Desolate Blue

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: AU. Only certain pairings still exist.

Summary: Young and fresh college graduate Kurt Hummel decides to head out onto the open waters of the world for a culture experience that he'll never forget.

Pairings: Kurt/Puck

Desolate Blue

Kurt had slowly listened in as Puck started informing him of the inter-workings of their mini-society. The only time that the flow of information had stopped was when they had to stop to make sure that Mike and Sam were still following them and were okay, or when Puck had to stop for a second and figure his way around a giant ditch or an extremely muddy area; he didn't want to have to wash his clothes again so soon. Kurt chuckles at those muttered words, but Puck quickly explained that they went a while wearing the same clothes because they have only found one fresh water area on the island and it was best when it came to washing clothes, which he didn't want to taint anymore than necessary.

That was one spot that Puck kept a smile on his face when it came to describing; this hot spring. It technically was one place, but it was divided as if created for the recent inhabitants of the island with one side usable for clothes and the cleanliness of the people, while the other side was for a fresh supply of drinking water. The heat was enough to burn the germs away from the people, but they could only use it sparingly or risk the entire water source becoming tainted and unusable for the desire of keeping a human body hydrated.

Their community of people was ran by three main people, more or less. They mainly served to maintain rations and the daily functioning of the place, even if they didn't have any main control when it came to most things. Puck, as Kurt had been informed, was mainly in control of everything. Somehow, he had been shoved to the top for being a strong leader who made wise decisions and wasn't afraid to put his foot down if someone got out of control, but even he had some help.

A countless amount of names and brief descriptions had went in one ear and quickly shoved out the other as he made room for the continuous flow of information from Puck. He'd learn the names in due time, so he wasn't that worried about them unless they were going to be a big impact on his time on the forsaken rock.

The amount of time and work that's went into this mini-civilization is astounding. These people had virtually built houses from scratch, only the occasional ship part being used. For a group of people where a majority were in high school when they had crashed was enough to blow Kurt's mind when hearing of this place. If he had been stuck here with the less than intelligent buffoons of his high school then they'd be doomed and he would have had to resort to self-cannibalism or worse; eating one of them.

Kurt suddenly finds himself falling forward. Kurt curses his lack of balance, the weight of his duffel bag, and the stupid amount of roots sticking out of the ground as gravity yanks him by his balls. He is again stopped short of his visual expectations when a pair of arms wrap around him and Kurt's face is stuffed into a big hunk of-

"Kurt." Kurt snaps out of his daze and lets the man holding him slowly help him get re-balanced on two feet.

"Sorry." Kurt quickly apologizes to Puck. "Lost in my own thoughts, a typical habit actually. I'm working on it though. Just ignore me for now, or forever. I don't care. Either one. I'm not worth-"

"Chill, dude." Puck cuts him off with a chuckle. "And stop being nervous. I can see that that's why you're lost in la la land and rambling."

"Well . . ." Kurt chuckles on the inside knowing that his thoughts aren't exactly lost, but the rambling is most likely contributed to nerves. "Sorry. My mind is just racing about everything. I still can't believe that you guys have managed to create life."

"Well don't expect too much." Puck says as he takes a step forward and waits for Kurt to get with the program before continuing both his walk and words. "When I say civilization, I mean that in the most loose terms ever. Even the Indians and Amish have better built places then us. This is . . . just the most simplistic form of survival that we could manage. Between you and me-" Puck leans closer to Kurt as they walk. "Our high school doesn't have the smartest cookies in the box. I mean, I may be a jock to extents, but these guys are neandrathals compared to me."

Kurt snorts and smiles wide at Puck. "That sounds . . . exactly like the school I went to."

"Went?" Puck's eyebrows shoot up. "So you're not still in high school? You sure?"

"I'm sure." Kurt rolls his eyes. "I may look a bit young, but I've actually completed college. I'm quite old."

"So you're about the same age as us then?" Puck slowly nods before continuing without giving Kurt a chance to answer his question. "That's pretty sweet then. Most people here are that age, so I hope that it makes it easier for you to transition into the group and that they'll accept you."

"Well . . ." Kurt purses his lips and looks down to the ground before them. "Even when I was surrounded by current events and modern culture, I never really fit in. Even with . . . my personality in addition to my . . . e-effeminate looks-" Kurt stumbles on the stinging words in his mouth, the ones that he had heard too many times. "I'm not one really for making friends that easily." Unless they wanted in on his families money.

He can see Puck frown out of the corner of his eye, but he keeps his eye forward, feeling just as uncomfortable with the current topic as Puck had felt earlier. It's just one of those things that he always felt insecure about, his body. He knows that he looks good to certain people, but he's never had a wanted body, a desirable body. It makes him want to wrap his arms around his body again, an action that he had finally forced himself to stop doing in college after years of doing it. He was confident with how he looked now, but he's also aware of how he looks on a scale of 1 to 10: a big fat 2. He's confident that he's not that desirable, and he's fine with that.

