Desolate Blue

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: AU. Only certain pairings still exist.

Summary: Young and fresh college graduate Kurt Hummel decides to head out onto the open waters of the world for a culture experience that he'll never forget.

Pairings: Kurt/Puck

Desolate Blue

"Oh, god." Kurt laughs as he finally stops running, leaning into a nearby as he struggles to catch his breath. "What was . . . what was that?"

"Oh you know exactly what that was." Puck answers as he leans up against a tree next to Kurt's, his own laughter loud in the forest. "I'm honestly surprised that you haven't seen someone doing that yet."

"Why would I . . . do you guys just walk around masturbating-" Kurt hisses as if saying a foul word. "All the time?"

"No." Puck chuckles. "But it's a natural thing for people. Particularly because we don't have condoms or pills, and we don't think a newborn baby would survive out here, doing that in the woods is the best option."

"Gross." Kurt wrinkles his nose. "At least he does that away from everyone."

"That is ideal." Puck nods. "Most areas within a mile have probably been seeded by mans sweet nectar tenfold."

"That's just . . ." Kurt stops as a shiver rips through him along with many dirty thoughts that he would take to the grave with him. "I don't even want to think about that. Otherwise I'll return to be boat and stay there until old age sets in."

Puck chuckles before continuing to walk, Kurt quickly at his side again. "Well that's part of life, isn't it? The need and desire to . . . mate?" He laughs. "Or at least the temptation is part of life."

"I'll agree to that part." Kurt nods before looking forward, extremely happy to put the unpleasant sight and conversation out of his mind. "So what are we out here for? You haven't told me yet."

"Well you told Sue that you didn't want to be the stereotype. That you didn't want to be stuck with the, how did she say it, woman jobs." Puck smiles as he nudges Kurt towards a group of close-knit trees. "So I am out here . . . to teach you how to hunt."

It was then that Kurt notices what Puck was carrying in his other hand: a spear. After a knowing smile from Puck, Kurt stopped walking and watched as the boy moved forward in a surprisingly graceful and quiet stance. Kurt feels himself stop breathing as he watches.

It was true that he told Sue that he wanted a non-manly job, but it wasn't for the reasons that he had given her. He knew that if he had showed that he could cook anything, or create a new method of farming, that he would be appreciated and un-rejected in similar to how he would be treated back home; so that wasn't the case. Kurt just wanted the chance to prove himself to be capable of being more than anyone or even himself had ever thought. Even though he was left on this island most likely for the rest of his life, he had still promised himself an adventure and he wasn't going to let this hold him back. He wanted to push himself to be better than ever thought possible and being the 'man' seemed the best way to do that, even if it was just a stupid archetype that people had attached adjectives to over the years to make the word seem stronger than what it should be. So by being the person that would provide the meals, or at least one of them, would gain him personally a sense of accomplishment while establishing himself as a permanent fixture and an easier transition into this society.

As Kurt kneels down, watching Puck do the same, he slowly remembers the long week that it's been here on the island. For someone that's always shoved people away and has been wary of people and their motivations, he sure has changed within the first few days. He had no problem, apart from the first intimidation, jumping in and integrating himself into the life that people have built. While he does stay with Puck for a huge part of each day, he still goes out and talks to almost everyone. He doesn't feel nervous because who are they to judge? That and he's new so he holds the cards on who knows about his past and who doesn't. It's a kind of leverage that he has that he's enjoying. It's not to say that after awhile he won't be the average person here because he will have shared his life stories, but hopefully something else.

Before Kurt can blink and bring himself away from his rambling thought process, Puck spins around and jabs the spear in his direction.

"It was not funny." Kurt mumbles under his breath as he trudges through the woods, wiping the mud from his face as he goes.

"It was hilarious." Puck laughs as he pulls the dead animal into a tighter hold on his shoulder.

Kurt glances at him to retort, but he finds himself distracted for a moment by the boys rippling muscles. Mud sliding off leaves the tan arms glistening slightly. Kurt gulps and looks away, chastising himself for thinking of Puck that way after explicitly warning himself away from thinking of anyone on the island in that way for his own sanity and protection.

"Shut up." Kurt sneers, keeping his face away and enough forced humor in his voice to make Puck chuckle behind him and concede the small argument to Kurt.

