Desolate Blue

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: AU. Only certain pairings still exist.

Summary: Young and fresh college graduate Kurt Hummel decides to head out onto the open waters of the world for a culture experience that he'll never forget.

Pairings: Kurt/Puck

Desolate Blue

Kurt stares at the faces and they stare back. Both sides refuse to blink, refuse to let this shocking and surprising moment go. Kurt doesn't know what to do, so he quickly pulls back until the boat blocks those faces from view. He's really freaking out now. Why would there be people on an island that seems abandoned? That doesn't make any sense and it's throwing Kurt's mind through a loop. Are they part of the native group? Have they gone wild? What if they try to kill him? His boat is only so tall and they could easily find a way to climb on board if they really wanted to.

He hears a throat clear. "Hey. Hey dude up there. Sorry for scaring you. You surprised us just as much." Kurt slowly starts moving forward again. "We've just been out here hunting and came across this beauty down here." Kurt shivers at the thought of that giant beast being a beauty. "Can you . . . can you at least come talk to us? We haven't seen another person in years."

Kurt's ear perk up at this. The voice from down below becomes silent. Kurt lets out a shaky breath before taking another slow step forward.

"So you're not cannibals are you?" Kurt asks slowly.

The voices all share a quick chuckle before the same voice responds. "No. It's a rather long story. Like really long."

Kurt purses his lips as he continues to approach the edge of the boat slowly. "So what are you guys then? Are you like the lost boys? Do you know anyone named Wendy?"

He hears a snort and a few chuckles and he can't help but smile. "No. At least not here. Now can you come down dude? It's kind of refreshing to hear a new voice and I know it'd be refreshing to see someone new."

Kurt sighs before stepping up to the edge and peering down. He's met with those dark and disguised faces again. He can't see much, but he's able to make the forms of the people out somewhat. They all seem to have different body types, but he wouldn't hold himself to that until he saw them in proper light.

"Who . . . who are you guys? Did I happen to get stranded on an island that's actually connected to some mainland?" Kurt asks nervously, even though he tries to fight to keep it out of his voice and fails.

He can mainly only see a faint glimmer of their eyes thanks to the little amount of the light that the sky provides. He can see the uncomfortable shift of their eyes looking down or to the side. He knows that it's either something that he'll regret asking about, or it's just something that they don't want to talk about. He can see the vague outlines of their faces tighten a bit.

Kurt reaches up and runs his hand through his hair. "Sorry if you don't want to talk about it. You don't even know me. I'm just . . . I don't know what to do here. I thought I was stranded out here and now I find three men marching out of the forest after killing a giant mountain beast that could have shredded up my boat even more so than I'm sure it is already now."

"Easy dude." The voice chuckles up at him. "We're just as surprised as you. We haven't seen a new face in . . . in a while."

"I can't believe that people are here." Kurt lets out a shaky breath, relieved. "I truly thought I was stranded."

"Well we know the feeling." The voice comes out a little rough before they clear their throat. "But like I said, we're happy to see a new face. Everyone else won't believe us."

"Everyone?" Kurt mutters under his breath. "So-"

"Does this thing run?" Another voice comes from one of the three. "Like we actually have a chance of leaving?"

"Finally." Kurt finally hears the third voice. "It's about time."

"I can't wait-"

"No." Kurt cuts the excited voices off. "I've been here for a few hours at least, knocked out for a few." Kurt can almost hear the anger and sudden sadness that return to the men below. "I was about to check out some of the damage to the boat when that-" Kurt points down to where he can see some of the blood shining from the beach. "And you guys showed up. I know I had a bit of a rough time coming to a stop. I won't know the extent of the damage until morning."

He can hear the disappointment that is unspoken, but speaks volumes, and he's sad that he can't do anything. After all, he had managed to be 'saved' by stumbling across an island, of possibly many in the area, that had life. It doesn't matter how long they were there, just that they were. Sure he should be fearful of them being strangers, but the chance for them to help each other get off this godforsaken rock is enough for Kurt to feel a connection of familiarity.

