Prologue Start- Death of a Legend

Naruto Namikaze, the child of prophecy, the hero of konoha, and container of Kurama the nine-tailed fox was dying due to gaping hole in his chest caused by his former friend who was already dead.

It had been two years since the end of the 4th great shinobi war and 2 out of the last 3 uchiha's were either killed or sealed in madara's case. This left sasuke as the last Uchiha, he who still wanted revenge on Konoha for what they did to his clan and his brother.

Naruto had matured a lot during the short period of fighting and mass death that was war. The deaths of neji, tsunade, and others caused him to finally drop his mask of stupidity and eternal happiness he held since he was a child.

After the war ended he started training with thousands of clones straight though each day he wasn't on mission. He worked on elemental manipulation until he could say without bragging he was the best wind user on the planet with over 100 jutsu some being his own creations, but of course with so many clones he didn't limit himself to only wind attacks. He was better that most jonin in water, earth, and lightning manipulation.

He had more than 30 different jutsus of each of these elements mastered to a degree that he could perform them with less hand signs or just one for the low ranked ones. His fire manipulation in his own words "sucked ass," because it was about as good as an average genin, with 5 fire attacks that were d-rank, one c-rank, and one b-rank. Although his fire attacks were weak he learned to use them in collaboration with toads and his own clones who used wind jutsu to increase their power.

The war taught him to use his brain more rather that pure power and so he sent clones to the library to read up on tactics and how to lead people (because he needed to know how to lead to being hokage, dattebayo).

His chakra control improved in leaps and bounds due to his creative mixing and changing of the exercises that already existed, he could dispel most all genjutsu but he didn't learn very many as it still wasn't his style.

After returning home he moved into his parents home where he found a ornate chakra conducting sword that apparently belonged to his mother. With its red handle and her red hair caused her to be nicknamed the red death. He also found scrolls and notes she had wrote to pass on her sword style and so he learned it in her honor. He found the style worked well for him.

He learned quite a bit about sealing, which his father had left lying in the library. One of the seals turned out to be his dad's secret to his godly speed that he had even without the use of Hirashin. It was a combination gravity/weight seal to weigh him down along with a resistence seal to make the air resist his movements and feel as if walking through water or pushing a large, heavy wall at all times. This combined his healing he became as fast as Ay at full speed.

With all of the notes and formulas that his father had left behind, Naruto had soon became known as a prodigy of seals and even managed to recreate the Hirashin with an orange flash. Although he had recreated it, he hadn't used it for anything but training when he was by himself.

He hadn't fought anyone that was strong enough for him to use it and he wanted a hidden trump card for a time when he needed it. So nobody new he could use it, not even his friends.

Over the two years with all of these new skills became Konoha's strongest jonin, who happened to be stronger than the rokudaime hokage. The rokudaime Hokage was his old sensei Kakashi seeing as Naruto despite Kakashi's and most of Konoha's insistence refused to become hokage stating, "he had one more thing to deal with before he allowed himself to take the position he dreamed of from when he first heard of it til even now." Which led to where we are now lying on the ground with death close with his once best friend dead two feet away from him.

He had been on an escort mission with his new genin team which he had taken from another jonin who died on a miss-ranked mission in order to protect his students. Naruto and the now dead jonin had both trained them well. Naruto was sure all three would become chunin in the exam which was in Suna.

Just they were about to about to set off from camp for the last day of the mission sasuke appeared in front of them and blocked their path. Immediately naruto moved in front of his team and told them to run and that this was personal and a kage level fight they wouldn't be able to help with.

Despite all of their protesting he silenced them with a look that left no argument. Naruto spoke "this fight has been paused for 5 years it's time to end it and won't allow you to get involved, you are not ready and he will kill you if he gets the chance. Now complete the mission and escort Mr. Tojo home…"

He turned and smiled sorrowfully at them, "I may die in this fight and if I do, I don't want you to behave how you were when I first met you after the death of your old sensei. You will not sulk, the will of fire burns in all three of you. You will move forward and become stronger, train harder and fight for the people of the village you love with you life, as I will now. Now leave!" all three students that had come to be a little family as all were orphans hugged the figure the had become a parent to them and gave him words of encouragement before taking their client and leaving. Naruto turned back to his old friend who waited rather annoyed and their final battled began.