Kurt rolls his eyes, happy that it was dropped, but upset with himself for letting those kind of thoughts drift into his head. He had promised himself to not think of any guy there. He didn't want that to conflict with his interpretation and interaction with them. He didn't want to have an unrequited crush going on for the duration, of possibly his entire life, while there. He would leave his fantasies to the celebrities or schoolmates from home if that desire rose. Kurt sighs before continuing on, preparing himself for a clean slate.

Kurt sits back, incredibly proud that his kill and first hunt had been successful and was now feeding everyone around the campfire. At least that's what they told everyone. By the end of their five hour hunt, Kurt had found and lost six wild boars. The only reason he caught the seventh one was because he tumbled over a huge branch and down a small hill right on top of one. After Kurt hanging onto the boar for a minute while it tried to lose Kurt in the giant pile of mud, puck had stepped in and delivered a quick blow to the boars' neck.

The horror of seeing something dye in front of him, but seeing Puck covered in mud and supporting an amused smirk for Kurt had left him laughing and feeling much better about this new way of surviving. He hopes that he can continue to relate that memory to any future kills, but he doubt he would unless Puck accompanied him.

Kurt sits back and breaks his gaze with the flickering smile and cringes as yet another girl winks at him. Apparently bring home the bacon, pun not intended, had increased Kurt's rep points in addition to him being the new guy and apparently being hot. At first he was surprised, but hearing the girls fawn over him had made him reconsider his own looks. He's never thought of himself as one to be ugly, but definitely as a person that could be overlooked for a number of people around him. If being mysterious, new, male, and decent looks, he's determined to make that work for him and his life here. He's definitely not going to settle down with anyone for a long time, and it will most likely be a friend in 40 years when he just wants someone at his side, but it doesn't hurt to have this now.


Kurt turns his head slightly and watches as a very giddy girl slides up to him. He recognizes her as Tina, the fellow gossip and one half of the duo along; the other half being Mercedes. He shuts his eyes, smiling to himself as he smells the breath of something strong on her breath. It's not alcohol since that's been virtually gone since the bottles cracked on their ship, but he wouldn't put it past it being some of the wild-berry's and other various plants on the island being mixed just right. Or rather those plus lots of good eating for the night.

"So." She continues on, oblivious to his averted gaze and slightly pulling away body. "Do you want to come up to my house? We can just relax on my bed and talk if you want too." Her smile grows as she leans in, her eyelids fluttering and her lips outing out. "Or more. I'd love to see what you're able to come up with."

"No." Kurt chuckles nervously, his eyes becoming slightly wide and panicked as he shifts away without her notice. "That's not-" He shakes his head. "I don't think that'd be a good idea."

"You're right." She nods before placing a hand on his leg, her fingers shamelessly rubbing the carious parts of his leg that she can reach. "Don't want the other girls to get jealous. I mean damn, they sure have a reason too since you're just . . . mmm." She licks her lips and shuts her eyes, a small purr ripping through her body. "No need to cause any tension, unless you come back home with me. So I'm going to slip out of here and I'll be waiting."

Kurt opens his mouth to tell her off, but she's already slipping away with a smoldering glare to him before disappearing into the darkness. He lets out a defeated breath as he shakes his head, blown away at how much he's been hit on since he's been here since whilst at home he was barely given a first glance. Even more surprising was that none of the girls, or general population here, seemed to be picking up on his actual gender preference.

It had felt like Sam knew, but it seemed more wishful thinking at this point. Kurt was surprised that the boy was indeed into guys as well, but it made sense that not all non-heterosexual guys would be easy to read. Kurt frowns. Although he had been receiving much attention from the girls that night, Sam was nowhere to be found apart from their brief exchange of 'hello's' that morning. It's not that he was interested in Sam, nor was he not not interested because just look at the boy; a beautiful mix between personality and looks. He found himself missing the boys' presence at the campfire that he had experienced almost every night since his arrival.

He shakes his head and the questioning thoughts from his mind as he looks to one of the nearby logs that Puck has himself set up on. Besides from an amused smirk that they shared when they recounted their story of Kurt's triumphed day, the boys had been a part. Kurt was left in his own thoughts with the occasional conversation while Puck had spent sometime with Beth, before sending her off to bed with a kiss to her cheek, and hanging with the other guys of the island.

