Desolate Blue

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: AU. Only certain pairings still exist.

Summary: Young and fresh college graduate Kurt Hummel decides to head out onto the open waters of the world for a culture experience that he'll never forget.

Pairings: Kurt/Puck

Desolate Blue

Kurt lets out a small sigh of content as he watches the day end, the dimming light of the sun reflecting off if the water and basking everything with a dim glow. It had been a full day of interacting with people and Kurt was happy, but he wanted to so more. Sam had introduced him to the crowd of people that he normally hangs out with and everything had gone quite smooth much to his delight. He tried I keep the conversation going about them, but they were so desperate to know about the world that he felt obliged to tell them.

Although he had received a ton of glances, he was able to move through their village with relative ease. It was fascinating to see how casual and normal that everything had become. It was evolution at its finest. This stage of human existence is something that could and should be known back on the main land.

He smiles as he looks away from the sunset and listens to the sound of gravel crunching under the new arrival. He smiles at Puck and looks away as Puck takes his seat. Another thing about the island was how patient the people had become over time. Since nothing really happened, most had taken to keeping mum unless there was a passing acknowledgment or they talked for the sake of talking.

"You snuck away this morning." Puck comments under his breath as he lets out a heavy sigh and shifts against the small patch of grass that they sit on. "Sorry if this morning made you uncomfortable by the way. I didn't expect for us to have to bunk together."

"It's fine." Kurt smiles softly. "I can't sleep in Beth's bed forever, after all."

"Yeah. Beth is-" Puck cuts himself off and looks to Kurt with slightly shocked eyes. "How do you know about Beth? I haven't . . . I haven't even told you about her."

Kurt chuckles as he remembers his first morning on the island. "I don't think she listens to you as much as you think." Kurt looks to the boy with an amused grin. "She was waiting to meet me the first morning I woke up. She's a clever one."

"Yeah." Puck mutters as his smile returns, not upset at then unmentioned encounter. "She is."

Kurt returns his gaze to the almost completed sunset and slow-paced village down below. The efficient group of people had managed yet again to pull off a successful day with plenty of time to share. Some of his faith in humanity is restored as he sees this, happy that this kind of cooperation exists somewhere.

"So where'd you run off to this morning?" Puck's voice makes him seem disinterested, but a quick look to the boy confirms that he really cares.

"I saw Sam." Kurt answers half-heartedly. "I remember from that first night that he offered to show me around the place, so I figured why not. I helped him finish up with his work and then we went around. Met some people, but we mainly walked and talked. Nothing special. Why?"

"Just wondering." Puck responds with little interest. "So what do you think of hi-the village?" Puck changes his question at the last second."

"It's great." Kurt answers with a smirk. "The village isn't too bad either." He looks to Puck and chuckles. "Why do you care what I think of Sam?"

"Because . . . Well." Puck stops as his face becomes flushed and he struggles to find the right words. "You are . . . you're ga-"

"Yes, Puck." Kurt chuckles. "I am very and painfully obviously gay, but thank you for trying to not make it into an awkward situation or big deal." He grins at the suddenly bashful boy. "Yes, I'll admit that Sam is very handsome. Is that what you're really asking about?"

Puck averts his eyes and finds himself blinded by the sun. "I just didn't want to assume, but yes. That was my question. And I really don't mean to pry, but-" He looks back to Kurt. "People here are lonely. I just don't want you to . . . I guess let Sam woo you because you're someone new. As far as I know, he's not really come out as gay. Now I know that you can't judge, but . . . please don't become a warm body. For all I know, Sam could have slept his way through this place and now he wants to complete the record."

"But I'm not a girl." Kurt frowns. "Listen, Puck. I'm not one that goes around throwing myself at random guys. I'm cautious and careful. I mean, do you really think that I'm going to find love here? This isn't a movie. It's not a fairy tale. This is real life and that means that I'm stuck here and forced to live with people that I don't know and people that expect to be paired up with me. If it ends up that I'm here for the rest of my life, then I won't settle. Any logical person can see that sex or mating is the farthest thing from my mind.

Kurt watches as Puck sets a hand on his shoulder, his body going rigid under the boys' hands. He looks away, both upset with himself for losing his temper slightly and the expectations of people. No matter what, people always end up thinking of sex. It's not that he blames Puck for bringing it up, but himself for thinking that it wouldn't come up eventually with someone. But seriously, in his first few days? People are moving to fast for his opinion. He'd rather take things slow, such as enjoying the sunset, over worrying about how he's going to get his rocks off. Even if someone wanted him for sex, it wouldn't happen for a long time. It's not that he's a prude, but he does have values and morals that he'd like to try and keep. Love then sex, or at least a long-term relationship.

