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I've been waiting all week. All fucking week. But I got nothing. No visits, no calls, no texts. Not even an acknowledgment from Henry saying Regina hopes I get better. Nothing! And by now, the time I'm finally better, I'm a little wary. Okay, so I'm a bit mad. So maybe that's an understatement, but I know I shouldn't be. I know I shouldn't have expected anything to happen. I know I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up, once again, only to have the crushed under the fuck me heels that Regina seems to always wear. How she manages to walk in those things is a mystery to me. But her heels aren't the point. No, her not showing at all has hurt me more than it probably should have.

I even called her once. It was two days ago; she didn't pick up. Nor did she return the call. I shouldn't have called in the first place, but I was getting lonely. I wasn't worried the first few days she didn't do anything. It took me a week and a half to get better, but this whole week I've gotten more and more worked up. Each day that she doesn't come by has become this blaring disappointment.

So, that's why I'm zipping up my boots, throwing on my red leather jacket, and hoping to run into her at Granny's. Because, as Mary Margaret says, I'm finally ready to get back into the world. My fever broke, and stayed broken, for twenty-four hours this morning. Someone read their How To Parent book. I shake my head and smirk at the thought. Of course Mary Margaret did. I found her reading it four days after Regina came by. Damn it, I think, does everything run on Regina time now? I shake my head again, a frown covering my face. A determined look crosses my face. I'm going to bump into her and act normal. Except I'm going to ask about a time for our date. I smile at that. We still have a date planned, which is always a good sign. I mean she hasn't canceled it or anything.

I walk out the door and head straight for Granny's. I walk because it's easier than taking my bug, not to mention the good exercise. And I guess it might give me a slightly better chance of running into Regina, but nobody else needs to know that.

I sound pathetic. But, I try to convince myself, I'm only mad and hurt and disappointed because someone agreed to do something with me and didn't talk to me for a week and a half. It's not because it's Regina, it's just because it's mean. And rude. And hurtful. I groan; this has got to stop happening.

I turn another corner, hoping that I'll run into Regina once more. I turn another corner, then another, and one more before I'm standing in front of Granny's with no sign of Regina. My shoulders sag in disappointment as I open the door with my head down and walk in, immediately bumping into someone who's also, apparently, looking down.

Instinctively my hands fly to the person's pencil skirt clad hips, steading them as they give a short, feminine grunt. I take in the fuck me heels and pencil skirt, and my eyes widen.

"Miss Swan." Regina mutters with an eye roll. I look up, a look of surprise surely on my face. She takes my hands from her waist with a look of disgust that takes me back, and I feel the hurt burn in my stomach. She drops my hands to my side, taking a step away from me. Anger starts to bubble in my stomach in place of the rejection and hurt. I narrow my eyes.

"Regina." I say curtly with a nod of my head.

"Miss Swan, will you move? I'm trying to leave." She barks harshly, but I can swear I see a flash of sorrow in her eyes. I purse my lips.

"No, you can follow me out." She blinks in surprise, but it vanishes quickly.

"If I must." She says, rolling her eyes again. But I ignore her, spinning around and walking out of the diner.

Once we're outside, she turns to walk away, but I call her back.

"Not so fast, Regina. What about our date?" I ask with a smirk. I swear I see a flicker of fear in her eyes before her mayor mask slip on. She gives me a bored look.

"Miss Swan, I have no interest in going on a date with you." My mouth pops open at the rejection. I know my face shows my hurt, but I try to mask it quickly.

"Ah, but Madame Mayor, you told me yourself that you'd like going on a date with me. When I was sick. A week and a half ago." I almost spit out the last part, my anger coloring my voice.

"That was merely a way for you to get better. I didn't want you sick around my son. They say that when you have something to look forward to, your mind and body react to the sickness, trying to get rid of it just a bit faster. It was an allusion of the mind. I couldn't use magic to make you better because Henry would have noticed. He doesn't want me to use magic. Simple as that." I blink, not sure how to process all of this. I don't believe for a second that she doesn't want to go on this date with me, but I think she's in denial. It's not that she doesn't want to go out with me, she's just scared herself into thinking that she doesn't. And I have to think of some way to get her to see the opposite. She takes my silence as shock, which I'm sure boosts her up a bit. She smirks at me, a condescending look upon her face.

