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What the fuck did I do to deserve this?! Did I murder someone in my past life! Or did I do something so horrible to get this! Being chased by some grinning giant with pink feather jacket in my pajamas in god knows where! I need to lose him and fast. He was shouting some nonsense at me, but I just ran like hell. Why can't these stupid legs move faster!

My eye fell on a door and sprinted inside. It was a colossal library or office, but I didn't care what the place looked liked, I just need a place to hide. And thank God I found one. It was a space between a pile of books and the selves. I squeezed myself in that tight space. I' am glad, for once, that am small.

"Oi girlie! I know you're in here! So come out already!"

Not in your life! I thought as I stay put. Since the giant is out there and I can't move from my spot, I should explain how I got into this mess. And honestly... I HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE! I just woke up from the sensation of feathers, which I found odd, since my bed had no feathers. So open left eye, I usually cover my right eye with my hair, to see what it was. I found out that not only was I not in my bed; I wasn't even my room! The room was bigger that my house and fill with expensive furniture and decorations. The bed was king size bed with pink feathery sheets.

I blinked a few times and the room hasn't changed. I looked down and saw that I still wearing the pajamas from last night; which was just pale green short t-shirt and long, low ride, black baggy pants. I still had ivory skin and my strangely shaped birthmark on right hip, which were three stars one with eight points and the others two with five points. I checked if everything else was on me was where it should be. I still had my two silver earrings on my right ear (The earrings look like Zoro's) and I have my mother's silver locket with a blue stone as the central piece. My hair was still straight and deep burgundy color (a dark reddish black) that reaches to my lower back.

This probably a dream I thought so I went back to sleep and grabbed a pillow. But the pillow was strong and large like it was some tall guy's abs. The pillow was also going up and down as it was someone's breathing.

What a minute… pillows don't breath! I flinched from the realization.

"Fufufufu! Never had a woman so bold before," said a man as I looked up and saw what or rather who I been using as a pillow. He had short blonde hair and tanned skin; I couldn't see his eyes, since he had purple shapes on. The man was a fucking giant! It didn't help that I was short as hell with a height of 4'9". What disturb me the most was that he had a large grin on his face that it was a miracle that his jaw didn't fall off. And judging from his clothes, I say he been awake for a while. I was using his abs as a pillow.

"Now that I get a better look at you, you're quite the pretty little thing aren't you?" said the giant as he lifted my chin with his boney finger. I went pale when a conclusion was racing and repeating thru my head.

I was sleeping with someone I didn't know in a place I didn't know for who knows how long!

So I reacted what most would have done in this situation; I screamed and panicked.

"AHHHHHHH! GIANT PERVERT! STAY AWAY FROM ME!" I screamed as I threw an actual pillow at his grinning face as I flew out of the door to halls of nowhere. The last thing I heard for giant flamingo man was "OI GIRLIE!"

Thus leading me to this predicament. I have to leave this spot soon if I want to escape from pink feathers. So I left the spot I was in and went to the door. I looked first and thought the coast was clear. Repeat thought.

"Fufufu! Found you," he said as he came out from behind and tried grabbed me. But I was small and fast enough to avoid it and kick him where no man wants to be kick. He fell on the floor in a fetal position. I was just about to get out thru the door, my body froze. I couldn't move! Hell, I couldn't control my body!

"Wha- what's going on?! Why can't I move?!"

"Because I won't allow it, girlie" explained the giant as I turned around and soon I was face to face wit tall blond. He completely shadows and towers me. He seems to recover fast from the blow.

"Wha-What are you talking about?!"

"It's my powers; so you can't escape anymore sweetheart."

"Do-Don't call me your sweet-sweetheart!"

"Fufufu! You're cute and feisty, girlie, I'll give you that. Maybe I'll keep you around" he said. I don't like were this is headed. Not at all.

"Got a name, girlie?"

"To… Tori…"

"Tori? Well, then my little bird, you belong to me now" he answered and that how my life turned up sided down. How my peaceful days became hellish nightmares.

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