Chapter 3 Helping Friends, another new student

A week after my promotion to S-class I was sitting at the guild staring at Cana who had an extremely depressed air around her and was drinking any type of alcohol she could by the barrel load. This wouldn't be a problem normally, but the depressing mood she was giving off and the fact she was drinking faster and more barrels than usual clearly stated she had a problem. Seeing as no one else had really noticed because most of the people in the guild were preoccupied with whatever that individual did while at the guild I took upon myself to talk to her.

"Cana, what's up?" I sat next to the bikini clad brunette who turned toward me and hiccupped with a light alcohol blush on her face.

She growled in a playful yet very drunk way and said, "You know you're so damn sexy I just want to push you down and ride…" I, blushing like crazy, put my hand on her forehead and used a basic medical jutsu Shizune taught me to sober up granny Tsunade to get rid of most of the alcohol in her blood stream and make her sober. The alcohol blush disappeared from her face and she stared at me for a moment before blushing like mad and turned away, "umm sorry about that I…"

"I know you were rather drunk, its fine."

"okay, umm forget I said that."

I chuckled, "I suppose I'll try but, it's rather hard to forget an attractive woman saying that." She continued to look away from me but I could see her face was red and I decided to change the subject, "Anyway, do you want to tell me why you're trying to drink yourself to death…? well more than usual anyway."

She bit her lip trying to decide what she wanted to do before relenting, "fine, let's take a walk."

I nodded and we walked outside with me following a step after her. We eventually reached a small bridge and she sat legs dangling off above the water, "My mother died when I was little, she told me the name of my father and where to go and find him on her deathbed. That's why I originally came to Fairy Tail, to find my father."

I sat next to her looking out over the one of the small streams that ran through town, "when I got here I met him… but he didn't know about having a child and I never told him… he was really strong and famous. I was afraid to tell him about being his daughter because of his large reputation and what his reaction would be. Years have gone by and I never told him, I kept telling myself I would tell him but I always chickened out fearing he might reject me. I thought when I became an S-class mage like him I would tell him, but I've already failed three times already. Erza, Mirajane, and now you have already passed in our age group, but I can't. He has gone off on a long term mission and sometimes I want to just leave without saying anything and just leave it behind me. I don't know what to do anymore."

She had a few tears leaking out of the corner of her eyes and she sniffed, "I love Fairy Tail but I can't stand being in the same guild as him without him knowing about our relationship."

I looked over a minute before sighing and giving her a hug, "He will be proud of you and your strength and your heart no matter whether you're S-class or not, it's just how parents work. This is just my opinion though, it's ultimately your choice whether you want to tell him as soon as possible, when your s-class, or even if you chose to leave it is your choice. This is something you have to decide for yourself but here is my only question. If you leave, will you feel any better than you do now? Knowing that you've left lots of friends and an unknowing father behind at a guild that is one large family itself." I released her and stood up, "I'll think I should leave you to your thoughts." I walked a few feet as she stared out over the slow stream and I stopped, "by the way who is your father?"


I guessed correctly and nodded to no one in particular "I heard he's a good guy, I would be willing to bet he would love to have a daughter, and you know luck when it comes to gambling. If you need to talk some more or just want some company I'll be at my place, the guild, or at Erza's teaching her to cook if she is still in town."

She remained silent and I shunshined back to the guild to see that Natsu and Grey had once again started a brawl and since Erza wasn't here to stop them the whole guild had gotten involved. I walked over to Mira who was standing at the bar, washing a few dishes and sat facing the carnage the guild was creating, "so, Mira, where are Master and Erza?"

"Erza took another mission about half an hour ago and Master just left to go to a guild master meeting a minute ago, if you hurry you could catch him. He asked for you earlier, I think he wanted to show you off to his friends at the guild master meeting. He did the same thing with Erza and myself when we made it to S-class."

Sighing I stood up, "well I suppose I should go, there isn't anything else for me to do right now." I smiled at the barmaid, "thanks Mira, see you soon." I calmly walked through the hall stopping every few steps and raising an arm to block an incoming item or person as I headed to the door. I stopped suddenly seeing a flaming fist to my left in the corner of my vision and watched amused as Natsu went flying in front of me, unable to change direction in mid air. I took another step toward the door intending on catching up to Master but saw Natsu was already charging me. I smiled really liking the guy's attitude. It was exactly like my own, before the war more than now though, he was positive, always improving himself, and the ability to lift a person when they were down.

I knocked his fist away before sweeping his feet off of the hardwood floor before whacking him into the ground. Putting a foot on his stomach to keep him from moving, "what you want Natsu?"

It was meant to be rhetorical but he answered me anyway, "Naruto fight me!"

I face palmed thinking, "I wasn't that bad, was I?" although looking back on it I was actually kind of worse. I now understood why Sakura didn't have any interest in me when we were 13, I was annoying. It made me realize how much I had changed personality wise, I was much more calm and thoughtful than before, and while I listened to others more than I used to my stubborn will remained. Natsu was the child of a dragon and he had the same limitless potential and stubborness I did as I a former jinchuriki. He needed guidance like I had needed and got from Jiraiya, Kakashi, and many others. He had was Igneel who was no longer here for what ever reason the dragon had to go and Master who didn't directly guide him. Perhaps I had found another student, one whose training I could hopefully see completed along with mystogan. I smiled thinking of my other 3 students who were surely were making their mark on their world.

"Natsu." He stopped in the middle of his rant about not listening to him and beating the crap out of me, "I have to go meet master." I smiled at him, "but, if you'd like I would be willing to take you as an apprentice."

I expected a more verbal response but all I received was a blank stare… I didn't really understand, I thought he would be happy to have a person to spar with and to teach him. Then he muttered "Igneel." And something else I could make out.

I understood now though, he thought anyone else teaching him would be betraying his surrogate father and original teacher, "Natsu, me training you won't be betraying Igneel. Besides I wouldn't be teaching you my magic. I just wanted to help you along in your hand to hand combat which is average, your speed which is above average but not amazing, your physical strength, and your tactics are extremely straight forward, that won't always work. Maybe a weapon of some sort also." I paused looking at his face which was rather comically scrunched up as he thought it over. "I want to turn you into the excellent warrior you have the potential to be and an even greater man. You can think it over while I'm gone."

I took my sandaled foot off of him and walked out the door. I heard Natsu call me and an Aye from Happy, I stopped and turned my head toward him and was slightly embarrassed as he bowed repeated, accepting my offer. I got him to stand up and nodded, "I look forward to the tor… I mean training." I disappeared in a swirl of leafs leaving a bewildered cat and an amazed Natsu.