And yeah Sam's cute, but he doesn't know that much about that boy. Sure people sleep together on less, but that's not how he works. Sam does have a good personality, but not the one he looks for. The boy is too gullible and talkative for someone like him. He'd rather have someone that's strong in any category, and be able to appreciate the peace that can pass between them. Just being together with someone should be enough; not just the physical or verbal interaction.

"Come on." Puck smiles as he stands up and looks down at Kurt. "Why don't we go down and hangout with everyone?"

Kurt bites his lip as he looks away from the last final moments from the sun for the day. "I don't know. I'm not really in the mood for people now. Not you of course." He adds with a soft smile to Puck. "I'm just feeling like it should be me and my thoughts now."

"Please." Puck pouts in his attempt to coerce the boy. "You can listen to my lovely voice?"

Kurt chuckles. "Wow. That is a hard bargain you drive. Any song I'd know?"

"Well-" Puck holds his hand out for Kurt. "It's a song that I wrote."

Kurt's eyebrows go up. "You write song? You don't seem the type."

Puck shrugs, no offended, and waves his hand at Kurt. "So what do you say?"

Kurt smiles softly before reaching for the boys hand. "Play me a song."

They had stopped by Puck's home on the way down and received a very old and beat-up guitar that was missing a string. When asked, Puck had told Kurt that he only plays it on rare occasions as to preserve its usefulness. If the guitar would break, Puck's oldest possession, then he'd never have another chance again to appreciate the sound of music and the memory that comes with it. It would just be quick firewood in that case.

Everyone was excited and quickly finished up their routines to join them at the fireplace in the middle of their homes; each wanting to listen to the soft tunes and to bask in it. Once sitting down, Puck had played a few simple notes to get a gentle rhythm going that match the slow movements of the drifting sea.

Beth had come over at one point and Puck had questioned her about lying to him and going to see Kurt, but Kurt watched as she charmed herself out of any trouble and returned to sitting by a bunch of girls on the far side. Kurt had chatted quickly with some of them, and had even been invited to sit with them or to stay the night, but he had politely declined and made sure that Puck agreed right then that he'd be staying with the boy for an undetermined amount of time. Although it was to get the girls off of his back now that they were making him slightly uncomfortable, he was happy that Puck had no problem making his new home a permanent one for Kurt.

Puck clears his throat and waits for the chatter to die down before he speaks to the half-shadowed faces from the fire. "So now that things have sort of calmed down after the arrival of our new friend,-" He glances to Kurt briefly with a soft smile before re-addressing everyone. "I thought that it'd be a good time to bring out the old guitar. That and we won't have to wait for the next birthday in a few months to jam out."

Everyone accepts Puck's words with ease, uncaring of an actual reason when they just wanted music so bad. It was amusing to Kurt at how much music was an eagerness to these people. Sure he listened to music constantly when he was at home, but that was an escape. He never thought that he would be desperate for music; although it is understandable that people want a fantasy land to escape to that music can help provide.

Puck plucks the strings on his guitar a few times before continuing on. "Now this song was one I wrote awhile back. I never thought it was that good, but Beth gave me a gentle push. Anyways, here's Lost and Found."

This island has become

An ocean and my boat's too small

The waves are crashing in

And I can't save this sinking ship

Kurt's eyebrows go up as he intertwined his fingers and lets them rest on his knee. He shifts slightly so he can watch Puck as the boy plays, the song obviously being very personal. As Kurt shuts his eyes, his last image of Puck looking out to the ocean, he starts listening to the lyrics and the surprisingly soothing voice.

I sent out signal flares

But no one out there seems to care

Now the voice inside my head

Is the only thing that I have left

Kurt muses over the words, wondering if there's more than just the meaning of them crashing. Is he upset about Beth's mother dying? But why does he feel alone when he has an entire community looking up to him? Maybe he's so isolated himself. Kurt opens his eyes as the strumming picks up.

This is the part where I'll admit

I'm getting what I deserve

Kurt's eyes widen slightly, finally seeing Puck's broken face through the small splashes of fire light. Nobody else seems to be able to see this new emotion, but Kurt sure can and he squirms.

And now I'm lost at sea

I'm drowning in what I won't be

I'm haunted by the sound

Puck is alone; completely alone. Sure he has people to talk to, a daughter as well, but none of them are something that he needs. He may have had Beth's mother at one point, but that was years ago. Now he's had years to wallow in his own pain and now he sings and interacts and tries to be happy in an attempt to be happy.

