Just another story

Gabriel goes through many missing persons cases in his time as police. Most of the times it just runaways, But once hit close to home.

Gabriel brother David was a veteran of the 2003-2006 years of the Iraq war as a Marine. He did his time. He his job as a firefighter made him see many things that will stay in head. Well until later in the story. Getting out didn't help ether. The first time he went missing was in the first month back. He was found three weeks later in a box outside a store. He had gotten addicted to many things which lead him to the box. The addiction went on for six months. Finally Gabriel and their mom put him in a treatment program using the money he got from the Marines. After two years of being in and out. He finally was stable. Went back home with his mother. He was healthy except at night he talked to "imagined" people or things like Mickey Mouse. He was checked out by a therapist and was given pills. That seemed to had stop it.

One night, David invited Gabriel to dinner to meet his girlfriend. He told Gabe not to tell mom because he wanted to know what Gabe thought. Gabe went to dinner. David and his girlfriend seemed to really be hitting it off. He seen David smile like he use to smile. They left the diner together. Since David and his girlfriend took the bus there. Gabe offered a ride home. It was a nice ride home until David started talking about the "imagine" world. Gabe was surprised as the girlfriend about this. He not talked about this in a long time. Then everything went blank.

The next thing Gabe remembers his David screaming. Gabe was upside down in the car. David went to get help when he saw his girlfriend. The car that hit them hit it in a way that left the front seat fine but the back seats destroy. Then Gabe heard Mickey Mouse telling David it be fine and to come with him.

That was Gabe last memory of David. They were hit by a drunken truck driver in the back. Since they had a small car it flipped over. The girlfriend was D.O.A. Gabe was in a wheel chair for six months. It took him two years to get back on patrol. He was working at a desk job during that time. David was never found again. Some say he went crazy and ran off somewhere. The police were baffled. Gabe investigated a long time before giving up. The mother was never the same. Life went on for her but with the mystery always with her. Gabe met a lovely woman during his wheelchair days that he got marry to. They had a couple kids. Fans of Mickey Mouse, Gabe never told anyone this but sometimes his brother "talks" to him. He tells him to come with him. David shows him a colorful world that always astonishes Gabe. Gabe wants to go but he knows it not his time yet. In a Cheerful voice David says ok and the dream ends. When ever asked what happen to David, Gabe always says "I'm not sure what happen to him but wherever he gone to he having the time of his life .