I stopped a few seconds later on top of the train that had just left the station 5 minutes ago heading toward Clover Town where the guild masters met. I walked along the roof a few cars over to where I felt Master sitting down with another man whose magic power was incredible. While it wasn't the size of Makarov's or my own it was still impressive.

I walked down onto the side of the car and leaned down knocking on the window. Makarov had an eyebrow raised and the other man had a bewildered expression. Master opened the window for me and did a little roll to get into the seat next to Master. Master smiled at me and asked, "What brings you here Naruto? Oh, I'm being rude let me introduce you to Jura Neekis the ace of Lamia Scale, Jura this is the newest S-class mage of Fairy Tail, Naruto Uzumaki."

I knew of Jura from when I did a bit of information gathering on the government and important figures which Jura was as the latest Wizard Saint. Jura was a very large muscular man with to oval shaped black marks above his eyes that I wasn't sure whether they were his eyebrows or just marking, the rest of his head was bald and clean shaved. Although he was sitting I could see he practically dwarfed me in height, he wore rather strange, tribal looking clothing although my clothes were equally weird for this dimension so I couldn't say anything.

I stuck out my hand, "it's nice to meet such a strong, well known and liked person, and the newest appointed Wizard Saint at that."

He shook my hand but remained silent seemingly sizing me up, "you are very powerful yourself, Makarov-dono has found another quality mage for his guild. I would like to spar sometime in the future."

I nodded my consent and we began to talk about different events that were occurring, like the formation of the Ballam Alliance which had discovered recently, I heard the story about the rivalry Phantom Lord and my own guild which I didn't know about before, we told stories about different fights and other things. I found the man known as Iron Rock Jura was actually a kind person that cared deeply about his guild and guild master who sent him in place of himself.

An hour later we arrived at the meeting hall and it was more like a high school reunion than an important meeting, everyone was talking and laughing about things happening. Master took the opportunity to like Mira said, "To show me off." I met everyone at the meeting over a 5 minute period where Makorav enjoyed showing off one of his 'children' as handsome and powerful. Master Bob of Blue Pegasus who was a rather large, perhaps sexually confused Guildmaster, commented on how adorable I was and proceeded to hug me… I'm scarred for life. Master Goldmine of Quatro Cerberus was a cool guy, very fun to talk to. The other guild masters seemed nice as well, all having their own little quirk.

They were all happily chatting to one another about the latest happenings in their guilds while Jura and I stood in the back only speaking up once and a while or when asked a question.

Half an hour later I was quite bored and the same could be said about Jura who hid it better. Suddenly I felt Mystogen about 2 miles out walking in this direction at a slow, leisurely pace. I was going to go meet him seeing as I was bored and wasn't really needed… "Naruto," never mind I'm still needed.

I turned to master, "yeah, Ji-chan?"

He chuckled light-heartedly, "you'll be old too one day, you know. You can head back if you want, I've had my fun." I sighed in relief, "but, I would very much appreciate it if you head over to the guild Cait Shelter because their Master Roubaul hasn't attended the last few meetings nor sent anyone in his place, we are beginning to get worried about him." I shrugged seeing as that wasn't too bad of a request, as long as I got away from Bob who was still creeping me out slightly it was something I could do. "Say hi to Mystogen for me."

I nodded and headed out of town to where Mystogen was waiting for me. I looked up at the large tree where Mystogen was currently hanging upside down on a tree branch using only his feet, my clone sitting a few branches away. "Simply amazing isn't it, the feel of energy running through ones body whether it be chakra or magic."

Mystogen nodded silently and I glanced at my clone that got the message and dispelled itself in a poof of smoke startling Mystogen. I closed my eyes going through the training my clone put him through, the academy three, a few basic illusions which he had taken to, chakra control exercises, helping hone his hand to hand combat, basics to fighting with a staff, and he tested to be a water element. I rubbed my head thinking over a plan of training but in the end the choice was obvious, he would be a genjutsu specialist working with water and staff as defensive back up.

I smiled at the hooded man, "your coming along fairly quickly, your control is great. As I understand it, your current fighting style relies on your magic staffs to cast sleep magic and illusions." He nodded affirmative, "Very well I will teach you genjutsu also known as the art of illusion. It was one of the three main branches of chakra usage in my world and the most commonly overlooked, even when it was the most dangerous if mastered. It was a weakness for myself for most of my teenage years until I decided to change that and studied the subject to a great degree using those clones which I retain the memories of."

He looked mildly impressed with that concept. I paused thinking over my line of thought, "genjutsu is highly customizable as experts and masters create their own styles and types of illusions. For instants, one of the strongest men I have had the pleasure to know constantly used crow themed illusions that distracted and disoriented opponents, and before they knew they were in an illusion they would be immobilized or dead in some cases. I know 14 illusions most basic but very useful although I rarely use them because I don't have a need to use them. I will teach you some common genjutsu and teach you how to go about creating and using them. By the time I'm done with you, you will be able to immobilize people with a flick of your hand."

Mystogen spoke I his firm voice, "I realize how difficult it will be to reach that level, but even if I do reach it, there must be a weakness."

"there is always a chance of them breaking out which is why you need a set of back up skills, we will talk in more detail and begin your training after I go check on Cait Shelter for Master."

Mystogen shifted slightly at the mention of the guild, "something wrong?"

He shook his head, "no, it's fine. There is a little girl, Wendy, that dropped off there during my travels. I am guilty of not returning to visit, please tell her Jellal says hi."

"so your name is Jellal, huh? I suppose you're starting to trust me a bit more as your teacher."

Mystogen remained quiet for a moment, "I suppose you are a trustworthy person having come from somewhere else as well and for teaching me the way of your people. I will tell you about myself and why am here when you are done at Cait Shelter. Don't say my name in the guild, especially not in front of Erza."

I raised an eyebrow as he disappeared in a swirl of leaves off torward Magnolia. "So Erza is the one your counterpart has a history with. I suppose I'll find out when the time is right.

I decided just to go max speed, taking off my resistance seal and arrived at the village about 2 minutes later, the journey was 67 miles. It felt go to go all out again, even if it wasn't a spar. Racing through the wilderness, avoiding trees and other thing, was just as fun. The small town was bustling with people but I quickly realized something, only 3 of these people existed, the rest were one of the most complex illusions I had ever seen. They were being made by the largest magic signature who energy seemed to be… off. Off, would be the best way to describe it, it felt like I was there but not there at the same time. It made no sense yet fit as a perfect description.

As I walked through the village I was truly amazed by how crazy of an illusion this was. These people were practically alive, they each seemed to have there own personality, voice, and if it wasn't for my sensor abilities on full alert because I was trying to improve them. I wouldn't have noticed these weren't real. Roubaul was a hell of a mage, I assumed it was his doing. I was unsure whether even Itachi would be able to do an illusion to this degree and be able to maintain it for however long this illusion had existed. I made my way over to the guild building which was the shape of a cat's head and was clearly labeled Cait Shelter with their guild symbol above it.