"It doesn't matter guys." The first voice cuts his thoughts, the one that's been speaking most of the time to Kurt. "This is a chance. We haven't had a chance like this since we've been here. It's . . . it's something that I thought would never have happened. Hey, dude." Kurt nods, letting the voice know that his attention belongs to him. "Are you planning on staying here tonight? Because not trying to be weird, but it would be awesome if you came back with us." Kurt's eyes widen at the straightforwardness. "Cause like, no one will ever believe us that we found someone, or that we possibly have a way off this place."

"You're freaking him out, dude." Kurt's face must not have been calm like he had hoped as the second voice interrupts the first voice. "He doesn't even know us."


"It's fine." Kurt cuts the first voice off. "It would be nice to . . . you guys did kill that thing for me. If you need me for proof to give hope, then I'm all game. And that sure does beat being out here alone."

"That's true." The third voice chimes in.

"So." Kurt's eyes dart a few inches back to the first voice. "What do you say? I'm sure we'd be better company than being alone until morning. Who knows? You might end up staying here long term. You need friends here if you want to survive." Kurt can hear the pride in the first voice. "Sorry to come off weird and straight-forward, but this is . . . this is a really good thing."

Kurt pulls back slightly so he can barely see them now. He's sure that they can see his hesitation and confusion mixed in with his fear that he himself has been trying to repress. He really wants to go, but it seems so sudden and out of character to him. Hell, this entire venture is out of character for him. He came out here to become his own person and to find himself, to experience the world. If he was to hide himself on the boat instead of taking a leap of faith, then he'd pretty much be mimicking his life back home where he was afraid to get out of his comfort zone in fear of how his family would react or how uncomfortable that he didn't know he'd be. What's the honest point of going out to do something adventurous and then stopping yourself when things get a bit scary? Just because his boat had come to a stop doesn't mean that he should.

Kurt lets out a shaky breath. "I'll be right down."

"Hang on, dude." The third voice cuts in as Kurt goes to move. "You might need to pack some stuff. It's a good couple hours walk back from here. And that's moving quickly. We're still hauling back some food so we'll be taking the long way."

"Yeah." The first voice chimes in. "So get what you think you'll need, otherwise you'll be good to go."

"Gotcha." Kurt keeps his voice soft as he moves away from the railing.

Kurt tells himself to breath. This seems like a good idea. After all, these guys have been nothing but kind to him and have already saved his life. Since they're taking him to a group of people, that he's assuming are stranded as well, then they must be civilized to a certain degree. They won't do anything to him. They'll just be excited and ask tons of questions. Maybe someone there will know how to fix a boat. Then I can get off of this island, and help them in the process. Kurt chuckles at the thought. This will be the first time that he might be able to help someone without help. It doesn't have to do with school, or his family, or anything that doesn't matter here on the island. It'll be helping people that actually need help.

Kurt feels a strange ping in his heart at the thought. Maybe he is meant to help people. He's always thought of himself as someone who puts someone else's needs before his own. Maybe that is helping. Kurt has a small smile and a sense of pride as he steps back down into his boat. He looks around slowly, unsure of what to bring. If it takes hours to get to this civilization, he's going to need quite a bit of things. Time seems to be an unimportant factor at this point. The goal is to just get through this . . . whatever this is. So if he was to already have planned for a hiking expedition, what would he bring.

Kurt purses his lips as he drops to his knees in front of the cabinets in the small kitchen and pulls the small 'Alice in Wonderland'-like doors open. The first thing he pulls out is a black duffel bag that had been tucked in at the last minute on top of everything. He had only had that bag left over once he finished stocking his boat up, so he decided to just cram it in there. Who knew that he would actually need it for a situation like this, but it works.

He pulls the bag out before staring into the depths of the cabinets. Food, food, and food. So much non-perishable food that had been for his venture on the seas, but now for the land. He doesn't want to load his bag down with can goods and the like, so he decides to just take half of his supplies from the bottom cabinets that are in bags. Since he has enough food to last him at least two weeks, taking half of this bottom cabinet only would be a good three days worth of food. He doesn't know what kind of food he'll find where he's going, so he'll stick with his own and come back once he's gotten the layout of what's going on in 'civilization'. That and his well-mannered ways thanks to the way that his dad had raised him made him not want to impose on what is already a limited amount of resources.

