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The stories found here will be a collection of '221B' shorts. Yes, it is marked 'COMPLETE', but it is anything but finished. So, keep an eye out for more and feel free to msg me and ideas you have. I'll be happy to accept anything you might wish to share!

Once upon a time, when John Watson was still a young and mostly inexperienced soldier and doctor, he held the hand of a fellow soldier as she bled her life out. As it turns out, your life can end thousands of miles away, days before you know it.

Major Alice Carstairs left her husband and two beautiful children to finish her final deployment before being discharged. Unfortunately, Fate, it seemed, had other ideas when the lorry overturned, rolled over her family vehicle as Morgan Carstairs drove their daughters to school one bright morning.

It took four days for her to be notified.

Ten years later, John had held a number of hands as the pain and grief overwhelmed so many of his comrades. While he himself had his own "dark moments", he'd never given up, never given into temptation.

Three years after that, John knew how his injured fellow soldiers felt: useless, worthless. Forgotten.

And then he met Sherlock Holmes.

John gave thanks every day, even through the nightmares and post-traumatic stress, through murders, smugglers, bombs, blackmail, running, and insane experiments. He was thankful. Because Sherlock gave him back his life. And when the day came that the running stopped and those lies became everyone else's "Truth", when Sherlock decided to take all John's life away from him again... God.