The following fight was a battle of epic proportions of which hadn't been seen from a two person fight since Madara Uchiha vs. Hashirama Senju. After two days of constant fighting both stopped, panting each on the wall of one side of a newly created valley. Naruto straightened himself and looked at sasuke and they both spoke at the same time "let's finish this how we did last time teme/dobe."

Each held out their hands and there respective attacks formed. Lightning shot across the crying sky and both figures shot toward each other each calling out there technique as they reached each other "rasengan/chidori!" they were 5 feet, 4 feet,3 feet away and each shove their jutsu at the other and unlike last time sasuke didn't miss his target and naruto didn't change his aim to be a non-lethal hit.

The rasengan drilled through sasukes chest and splattered out his back for an instant kill while at the same time his chidori pierced naruto's chest, just grazing his heart and both fell to the ground in heap each with his arm lodged in the other chest. Naruto felt the life leaving but suddenly heard Kurama screaming in his head to stay awake and that he would heal him.

Naruto smiled "Kurama its okay I'm happy and we both know you cant heal this fast enough to save me. Sasuke was the last remnants of major hatred in this world, true peace will reign for at least the next few thousand years. I am known as the hero who brought peace despite my insistence that I shouldn't be seen as such. They will heed my wish for peace and the third book of A Tale of a Gutsy Shinobi is at a close and what a masterpiece it is. But, Kurama promise me that when you reform you will protect this ending."

He heard one last sentence from the fuzz ball before the light left Naruto's eyes forever "Kit, it's the promise of a lifetime."

When their bodies were recovered and the news spread throughout the nations they made a holiday to honor Naruto and every person who lost their life fighting for the dream of peace and as a day for the nations to reaffirm old bonds and create new ones.

In Konoha they named him the Nanadaime Hokage and incorporated his face into the mountain and despite having no days in office he would be long remembered as the best, strongest Hokage who brought an end to war between the nations.

Naruto woke up and found himself in a familiar place after all he came here to play shogi and cards every weekend with kurama, this was his mindscape. It had changed from the dark, dank sewer it once was, after he and kurama became friends he found that that place changed in was now the large forest that surrounded konoha, he got up and turned in the direction of konoha where he could see the hokage monument from here and was surprised to see his own face after kakashi's he smiled he new he was dead there was no way he wasn't. This had to be his mindscape or heaven… or hell because he sensed no life anywhere including the obviously healthy trees around him which meant this wasn't real, he briefly pondered whether or not the afterlife was supposed to be this lonely.

He decided to walk to his favorite spot to lay down and think or simply relax, his father's stone head. He had walked for 5 min and was approaching the gates when suddenly a girl appeared in front of him and he immediately had to fight off a blush and calm his heart rate as this was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

She had flowing crimson hair that went just past her slender shoulders, deep brown eyes, and a body that to him was completely and utterly perfect, she was wearing a clean white robe that did nothing to hide her curves.

They stared at each other for a moment before she spoke in a powerful yet feminine voice, "I am Kami and as such am able to reward you for all of the help you gave me. Should you chose to accept it."

She looked at him expectantly for a reply when stuttered out " kkkkami-sama you are thhhee mo-most." He shook head to get rid of the nervousness before continuing "beautiful girl I've ever seen and I would love to hear your offer." She smiled softly before speaking again, "thank you, you aren't to bad of looker yourself… well at least when your not wearing orange and with your hair grown out like your father's, but I don't really have a set form I simply chose what would be considered perfect in the looks department in your opinion. Now for my offer," she stated as two chairs and a table appeared out of nowhere.

She sat down and gestured him to the other. "If you could live again would you." He stared at her rather surprised by what he supposed that was the offer

"I would but what is the catch?" she chuckled lightly "nothing to bad it would simply have to be a different world than the one you died in and I've already found the perfect one for you, its called Earthland, it is a place similar to your world but rather than villages that accept missions they have guilds where members are paid to do jobs from your worlds d-rank chores to SS-rank killing a dragon."