As I approached the entrance the two other real beings came out of the entryway, one was an excited young girl around 9- 12, I couldn't be sure and the other… was a flying cat. I was slightly surprised to meet another one, I didn't think they were a regular thing seeing as I didn't find anything in the Crocus Library. I even found stuff on dragons in there, but not flying, "Who are you and why are you staring at me like that," talking cats.

The girl reprimanded the cat before I said anything, "Carla, don't be so rude. We just met him."

I raised a hand, "its fine, I just didn't expect to run into another flying, talking cat."

They both showed surprised expressions, "you know another Exceed like me/Carla?"

"Exceed?" I repeated, "so that is what your species is called, the other one didn't know because he was raised by people. His name is Happy by the way."

The cat suddenly had an annoyed/interrogative look on her, "that answers why you were staring at me, but not who you are and why you're here. We never get visitors way out here."

I rubbed the back of my head, a habit I had never gotten rid of. "Sorry about that, my mind does that sometimes. My name is Naruto Uzumaki, S-class mage of Fairy Tail and I am here on behalf of my master to check on yours. Seeing as he hasn't been to any meetings recently." I gave a little bow at the end of my introduction.

Carla looked slightly miffed that she could have got on an S-Class mage's bad side, while the blue haired girl looked at me with a slight awe.

"I'm Wendy Marvell and this Carla mages of Cait Shelter."

I smiled at her, "So, you're Wendy. I heard some nice things about you from a mutual friend."

She looked at me unsure, "who could you know that knows me, I don't know anyone outside of town?"

"He asked me to pass on the message that, 'Jellal says hi, and is sorry for his inability to visit.' I don't know whether that means he will come visit."

Her eyes widened slightly, "how is he, is he alright?"

She started rambling and I chuckled, "he's fine, I'll tell him that you want to see him. Now, I must go speak with Master Roubaul. Goodbye Wendy, Carla."

I was about to walk away but Wendy's childhood curiosity got the better of her and she asked, "what kind of magic do you use Naruto-san?"

"Just Naruto is fine, I'm not much for formalities. I use a lost magic called Ninjutsu and I am really fast." Still having my seals turned off I appeared behind her so fast they would think I just disappeared. I put a hand her shoulder and she jumped and fell in surprise. She stared at me in shock as I smiled, "what about you Wendy-chan, what is your magic?"

I helped the girl up and she stuttered out her answer, "I-I am the sky d-dragon slayer."

I blinked and stared at her and then at Carla, "what an odd coincidence, the other Exceed, Happy, his companion is also a dragon slayer. The dragon slayer of fire, I'm sure you'll meet one day. I really must be going. I'm supposed to meet someone after this."

With that tidbit of information stored in my mind I waved goodbye and walked into the guild toward the little throne-like chair where a man of short stature sat eyes closed, wearing an assortment of primitive looking clothes and a feathery hat/headpiece. Sensing that Carla and Wendy weren't near the building I pointed at one of the illusions, "you are very good at casting illusions, I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference if I hadn't been actively sensing my surroundings."

He stared at me with his mouth slightly open, "who are you?"

"Naruto Uzumaki, don't worry about your secret. I wont tell anyone, I'm sure there is a reason for you doing this…" I left the sentence opened hoping he would explain which to my pleasure he did.

"I suppose I will tell you, considering you already know about the illusions. I first must start with the story of my people, the Nirvit tribe. We were a people that lived 400 hundred years ago that were a part of the war torn, dark world that existed back then with the fallout with zeref's disappearence. My people disliked war as do most humans, so we created a powerful magic the can replace darkness with light, Nirvana. It was a symbol of peace and our greatest creation." He paused.

I nodded at him to continue his story, "Though Nirvana was taking the darkness from the world, the darkness was not gone but only moved. It eventually started to take over my people who lived in Nirvana. My people… we slaughtered each other until I was the only one who remained. I sealed the magic away since I wasn't able to destroy it."

I finally understood why his magic signature was so weird, "You're dead."

He nodded, "Very astute of you. I died after sealing it and have used my magic to keep my spirit here to guard Nirvana, until I find someone who can destroy it for good. Then a few years ago when Wendy was dropped of here by that guy it was just me here and nobody else so I created these illusions so she could have a foster family to grow up with."

I thought it over and he seemed truthful. I was a decent lie detector, though not at Ibiki, Anko, or Inoichi's level, "how big is Nirvana?"

He seemed slightly surprised by my question, "It is a massive city with 6 legs for mobility and a power lacrima at each leg with one extra in the main control room. The building and power sources regenerate. If even a piece of it is left, it will regrow back to its original state. Do you think you could destroy it?"

I remained silent, fuinjutsu was the way to go but it would take a while, "I could remove it, but I don't think I could destroy it."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm not from Earthland, my techniques are not magic and I don't want to talk about it at the moment. I could create a pocket dimension that would be large enough to fit such a massive, powerful structure using seals. Then actually perform the sealing which will be difficult in it self, and then destroy the entrance to the pocket dimension. It won't be destroying it technically, but it will literally impossible to find." I stopped as another idea came to mind, "Actually, a better idea would be if I designed the pocket dimension to collapse and destroy Nirvana after say, a month. Then you will be able to rest in peace Roubaul-ji."

He looked very hopeful and slightly distrusting, "you can do this?"

I nodded and he continued, "How do I know you will not try and use this power. Also what will become of Wendy, I have grown attached to that girl."

"I can only give you my word that I won't use Nirvana and my promise to take care of Wendy after you have moved on. I'm sure that Fairy Tail would love to have Wendy too."

He stared intensely at me for a few minutes before sighing, "I will put my faith in you Naruto Uzumaki, do not fail and put the world into darkness."

I nodded, "It will take a while to do even with clones, creating dimensions that large is an advanced concept that hasn't even been touched by myself or other masters of the art of Fuinjutsu. It will take at least two years by my estimate, but I will get started right away and send a clone to keep you updated on my progress." He nodded his consent having waited 400 years already a few more wouldn't be to bad. "Oh umm, before I forget. The original reason I came here is that my master, Makarov, and the other guild masters have been worried about you because you haven't gone to any of there meetings."

"I'm lazy."

I sweat dropped at the answer before chuckling, "well I guess I'll head back home and tell Master that you're lazy when I see him. Goodbye Master Roubaul."

I turned and headed to the door, he didn't say anything but I feel his eyes staring at my back, hoping I would succeed and ended his prolonged stay on Earthland.

