Desolate Blue

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: AU. Only certain pairings still exist.

Summary: Young and fresh college graduate Kurt Hummel decides to head out onto the open waters of the world for a culture experience that he'll never forget.

Pairings: Kurt/Puck

Desolate Blue

Kurt lets out another happy sigh as he takes a step down the few steps leading to the cabin of his vessel. He only takes that one step before stopping and looking back out to the sea, a quick new love of his. He had only been out on the open sea for three or four hours. He had stopped using his engine on full after twenty minutes, just long enough to make the land and figures a distant view to match his memory. Now, he could only see ocean, miles upon miles of it. He could only hear the last gentle purrs of his engine still fading out along with the soft and small waves hitting the edge of his vessel.

He smiles at the open sea before opening the small door in place before him and stepping into the cabin of the ship. He smiles as he steps into the updated interior to the semi-older ship. The base surface of the interior is a beautiful golden-brown wood with a series of small windows decorating the sides, giving Kurt a lovely view of the deck of his boat and the calming sea around him.

His cabin is almost like a mini-kitchen/living room. He has the small dinner table with a booth seat in case he wanted to bring along friends, but this boat was only built for one, him. Above the booth and a few cushions are a couple of drawers the lifted up so Kurt could store things in them. Now not even a foot away was Kurt's tiny kitchen, well tiny for a big family. It was perfect to move around in. A tiny mini-fridge was under the counter right next to the small staircase. Kurt only had stocked the thing full of meat. Everything else was non-perishable, and to be honest, he had fit every possible space on board with canned goods, or loaves of bread or the like so he could be gone for as long as possible before he absolutely needed to go back. He had enough food to last him at least a good month if he ate a portion-sized meal, three times a day, but he knew that that wasn't going to happen. He planned on making a few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before going to relax on the deck, stripped down to his swimming trunks so he could try tanning for a change.

On top of the counter above the mini-fridge was a collection of pots and pans that he had tied in with the rope that came with the ship. it was actually part of the ship and you only had to stretch it over the small area and boom, your pots and pans are secure. The rest of the counter top was relatively clear at this point, minus the stove which had been placed in the middle of the counters, separating them into two pieces. Before the stove, several cabinets are lined up under the counter until they stop by the mini-fridge. These were full of cups, plates, and silverware. He had only kept a few other things like tape, trash bags, plastic bags. The rest of the cabinets were packed to the brim with more food. He wasn't lying when he said he filled every spot with what he could.

The oven itself was nothing special. It ran on the small amount of electricity that came from the motors. As long as he didn't use it too often, he wouldn't have to go get more gas. But the stove top was glass, which Kurt preferred because it was easier to wipe any mess off of.

On the wooden floor was a piece of carpet of Kurt's own choosing, and surprising to everyone else. It was a carpet of deep, red-blood velvet. The touch alone was enough to make Kurt shiver and let out a soft moan at it's touch. The bristles in the carpet were so soft and light, that it made Kurt feel like he was back home, walking around in his yard. It was a way for him, if he needed it, to use as a piece of home in case he became homesick on this short voyage.

Kurt smiles as he steps into the bright living space, a slight tingling running through his body as his feet make contact and love with that carpet. He had left his shoes in the cabin long ago, only going to need them if the surface of the boat became too hot to walk on. He had kicked his sandals off into the cabin only an hour ago before racing back up to drive some more. The feeling of having nothing between the natural world, the wind, the sun, and him . . . it made him smile. The less he wore, the more he'd feel like he was actually finding himself and enjoying his vacation. One promise he had made to himself however was to not go skinny-dipping or sunbathe nude. He didn't want to risk anything attacking him in the water, or get to burnt around his crotch so it would hurt to pee. That would ruin his vacation in a heartbeat. No, he planned on covering up that part of his body. The rest of his body would be tanned if he had anything to say about it. He smiles as he steps up to the doorway that leads into his bedroom. The small room was situated as the very front corner of the ship.

