Authors Note: hey guys, sorry for not updating for soo long (and that it's really short), I'm focusing on my other fanfic, A Masked Heart, more than this one, but I will update :) oh and these characters belong to Suzanne Collins.


While walking back home, all I could think was those soft blue eyes and that charming smile. This is stupid. What am I thinking? I shake the thought out of my head, continuing walking towards my living hell. I touch my face and wince again as I press gently against it. Another bruise. Anger and revenge is in my mind but what can I do? Nothing.

I walk in, brushing myself off as I walk up towards my tiny bedroom, the attic. Even the servants have better living places than where I stay. I sigh, throwing my coat on the bed before sighing, moving myself towards the small window facing the castle. I continue to stare out, a memory slips in my mind.

"Papa papa!" I looked around, searching around the richly decorated house. "Papa pap-!" A big hand covered my mouth, making me squirm against it's strong grasp but I look up and meet identical grey eyes as he smiles warmly down at me. "Papa!" I say. My voice muffled as he lets out a deep chuckle, lowering his hand down and picks me up, twirling me in the air as I giggled. "Well hello dear princess." He bellowed as I giggled, poking his cheek. "What is it hm?" He asks me, I look at him almost shyly.
"I saw the rich boy."
"Oh? And who is this rich boy?"
"The prince daddy, I was with nursey and saw him!"
"Well did you?" I nod enthusiastically as he laughs, giving me a kiss on the cheek. "Did he say hi to you?" I nodded again, remembering something else.

"He came up to me."
"Oh he did?"
"Yes, he stared at me and asked my name." He chuckles, tucking some hair behind my ear.
"And did you reply?"
"Course daddy." He smiles at me before putting me down, his huge hands cover my smaller hands.
"Common sweetie, I have something to show to you"

My sisters demanding voices snap me out of my memory.
"KATNISSS" they screech. I groan, shouting back. "I'm coming, I'm coming!" I sigh, looking at the view one last time before walking back down, my sisters looking at me, their feet tapping stubbornly. "Yes?" I ask them.
"Do my hair," Glimmer demands.
"No, do my nails first," Clove rebut.
"No, you come here and help me with my dress Katniss darling,"
"No. Shut up Glimmer, Katniss, you're coming with me and help me do my hair."
This fight between my sisters continue as I stand there patiently, waiting for an order. I sigh as they continue to bicker, I turn my eyes slightly towards the much bigger window near us, not as great of a view of the castle unlike my dinky room, but enough for me to wonder.

What is the prince doing right now?