A few days later I was back in the guild after a little sight seeing I did around Fiore just as a mini vacation and to get to know the land a bit better. My favorite place was Hargeon's Beach, I had never been at a beach just to hang out and going in the water, but it was fun. Jiriaya would be proud that I got a few numbers from pretty woman while playing volleyball with a group of people I met, but in despair that I wouldn't be doing anything with those numbers.

I realized then that I only had an armored redhead on my mind when it came to that. Speaking of that redhead the day that she celebrates her birthday would be in a month (I know this doesn't happen in cannon nor does it say when her birthday is as far as I know.) I would have to plan something special… snapping out of the line of thought for now I continued my leisurely walk toward the guild.

I reached the large doors and pulled on the handle and opened the door only to see it was surprising quiet. Natsu, Grey, and a few others weren't here. That would probably be the reason for that, Nab was still at the board looking for the so called'perfect' job for his skill set which I had no idea what it was. Mira was cleaning like usual with master sitting on top of the bar 'snoozing' well he was actually perving on Mira and Cana, who was playing with her cards in a much happier mood than when I had left which made me smile as she nodded at me. Levy was reading by herself for the first time I could remember and I decided to talk to her because she was one of the few people I didn't know very well seeing as Jet and Droy usually ended our conversations because of there blatantly obvious crush on their female teammate.

I sat down in front of her, "Hi Levy, what's up."

She looked up from her book which was titled, Tale of a Mage and his Dragon, "Hey Naruto. I'm not doing much, just reading because Jet and Droy went off to go to some kind of male magic tournament which I didn't really want to go see so I'm reading this book for the 4th time. What about you?"

I shrugged, "not much, I just got back from running an errand for Master. You looked bored and you're one of the few people I haven't really talked to all that much, so here I am."

She looked at me oddly for a moment before shrugging, "alright then." She put her book into her bag. "what do you want to talk about?"

"umm… how about stuff you like, like I would guess reading?"

She got rather excited that someone would be interested in what she likes rather than praising her for something she didn't think deserved praise, "yeah I like reading, my magic is called solid script and it allows my write in the air and the word I write becomes that word. For example." she raised her pen and wrote 'water' in the air and the word turned into water and splashed the both of us and she flushed in embarrassment, "sorry, I didn't really think that through."

I just laughed, "it's fine, I actually think was kind of cool, no pun intended." I using water manipulation pulled the liquid out of her and my clothes and held it in a little orb of water in front of me before I flung it backwards where I hit master in the face. Master "woke up," with a jerk and fell forwards off the bar and landed comically on his head. He stayed that way for ten seconds and everyone was staring at him in shock except for Levy who had a hand over her mouth and was giggling up a storm and myself.

My shoulders were shaking like crazy as I tried to contain my laughter; the look on his face was priceless. That would teach him not to be a pervert in front of me. "Naruto!" that was the final push and I was laughing like crazy as master's arm grew outrageously long and smacked me into the floor where I continued to laugh.

"You should ha ha learn to control your ha ha urges master. Hahaha. Someone might do something someday."

Everyone looked at me like I was crazy except for Levy who saw what he was doing and Mira who just figured it out and bonked him on the, "Pervert!" everyone looked at master only slightly surprised. Master looked like a defeated man resigned to his fate. Much like Ero-Sennin when he got caught peeping.

I turned back to Levy who was still giggling a little. A few minutes later we were talking about how we both like adventure novels and similarities between my Fuinjutsu and her secondary magic called Runes which I planned to look up later. An hour later the doors burst open revealing Natsu and Happy, "We're back!" he strode into the guild and looked around spotting me he ran over and sat down. "Naruto you're back." He was practically bouncing off the roof. "When do we start?"

It was almost 5p.m. a bit late to start training and I was a bit tired anyway. "Tomorrow Natsu meet me in front of the guild at 6 in the morning, don't be late. Happy you can come too if you want. I can come up with some things to do or you could just watch."

Levy was clearly not following what we were saying so I said, "I offered Natsu to be my student."

Levy blinked and congratulated Natsu when I felt mystogen appear 40 ft in front of the guild in a shunshin and a wave of sleep magic washed over everyone. I heard Natsu say, "Not again," before collapsing onto the table along with Happy and Levy.

I dispelled the illusion and walked over to master who looked extremely exhausted from fighting off the spell. I put my hand on his shoulder and shot a tiny bit of chakra into him dispelling the illusion, he lifted his head and stared at me, "that's how you do it, you compress your magic and then release it in a burst."

I said "Tell Natsu I went with Mystogen and I expect him tomorrow at 6.

He nodded as Mystogen walked into building and nodded toward me and master. I got the message and went over to the Levy and put A Tale of a Gutsy Ninja and the two prequels in front of her. The prequels, I wrote based on Nagato and Jiriaya himself along and I left a note in front of her face saying they were from me and I wrote 2 and my godfather wrote the other. Also, that I wanted her opinion before publishing them. I walked toward mystogen who turned around to leave and master said, "turn off the spell."

My apprentice nodded. "5… 4… 3… 2… 1…" I heard a few people groan and complain off in the distance.

"my apartment." He nodded and we both shunshined into my living room. "Go ahead and sit, make yourself at home." He nodded thanking me before taking a seat. I walked over to my kitchen and poured two cups of lemonade iced tea. I put one in front of him on the little coffee table I had bought and sat across from him, "do you want anything to eat?"

He shook his head and pulled off his hood allowing me to see his face, he was quite young looking with bright blue hair and a tattoo over his right eyes. "I am Jellal of the world called Edolas."

I waved my hand for him to continue, "to get straight to the point I am in a self imposed exile to stop my father who is king of Edolas from stealing this worlds magic for his own personal greed through an anti-magic called anima. In Edolas we used to use magic the same as here except for we don't have any magic in our bodies and the world itself only has a limited supply of it. In recent times we have been in an energy crisis and my father as king banned magic so they could horde and ration it in the capital city."

"My father learned of this parallel world and devised a way to suck the magic into our dimension and turn it into a lacrima. This means it sucks up this world's magic and can even suck in mages and turn them into a lacrima which I deeply opposed to. He ignored me and went power crazy, using anima to steal this world's magic. I learned a way to close the anima and came here to do this since I was about 12."

He looked sad about his father but looked up at me with a very serious face, "I thank you for teaching me, not just because it will make me strong. But, it will help me save both of our worlds… well my world and this world."

I shrugged, "you might as well say this is my world now, I can't return anyway and I have found a home here in Fairy Tail. I will help you in any way I can, I know what it's like to have a whole world's fate on your shoulders and how important it is to have comrades. The man I told you about that was a great illusionist once told me these wise words, 'though you may have grown strong, do not forget what is important. Do not try and take on everything by yourself or you will fail. Your comrades and friends will always be there to help when you need it.'"