"Why, Miss Swan, did you think I actually wanted to go on a date with you? How," her eyes roll over me with disgust, "pathetic." She laughs a cruel laugh. One that cuts right through me, just like her words did. I snap my mouth shut, hurt and anger coloring my face.

"Well, your majesty," she flinches at the harshness, but I don't process it, "you're not the only person that's caught my eye. Though, I must say, you are the bitchiest." She sneers at me, but I spin around and stalk right back into Granny's. I try not to look back, but my eyes seem to have a mind of their own. I take a seat at the bar and cast a subtle glance in Regina's direction. She's looking down, shoulders slumped with hurt and confusion coloring her face. As if feeling my stare, she looks up, her mayor mask on, and walks away.

"Hey Ems! What can I get for ya?" Ruby comes over to greet me, a smile on her face that contradicts my frown. She takes one look at me and bends over the bar, a serious look on her face. "What happened?" I sigh.

"Don't act like you didn't hear Ruby." I say with a roll of my eyes. She laughs and walks around the bar to plop down next to me.

"You know," she begins, "she was lying the whole time. As soon as she saw you, her heartbeat sped up. Then she got outta her seat and rushed to the door and whacked right into you. When you caught her, her breath stuttered. Does it make me weird that I know all that for across the room?" I look up from my sulking position, a hopeful look on my face.

"Will you help me? I have to get her to admit she likes me. Cause I know she does, but she… well, you heard her. She'd never consider going out with me. Called me pathetic." I whimper, finally showing my hurt at the words. I sink back into my sulking position.

"Ems, of course I'll help you. It wouldn't be pathetic to want to go on a date with you. You told her you had someone else that had your eye. Why not make her jealous. That'd get her to have to admit it." I look back up at her, a smile playing at my lips, mischief dancing in my eyes. Her eyes widen in recognition. "Emma. No. I'm not getting on the Evil Queen's bad side." My eyes narrow at the title.

"She's not evil. And you said you'd help." I puppy-dog eye her. "Pleaseeeeeee." I ask in a pitiful voice. She rolls her eyes, a smirk playing at her lips.

"Fine. I guess I can play girlfriend for a while. But not long." I smile at her victoriously.

"Fine by me. Hopefully it won't take that long. But we gotta draw boundaries at anything other than flirtation. Heavy flirtation. But nothing really intimate." I clarify.

"No kissing or beyond. Got it." She says with a smirk. I roll my eyes, but nod my head. This's going to be interesting.

It takes a little while to actually get a response of any kind. We flirt constantly, and it does get a little awkward sometimes, but I try to think of her as practice for Regina. It doesn't work. Eventually though, the rumor mill starts running, and so does Regina. She usually doesn't come in the diner when Ruby and I are sitting together, but she does today, four days after talking to her last. Ruby and I are sitting at the bar, and Ruby has her hand on my knee, laughing about something I said. This is when we're more friends than fake flirting. I'm laughing with her, and she grabs my hand on the counter. Regina, sitting at the table about five feet away, blinks a few times. Yes, I have my eye on her.

I watch her glance down at our hands, eyes narrowing in anger and jealousy. I smirk at Ruby, and she knows that it's finally working. She leans forward just the tiniest of bits, and moves the hand on my knee up slowly, winking at me. I just smile halfheartedly at her. Regina, thank god, clears her throat after Ruby's hand runs about an inch up my thigh.

"Miss Lucas." She snaps, anger obvious in her tone. Ruby smirks at me and hops off the stool. She stalks over to the mayor, and obvious sway in her hips. I force my eyes to wander over her backside, feeling sick all the while. I can feel Regina watching me, but when my eyes look up to find hers, her gaze snaps away to Ruby. Ruby takes her order and, after putting the order in, comes back by the bar, sitting down in the same seat she first had. I can feel the heat of Regina's glare on Ruby, and I know Ruby does too by the look on her face. She takes my hand and starts talking to me lowly, but I'm not paying attention. I feel the circles on my hand, but I don't register them. I can feel Regina's eyes shift from Ruby to me, so I do what I'm supposed to and smile at Ruby, but it feels wrong. My smile drops a tiny bit, and I quickly tell Ruby that I have to go, cutting her off mid rant. She smiles at me and stands up with me, giving me a goodbye hug. I swallow thickly.