She laughed again at his face as the look of awe at the mention of dragons was hilarious. "of the people of Earthland only 10% have powers, which they call magic. There are many types of magic just like you jutsu but their power source is different, when I created that world I made and energy called eternano which is the same as the spiritual energy in your chakra."

She paused and contemplated what to talk about next and Naruto waited more with more patience than he thought he had "the world hasn't had a full war for a thousand years but there are what are known as dark guilds, they have broken laws and taken missions they weren't allowed to such as assassination missions and controlling demons and beasts or simply mages to kill and destroy cities and lives." She then explained every nuance about the world, its laws, its customs, and everything else.

She finally finished sometime later, "That's all you really need to know if you accept, any other info you will learn as you live your life there. So any questions and do you accept or do you want to discover death at 18?"

Naruto sat there for a few min going over all the info to come up with a decision, "I have four questions. 1. Will kurama come with me there, 2. Will I retain all of what I had before I died such as my jutsu, 3. Will I be able to learn magic, 4. Why would you want to do this for me."

She smiled sadly "I'm sorry but your fuzzy friend is tethered to the elemental nations I cannot remove him from there with out breaking my own laws, I'm already bending them as it is. I will change nothing physically or mentally so that will be fine but also means you won't be able to use magic since you body doesn't have an eternano container. And, lastly because I feel with all the crap you've gone through you deserve to live without the weight of the world on you shoulders. To have some fun, and even build a family with a girl I think you will end up loving."

She watched laughing at how cutely he went from sad to happy to disappointed to face red as tomato in embarrassment. "Don't laugh, ttebayo." He covered his mouth as she laughed even harder, when she finally calmed down she heard him mutter "even kami makes fun of me." Before he smiled "I think it sounds like fun, I would love to try living there but any ideas of where I should go?"

"I already chose a nice city and guild for you and will drop you off there. The guild Fairy Tail in magnolia town is perfect for you. They are one of the strongest guilds out there even if they don't have as many members as other guilds, they have the same ideals as konoha in believing the guild is one large family and each member will protect one another with their life. They have a penchant for mass destruction on missions like you, they all have quirks like your ttebayo, they absolutely don't kill like you prefer but were forced, and all the girls are sexy,"

Naruto sputtered with a red face as she continually embarrassed him, "The guild master is a grandfather figure to the guild, like the third Hokage was to Konoha, and he even wears a funny orange hat you could appreciate for whatever reason people like wearing orange."

Naruto responded "you know if you were in need of another job other than creating everything you could be a damn good salesman, I accept and I thank you for the opportunity and say hello to my parents, jiji, my friends, and baachan in heaven for me."

She smiled "I will, good luck, and your mother repeatedly asks me if she has lots of grandchildren yet so do that for her please." Embarrassing him one last time but before he could respond he vanished in a orange flash of light. Kami looked at spot where he was moments ago "he is so fun to mess with." Before, she herself flashed away.

Naruto woke with a start again, he sat up rubbed his eyes and looked around the small clearing he was in and thought. "Damn, another chance in a new world, I wonder how many can say that?" he stretched and felt around him with his chakra. A skill Iruka taught him, well it explained how he always found me after pranks, and he thought he was making mistakes in his stealth.

He felt a lot of energy signatures in front of him and thought, "That must be magnolia." He looked at himself and found he had everything his storage scrolls that held 20 sets of his clothes which happened to be his jonin flak jacket which was over a skin tight yet unrestricting black muscle shirt, red sage cloak with black flames on the bottom and maelstrom written in kanji down the middle, anbu style dark blue cargo pants with his mom's sword on his hip, and normal shinobi sandals.

He had his scroll with 800 hirashin kunai, 550 normal shuriken, 3- 100 sheet packs of sealing grade paper. 400 paper bombs, 100 smoke bombs, and a months worth of rations. He snorted seeing an akatsuki outfit in his stuff. He also found an envelope with money he assumed was for this country with a note stating it was enough for a decent apartment for the month. With inventory done he set off to join fairy tail and start his new life.