He looked at me and nodded, "thank you for the advice, sensei." We were both quiet for a moment before he spoke again, "do you mind telling me of your world?"

I looked at him for a moment before pulling out a scroll and pulling out another set of books and tossed them to him, "this is what my world was like, the first two were based on two people's actual lives and the third was me. But, it played out differently with a similar ending because the book was written before I was born by my Godfather who is the main character in the first prequel. In fact I was named after that book by my parents. Perhaps after you read the books I will tell you what really happened in the third book."

He stared at the books for a moment before nodding, "would you tell me about Genjutsu?"

I woke up the next and turned and looked over at the read which read 6:55. "Shit," I swore as I quickly got up and rushed around getting ready for the day. I had fallen asleep around 3 in the morning having talked and lectured Mystogen in detail about genjutsu, subtle genjutsu's that were meant to be small and unnoticed, what I called power genjutsu that were very powerful but usually easier to detect, and area genjutsu's that changes everyone's perception of the environment around them. Different ways of setting the illusion; sight, smell, sound, the brain directly, the nervous system, the rare illusions of touch or taste, and how the combination of these senses in an illusion made them more realistic and therefore more powerful, whether it be a small technique or large. The quality of the illusion was the most important part. They would start the steps of actually doing and creating illusions in the next lesson.

I shunshined in front of the guild where a dead tired looking Natsu was sitting with Happy asleep on his head. "You're late!"

The yell pieced my heart because it meant I was as bad as Kakashi… I had the strange urge to cry in a corner with a raining thunder cloud above my head. Then I thought, "oh well might as well go all out." Then I said, "sorry, a black cat crossed my path and I had to take the long way around."

He deadpanned at me, "what kind of stupid ass lie is that!?"

Happy would was now awake agreed, "Aye, sir!"

I shrugged, "whatever, but I'm here now so lets get started." I grabbed the dragon slayer's shoulder and the Exceed's tail and shunshinned to a clearing a nearby clearing where you could see the ocean and a small piece of beach. Natsu was immediately on the ground with his face green and bulging comically as he tried to keep down his last nights dinner. "it feels slightly nauseating the first time but you shouldn't puking your guts out Natsu."

It was Happy who responded, "Natsu gets motion sickness, even on trains." I raised an eyebrow, trains were really smooth rides. I put my hand on his head and used another basic medical jutsu for stopping pain or nausea.

Natsu sat up, the urge to puke gone and saw my hand glowing green. "Oh my God, teach me that… PLEASE, PLEASE. PLEASE."

I chuckled, "umm… I can't you aren't compatible for my magic, in fact only one person in the guild is, but mystogen doesn't have motion sickness." At his disappointed silence I decided to start the training, "alright lets get started with a quick run, 40 laps around the clearing, this equals roughly 5 miles." Before he could groan I spoke, "I will make it longer if you complain, and I will be doing it with you. I promise that in a month you will stronger than ever before, in a year you wont even recognize, and in two years you will be S-Class material."

His mouth was open and… he was drooling fire imagining his emanate awesomeness. "Hai, Naruto-Sensei."

We worked out over the next 6 hours and I was impressed with his determination and the fact that he wasn't giving up. We ran a total of 14 miles, did 800 push ups, sit ups, squats, leg lifts, and other activities. I stretched him, literally. He needed to be more flexible.

His current fighting style was that of a brawler, that knows how to punch and kick correctly, while also throwing in his magic where ever he could. This needed to change so I choose him a fighting style ironically called "soaring dragon," it was a fighting style based on gaining more and more momentum, getting faster and stronger with each strike, as you attacked and using your opponents energy against them to counter and turn the tide while on the defensive. I had no idea why the person who made it named it soaring dragon, as dragons just plowed their way through with pure power to begin with.

He understood the basic idea behind it after a few hours of practice, which meant we had been training for 8 hours today. We ate and then we moved onto mental capabilities where he failed miserably. I encouraged him and never put him down. We played puzzle games and knowledge games, and strategy games to stimulate his mind a bit. I hoped he would eventually think a bit more when he was fighting rather than the head on charges he used now.

He questioned why we were doing this and I replied that some missions were more intelligence oriented and some battle situations required thought, risk being hurt or worse a friend being hurt. I gave an example by asking what he would do if someone told him to kill the client while holding Happy hostage, he had no reply. After that he put more effort into improving his mind, so he could come up with a solution. Afterward I made large rounded hole and used a water jutsu to fill it, while Natsu heated it. We sat in there for a while, letting ourselves unwind and loosen up after a hard day of training.

This is how the next two and a half weeks went as Natsu slowly got stronger and more intelligent… kinda. We were having spars everyday now so he could get better at the fighting style and add his own magic that he added in. Natsu was now an A-class Mage, by my standards not this worlds, although S-class was a ways off.

The guild was once again very loud with fights and other activities going on even with Erza having returned yesterday. Although she wasn't saying anything, I could tell she had a sort of fond yet annoyed outlook on the current brawl/party and I walked up to the beautiful girl and leaned against the wooden wall next to her, "Hey Erza, how was your mission."

She gained a tick mark, "it sucked, the bandits were really weak but, it took me forever to find them because tracking isn't my strong point. That was one of the most boring missions I've ever been on and the pay wasn't that great. I think I'll take an S-Class soon. How about you, do anything fun?"

I shook my head, "Nah master took me to the guild master meeting which was a little boring for me."

She nodded in understanding, "Master did the same thing when I became S-class."

"then I ran over to Cait shelter for an errand for Master. I suppose the only interesting was getting back and starting to train Natsu."

She looked surprised, "You're training Natsu."

I nodded, "I am. Natsu is thick-headed, and sometimes down right stupid, but I'm sure you've noticed as well…"

She cut me off, "He has the potential to surpass me, he doesn't give up and adapts to stronger opponents. I've known him longer, I noticed."

"I never said you didn't, he is already improving physically and slightly mentally. I'm still trying to beat logic into his head so he has it when he needs it."

She chuckled, "Natsu is like you said, thick-headed. I remember when I was teaching him how to read, I had to threaten him to get him to pay attention."

I snorted at the idea but considered using it, "So do you have anything planned?"

"For what?"

I looked at her stupidly, "your birthday obviously, Master told me it was in two days."

"Master told you the truth, but I don't normally celebrate on my birthday. I usually just take a challenging mission and buy myself a new armor or sword with the money."

I stared at her ludicrously, "well you aren't going anywhere this year, I am going to throw you a party. How's that sound?"

She looked uncomfortable, "I'm not much of a party person." She said as she gestured to ongoing party going on in the guild.

"Alright then just a small get together, you, me, master, mira, her brother and few more people. We'll even make a large strawberry shortcake for it."

She rose an eyebrow, "we?"