The room is pretty made up of the biggest bed that could be fit in there. The mattress itself filled out until it hit the walls. One top of the mattress is a dark blue comforter set. Kurt had chose it because he wanted to feel like he was sleeping in the ocean inside the boat. He had a back up comforter set, a red one, that he'd switch out after the first week in case the blue one starts to smell. And even though Kurt wanted a bunch of pillows, he didn't think it'd be to safe down there. He could trip or something. There were two small windows on either side of the doorway so Kurt could see out, but Kurt didn't want to risk falling into one and breaking it, no matter how durable he was told they'd be. So the pillows were narrowed down to four, enough to sleep comfortably on. On either side of the bed were a few cabinets. As tempted as he was to stuff them with even more food, he had filled it with enough clothes that he'd need, mainly shirts and shorts. He brought a few jeans in case it got cold, but it didn't seem likely. Other objects in the bedroom cabinets included his iPod, loaded with so many songs in every genre, and a few books. He really didn't need much. Underneath bed, the mattress, was something that Kurt made sure he had, an emergency life raft. He didn't think that he'd run into any trouble and need it, but it's better to be safe. And against his wishes, his dad had chipped in some so it would inflate and be big enough to hold 15 people. Kurt said he didn't need it, but his dad insisted that he'd want to be able to move around, or get enough food on there. It's better than nothing.

Next to him in the short hallway was the bathroom, a small room, but substantial enough for Kurt and his small amount of supplies he'd need for a shower and to dispose of bodily fluids. The tile that covered the floor was a dark brown, nice enough to watch the wooden floor of the ship. The interior of the single shower was a dark blue. Kurt had originally chuckled at the idea of having the blue design, but he liked it once he saw the complete product. Even the towels that he had hanging up along with the matching toilet seat and small rug were a deep blue.

Kurt lets out a breathy moan as he arches his back and hears it pop. A shiver runs through his body as he relaxes. Even though it's been a stressed-filled couple of weeks, getting everything together for his trip. He's truly relaxed right now. A few hours on the ocean, no electronics or distractions, no worries. Kurt steps towards his bed and just falls forward on it, feeling the silky blanket his his face, his chest through his unbuttoned shirt, the soft bed moving up around his body, forming perfectly. He turns his head on the bed so he can breathe and lets out a sigh of content.

His boat is rocking comfortably and smoothly on the open water, no big movements. Kurt glances out the window to the side and smiles. He's finally done it. He's out here, on his own. His eyes slowly drift shut as the natural world around him rocks his body into unconsciousness . . . so peaceful . . . so calm.

Kurt's eyes shoot open as he hears a few thuds echo through his boat. Over the few minutes he had been sleeping, he had flipped over to his back. He shakes his head as he sits up before his eyes narrow. It hadn't been a few minutes, it had been hours. Darkness had filled the vessel, creating an almost pitch dark environment since their are no natural lights on the open sea, nix the moon and stars. Kurt hears the thuds again and this time he understands them: the ship was tilting back and forth at a quick fluid-like pace. Kurt scrambles forward out of the bed, his entire face flushed with concern.

Once he enters the kitchen and the thudding becomes louder. Even though he had packed every cabinet to the brim before locking the door into place, but now everything in those confined spaces were shifting loudly. Kurt quickly moves through the kitchen, listening, and hearing a sputtering sound.

"God no."

He pushes through the small kitchen, which takes a bit because of the unbalanced and moving ship on top of that carpet that he thought was perfect, and pushes open the door leading out onto the main deck. He's met with a face-full of water. He holds his hand up to cover his eyes. He blinks out the water before taking in the storm, it's not a bad one, but still a steady downpour. And to add on top of that, the ocean itself is quite angry, making the boat become unbalanced.

"Damn it."

Kurt slams the door behind him to keep water out of the cabin. He moves the few feet to the side and grabs hold of the ladder to pull himself up to the upper level where the control are. He's happy that he had a roof put on this small section, otherwise the controls would be soaked and probably be frying and popping and electrocuting him to death. The small windows put in make a good wind and rain barrier.

Kurt examines the controls, making sure everything is still going smooth. He knows that it's no use trying to cruise through this storm because he doesn't even know where the nearest piece of land is. He reaches over and taps the sonar monitor, hoping that it might do something, but it doesn't. It's still showing that he's nowhere near land. Kurt reaches over to his hand-held radio, wanting to call out for some coordinates to the nearest place to dock, but is met with static. Kurt slams the radio back down and groans. His hands clench along the edge of the control panel as he looks around. He purses his lips.

"Wait it out Kurt. It's not the bad. The storm will settle. Just make sure that anything loose gets tied down." Kurt mutters to himself, running through a mental checklist. "Just a few things in the kitchen. Everything in the bedrooms fine. I have plenty of food in case this lasts awhile. I have plenty of-" Kurt cuts himself off as his eyes land on the fuel gauge. "Damn it." He swears when he sees the gauge has dropped significantly since earlier.

