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I wonder what's going on. Katniss stomps her life into mine. That night when she came with barely nothing except for her own clothes and her horse, her eyes red and puffy and her hair in a wild mess I couldn't just leave her like that, especially at three in the morning. Poor girl.

I sigh, making some breakfast for both of us and I can hear her heavy footsteps come down the stairs and plops herself down in one of the chairs. Without looking back I greet her before turning back around, passing a plate for her and sits opposite of her, taking a bite of my food. I examine her quietly as she picks the wooden spoon with silence. "Katniss… what's goi-"
"Look Johanna, I can't right now, ok?" I sigh, staring back into her broken grey eyes. "Please." I let out an inward groan before shoving food into my mouth, deciding not answer it. I can't force someone to talk, who sounds so upset. After a few seconds of silence from her, I can hear her hand moving again as she eats. I quietly clean up once we both were finished and she retreats back towards her bedroom.

I go out and do my daily routine, only to be called to the main square we have at our village, receiving the news of Prince Peeta, Oh great, looking for a certain maiden. Katniss. So this is what it's all about? Oh gosh Katniss, I'm going to kill you… I race back to home, slamming Katniss's door open. "What in heaven's world is going on Katniss?" She was in bed, her hands covered her face but I could still hear her broken sobs. I was almost tempted to walk back out of the room, to give her some space. Get a grip woman. You gave her enough space. "Katniss. Tell me. Now." I growl lightly, sitting on the bed, waiting for her answer. I cross my arms at her, waiting, as she still didn't move. But after a while she lifts her face, tear-stained and puffy eyes. I almost went to go hug the poor girl but I stay firm, my arms crossed and fingers tapping impatiently. "Go on then."

She sighs before starting to speak. "I… I was lied at…" I look at her with wide eyes. "Seriously Katniss? You come here, locking yourself up in this room, crying your eyes out just because someone lied to you?" I scoff, "You're impossible sometimes." A small smile plays on the grey-eyed girl but it was soon gone again as a knock came from downstairs. I give Katniss a small glare. Wait here. Before turning around and walk back down. The knock comes again, more persistent and rushed. " Alright 'right I'm coming!" I shouted towards the door. I take two steps at a time down the stairs before reaching the knock, glad it was finally over however it didn't last when two cloaked figures appears, one tall and bulky and one shorter and slender. "Um what the hel-!" The taller one, covering my mouth before dragging me out of the house, the smaller figure shuts the door of my house as I struggle against the bulky figure. My screams muffled, before trying to bite the man's hand, I think it's a guy at least. The deep, male voice wince in pain, but keeping it's grip firm on me. They pull me again, managing to keep all of us out of sight before we enter into another house, where there was no escape. Locked door, black painted window, nothing in the room. I could just bash the window… but it would be dangerous. My mind battled back and forth, but I didn't need to finalize the idea once the two cloaked figures shown themselves. I gasp in surprise. Four identical blue eyes stare at me eagerly, both blonde. Both royal.

"Prim? Peeta?"