"Sure, we haven't had a cooking lesson in a while and I haven't taught you how to make cake and since your birthday it's the perfect time. In fact why don't I cook you a feast to make up for all of your missed birthday parties, you can join me if you'd like." I thought my voice was a little weaker at the end but she didn't seem to notice.

She smiled warmly at me, "that sounds nice, I'd like that."

I cheered inside my head, getting to spend some time alone with a girl I liked was always a positive. "who did you want to invite?"

"Just the people you said and Natsu and Grey will be enough."

"Alright then I'll invite them and you come to my apartment at noon tomorrow so we can get started on the cooking. Where do you want to have the mini party, my place, yours, or somewhere else?"

"I like Magnolia's little beach, and it's not normally very busy."

"the beach it is then," I smiled at her and said, "see you later then," and went off and invited the chosen people, making sure Elfman and Natsu didn't yell about like they normally would have. Mira seemed delighted that her friend and formal rival was doing something social and agreed to come.

Master agreed and looked at me with a grin, "so throwing Erza a party, huh. I wonder why you would do that for a girl you've only known more a few months?" I blushed and his grin just got wider and I saw Mira's eyes widen a bit. Mira remained quiet but master was laughing, probably at the blush I felt heating my face.

Mira swatted Master on the head, "don't tease him, he's just being nice."

I silently thanked her as Makarov shut up a little, before I went to go to invite Grey who was starting to strip when I caught and stopped him. He agreed in his usual aloof way although he seemed wary about being near the girl who regularly stopped his and Natsu's fights by beating the crap out of them. Everyone having been invited who was supposed to be, I left the guild planning on buy Erza a present.

I thought about what to get her for a while until I knew what I would be getting her… or more like making her. I turned down to the decent sized shopping district in Magnolia and found a shop that sold swords and armor, in other words it was a blacksmith.

I walked into the shop and walked through the aisle fairly impressed with the quality of the items, being a forger of weapons and other metal things myself. I could see the amount of hours put into these and appreciated them. Deciding I had looked through enough, I walked up to the counter where a man around 50 years old with graying hair and mustache sat eyeing my sword with a critical eye.

"Welcome to my shop. That katana you have is very nice, I would like to buy it off you if the price is right."

I shook my head, "it was my mothers, I'm not willing to part with it unless I'm passing it one to my own child when I have one or give it to someone I want to have and use it."

He nodded in understanding, "well then how may I help you?"

"I would like to use your forge as well as materials. I will pay for it all of course."

He looked at me oddly, "I get custom orders all the time but I do believe this is the first time I have someone who wants to make there own stuff. I assume you know how to use everything and I won't get sued because you hurt yourself?"

I snorted and said sarcastically, "no, I have no idea how to use a forge."

He put his hands up defensively, "hey man you never know, there are some stupid people out there."

"Fair point, does 50000 jewels an hour sound plus material cost sound good?"

He nodded excited, perhaps I said a little bit of a high number, "yeah use it all you want, but I would like you to show me you're creation at the end. I need some inspiration."

"sure thing," I replied

The man led me the back to where a well kept forge was and said pointing at the storage area, "the materials are over there. Also clean any mess you make or the price goes to 60000 jewels an hour. Don't forget to take your time."

I chuckled at the man's humor as he went back out to the store portion of the building. Alright to make a very nice armor would take a good amount of hours so I got started with the sword while thinking how I wanted to go about creating the armor.

An hour later the swords, I ended up making two, were finished and I couldn't be happier with my work, both steel infused with chakra which gave it a black color with blue sporadically placed throughout it in a neat looking design. The purpose of infusing my chakra was that it functioned to strengthen the blades and keep them sharper for longer periods of time. The hilt of one was a vibrant red hilt with a yellow engraving of Erza and the other was bright yellow with a red engraving of Scarlet. Neither sword had a guard which added weight and to me were somewhat cumbersome.

I engraved a cleaning seal, weight seal, regeneration seal, and an absorption seal, cutting the seals into the blade with wind manipulation. The cleaning seal was self explanatory and the weight seal made it weigh half its actual weight which was 12 lbs. The regeneration seal was a more advanced version of the seal that was on Kubikiri, that Zabuza had once owned, which I had studied. It regenerated without the need of blood, quicker as well. The absorption seal was something I had developed by myself over the past few weeks while training Natsu and making the seal to destroy Nirvana, it would absorb the energy of any type of magical attack, whether it be fire magic, ice magic, lightning magic, and etc. and then could be used as a counter attack or simply stored for later. I got the idea after watching Natsu eat fire and then using it to power up his attacks. Having looked over the sword for any problems I put them down to the side and prepared to build the armor.

I planned it to be a comfortable armor that would be light due to multiple weight seals I planned to engrave in it, to make the metal plating in layers so it fold in on itself slightly so movement wasn't hindered, and all the same seals as the swords except rather than an absorption seal their would be a powerful barrier seal that would at least mostly cushion if not fully dissipate powerful magical attacks like… well rasenshuriken or anything stronger.

I decided on a stronger metal than the sword, ebony, that I would infuse with chakra to make it more protective and also, with the colors of black with faint blue traces, it matched the swords as a set. I created a clone and set it the task of going to make a black version of her usually blue skirt to go with the armor set. The inside of the armor there was silk covered leather to make the armor soft, cool, and comfortable. It weighed a total of 5 lbs with the 3 weight seals on it.

I made a pair of ebony/chakra plated boots and a set of forearm guards that would reach just below her knees/elbow. The boots had a cushion seal that I had on my own sandals that cushioned falls and made walking long distances much easier on my feet. (Dr. Scholls ftw.) I suddenly thought of the kunai shaped earrings she wore and smirked thinking of another good idea…

Having finished I looked up at the clocked and my mouth fell open, I had been working here for 13 hours, I had came in at 11 a.m. and it was now 12 at night. I didn't realize I had taken that long, and suddenly realized I was kind of tired. I called out to the store owner who groggily came walking in, , "I was asleep you terd."

"I'm just following your instructions, call you when finished."

He deadpanned at me, "I didn't mean during the middle of the night but whatever let me take a look." I looked over the swords and each armor piece, studying them for any imperfections before speaking, "you did a hell of a job making this, although I don't know what the blue in the metal or what those markings are. I assume they are magical enhancements of some sort?" I nodded and he stared at the chest piece and smirked, "you must really care for this girl, to spend so much time and to do such a quality job on this set. Not to mention how much all of the Ebony is going to cost."

I blushed slightly at his connection but nodded anyway, "I have to admit I do care about her, she is the most wonderful, kind yet somewhat strict, strong, beautiful woman I have ever met. The better I've gotten to know her the more I fall."