End Prologue, Start Special double chapter

Start Chapter 1- Naruto the Fairy

Fairy Tail in 2 words was "fucking awesome," the moment he opened the oversized door he had to avoid a barrel heading straight at his head. He watched as most everyone unceremoniously beat the shit out of each other all the while smiling like mad, whether or not they were the one being hit. he could tell there was not bad blood between any of them, well except for the pink haired guy and the one in his boxers they appear to be like how he and sasuke were when they were first put on the same team.

He spotted in the chaos; a girl doing a strange dance on a table, a brown haired girl in a bikini drinking out of one of the barrels that he had to avoid when coming in, and an old man with a funny orange hat banging his head on a pillar who he could hear barely hear muttering "uhh the paperwork I'll have" over and over again, two middle aged men one with a weird haircut who was smoking a pipe and one drinking at the bar both sitting next each other wasting no time leering at the backside of a pretty silver haired girl who appeared to be the barmaid and happened to be walking to me.

When she somehow crossed the guild unscathed which had me thinking that she was a good mage or this happened a lot and I was leaning toward both being true. She smiled sweetly before speaking, "Welcome to fairy tail I'm Mirajane, but everyone just calls me Mira. How can I help you?"

Naruto looked around observing the brawl before looking at her "this happens a lot doesn't it?"

She had the same sweet smile on her face and answered "yes, especially when natsu and grey are here." She pointed at the pink haired one and the stripping one I noticed earlier. "but, I don't mind," she continued "it makes it more interesting now that I don't take missions dontcha think."

Naruto felt himself chuckle "you know this place looks like a lot of fun. I'm glad I decided to try and join this guild, I'm Naruto by the way. I would like to speak to your master about joining if he would be willing."

Her smile brightened even more if that was possible "of course im sure master would love to have you join, we don't get many new members because most are to afraid to ask and think there is some crazy hard test or you need an invitation."

Naruto laughed "that's silly if they don't even ask, how are they supposed to find out. I just heard that this guild was like a large family that protects one another and that is something I wanted to join being an orphan." Mira stared at the more than likely newest member of the guild, she could tell he had more than likely had a difficult past just like most people here.

She wouldn't pry though she knew from experience he would tell people when he was ready whether it be 10 min or 10 years, "well as I said we welcome you to the family but you have to check with master do the official paperwork and get the guild stamp. Master is the one over there beating his head on the wall."

He smiled at his first friend in this new world. "I could tell only old men complaining about paperwork can be leader, its like the ultimate law of the universe, paperwork is an enemy that even the most powerful people who can never find a way around it. My surrogate grandfather who complained about it for thirty years never found a way around it. Well I'm going to talk to him now see you around Mira-chan."

I headed to the master not noticing the blushing, silver haired barmaid who's only thought was "he's so hot."

Makorav watched as the guild was being disassembled once again, by a brawl started by natsu and grey, he really outta end it before they destroyed the building but two things stopped him from ending it, one was that guy who was now talking with mira and the other well… he was being lazy.

He watched the blonde boy watch the destruction and talk to mira while smiling with what appeared to be amusement. So he clearly wasn't here to request a mission or from the council otherwise it would be a look of disgust or displeasure, which left the option of a new guild prospect.

He watched mira blush as he headed over to him and thought " its been a while since mira has even looked at a boy with interest let alone blush, maybe he could help her get over Lisanna and continue her life with his friendship, "or more than friendship." He thought with a perverted giggle.

Naruto heard the perverted giggle from his future master a sighed inwardly "why are all old men perverted." Naruto had no doubts the man was powerful he could feel the suppressed energy from the old man it had to be slightly larger than kisame's energy level and that was crazy. It was the only amount of energy that was comparable to his own as far as he could remember, but unlike kisame this energy felt bright and happy.

