Authors Note: I decided to try a fairytale of some sort and make it Hunger Games style and a twist of my own :P All these characters belong to Suzanne Collins :) Oh and this one will be by far the shortest chapter so far in this fanfic I'm writing :) but don't worry, I have plans :3

I, Katniss Everdeen have lost everything. My mother who died after giving birth to me. My father who just recently died, the only person who understood me. Unfortunately before his death he married another woman called Annabelle. A cruel woman she is to me. She beats and forces me to do all the servant work. She also forced me up into the attic. Along with my two step sisters, Glimmer and Clove. I was all alone. I sing sadly a I clean the fireplace.
"Oh shut up would you?" My blonde sister hisses at me before turning back around and talk stupid with my brown haired sister. I stop singing but in my mind I replay the words in my mind. I continue to clean up the fireplace until my stepmother, bursts into the room declaring, "There is a ball tonight and we are invited to it!" I hear my sisters giggle idiotically as my mother calls the other servants to prepare them.
"M-may I look at it?" I stammer, being brave as I stand up slightly, putting my hand out. My stepmother looks at my dirty hands. It looks like she wants to spit at my hand rather than hand me an invite. I look at the invitation and not caring what they'll do to me, I grab the card out of her hands without asking and take a look. In fancy writing with decorative curls on the edges I read it to myself

To: The Everdeens

From: the Royal Family

You and any other member of female, including servants, are invited to join to Prince Peeta's ball royal celebration ball. As how it will go, Prince Peeta will dance with every lady and will decide whom shall be his wife. You may be the lucky one so come, you have a chance.

I look at it with amazement. Anyone. Not just them but anyone. Besides, I'm an Everdeen myself. The letter quickly was snatched out of my hand by Annabelle. She growls before slapping me and I fall to the ground, I can hear her mutter filthy dirty. Before looking towards the girls and look at them clapping her hands, "Well, we all must go get ready now. Chop chop! Only a few hours." The girls get up, kicking me along the way before walking out of the room with their maids, ready to go prepare themselves. I sigh sadly, knowing its no use to even ask if I can go. I sadly finish up the rest of my cleaning before walking back into the attic. I sit there, looking out at the small window, which I have. Ironically, it has a perfect view of the castle there itself. I sigh; deciding maybe buying some flowers might do for me. I grab my long jacket and rebraid my hair before taking the small amount of money I have and walk downstairs and out of the house.