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Day after day, week after week, month after month. They slowly began to adjust to their new life together. Their relationship still had traces of ambiguity, but it lacked the hatred and hurt that had represented it for so long. Memories of losing Homra, Mikoto-san, and Saru, still haunted Misaki and he would frequently be visited by nightmares. But when that would occur, Saruhiko would be beside him, cradling him in his arms and comforting him to the best of his abilities.

They worked together on expressing themselves more honestly, neither of them wanting to go through what had happened before again. That did not mean their somewhat childish arguments had completely ceased, but neither were they spurred through Misaki's vehement need for revenge or Saruhiko's desire for his hatred.

Sometimes, Misaki would catch himself staring at Saru, his heart pounding abnormally fast. He couldn't determine why his face had begun to heat up or why his head spun, but during those times, he felt the strangest urges to be with him. It didn't help that Saruhiko loved to tease the boy with butterfly kisses, rousing foreign desires.

Such moments never went unnoticed by the Blue, and he would tease the boy for blushing for incomprehensible reasons. They would bicker, and it would always end up with Misaki in his arms, their quarrels long forgotten, and the only conversation left was between Saruhiko's soft lips and Misaki's ever-reddening face.

"Stop squeezing me so tightly, monkey," Misaki struggled, his embarrassment obvious through the many layers of pink on his cheeks. "Who would want to look at a stupid monkey like you?"

"But you were definitely looking my way. Why are you being a virgin about it?" Lately, Saruhiko was beginning to be able to smile again, in those fleeting, micro expressions of his. He was positively elated at times, when he thought about them living together again.

"HOW DOES – v-virginity has nothing to do with this!"

"Ne, Mi-sa-ki~ that only proves how much of a virgin you are."


And there were times when things weren't as enjoyable. Misaki visited the bar regularly, in between his part-time jobs, while Saruhiko was still laden with paperwork at Scepter4. Homra wasn't Homra anymore, but those who had been the most loyal – Chitose, Bandou, Fujishima, Kusanagi-san, and the rest – gradually came back together. Even Kamamoto and Anna had come back to Shizume City after whatever had happened. They stayed friends and kept in contact, though things had drastically changed. But it was a closure Misaki needed, and he was happy to still see them.

Saruhiko could hardly be delighted at such arrangements, and thus arguments would ensue. Misaki still wasn't able to fully understand why Saruhiko couldn't stand Misaki's concentration on anyone else, though his suspicions only saddened him. But in the end, they couldn't share the same opinion on Misaki only ever paying attention to Saruhiko, causing many a squabble, though none were of a magnitude close to their battles before.

"There's nothing wrong with being friends with them!"

"Even if you cling to them like that, Homra cannot be repaired."

"Tch, I know! But even so, they mean something to me, and I'm not about to turn my back on that."

"They're just street punks with nothing to do, and no stupid leader to follow," Saruhiko couldn't stop himself from prying open old wounds, though he knew mentioning Suoh was a forbidden topic.

"God, Saru, don't be such an ass! Mikoto-san was someone we looked up to, so just shut up about him already!" Misaki hated it when they came back to this argument. The past would always follow them like a shadow, the constant reminder of how they failed each other.

"What, you want to go back to them and play pretend again? They aren't your family!"

I'm your family! You promised me that this time…this time, things would be different. That we wouldn't hurt each other like that again.

"If you want me to leave, then just say the word, you bastard!" But as soon as those words were out, Misaki's eyes widened, his hands covering his mouth as if it could take back the words already spoken.

Saruhiko turned away, his dinner forgotten. The old wall was beginning to build up again, though he tried his damnedest to stop it.

"Stay," his words were like a dying man's gasp, as he forced himself to say the only thing that occupied his mind, in hopes that such revelation of his inner being would fix everything.

"Fine, I'm leaving!" Misaki slammed his chopsticks down and stood up. "Sorry to have bothered you for so long – wait, what?"


He blushed, knowing how much it had cost Saru to reveal himself like so. "O-oh…uh."

Saruhiko walked to him and grabbed his arm, his desperation laid bare.

"Ouch! Don't grab me so hard!"

"Don't leave me again, Misaki!" There was nothing for him if Misaki was gone. He had learned his lesson from before – this time he would try his hardest for things to work out between them.

"I promise…Saru, I'm not leaving." Misaki hugged the taller man around the waist. "I'm sorry – don't make that face."

"Misaki," Saruhiko was afraid of how easily Misaki could hurt him. "Misaki, I really love you. Don't leave me."

The boy blushed, stuttering incoherently. It hadn't been the first time the Blue so straightforwardly confessed his love for him, but it never ceased to halt all functioning in his body, save for the blood rushing into his face and his heart that thumped like a hummingbird's.

"Yeah…I love you too, stupid." Misaki delivered a swift peck on Saru's cheek before he could talk himself out of it, allowing himself the slightest satisfaction at the shock and happiness that spread across the man's face. "We'll always be together."

Homra was gone, but Saruhiko was there. He always had been, and he always would be. Their fate was forever intertwined; unbreakable, regardless of their past.

I love you.


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