What will be will be


Ava Brett


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Author Note

So the original chapter has been split into three different chapters… I hadn't planned it originally but is the way it worked. This chapter and the next was Dean reminiscing how he ended up where he was in the prologue, after that we shall be with Dean in normal time, so the flash back would have ended!

Anyway enjoy

Overall Summary

A/U – Dean has always been certain of his life and destiny. He was a Hunter, nothing more and nothing less, but when destiny intervenes, Dean finds himself forced into a new role in life. A father to two small abandoned children. In over his head, Dean has to find a way to balance his old life with his new life. Easy right? Well not if your name is Dean Winchester.

Chapter Summary

So this was the way he was going to go then not with a big bang but a mere whimper instead…

Overall Romance

Castiel / Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester / OFC

Chapter Romance

I think you can see that maybe our dear Castiel has a bit of a thing for Dean…

Chapter One

Near death experience

It was meant to have been a simple hunt for them.

A way for Sam and Dean to ease them selves back into the Hunting game again without having their injured asses handed back to them by something they weren't ready to face yet. One simple Demon, Bobby had told them, standing in front of them with his arms crossed over his chest, who couldn't quite accept in its twisted mind that the apocalypse was over and had instead decided that terrorising a small town in the middle of nowhere was the answer to working out its rage and frustration.

It was the kind of case which the two Winchester brothers could do with their eyes closed and one hand tied behind their backs. A case where it didn't matter that they were injured and exhausted from the last final battle of the apocalypse simply because there had been nothing in the case summary Bobby had given to them, which looked as though it would cause them the slightest bit of trouble.

It should have been easy.

They had set off from Bobby's house the minute Bobby had told them about the case, turning to face which other on the sofa and sharing a quick questioning look. Both of them coming to the same conclusion in their minds that the sooner they killed the Demon and freed the poor possessed bastard it had hitched a ride with, the sooner they could be back at Bobby's resting and healing up until they were ready to set off on the road again.

Dean had driven the two hours it took to get to the town while Sam slept beside him, singing along quietly with the radio so he didn't disturb his brother and ignoring how tired he felt. He literally felt as though he could sleep for a month easily, that and eat lots of pie of course. There was always room for pie in his mind regardless of how injured he might have been. If ganking one pissed off Demon which couldn't let go meant he could do both those things then he was definitely onboard for it.

He should have realised when the roads remained clear of everyone but themselves that things with this Hunt weren't going to go their way. They were the Winchester brothers after all and Lady Luck had never exactly been on their side in the past. It wouldn't have surprised Dean in the slightest if Lady Luck had in fact joined the long queue of Supernatural beings and human all waiting for a chance to take them both out, god knew there were enough of both who would give up a limb for the chance to be the one to say that they had killed them. Dean found him self vaguely proud of the fact, at least it showed that they were doing their job correctly.

Within a minute of stepping out of the impala and glancing around the quiet town Dean realised with a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach that they were in serious shit.

One Demon they could easily have dealt with. A whole possessed town all with the one goal of killing both Winchester brothers in a very slow, very messy manner wasn't going to be quite as easy for them to deal with, especially when the possessed town folk had clearly been informed by someone that they had been on their way and had been waiting for them to arrive with bated breath.

Dean blinked, staring out at the hoard of Demons in front of him before he turned his head and met Sam's wide, surprised eyes over the roof of the impala, meeting them only for a second before he was suddenly flying through the air, slamming into a brick wall with a grunt as the impact of the contact smashed the air from his lungs, the back of his head colliding with the wall with a sickening thud which made his vision blacken around the edges. He didn't even have time to slide down the wall before a thick meaty hand wrapped around his neck, pinning him helplessly against it as Dean tried desperate to regain his bearings and figure out what the hell had just happened.

He heard Sam call out his name, desperation and concern lacing his brother's voice but he couldn't quite figure out where the voice was coming from. He groggily twisted his head, ignoring the pain the action caused him and searched the heaving crowd. He couldn't see his brother any where, all there was as far as the eye could see were floods of Demons, all with the same hungry black eyes, all of which were focused on him as thought he was the main course in a banquet. The Demon holding him was saying something to him but Dean couldn't make out the words over the roaring in his own ears.

The hand around his neck slowly began to squeeze cutting off his air supply. Dean could hear his own stuttered attempted to breathe fill his hearing as his head smacked back helplessly against the wall, one hand coming up to try and pry the Demon's hand away from his throat. His eyes focused on the blue sky above him as he continued to fight with every ounce of strength he still possessed.