He smiled fondly in remembrance of his youth, "to be young and in love, those were the days." He paused staring at me, "Well go get her kid. I hope it all works out, after all this all will cost you 2,340,000 jewels for all of the materials and use of the forge."

I choked on nothing not expecting that much, coughing slightly I pulled out my wallet and unsealed 2.5 million jewels and handed it to him. "keep the change."

It was his turn to drop his jaw to the ground, "how rich are you?"

"fairly rich, after all I'm an S-class mage of Fairy Tail." his jaw made an imprint in the ground as it pushed into the ground. Suddenly something hit my mind, "how stupid of me, the armor still needs one final touch," I held my finger out and flared my chakra out of it causing it glow blue. Then I placed my finger onto the right breastplate and burned, in a dark blue, the Fairy that was our guild mark onto the armor.

The blacksmith nodded his approval and said, "Now get out, I want to go back to sleep."

I smiled at the annoyed tone in his voice, "hai, hai, I'm going. I put my hand over each of the seals I put on the pieces and activated them before sealing each piece into a large scroll I had brought. Finally done I headed home for a good night's sleep.

The next afternoon I woke up to the sound of a door bell ringing. I groggily got up and started toward the door, still a mess and dressed in my underwear when I suddenly realized the time and consequently who would be at the door right now before running straight into my bathroom to clean up. I quickly made a clone and sent it to get cooking supplies, it would be back in five minutes and that would be my excuse. That I was out to buy stuff we needed to make the food.

A few minutes later, I heard the front door being unlocked and the sound of myself talking. The clone came into my room and it nodded at me before dispelling. I walked back out to the living room where Erza was sitting on my couch, "alright, let's get started." We walked into the kitchen and started getting out different ingredients, pots, and pans. We talked and I explained to her different things about cooking as we made a large assortment of food ranging from ramen to sushi to potato salad to a large ham, all of which I sealed to get fresh and even warm before we started on Erza's favorite strawberry cake.

As we made the batter, me cracking eggs and her stirring the mix she asked, "where did you learn how to cook all of this?"

I looked her for a few moment, "reading."

She deadpanned at me, "there's no way you could have learned all of this by reading, I would know. I've tried to learn through those cookbooks and I always burnt stuff. Spill it how did you learn all this, your mom teach you?"

I shook my head. "My mother and father both died the day I was born protecting me and my former home."

She looked a little guilty at that knowing a similar pain as an orphan, "erm, sorry. I didn't mean to…"

"It's fine, I have come to terms with their deaths and knowing that they loved me is all that I need."

She seemed slightly appeased at that, "you're lucky, sort of. I don't even know who my parents are."

I put a hand on her shoulder, "what's important is you found a family in Fairy Tail. Everyone in the guild will always be behind you, myself included." She smiled before noticing my own devious smile and the fact that she now had egg goop on her shirt. I let out an exaggerated, "Oops, it was an accident."

She looked at me with an unreadable expression before a smile crept onto her beautiful face as she stuck her hand into a bag of flower and flicked some of the white powder all over my shirt, "My bad, I thought the shirt could do with a little white."

I looked at my chest seeing all the powder and said cheerfully, "you won't win this you know."

She suddenly flicked more directly into face and I recoiled as she said, "won't i."

I grabbed an egg and held it over her head ready to crush it. She put a hand on her hip, "you wouldn't mess with my ha…" she was cut off feeling a gooey liquid through her hair and onto her face. She squeaked and her mouth opened which she immediately regretted as I tossed a bit of the cake mix at her face. She spit out the uncooked mix and said, "It. Is. On." Before grabbing the whole bag of flower and chucking in at my head.

I side stepped the bag and jumped out the window cackling. I heard her following me jumping across the rooftops yelling that she would get me. If any of the guild members had seen the great Erza, S-Class mage, running around rooftops covered in goop and still smiling and laughing, they would have thought they hit their head a little too hard during their last party brawl.

She had chased me around for… I would say 20 minutes before I lost her and I decided to hide in my apartment, she would never expect it. I got back and jumped in through the window when I was suddenly tackled to the ground and felt a pleasant weight on my stomach. I looked up to see Erza smiling victoriously at me, "I got you."

I mocked looking in fear, "what are you going to do?"

She hummed, "well your hair is short and easy to clean so egging is out. Maybe I sho…"

I choose this moment to turn the tables and flip her on to her back and straddle her stomach. I smirked at her shocked face, "you should underestimate my speed, Erza-Chan." My smile grew as she blushed at our position. Our eyes connected for a moment before we were both caught staring into each others eyes. My head started to lower on its own and before I knew it I felt our lips brush against each other. Not hearing or feeling a protest I brought my lips back down onto her's and started to caress her lips with my own. Suddenly, the pleasure increased as she started kissing me back, both of us were sloppy as far as I could tell, but it didn't make the feeling any less enjoyable. I brought up a hand to cheek and ran my hand over her skin gently as we kissed.

After what seemed a lifetime we separated, both panting slightly from the lack of oxygen. I felt my heart beating fast not knowing what to say when suddenly she pushed me up as she stood up. She stared at me happily for a moment before something changed in her eyes before she looked away, "sorry, but I have to go." And before I could say or do anything she was gone.

I sat there in shock for a few minutes before my brain started to function again and I said to myself, "What just happened." I started to pace back and forth unable to stay still, "what did I do? Was it something I said, no I didn't say anything," I slumped onto the couch and rubbed my head, "Ahh, I don't understand women. That kiss… was amazing, better than I could have ever dreamed. What the hell should I do, should I follow her or let her alone to think?" I grasped my head, "I'm so confused." I sat there rather depressed for, well I'm not sure how long before I fell into a uncomfortable sleep.

The next morning I woke up hearing people and birds making noise outside through the open window which I promptly slammed shut before laying back down and closing my eyes. 5 minutes later realizing this was going nowhere I just got up to make myself some cereal, not really up for cooking or cleaning up the mess that was made yesterday. Yesterday… I ended those thoughts before they began and walked outside intending on going on a nice long walk before heading over to the beach to the party which I still had to go to despite the awkwardness that would ensue. I had been the one to set it up and had the food too so I couldn't just bail, as much as I liked the idea.

On my walk I decided to just avoid her during the party as much as I could, as dumb as I knew that sounded it was the only way I could think of getting myself to go. I went home and got everything I needed to bring before shunshinning over to the beach we had agreed on to see that everyone was already there, including Erza who avoided my gaze and stared at me when she thought I wasn't looking. I was having trouble not looking at bikini clad form though.

I decided to hang out with Natsu and Grey in the water, body surfing the decent sized waves of the high tide and walking on the water much to everyone's shock. An hour later we all got out because it was time to eat, I got many praises for the food along with Erza. After eating Master pulled me aside, noting the look on his, he seemed concerned, "what's wrong with you and Erza today? The two of you have been looking at each other while the other isn't for the whole day."