"Yeah, bye Ruby. We'll finish up the conversation later." I smile at her quickly, getting up and leaving. I hear footsteps behind me, but don't completely register them until I'm outside of Granny's and someone has a hand on my arm, pulling me around. I blink a few times in confusion before locking onto narrowed brown eyes.

"Miss Swan," Regina hisses, "I would like to speak with you about Henry." I raise an eyebrow at her.

"Alright. What about Henry?" I ask, trying to calm my rapidly beating heart.

"I don't want him around you and… her." She spits. "I don't think Miss Lucas will have the best influence on my son. So, if you insist on having him over, that tramp can't be over with you." She snarls the last part of the sentence while I bristle. Ruby might not be my girlfriend, but she is my friend.

"She's not a tramp." I hiss. "And she's great with Henry. He loves her." She flinches at the way that came out, and I do too. "I didn't mean it like that. She's just great with him. She makes him happy." I become bold with my words. "And she makes me happy too." I know I see a flash of disappointment and hurt in her eyes, but I try to ignore it.

"Yes well," she clears her throat, "I still don't want him to get hurt. If he gets attached to Ruby and you two break up, it could hurt him. And that can't happen. No matter what, you have to put him first Miss Swan. Remember that." She turns around and stalks off. Somehow, I don't think that was about Ruby.

We continue flirting, trying to get under Madame Mayor's skin, and it works, but she doesn't get angry anymore or pull me aside. She just slips out quietly, a sad look on her face. It keeps happening until one night when Ruby and I were trying to come up with another idea. Regina walks in, which startles me. I jump under the bar, kneeling down until nobody can see me but Ruby. Regina, for some odd reason, doesn't see me scurry under the bar. Ruby smiles at her, and Regina just holds out her card.

"My apple cider isn't working." She offers, motioning for something alcoholic. I hear a glass being put down on the counter, ice clacking, and a drink being poured. I hold my breath. I hear the glass slam down on the counter and see her hand motion for another one. I blink in surprise. Woman must take her liquor well. The second glass if filled and slammed down not much longer later. I become worried when she downs the third glass without so much of a word. Finally, she sips on her fourth glass and starts talking.

"Ruby," she slurs, "did you know you make Henry happy? Why can't I do that?" I see Ruby pause in her step and turn to face Regina.

"You do that, Madame Mayor. I remember when he was little you were always the one to make him smile." Regina lets out a harsh laugh.

"That was before I was the Evil Queen, dear." She argues. I feel my heart sink in sadness.

"He still loves you, Regina. He's just adjusting." Ruby tries to sound convincing, but even I can't make out any true conviction.

"You know something, Ruby? Emma said you make her happy. How do you do that? I don't understand. Why can't I do that? Why can't I make people happy? The people I care most about are the ones that don't like me the most. Why? Why? Why? I want to know why Ruby?! Why?!" Her voice rises and cracks like she's trying to contain her true frustration. I feel my throat constrict; I close my eyes and squeeze them shut. I have to do better than that, and I need Henry to do better than that with me. "I mean, how did you get Emma to like you? I don't know how, not that I need that advice from you. You make me… UGH! You make me so… so angry when you touch her. That's my job. I'm supposed to make her look at me like that! And I'm supposed to hug her and make her feel better and I'm supposed to go on dates with her and you're doing that with her when that's my job. Mine! She's mine! So… so you cannot touch her anymore. Understood Miss Lucas?" Her voice sounds so certain of herself, and I can imagine Ruby's eyebrow raise and the incredulous look that's probably on her face. But I can't find myself to care. My heart throbs at how she's claiming me. It's clear now that my jealousy plan worked.

Before Ruby can say anything harsh about being told what to do, I kick her leg lightly and motion down. She bends over, acting like she's picking up something and looks right at me. I mouth at her that I'm going out the back door, and that she needs to stall Regina so she doesn't see me. She nods as I scoot around. I can barely hear her voice when I'm finally out the back door, but I can still hear some of the words coming out of her mouth. I remind myself to kill Ruby when this is done.

