlock felt a shift in the air. The temperature increased and he knew it was because of John. John grinded harder into Sherlock as he kissed the detective's seductively perfect marble neck. Sherlock in reaction to the stimulation that John provided him instinctively, without even thinking, squeezed John's hand. This act made John want Sherlock more than ever before, for he knew the feelings that came with the detective's gesture, he was feeling them himself. John reached in between their melded bodies and took hold of Sherlock with yearning. Sherlock's breath became shallow as John leaned into his shoulder giving him some space near their groins. While Sherlock was taller than John, it was mostly leg, so as the men lay on the bed their bodies matched up wonderfully. John was getting harder as he felt Sherlock's large erection in his hand. John began to stroke slowly and Sherlock thrust his hips into John's fist. He couldn't help it, he had never felt anything so wonderful, so fantastic.

John pumped Sherlock harder as Sherlock began to pant and writhe in John's wielding hand. John had thought to himself that he would just do to Sherlock what he would do to himself and adjust according to the sounds the other man made. John was becoming more aroused with each thrust of Sherlock's willing hips. I wonder what it would feel like with him behind me. Those bloody fucking hips. What would it feel like with his cock- John paused that train of thought. Was he actually considering having Sherlock inside him?Let's just take this one step at a time, alright? Not tonight. But John did want something more, and he wanted it now. That's when he slowly stopped stroking Sherlock who was on the edge and John began to assume the position that Sherlock has once held over him. His little button nose brushed against Sherlock's abdomen.

"John, what are you doing." Sherlock said this more than questioned it. He knew very well what John was about to attempt.

"Just hold still, alright Sherlock?" John said as he took the base of Sherlock's cock in his fingertips.

"John, are you sure you want to do this?" Sherlock asked in a concerned tone. He didn't want John to feel as if he needed to do this.

"Yes, I want to. Unless of course you don't want me to?" John asked, suddenly wondering if Sherlock even wanted to do this?

"Isn't it obvious?!" Sherlock snapped as if John's ignorance was too much for that split second then he paused and took a breath. In a calm voice he added,

"Of course I want you to John, I just want to make sure you want to. Because as we are well aware you are struggling a great deal with your sexuality and I wouldn't want to- Uhhhnnnn.. Oh, John." Sherlock purred. He was interrupted by John's tender lips kissing the tip of his erect penis. John smiled at Sherlock's reaction. He loved seeing his friend in such a state of …vulnerability…trust…desire…and many other things that he had never before seen his in friend. He liked it even more because he was the one causing all of these. He was the one bringing Sherlock to his knees, in a manner of speaking. John began to slowly lick up and down the shaft with very careful movements. Sherlock's mind reeled, he couldn't describe what he was feeling even with his vast vocabulary. All he could do was pant and gasp at John's touch.

"John, oh for Christ's sake! Are you sure you haven't done this before?" Sherlock asked with intrigue.

"I've had enough to know what feels good." John replied with a smile as he licked the wet slit of Sherlock's pink tip. Sherlock jerked forward in response to the touch.

"Remind me to thank your previous sexual partners for their indirect help." Sherlock said in a gruff and low tone. It rumbled through his throat and made John shiver just at the sound of it.

John couldn't hold back anymore, at the sound of Sherlock's low, wanting voice John took the head of Sherlock's erection into his mouth. Just the tip slid past the good doctor's lips and into John's warm willing mouth. Sherlock entire body shivered at the completely foreign touch. John let his tongue run over the slit as he tasted Sherlock in his entirety. Sherlock let out a low almost guttural sound as he restrained himself from thrusting his hips upward into John's warmth. And John could feel his tension growing, he slowly took his mouth away and licked down the shaft to the base and back up, all the while looking up at Sherlock. Their eyes had locked onto one another; Sherlock's sapphire blue eyes bore into Johns. John silently willed Sherlock to do as he pleased, he knew what Sherlock wanted to do, it's exactly what he would want to do if he were in Sherlock's position. He gave Sherlock a short nod giving him a silent "okay" as he took the man's entire member into his mouth.

"Oh! Dear God!" Sherlock cried out as John's mouth enveloped his entire erection. John began to suck on Sherlock's cock with a hungry fashion. Sherlock tasted sweet, in a bitter sort of way, kind of like his personality.

"John, oh John, don't stop. Please for Christ's sake don't..uhnnn..stop…." Sherlock rasped as John's head bobbed up and down on him. John hadn't known if Sherlock had understood what John meant by his previous head nod until suddenly Sherlock's hands were on the back of John's head. Sherlock, as gently as he could, thrust up into John's mouth, the first one made the man gag, so Sherlock didn't go in as far the next time he pumped into the warmth. They quickly found a rhythm that suited them and Sherlock thrust into John a few more times. John was still holding the base of Sherlock tightly as he fondled his balls gently. Then he had an idea, he didn't know if this would excite or terrify Sherlock but he decided why the bloody hell not?

John kept one hand firmly on Sherlock's cock and slowly took the other one and slid it a bit under his mates bum. Sherlock continued to thrust upward holding onto his bedfellow's head. Sherlock was on the verge.

"John, I have to…I must stop now… Let me go." Sherlock indicted to the hand that John still had on Sherlock's member. But John would not let Sherlock out of his mouth and upper throat. He continued to bob as Sherlock tried to pull out. John then took his wet finger, near Sherlock's backside and lightly played near the slit. Sherlock's cock began to spasm and John felt it twinge in his mouth, John smiled. John had, once or twice done this to himself while getting himself off and he had been hoping that Sherlock had the same reaction he did to this certain stimulation. Ever so slowly John inserted the tip of his finger into Sherlock's arse. That's when the consulting detective lost it, he had tried to hold it in, but it seemed that John was adamant on letting Sherlock's cum fill him and it did indeed fill him. John swallowed as much as he could but despite his best efforts some of it spilled from his lips onto Sherlock's bare abdomen. Sherlock slumped heavily back into the bed, completely spent. John smiled as he wiped his lips. Sherlock closed his eyes a moment and just let all the information sinks in. He stored away certain feelings and sensations for him to later revisit and examine. But for now, Sherlock was just in complete and utter awe. Sherlock opened his eyes to see John staring at him, wide eyed.

John was still processing what had just happened, now what? He asked himself. And Sherlock could easily see the question on John's face. But neither of them spoke not a for a full minute, they just sat there staring at each other. Their fingers intertwined in one hand. After a moment, it was clear to both men that this was something that both of them wanted to continue, but neither of them sure how to do just that. So John smiled at Sherlock and got up off the bed. He found Sherlock's discarded blue rob on the ground and put it on. He then turned to Sherlock with a small smile.

"Right then. So, a cup of tea?"