I bit my lip, "I… don't really want to talk about."

"Okay, bye."

My jaw dropped as master turned to leave without even trying to help me, "Matte, Matte."

I looked back at me, "yes Naruto-kun."

I hung my head, "fine I'll tell you." I told him everything that had happened the day up until her being happy after our kiss and then suddenly being sad and leaving.

The whole time he listened until I was finished, "Maybe, you're not a good kisser… or had bad breathe."

"Masterrrrrrr… this is serious."

"fine, fine that wasn't it. I honestly think you should go talk to her alone after the party." He looked at me, "I mean today, or you will never do it." he seemed sad for a moment, "then you might lose her forever."

I looked at his change in mood, "did this happen to you?"

"yes and no, it was a different situation but I decided to do nothing, a decision I will regret forever. I might tell you about it later, but now it's time for the birthday gifts.

The group got together and we all sat on the sand in a circle, "alright everyone it's gift time, I'll go first." Master said handing her a box. Erza thanked him before opening it to see a necklace that held a magic that allowed her to transform into a few different animals.

I was pretty sure that was just something he had laying around but whatever. Mira and Elfman got her a card and an ornate dagger which was more for decoration than use. Natsu and Grey both were highly uncreative and both got her a free dinner at her favorite café in magnolia, which was funny because they began to argue about who stole who's idea before Erza whacked them both on the head causing them to apologize before shutting up.

Which left me as the last to give my gift, I took the scroll off my back and handed it to her much to everyone but Erza's confusion, who knew what to do with its, confusion. Natsu and Grey were the ones who voiced this, "Umm, why did you give her a scroll… hey stop copying me, grrrr." They butted heads before master's titan sized hand squished them. As they sat up Erza unrolled the scroll showing the advanced markings and symbols of a seal. Everyone, especially master who had never seen this magic watched closely as she put her hands over the seal and pushed some of her magic into it. the poof that followed blocked everyone's vision of what had came out until the outline of the armor could be seen. Everyone waited for the smoke to clear to get a good look at the object. When the smoke finally dissipated everyone turned Erza who gave an uncharacteristic squeal, "they're so beautiful," she ran her hands over the main chest piece studying it. Before doing the same with the boots and arm guards. "And it was made really well, where did you buy them?"

"I made them, and the swords."

She seemed even more excited, "Swords?"

I nodded, "there are two swords in the next seal of the scroll."

She immediately had the scroll in her hands and unraveled it further and pumped in her magic. The smoke cleared leaving the two Katana laid out on the sound. She stood up and held her hands out, "let me try it on." She muttered a spell for new items as she glowed and her outline changed with the new armor the light died down leaving her standing there with her new armor and holding the two katana out with the red handled one in her right hand and the yellow in her left.

The armor was beautiful on her and looked like it was a near perfect fit. The dark black and bits of blue made a contrast to her fiery red hair. It wasn't a particularly revealing armor like some of her other outfits, but it hugged her curves, showing them off in a manner that Jiraiya would approve while still provided protection from physical attacks and allowed for great flexibility some heavy metal armors prevented. "Wow! It's so light." She turned and twisted her body, "and has a great range of motion, it's almost like wearing normal clothes. Thanks Naruto." She requiped back into the bikini she had been wearing before, and then hugged me. I wrapped my arms around her, unable to help myself from enjoying the feeling of her large, soft and yet firm womanly assets that were pressed against my bare chest and still confused as hell that she would hug me after rejecting me yesterday. then she whispered, "we'll talk about yesterday after everyone's gone."

She released me and we all went to go have cake… which I had ended up buying at a store along with ice cream and cookies. After desert it was getting dark out and people started heading back to their homes and eventually Master, Erza, and I were the only ones left. Master realizing it was just us, gave me a discreet thumbs up before leaving us alone.

We cleaned up the leftover party trash, putting it into seals I would later take do the dump. When we finished we sat there rather awkwardly until Erza spoke, "I'm sorry that I left so suddenly yesterday, I was surprised and confused slightly."

I could understand surprised, hell I felt it myself, "Confused?"

She nodded, "I thought you and Cana had a thing."

I shook my head, "no, we don't. I really do like you Erza. That kiss wasn't just a spur of the moment type of thing, it was how I feel about you."

She seemed slightly surprised but had a blush on her face and said, "why would you like someone like me? I'm so awkward and anti-social."

I looked into her eyes, "I like you because of you're intelligent, beautiful, kind, and most loyal person I have ever met. I like you're beautiful scarlet hair, how you act like a big sister to Natsu and Grey, your strength of will and to protect. I like you for who you are Erza, and I hope that I can say I love you someday."

I felt my heart rate rose to a level it hadn't before and I felt a little sweaty as she blushed and looked away from me, "I like you too, Naruto." My stomach did a flip in joy along with my heart which felt like it was soaring through the sky. She grabbed my hand with hers, her eyes were sad and her mouth opened again, "But, I don't think I'm ready to be in a relationship just yet. There is still something I need to do alone before I move forward with my life."

My stomach stopped it's jumping for joy as I suddenly felt like puking, "It's has to do with your past, doesn't it? something that you need closure on."

She nodded and I said, "I understand, I used to have a few of those myself before starting with a clean slate here in Fairy Tail. Besides, you're worth waiting for."

That got the cute blush I desired. I was surprised when she leaned over and brought her lips on mine for a second, "That was for being so understanding. You're the most wonderful man I have ever met in my life, when I'm ready and if you're still waiting, we can do that again."

I smiled, "I definitely will be waiting."

We stared at each other for a moment still holding hands, "so how are we going to act around everyone else."

She shrugged, "the same."

I looked at her for a moment before asking, "I know you said you aren't ready, but would you be my girlfriend for the next hour and watch the sunset with me."

I pointed at the lowering sun as she turned to see it, "sure."

I sat in the sand patting the ground next to me, but she walked up and sat in between my legs and leaned back onto my chest and I instinctively wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her closer, resting my head on top of hers. We said in unison "this is nice." We looked at each other and she smile serenely at me. We sat there in a comfortable silence as we watched the rippling waves run across the water and the falling sun shine, its dying light glimmering onto the clear, cool water. Eventually the sun and its rays of warmth left us as the coolness of the stars replaced them in the night sky. I was reluctant to get up but started to anyway, "Erza… Erza?" she was still leaning on me so I turned her slightly to see she had fallen asleep still with a soft smile on her normally stern face. I felt myself smile at her beautiful, peaceful face and picked her up, cradling her with all the care I could to not awaken her. I Took her to her home and tucked her in under the covers before leaving, taking one last look at her sleeping face.