Twenty days at sea

My skin is blistered from the heat

I can beg and I can plead

But what I get is never what I need

It finally made sense now that Kurt can connect the dots. Kurt is someone new, someone with an unbiased opinion that he can unload bits of information bit by little bit to help relieve some of the pain. Although Kurt's sure the boy would never see him as a romantic interest or venture, he could certainly see Puck seeing him as a close friend, an ally, or a brother.

This is the part where I'll admit

I'm getting what I deserve

Kurt's thankful that the fire seems to be dying down, everyone too captivated by the music to re-stock the fire. In a way, Kurt's happy for that. For Puck, this is a very private moment and it needs to be kept that way. Yet again, he's being isolated. He's using the flames to provide happiness for others, but to shade himself in the process.

And now I'm lost at sea

I'm drowning in what I won't be

I'm haunted by the sound

It's this kind of pain that Kurt can relate too. While Puck is isolated by his own choice from the people that depend on him, Kurt isolates himself from people that want to use him, or want to get close to him. They both choose to shy away, to help people in the most simplistic way before moving on, but shying away nonetheless. Both are strong, but in different ways. Kurt has his intellect and strong hold over his emotions, while Puck has his own hold over his own emotions in addition to his physical attributes.

And now I'm lost at sea

I'm drowning in what I won't be

I'm haunted by the sound

Kurt gulps as he realizes that the song is over, the last guitar notes washed out of his ears by the crashing waves. It disappoints him when the people applaud, but not for the right reason. They applaud for the music, not for the words and emotion in them. Kurt feels slight hatred because none of them seem to realize how good Puck's voice is and how well the tone of the song with the lyrics signified something more than a boy wanting to play his guitar.

As the crowd thinned out and people turned in for the night, Beth came over and approached her father with a sad smile. He smiles weakly at her before she wraps her arms around his neck and hides her face in his neck. Puck sets his guitar down in the sand before returning his arms to hug her body. Kurt turns away, feeling like he's interrupted some intimate moment between father and daughter.

To his surprise, Sue is in a full swing as she makes her way over to him. Behind her, he can see that Graham is lingering in the dark shadow of a home, his gaze sending smoldering looks in his direction. With the tip of an imaginary hat, Graham turns and fades into the spreading groups of people. When Kurt snaps back to focus, Sue is sighing as she sits down next to Kurt, her back popping loudly in his ear.

"So, Kurt-" She starts off with a solemn tone. "How's your first few days been? I trust that everything has been going accordingly."

"Yes." Kurt quickly nods. "Everything's been doing really good. I can't wait to find out how I can help contribute."

"Well I could always use that gun-" Kurt's eyes snap to hers as he feels the gun drop ten degrees against his waist, but he finds her grinning. "I'm kidding. You keep that for your protection. That might end up being the smartest decision that you've made since crashing. You've got a good head on your shoulders."

"Thank you." Kurt mutters politely, deciding not to ask her about how she knew of the gun.

As he goes to stand up, he feels her hand on his arm. "Listen, kid. Puck . . . he doesn't bring out that guitar too often. When he does, it's because he feels like someone needs it. When that happens, he's usually singing some happy Top 40 song from when they were in school and he's sitting along with them. But today . . . today he sang an original song with some very deep lyrics. He also sang them with only you at his side. So . . . what I'm trying to say is that I think this is good. He needs a human side. Or at least one that doesn't involve him being a machine that does anything to help." Sue looks to Kurt and gives him a soft smile. "Look out for him. If he's opening up, even if it's only been a few days, then he must see something in you that has given him hope. Don't let him lose that. That's one thing that none of us can lose."

Kurt goes to say something, but Sue shakes her head and squeezes his arm before standing up. As she walks away, back up to her hut, Kurt feels small arms wrap around his shoulders and hugs him from behind. Kurt smiles before reaching up and touching the small arm.

"Goodnight, Kurt."

"Goodnight, sweetie." Kurt says to Beth before watching her skip away.
He suddenly stops, wondering where the 'sweetie' came from. He's never interacted with kids for too long and never came even close to forming an attachment or bond; not even a weak one. What does this girl have that makes him special? For some reason, he feels closer and more at home to these people than he had before.

He looks up to find Puck looking down at him, guitar in one hand and the other one extended out for Kurt. Kurt smiles before taking the hand.

Sorry for the delay, but work is a killer. And so is tumblr. I have struck inspiration and I know exactly where the story is going, so hopefully that works. Let me know what you think.

Also, this song is not an original one, but one called Lost and Found by Senses Fail. I made it original for the context of Kurt and Puck coming to terms with certain things. That and the song fits a lot of situations in this story. :)