If he had been able to spare the air, Dean might have laughed at how ironic his situation was. After everything he had lived through, after all the millions of life he had fought for and managed to save from a fate worse then death, this was how he was going to go out. Not with the big bang he would have desired if he had been given the choice but with a mere whisper.

The great Dean Winchester strangled by a lowly nameless demon in the middle of a small God forsaken town which most Americans probably had never even heard of before.

It would have been almost amusing if it wasn't so tragic.

He just hoped that there was a place for someone like him in heaven; he didn't want to go back into Hell again. The mere thought of experiencing that level of torture again gave Dean his second wind and his struggles resumed, more desperate and violent then before as he clawed at the hand holding him.

*Dean hold on*

Dean tried to obey the voice he recognised speaking in his mind. He would have known Castiel's voice anywhere; god knew he heard it enough on a daily basis. Dean had often wondered how the Angel managed to do that and whether he just did it with him or he used the same method of communication with Sam as well, but he eventually dismissed the thought as yet another thing he didn't understand about the Angel Species.

Dean struggled, trying to hold on like Castiel had told him to but it was a losing battle. He was only human, a weakened human at that and he needed oxygen, Oxygen which his body was currently being starved of. His vision flickered, blackening around the edges. He felt as though his lungs were going to explode as his thoughts took on a slow, dreamy quality which he rarely experienced when he was awake and functioning at full capacity.

He wished that he could have known that Sam was safe and that the Demons hadn't managed to get him but he was aware that it was a wish which wasn't going to be answered. He managed to tilt his head down, glancing around the battle field but he still couldn't see him nor could he hear him calling for him. Did that mean Sam was already dead or injured? He hoped Castiel would get there in time to help Sam and to get him out of there. His brother was bound to blame him self for what happened to him, the same way he always did when Dean was injured by something. Hw wondered whether Castiel would be able to tell that he forgave him for being too late to save him?

Dying wasn't all bad he decided, vaguely aware that his hand dropped away from the Demon's, hanging limply at his side.

At least he would be with Castiel in heaven


The voice was loud and furious in his mind, demanding his attention. Dean gasped as the hand at his throat was ripped violently away from him, the fingernails ripping at the sensitive skin of his neck as Dean slumped down to the floor, landing awkwardly on his arm. Pain shot up his limb as he frantically breathed deeply, forcing air back into his starving lungs.

God who knew what air could taste so good.

"Dean! Dean are you okay? Speak to me, look at me. Damn it Dean open your eyes"

Dean forced his eyes open, tilting his head on the ground so he could see Sam bending over him. His brother was on his knees by him, his large arm gripping Dean's uninjured arm tightly as he gently pulled Dean up off the floor and onto his feet. Dean staggered as the ground tilted violently beneath him.

"Steady Dean, take it easy" Sam cautioned, concern in his voice and eyes. Dean blinked as his brother wrapped his arm around Dean's waist, steadying him until Dean got his balance back. He looked back at his brother, scanning his features to make sure he was okay. Other then a bleeding cut on his forehead Sam appeared to be unhurt.

"Sammy" Dean grunted as he pushed Sam gently away from him, wincing at the pain speaking the single word caused him. His voice had been a mere thread of sound.

Sam opened his mouth to speak, closing it when he was pushed roughly out of the way to be replaced by Castiel, a worried look in the blue eyes which locked on Dean's. Dean blinked when the Angel reached out silently and placed his hand lightly on Dean's bruised throat, the touch gentle producing a cooling sensation which sank into his skin. Dean slumped back against the wall with a silent gasp at the sheer relief the simple touch brought him.


Dean kept his eyes focused on the Angel's as he allowed a small half smile to curve his mouth before he turned away to look at Sam, surprised when he realised that his brother was still holding onto his arm.

"What about the Demons?" he demanded thankful when his voice came out sounding normal again. "Did you waste them all?" Sam's eyes flickered the Castiel, dropping to the hand still touching Dean's throat before he swallowed, shrugging his shoulders as he spoke.

"Cas dealt with them" he remarked. Dean raised an eyebrow at the tone Sam used but before he could question his brother Castiel spoke.

"Not all of them" he stated, taking his hand away from Dean's neck, his eyes still focused on his. "There are more Demons in this town, they will be gathering as we speak, ready to launch a second attack."

"You good to go Dean?" Sam demanded, finally letting go of Dean's arm. Dean rolled his eyes when Sam stayed closed to his side, his arm hovering as though he was waiting to catch Dean if he fell. Dean forced him self to straighten, flashing his brother a cocky grin.

"I am now"

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