The rustling of plastic fills his ears as he takes out bags of marshmallows, crackers, bread, noodles, and tons of other filler food that he usually nit-picked at until he could sneak away from a triple-bacon cheeseburger. Sometimes, he does curse his father and step-mother for the way that they had to eat, not that he would say it to their face. But once one person ate healthy, they all had too and Kurt couldn't just handle that once he was on his own and his wallet was dragging him to the nearest Burger King.

Kurt snaps the cabinets shut, but does it slowly and quietly once it's almost shut. It just feels weird to be hearing the sound of the cabinet somewhere so native and empty with such an urban sound. It's an instinct of his that he can't really help. He decides that after food, he needs to worry about his own comfort needs: clothes. He balances himself on the heels of his feet before standing up on shaky legs. He makes his way through the small hallway and past his bathroom to reach his room. The blankets are still messed up on the bed from where he had woken of eons ago, or at least hours . . . or minutes. The pounding in Kurt's head and veins prevents his sense of time from being less than a blur at the moment. He reaches down to pull open the drawers embedded into the bed. Luckily for him, the duffel bag that he has is one of those large ones that can fit a large dog or a medium sized person, so his own collection of clothes barely make a dent into the bag. He didn't bring much since he figured he'd be spending most of his time in swim trunk and a wife beater, or even less. He would be in the middle of the ocean after all and it would be his domain, at least until there was a chance of someone seeing him.

Kurt hesitates with placing his last shirt in the bag as a thought dawns on him: it would suck to lose this bag because them I'll have no clothes. He shrugs it off and continues to dig through the drawers. He had never really cared for his clothes that much; it was just a facade that he put on for his family to play up this gay stereotype that he set forth so they wouldn't wander or question anymore into his personal life, like his fondness of his secret sai swords and that massive Harry Potter nerd that he is.

Kurt lets out a shaky breath as his hand scopes the empty drawer until it bumps to the side. He moves his hand a bit further back and he can feel the cool metal touch his chest. Sue the boat contained a few flare guns, which he'd need to get as well, or just keep them where they are for when he came back, but the fact that he had a real gun was worrying to him. Again, it was something his dad insisted that he had, even though he wouldn't if he knew of Kurt's secret skills with hand-to-hand combat thanks to youtube videos and a training room that he visited secretly while at college. Kurt understands the point of having a gun when one is alone, but he doesn't like it. He was never a fan of guns, or violence in general. The only reason that he has those moments in his life were because of self defense.

Kurt pulls the black-metaled hand gun out and avoids looking at it. He brings his hand around behind his back and slides it down the back of his shirt. He sits back on his knees and lifts his shirt up. He shivers slightly when the cold metal touches his back before he slides it down so it can lie in the crack of his backside. He knows for a fact that the safety is on, and that makes him feel better. He's just bringing the gun just in case; these are complete strangers after all. He lets his shirt fall over the gun before he shuts the drawer under the bed and stands up.

He pulls the bag up with him and lets it rest on the bed. He thinks that he has everything that he'd need, even though he's probably forgetting a ton of other things. He's usually good when thinking on his feet, but this situation factors in pressure, adrenaline, fear, and lack of sleep. He takes one last look around before he zips the bag shut. If he needs anything else, he can always take the journey back when he needs food or something, or even a shower if he can figure out how that thing works.

Kurt shoulders and lets the heavy bag rest against his side before he looks one last time around the room. Why does this feel like goodbye? It's not that exactly. He just feels that he's saying goodbye to the adventure that could have been, mainly because he doubts he'll go on another boating venture in the future. He makes his way out of the room rather quickly, shutting the little sliding door behind him.

As he walks through the kitchen, he pats his pockets down. He smiles briefly when he finds that he took the keys with him from the control panel up top. His memory is so blurry from the rapid occurrence of events that it must have slipped into the tiny details that don't really stand out. He gives another last look around the kitchen before stepping out of the main door and shutting it with a snap behind him.

Hey guys, I'm really sorry about this late late update. College has been hectic and I've barely been able to post on other stories. I hope this can tide you over a bit for a week or two until I have time to sit down and write more. I have the story planned out entirely, so that helps. Anyways, enjoy! :)