Author's Note: Hey guys! I'm sorry if this chapter is short ._. I promise to make the next chapter longer than this one :) And disclaimer on the amazing characters, created by Suzanne Collins.

I watched her run. Everyone stops and stares at the beautiful girl racing out, her purple shawl flowing behind her like wings of angels. I see her drop something as I have the right mind to go and pick it up. It's a necklace. A golden Mockingjay. I look back up and see her run into the dark. I grasp on the necklace in my hand tightly. A part of me breaks into pieces as I see her go. I know I should go chase her but Finnick's strong grasp pull me back, pulling me away from the ballroom as mutters and glances come my way. I continue to struggle as I can feel my voice rising, demanding to be released. I can see two other figures. A tall man with brown hair and from my view, grey eyes, with presumably his girlfriend as they both race out, following Katniss. Finnick drag me all the way up to my bedroom and pushes me in.
"What in the heavens above is going on here?" Finnick demands, crossing his arms. I was too lost in thoughts to even hear what he was saying let alone answer as I just groan, banging my head against the wall as I rip my mask off, throwing it as far away as I can. "Don't ask." I told him.
"No. I will because I have the right and for your information, one of the most beautiful girls in that room just dramatically ran out of the room. I deserve an explanation." I sigh before sitting on the floor, running through my hair, messing it up while I hurriedly chatter to Finnick from the beginning and to now. I can't believe it. Only a few days of using my identity and already the last person I wanted them to know does know. Once I was finished I push my face into the comforts of my bed and let out a strangled scream. I can feel Finnick sit beside me; his weight makes me shift slightly. I can hear me sigh, giving me a pat on the back. "You know… I think you should go find her." I raise my head up, staring at him as if he's crazy. "You're joking me? She probably hates me now…" He shakes his head, his sea green eyes staring down at me sternly. "I saw how she looked at you. She's in love and if she really does love you, then she won't get over you for long." I sigh, about to put my face back into the bed. If it wasn't for Finnick, who dragged me out of the bed, I guess I would've stayed there for the rest of my life. Heartbroken.
"Come now my friend, we're going to find your princess." Finnick says.
"But how?" I say, lifting my face back up. He gives me a small smirk before picking something up beside me. The necklace. Oh, I almost forgot about that. He gives me a knowing grin.

"With this."

I'm now on the road. I packed my bags, strip off my clothes and left it at Madge's front door before taking one of the horses we have. My own property but I never spend time with her; especially Annabelle would hit me if I even touched it. I rode on her, not leaving anything as I go north. I know a friend over there, Johanna. She's well a very independent and fierce woman. But I love her like a sister.

As I ride along, the clop of hooves speeding through the dirt road, passing through the village before onto the road. I can feel a few tears fall down as I quickly wiping them away, determined not to think about him. Soon enough it was way past night as I reached another small village. I knock on her door, exhausted. I can hear her mutter dark words, that was until she see me with the little clothes I have left and my eyes red and puffy with tears falling. She embraces me before taking the horse in the back and takes me to my room and lets me rest, helping me. I tell her everything as teardrops fall. Johanna was unusually quiet the whole time but I didn't really care at that moment. I'm tired and hungry and just... No. I'm not that. I can't be that. I never was in… Ok. I'm not even going to go there.

Soon enough, as Johanna tucks me in, I can feel my eyes close. The last thing I saw was misplaced blue stars, staring back at me with a feeling I never felt before.

Until now.