Kurt gulps before rubbing his sweaty hands on his legs and standing up. Instead of stating a verbal goodbye, he just nods his head in the direction of the people that looked in his direction during his first action. His smile is brief, disappearing as soon as he turns and starts into the darkness that surrounds them. Although he was new to the place, he knows how to get back to Puck's place by heart; had making sure to memorize that immediately to not irritate the boy by a consistent questioning of the location.

He wraps his arms around himself as the wind attacks him now that he's out of the guard of the fire and the surrounding homes and trees. His hands cup his elbows as he tightens his hold and walks up the lone and barren path, the tries lowering down on either side the higher he goes. He's left in the cold wind of the night until he hits the next set of trees on the widening path in 20 feet. The moment he steps into the shadow and wind-break of the trees, he stops and looks ahead nervously.

"Hello, Kurt." He shivers as he hears the soft voice. The only thing he knew about Quinn was that she seemed angry about who he interacted with and seemed to cause Sue some mild discomfort. He couldn't help but think negative things about her as she had her dark glare trained on him in combination with the few things he knew about her. He takes a deep breath and forces a smile, wishing to play nice with the one girl, apart from Sue because he wasn't sure about her, that hasn't hit on him since his arrival.

"Quinn." He keeps his voice light and friendly as he takes a step forward. "I . . . I guess this is my first time talking to you. I'm sorry about that. People seem to think all my time should be spent with them and talking about what it was like before this . . . this place."

"That's fine." She smiles as she steps down the path at a slow pace, her aging dress blowing around her at the soft breeze. "But I figured that now would be as good as time as any."

"Well that's-"

"I'm not here for idle chit-chat." She cuts him off with a stern tone. "I don't care about how everything is going back at your home." She stresses as her voice becomes less and less soft and more spiteful. "There's no chance in this world that we will ever be able to make it back there, so I'm not going to have wishful ideas and spend my time being lost in a fantasy. This is reality and I'm aware that it sucks."

"Okay." Kurt breathes out slowly before licking his dry lips and gulping. "So what do you want to talk about then?"

"Not so much of a talk as much as it is a warning." She smiles, sending icy shivers through Kurt. "Stay away from Puck. Deny this all you want, but I see you looking at him and you should know . . . you will never have him."

"What?" Kurt chuckles and shakes his head as the immediate doubt and denial races to his head and words. "What are you . . . I'm not g-"

"Please." She sneers and shakes her head. "It's so obvious that you're gay. No one else can see it because they just want a fresh lay and a hard body, but not I. I can see the way you look at him. You may say that you're friends and that you're just being thankful to him for giving you a place to stay, but it's more than that. So I'm just here to tell you to stay away."

"And who gives you the right?" Kurt snaps, all pretenses of being friendly, or rather the attempt, now stripped away. "From what I know, he doesn't even like you. Or at least he's never acknowledged you in any positive way. He's had nothing but kind things to say about the others, but for you . . . nothing worthwhile."

Quinn laughs, surprising Kurt with her reaction and the gentle noise coming from her mouth. "Wow. Who knew that you'd have snark! I love it, but that doesn't change anything. Puck is straight, and will never go for someone like you. So why don't you delude yourself some more and get a distraction, like Sam. That boy is annoying as hell and if you could his mouth to use, the rest of us would be quite grateful. He's interested in someone else anyways." Her voice goes soft for a second, but her gaze hardens. "Just stay away from P-"

"You love him." Kurt realizes, voicing his thoughts as it dawns on him. "That's why you're being so . . . so defensive over the impossible possibility of me liking Puck."

"That's not-"

"What's his name?" Kurt demands, cutting her off yet again much to her annoyance. "If you are . . . so close to him, then what's his name?"

"I . . . I-" She stops and gulps. "That's none of your business. He doesn't tell anyone and-"

"Not even you." Kurt shakes his head, a small smile growing before he clears his throat. "Look. You're obviously in love with someone that I am not. Maybe the heat on this island after so long is making you lose it in the mind, but try to understand something. I am not in love with Puck, and he doesn't seem to be in love with you. As far as I know, only one person besides Puck knows his name and that's the one he loves. So instead of trying to tear someone else down for thinking that they have your emotions . . . you should look at yourself."

He lets his voice ring into the darkness for a few moments before he starts forward and makes his way past her. It's definitely not how he planned his night becoming, but he wasn't sorry for it. From their first moment, even if it wasn't an actual interaction with them, he had been seen as nothing as despicable filth from Quinn's point-of-view and he had hoped to change it. He wants his life to be easy, not hard.

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