Naruto approached the man and was about to speak when he was cut off the man he was about to talk to "you know for a young one you have the most energy I have ever felt since the master of my time was here." Naruto chuckled at the irony "funny, I was just going to say something similar, but I came to ask if you would like to add another gaki to your crazy guild?"

the old man laughed in earnest, "I like you gaki, I, Makarov Deyer would love to have you here. Just tell me your name and fill out this form while I go find the stamp."

He pulled out a sheet from nowhere and handed it to naruto, "I'm Naruto Uzumaki, I look forward to being in your guild."

The short man nodded toward him as walked off to find the stamp and Naruto filled out the paperwork questions such as name, date of application, date of approval(master signature), age, date of birth, then for magic he had to think "kami mentioned lost magic they are rare and sometimes relatively unknown so I'll use that,"

naruto wrote Lost Magic:Ninjustu and Lost Magic:Fuinjutsu. The next question was Approximate rank D-A ranks, (S-rank must have been tested by either the mage council or guild master.) he answered A-rank.

Just as he finished the form the master came back with a large stamp and ink pad. "Alright fishcake what color and where do you want it."

Naruto hung his head in defeat with a small raincloud over his head and mumbled "it means maelstrom dattebayo."

The man chuckled "A verbal tick, that's a new one we've got a literal hothead, an accidental stripper, a fish obsessed cat, a cake loving knight, a man who can't chose which job to get, and many others." He finished pointing at the woman who was drinking what appeared to be alcohol out a barrel half the size of her body. He paused putting his hand to his chin, "actually we already do have a verbal tick, Elfman always yells man or manly, but that's fine. "so maelstrom," he said with air quotes "where and what color."

Suddenly the rain cloud dispersed and naruto perked up and pointed at his left bicep and stated with obvious glee, "orange!" Makorav placed it on his arm before turning toward his guild who he noticed had large colorful circles infront of them.

"Those must be magic circles," Naruto thought in awe.

Next was something that made naruto feel slightly nostalgic as makorav's head expanded to about the same size as iruka's demonic yelling head jutsu or whatever he called it and shouted "STOP FIGHTING YOU BUNCH OF GAKIS HAVEN'T YOU NOTICED OUR GUEST.

All fighting stopped in fear of the master's wrath and interest in their new guest. "Now that you have calmed down meet our newest guild member, Naruto Uzumaki." Everyone's eyes were now on him and he noticed a few girls lick their lips with a hungry look in their eye, he didn't really understand the look so he ignored it and said "yo." Like Kakashi would.

Suddenly someone yelled, "party." And the guild went crazy again with lots of food and drinks coming out of nowhere.

POV Naruto

Over the next 2 hours I periodically met everyone that wasn't on a mission at the moment and learned more about them and they asked questions such as where I was from and I had to continually explain my "magic" as none knew what it was obviously as it wasn't from here, everyone was friendly but the pink haired natsu challenged me to a fight which I assumed was because wanted to be acknowledged just like I was when I first became a quote "mage."

I told natsu I was tired and we could fight the next morning after getting settled in and he readily agreed saying it was a step toward beating someone named erza and finding his father igneel. I left the guild and found a nice apartment with 2 bedrooms, a large living room/kitchen and a small balcony that overlooked a small river that went through the town. I paid my land lord 150,000 jewels for the month and head back to the guild only to find the last few people leaving and mira cleaning.

I started cleaning up with mira despite her protests that I didn't need to. After we finished cleaning I offered to walk her home, she refused stating her brother training his magic behind the guild and he would take her. I merely nodded and headed home thinking how crazy this whole situation was and fell asleep happy without a single worry for the first time since he was little.

The next morning I found myself facing natsu who according to mira was raised by a dragon who taught him dragon slayer magic, which I didn't understand, why would a dragon teach someone who to defeat it, it doesn't make any sense.

But apparently it meant that flames would only strengthen him, thank god that flames are my worse elemental attacks. We were surrounded by a bunch of guild members who wanted to see what the new guy could do. Master even agreed to ref the match wanting to see a lost magic.

Master looked at both of us before asking are you ready? Natsu nodded eagerly, ready to fight a new opponent. I however asked for a sec and slowly reached into my pouch and everyone watched with high anticipation as I pulled out… a book, nearly everyone including natsu face vaulted.