He gives Puck a quick smile and looks away from the concerned and troubled face. "But I'll try to fit in. I'm used to faking and making impressions when it comes to things that I'm not best at."

"Well don't do that." Kurt looks over at the anger in Puck's voice. "Listen, Kurt, I've been exactly where you've been. Not being yourself, hiding from everyone except maybe one or two others, but don't do that here. After years of living with these people, I finally let them see the side of me that no one else saw. Not the guy that was strong, or the one that could hunt and kill an animal without regret, but one that would do anything for those that I cared for. I let them see that . . . that soft side of me. It's something that I'm grateful for doing now. You're going to find that living in this kind of environment with this small group of people that it's best to be yourself. Otherwise in a few years or so you suddenly change or some anger builds up in you until you explodes . . . it won't be good for anyone." Puck lets out a shaky breath before stopping and placing a hand on Kurt's tense shoulder. "Just relax, dude. Just . . . be yourself, not who you think people want you to be. The more real you are here, the more they'll accept you into the group instead of some lying git."

Kurt slowly nods, understanding the words, just not comfortable with going through with them. "I'll try. Believe me, I will try, but I can't exactly guarantee that I won't fib up a few times. Being honest, at least to who I feel that I am, is a hard thing."

"Well you're going to try." Puck nods as he pushes another branch out of their way. "That's all I'm asking. And being completely honest, you seem like a cool dude. I don't know that many guys that would have the balls to go out to sea on their own. You are alone, aren't you?" Puck asks hesitantly with a side glance to Kurt.

Kurt quickly nods. "Yeah. I'm sure my dad would have loved to come for my protection, but I managed to leave by myself."

"And still in one piece." Puck chuckles. "But like I was saying, you're pretty cool. You came out here on your own. You're even coming back with us, a group of complete strangers and you seem pretty calm about it."

"Call it shock." Kurt gives the boy a side smile. "But . . . I don't think it'll be a problem. It doesn't feel like shock, so maybe it's relief."

"Well what's guy like you need to be relieved for?" Puck smiles. "Things must be going well if you could afford a boat, so clearly you're doing well financially. Isn't that still the main problem with the world all these years later."

Kurt frowns as he looks away from the boy. "It is, but not for me."

Kurt goes quiet, feeling hurt. He had thought that these people would be different, but that's apparently not true. He's being judged for his looks and his money, yet again. That's everything that he's been judged for in his life. Even thought he had thought that Puck would be one of these nice guys, he turns out to be one of those Neanderthals that he knew back home, even if Puck had claimed not to be one. It causes his heart to shrink a bit, dying from his lack of faith in humanity and his loss of adventure with this trip. There really is nowhere that he can escape the ignorance and pettiness of man unless he is around none.

"Kurt." Puck snaps his fingers in front of Kurt, his eyes looking at Kurt with concern. "Did I say something wrong? You went quiet all the sudden."

Kurt wants to shake his head, but how is he supposed to get people to open their eyes if he doesn't open his mouth, so he does. "Please don't judge me. Having money doesn't mean anything if all it does in your life is affect how people perceive you. I haven't had a real friend from that money, just the greedy people that thrive on the chance . . . no, the desire of getting money from me just because I have it. I'm tired of it. Yes I have money, but it doesn't define me. It comes from my father, not me. I-"

"I'm sorry, Kurt." Puck cuts him off with a soft tone in his voice and downcast eyes. "It's been a while since . . . I assume too much. That's what I get for knowing the same people for so long and no one else. I honestly didn't mean to offend you. Please, is there a chance for you to forgive me?"

Kurt keeps his eyes averted as he leaves the question hang in silence. He does want to answer, but he also wants to think on it and to not come across as someone who makes a hasty decision just so he can keep the peace. However, he doesn't want to come across as impolite and an uptight git.

"Y-yes." Kurt is surprised to find that his voice cracks, but he pushes in with a new breath. "I've just been trying to be more honest recently and that sort of slipped out. My attempts usually don't end up so forceful and rant-like."

"It's fine, dude." Puck is back to his smile again. "You just survived a boat crash on top of finding that there's a random group of strangers that want you to join them in the forest . . . I think you're good when it comes to a few moments of anger or panic."

Kurt smiles briefly at him before looking forward again. It's still dark out, but there's some sort of light source that's letting him see the beauty in the nature around him. Even though he hadn't noticed it, they were finally on level ground. All of the trees and bushes around them were more or less pushed to the side, sort of in a permanent fold from the path being walked on so much and for so long. As well as sight, his hearing is also enjoying the soft sound of the wind in the trees as well as the soft waves of the nearby ocean from this side of the island. Another sound he picks up is the distinct sound of what can only be described as something human.

His entire body perks up at the thought and anticipation of meeting this entire organization of people, but nerves immediately fill his body and his steps become half a pace slower.