"Madame Mayor, excuse my frankness, but you must be incredibly stupid if you actually think Emma likes me more than you." I groan and roll my eyes at my blown cover. I run around to the front door and open it slightly, getting there just in time to hear the rest of the conversation. Regina's comprehension level must have gone way down when her alcohol level went way up.

"What, Miss Lucas, what could you possibly be implying?" Ruby rolls her eyes at the delayed reaction to her statement, clearly annoyed with the former Evil Queen. I almost laugh at Regina's lack of composure that she's so desperately trying to gather. Only Ruby could insult the Mayor while telling her that I not so secretly like her. I roll my eyes.

"Regina… if you haven't already figured it out, I can't tell you. It's Emma's job to own up to what's been happening. And I'm sure she'll tell you when you're sober, but that isn't right now. So, I suggest you head home with none other than the Sherriff." I walk in right as Ruby says "Sherriff", making sure the bell above the door rings.

Regina's head snaps up then lulls back with a groan. I smirk at her.

"Madame Mayor, I think it's time for you to go home." Her head snaps over to me, and the glare she gives me could freeze hell.

"Miss Swan, I don't think you have the right to tell me when I can and when I cannot go home. Now, your services are no longer needed. I'm sure you know where the door is; you did just walk through it." Her snarky remark makes my smirk widen. Her words slur together, and that takes away most of the bite from them. It actually humors me more than it makes me want to leave.

"Regina, come on. I need to get you home. You've had a bit much to drink, don't you think?" I walk over to where she's sitting and sit on the stool next to her.

"There's nothing you need to do, Emma." At the use of my name, my eyes widen a bit out of shock. It seems, by the stunned silence in the room, that she didn't expect to use my name either. "I can get home all by my self, Miss Swan. No need for an escort." She waves her hand in the direction of the door, but I only raise an unimpressed eyebrow.

"Can you even walk, Regina?" She looks at me and scoffs.

"Of course I can walk; what kind of question is that, Miss Swan?" A smirk flutters across my face, clearly telling her that I don't think she can. She stands up off the stool in her fuck me heels and wobbles a bit. I reach out a concerned hand to help steady her, but she shoves my hand away, giving me another glare. I smile at her, but she doesn't return it.

I roll my eyes at her stubbornness, but she just pushes away from the bar and starts to walk towards the door. Only, when she reaches the "door," she slams right into the glass window. I rush over to help the stunned mayor steady herself.

"What the hell?! The fucking door was right there when I walked in here earlier." She growls. I give her a sympathetic smile, grabbing ahold of her arm and moving us over to the right just a little bit. I hold open the door for her, and she walks through.

"I think they moved the door right after you walked in. We've got magic and all now… so… that's possible." I try to reassure her, sure that she'll just mock me.

"Right. That's probably it. The damn door just moved. Someone just trying to get back at the Evil Queen." She mocks herself, and I watch the pained look that washes over her face before being put behind the mask that I've become so familiar with.

"Regina, you're not evil. Not anymore anyway. And, truthfully, you never were. You just did some really… really crappy stuff. A person can't be evil, but their actions can be. You just made some wrong choices, which everyone does." We walk in silence for a few minutes before she abruptly turns to me, making my steps falter and her loose her balance. I reach out before she can fall and pull her closer to me. I smile at the smell of apples and alcohol that comes off of her in waves. "Whoa, you okay?" She blinks a few times before taking a step away from me while maintaining eye contact. My concern for her is surely noticed and noted because of the unsure look she gives me. Her head falls back as she staggers to the wall behind her. She groans as her head smacks into the wall. I walk over to her quickly, making sure her head isn't hurt too bad.

"Why do you do that?" She whispers to me, turning her head to look at me. I lean my left shoulder against the wall, facing her. I tilt my head so it's brushing the wall.

"Do what?" I ask, my eyes burning into her glassy brown ones. She glares at me, obviously not happy with my answer.

"That!" My brows crease at her vagueness. I honestly have no clue what she's talking about.

"What?" I ask her, concern coloring my voice. She huffs in irritation.