Natsu got up and yelled "what the hell are you reading for were going to fight." I just looked up and said "I wanted to know how the plot develops, come attack it doesn't make a difference." Everyone thought the same thing he is either a masochist, overly cocky, or just that good. Not many were thinking the last considering natsu was pretty strong.

Master was on the inside was laughing his off in one move naruto just pissed off natsu and will be 10 times more likely to make mistakes, it also has the added effect of making him look awesome as he beats up natsu while reading, it's genius.

Natsu fed up with me underestimating him charged straight at me just like I did to kakashi way back when. I stopped his punch with my palm then he sent another punch with his other hand but this time it was on fire. Not particularly wanting to get burned I sidestepped to the right grabbed his forearm with my free hand spun him around and tossed him across the clearing never taking my eyes away from the book.

He starred at me with disbelief along with most of the guild as I continued to read my book. I turned the page and looked up at him and decided give some advice. "you definitely have potential to be really strong but you are too emotional. emotion is good when it drives us to get better, to improve so you can protect yourself and people that are precious to you, but you allow your emotion to take full control and attacked without thinking because I intentionally provoked you by reading."

"Fighting lesson 1, don't allow anything your opponent say or does make you make stupid decisions. Now this time come, use your brain to make a plan and use the drive of your emotions to complete it."

I stood there for 10 seconds before he charged again, this time with both fists aflame, I put my book away as I no longer needed it. He sent his right fist at my face and I easily deflected it he quickly followed with his left and I wondered if actually he had a plan or if he was just charging again.

He went for a right punch again and I instinctively moved to block but he surprised me by switching to a flaming kick mid punch. It had happened rather quick to where if I wasn't the fastest person on my planet with reflexes to match he probably would have landed a hit, but I was. So I grabbed his leg and once again spun and threw but, in midair natsu spun around to face me put his hand to his mouth a magic circle appeared in front of him and he shot large torrent of hot looking flames at me yelling, "Fire Dragon's Roar."

It was the first sight of my magic as I blurred my hand through signs that were meaningless to the crowd and palmed the ground with my hands and an earth wall sprung out to block the flames. I created a shadow clone to take my spot behind the wall and I myself sunk into the ground.

The wall dropped for the clone to see tired yet determined looking natsu the clone smiled, "good you understand lesson 1 now lesson 2 is always have a backup plan which you won't have time to demonstrate due to lesson 3 which is…" two hand shot out of the ground and grabbed natsu's ankles. I then pulled him down yelling "double suicidal decapitation."

It buried him from the neck down and I popped of the ground as my clone poofed and I said "don't let your opponent get behind or below you. Do you give up." Natsu struggled a bit finding he couldn't move before complying and I popped him out of the ground.

He thanked me for the advice, which surprised me. Before he suddenly yelled that, "he would get stronger and beat me and Erza before running off with his flying cat to go train," which didn't surprise me.

I turned toward the crowd and they looked surprised that I had pretty much manhandled him but happy at my attitude toward helping him grow. Master in particular had a look of pride in how I handled a slightly younger and less powerful member. "So mira, you think you can make some ramen?" Everyone sweat dropped at the random question before congratulating him on his win and following Naruto to the guild talking and wondering about how strong their newest member could actually be.


Naruto -18


Erza/Mira/Cana -16

Rewritten as of August 13, 2013

Well that turned out well, this was a spur of the moment type thing. Sorry if the fight was boring but I tried to show natsu learning from naruto's words. Ill try to make more interesting fights but this was the explaining prologuey/starting chapter of the story. The next chapter will be a mission and a small s class trial do to lack of many potential s classers. This is two years before fairy tail cannon so that's why natsu is weak he starts to train like crazy to catch up to erza and naruto and will be slightly stronger then cannon. This will be pure NarutoxErza so don't ask for slash mira or cana or anyone else. Naruto is ooc due to the war and hundreds of shadow clones reading. In other words naruto grew up. After the next chapter I will skip to phantom lord and go from there.