Unfortunately for him, Puck takes notice of his change in speed. The tan boy quickly reaches out and places his hand firmly on Kurt's bicep to stop the boy. Kurt only turns to see why they're stopping, but Puck only gives him a quick nod before looking back into the dim light of the trees. Kurt can see a few figures moving back there: Sam and Mike. He's still confused as to why they stopped instead of continuing on into the mini-civilization, so he just stands there and waits for whatever Puck is waiting for. He looks away as Puck starts talking quickly and quietly into the darkness.

He can feel his arm starting to itch where Puck has his hand at, but he tries to ignore it. It still surprises him at how quick Puck is to grab onto him since they've met, something that's never existed back home. The first few times were from danger, but he doesn't see how venturing to their island home is a danger. Still, he doesn't like that hand on him. It's not that the itch is uncomfortable, it's just new and a bit unnerving to someone as private and non-touched as him. Sometimes, he thinks that he should touch every part of his body a bit more just so when he finally does get with his partner in the future, it wouldn't feel so new and make this itch appear; not that Puck is his future partner in any way.

Kurt quickly shakes his head and the random thoughts away as Puck turns and steps closer to Kurt, their faces close. "Can you stay here for a second? I didn't exactly think of your . . . well, of our return home with you. We can't have everyone getting up in the middle of the night, or morning now, just because we brought you back. The only ones that should be awake now are a few of the guards, but I doubt that they won't raise alarm."

Kurt's eyes widen at the fact that this place has guards and alarm systems, but he tries to stay focus. "So what should I do?"

"Well I'm going to go check in and let them know that we've returned. Sam will stay with you while Mike and I do that." Puck nods to the two figures that are now closing in on them. "Then we'll come back and I'll take you back to mine. I'm the one that has the most room, so you'll probably be bunking with me for a bit until we can build you a place."

Normally Kurt would object, but he keeps mum on that subject. "And then we'll get our dinner put away and turn in for the night."

Puck just gives Kurt another grin before his grip drops from Kurt and he and Mike disappear in the direction of the civilization. Kurt watches as the two move quickly towards the slumbering group with impressive speed. They must have done this before and have their path for these return trips down after these many years. Kurt looks away from them and finds himself looking into Sam's smiling face.

"So . . ." Kurt finds himself smiling as well. "Why didn't you go with them?"

"Ah." Sam chuckles as he looks down, slightly embarrassed. "The person that we report to . . . she's not a big fan of me at the moment."

"What'd you do?" Kurt finds himself wanting to laugh at Sam's squirming body.

"It's nothing bad." Sam says slowly as he tries to think of the best way to say his thoughts without making himself look bad. "It's . . . just . . . I might have . . . felt . . ." Sam trails off and lets his eyes dart away as his mouth shuts.

"What?" Kurt asks as he leans closer. "You felt . . . you felt her . . ." Kurt shakes his head slowly. "You have to elaborate, Sam. I don't know what . . . that . . . oh my god." Kurt's eyes go wide. "You felt her up?"

"I didn't mean to." Sam squeals as he looks to Kurt with pleading eyes while Kurt is glee with amusement. "I fell down and she was the nearest thing to me. Oh god." Sam groans as he brings his hands up to run over his face and into his hair. "It was such a terrible experience and now she looks at me like the plague."

"Aww." Kurt is still smiling so his voice comes out mock-like. "Poor you."

"I know." Sam chuckles before shaking his head. "It's not too bad. I'm sure it'll die down eventually." Kurt slowly nods as Sam brings his eyes up to meet Kurt's. "So . . . I was wondering if you wanted to hang tomorrow?"

"Hang?" Kurt's eyes narrow. "Um . . ."

Sam chuckles. "I mean like show you around and stuff. Puck always has a busy schedule, so I figured that I could show you around. Especially with how crazy it's going to get that we have someone new here, you might want a break. I could . . . you know, show you some of the best spots of this place."

Kurt smiles softly. "Sure. That . . . that sounds like fun, but I'm warning you, I'm no fun to hang out with."

"Well I can be friends with anybody, so that means I can find something awesome in you." Sam says with a confident voice before he breaks into another smile.

"That sounds awe-"

"You ready?"

Kurt looks up at the voice, completely surprised. "Wow. That was fast."

"It's just us ducking our heads in, mentioning that Sam's already putting dinner up, that we have to talk in the morning, and then we're out." Puck shrugs before smiling for Kurt. "So . . . are you ready to head to my place?"

"Yeah." Kurt quickly nods, but glances to Sam. "Thanks for keeping me company."

"See you tomorrow, Kurt." Sam mock salutes Kurt before he starts heading back towards the tarp and the hairy beast within with Mike tagging quickly behind.

"Alright." Puck claps his hands quietly and nods before motioning towards civilization. "Shall we?"

Kurt nods and lets himself be guided into either a quick vacation spot or his new permanent home.

Sorry for the late chapter guys. I've been on vacation with the family, but I'm back and ready to write. I have this story planned out, so hopefully chapters will come quickly. I hope you enjoy and don't forget to let me know what you think.