He flicks the glass over the gauge and it doesn't move. Kurt's eyes widen and he turns around. He runs over to the edge of the level and steps down onto the ladder and into the rain. He keeps his grip tight on the wet ladder as he lowers himself down, not wanting to slip or anything. That would be beyond bad, especially out here where he's alone. Kurt turns on his feet once he steps onto the deck. The rain seems to have lightened up, but his problem isn't water anymore. He carefully makes his way across the short distance to the back of his vessel. He slides to his knees and carefully peers over to see the very back of the ship. Even though it's dark, there's enough reflection from the moonlight to see a series of liquid coming from under the boat, the gas.

"Jesus Christ." Kurt pulls back with a groan. He falls into the corner of the ship and reaches up to run his hands through his wet hair. "Jesus freakin Christ." Kurt lifts his knees up and props his elbows up on them, both hands yanking on his hair as it rains down on him. "Damn it Kurt. You weren't ready for a hole in the gas tank. How on earth did a hole get in there?" Kurt pulls his hand free from his hair and looks up at the rain, thinking. "I'm not near anyplace to hit anything underwater, unless it happened when I was docked. I guess that explains why I'm almost out. I guess getting the double-tank was a good thing." Kurt groans before letting his head fall back onto the edge of the boat, his eyes fluttering as the raindrops hit his eyes, a small smile suddenly settling on his face. "This would be the perfect moment to say "Ef . . . my life."

Kurt sighs before placing his hands on the slippery edges and heaving himself up, keeping himself steady on his feet, not wanting to risk slipping and falling off. He starts and quickens his stride over to the ladder again and heaves himself up carefully to the control panel again. He purses his lips as he steps up to the equipment, his brain racing, trying to find a solution to his suddenly major problem. His eyes dart back and forth before he steps up to the sonar again, only see the rotating line and nothing else. Kurt groans and grabs onto the control panel, propping himself up as he stares down, tears burning in his eyes.

"Please." He mutters has his eyes so glance to other nautical devices. "Give me something . . . otherwise I'm stranded out here and I'll be more than just emotionally lost." Kurt glances back to the sonar in front of him and a shuddery gasp breaks his wet lips. "Oh thank god." Kurt straightens up as a small edge appears on the sonar, the boat must have just drifted close enough to be picked up. Kurt nods to himself before turning on the boat. "Come on. Lets use the last bit of gas I have to get there."

A smile breaks on Kurt's face as he realizes that he'll be okay, there will always be a way to continue.

Kurt's smile quickly breaks as his eyes widen slightly and a shuddery gasp escapes his lips as he spots a formation in the distance, through the once thinning rain, and now a light mist. All he can see is that the island must have high cliffs of some sort, or a mountain in the middle. Kurt smiles before risking a glance down. As with every time that he's glanced down at the fuel gauge, his hopes have dropped. The small line is dropping faster and faster with every minute, every second, emptying the double-fuel tank of its flammable contents.

Kurt lets out a panicked groan as he looks back up to the approaching piece of land, just not as fast as it had approached due to the vessel trying to use every fume of gas it can before dying. He flexes his fingers over the clutch before slowly pressing forward, wanting to go faster instead of at a steady pace. He'd run out of gas either way, and at least this way, he'll be close enough to try to swim, or possibly even row his way to the island. It may sound unrealistic, but Kurt was determined. In the case that he didn't make it to the island, he wasn't just going to leave his vessel to float alone on the open waters. He'd rather just stay on the vessel and eat through his supplies and then swim to the island instead.

His heart shutters as soon as he feels a shuttering jolt shift through the ship.

"Damn it." Kurt swears as he looks back up, his eyes widening.

The islands coming in rather quickly now thanks to the tide and his once speeding, but now rapidly dying vessel. Kurt's eyes widen slightly as he notices that the side of the land that he's heading towards, is mainly cliffs. His eyes dart back and forth, only noticing one safe spot to land.

"Damn." Kurt swears again. "I'm coming in too fast."

Kurt's eyes begin analyzing his options and no matter what, he won't be able to turn the boat in time to avoid the cliffs, the towering cliffs.

So, a cliffhanger and a more narrow scope of what will be happening with the story. So let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy and leave a review.