Dean is 21, Sam is 17, pre-series, Stanford Years. Hope you like it and leave me Love.

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I was always cautious when it came to Sammy and his feelings. From the moment I carried him out of the burning wreckage that would be our last home.

It's the rule I live by

The mantra that repeats over and over

They think I am crazy, they call me an overprotective brother, to let Sam fly on his own, but what if you fell and I wasn't there.

But you thought it was cute, it took some convincing

From all those I trusted

Bobby, even gave me a strong shove to admit my feelings

To throw caution to the wind and risk it all

With you

I loved the feeling I got

Your fingers laced with mine

It felt as if I was stuck in a moment

In the darkened corner of bar or just driving down the interstate with not a care in the world

They convinced me to risk it all

Not knowing I would fall so fast

In an instant you weren't just Sammy, my pain in the ass little brother, you were my partner, my equal, the part that made me Dean

The kisses we shared, still makes me blush

We were cautious as can be and

Yet something happened impossible

To foresee

He caught us and we stumbled onto shaky ground

Dad caught us, and that's when you ran, all the way to Stanford, into her arms and out of mine, never once looking back.

It is over now our great secret but I thought you should know,

Out of all the hunters/brothers in the world you were the one who caught me

We will always be

Just Sammy and Dea