"Care. You always care. No matter what I do, you care. And it's so irritating." She slurs. "You're the savior. You're not supposed to care. Not about me, the Evil Queen. I'm evil." She hisses, clearly convinced. I frown at her reasoning.

"You're not evil, Regina. I explained this earlier. You just made bad choices. And, damn it Regina, you can't tell me who I can or can't care about. Okay? Cause, no matter what you do, I'm always gonna care about you. I can't just stop caring. That's never going to happen. No matter what you do. So, please, tell me what's wrong. What has you drinking this late? Hell, what has you drinking this heavily?" I find it absurd that she thinks I can just turn off my feelings for her. It's… it's irritating. No, it's worse. It's completely maddening.

"No, no, no, no no!" She turns away from me, rolling her head against the wall. "You have to stop! I… I can't…" She trails off, not really finishing her sentence. She turns back to look at me, tears in her eyes. "You're not supposed to. That's what he said! That's what he said. I'm evil. He said I was evil, and I've put you" she pokes my chest, "under a curse." A tear runs down her cheek. I feel tears gather in my eyes, followed quickly by heat racing up my face in anger.

"Really?!" I whisper to myself, pushing off the wall to pace. "Really?!" This echoes off the walls, all throughout the silent town. I hiss to myself, turning to face a bewildered Regina. "What bastard," I spit, "would even think to tell say that?! What… what person even knows?! I… No. Who the fuck thinks they can get away with telling you that you've put me under a curse? Who the hell would you even listen to?!" I plead the last question, begging to know who Regina, the most stubborn person I know, listened to. But it clicks suddenly, and I feel all the blood drain from my face. My heartbeat picks up, and I pray that it's not true, even when I already know it is.

"I wasn't supposed to tell you anything. He said for me to not tell you. I promised. He's… he's gonna hate me all over again." Her words slur together still, but I'm too busy blinking back tears to care what she's saying. Because who else would Regina do anything for? Who else would Regina do anything to make him not hate her?

"My god, Regina." I head starts to pound. "Oh my god." I whisper, looking at Regina's slouched back. "Henry said that you put me under a curse?" I hear my voice waver, tears threatening to spill over at my own son's betrayal. I grab at my heart, bending over in pain. How could he say that to his mother? How could he hurt her so much? I can feel the tears on my cheeks now, the cool breeze brushing against my face making my cheeks rosy.

"I wasn't supposed to say anything. Please, don't say anything to him. I don't want him to be angry with me." She whispers, the wind carrying her voice. I straighten out, almost forgetting Regina's drunken state. I take a few steps toward her, pull on her shoulder so she's facing me, and pull her into a hug. I feel her tense at first, but she slowly relaxes into the embrace, and I pull her tighter. Slowly, unsurely, she wraps her arms around my waist, placing her face in the crook of my neck. I smile at how right the position feels, how my heart beats just a bit faster when her breath hits my neck, or how my skin jumps at her touch. Or when I feel water on my neck, where her face lies, I feel the overwhelming urge to comfort her, something that I've never really felt before. Besides Henry, of course.

"I won't tell him, but he can't get away with this. I will fix this. He cannot say that to you and expect to get away with it. I've had… well, I've had feelings for you since before the curse broke. This has nothing to do with you making bad choices. He's not going to get away with this. That's for sure. I'll think of something, okay? Don't worry." I hold her closer to me, not really wanting to let go. After a few minutes, I feel her yawn against my neck, and I fight the flash of arousal at the brush of her lips over my skin. I chuckle instead, knowing it's time to get her home. "Come on Regina. Time to go home." I whisper into her hair. She nods, nuzzling a little closer to my neck. A shiver runs down my spine, my body knowing just how much I'm loving holding her for the first time. Well, besides the fire, but that wasn't as personal as this. I was just saving her, though that was important for me; this is her actually hugging me back, not clinging to me for life.

She pulls away from me, her eyes a bit less glazed but more drowsy, and smiles lazily at me before collapsing in my arms. I catch her quickly, not even bothering trying to wake her up. She's had way too much alcohol. Instead, I carry her bridal style all the way to the mansion. She'd kill me if I drove her Mercedes, and I walked to the diner. So I walk to the mansion, carrying to woman I've been falling for ever since I got into this godforsaken town.

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