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I sniff, forcing myself out of bed as I rub my face with a groan of a headache. Dragging myself out of bed and to the tiny bathroom just a few meters away. I don't even try looking at the mirror that hangs on the wall, knowing I look like a mess. I manage to wash my face and brush out my hair, leaving it to slip down over my neck, brushing past my shoulders. For the first time I wear some comfortable clothes. Pants and simple, laced leather that covers my top. I don't even look at myself in the mirror when I even walk by it, walking out as I plop down on the bed that I've been staying in for almost a whole week. Where is that woman? She groans again at the mere thought of being pulled away from my bed and downstairs.

I huff at the thought, almost crawling on my knees as I get out of my room, out of the small seating area however the sight of Johanna almost breathing heavily, door now closed as her back was turned to me, hands on the door. "Jo?" My voice uncertain and very quiet this time. She turns around, placing the usual mask with a smile. "Hey Katniss. You feeling better?" I take a small shuffle, hesitant. "Um, yes. Thank you." She gives me a forced grin, starting to walk towards me, placing a hand on my arm. "What if you sit down eh? Then you can tell me." My heart leaps in my mouth, placing my mask up and pull up the walls around my heart. I let her guide me on the seat, letting me sit down until another knock comes from the door. I frown slightly as Johanna walks up and towards the door, showing a cute little girl, around the age of thirteen or fourteen. "Hey sweetie, wanna come and start in the kitchen?" Johanna says, the little girl nods happily, skipping in as she places her cloak on a chair she went past by. She stops and eyes me, myself managing a brave smile for her. "Hello." She says, walking towards me now as she puts her hand out. Her outfit seems to shout out that she's a middle class girl. Beautiful blonde hair that screams out to be plaited and her bright blue eyes sends me back to the night with another boy with same blue eyes. I swallow harshly, giving her a small smile back. "Hello there, I'm Katniss." The girl eyes widen but says nothing. "Such a pretty name, miss. My name's Prim. I'm Lady Johanna's maid." I nod slowly, the name stuck in my mind now. "Primrose." I try out, knowing that would be her full name. Her eyes brighten and nod. I can't help as I smile, my mask sliding away and my walls melt off. "Well, common sweets, we don't have all day." Another girl's voice breaks our gaze as I chuckle lightly at Johanna. The little girl sends me one last smile before skipping away to the other side of the room, the kitchen's separated by a thin piece of a wooden door. I sigh, the mask and wall harden again as Johanna sits back down next to me. "So, where were we?"

I gulp, looking away again, the sight of blue eyes and warm hands on my hips again. The night sky fills in my mind, soft music and clinks of glasses and mixed noises of people's chatter and footsteps dancing. "Well, it all started at the bakery."

I can't believe I'm actually going on with this. But either way, it's a win-win situation. They get the information as well as me. I listen to the story, simply but it seems enough because when Katniss finishes, Prim comes out, declaring that she's finished cleaning up the kitchen. Katniss then speaks up again. "Primrose, sweetie. Would you like to know a true story?" Prim nods eagerly. Bless that girl. So she comes bouncing her way in, snuggling beside me and Katniss.

I watch the two with interest. Katniss had a little sister once actually but she died in the arms of sickness and fate. The older woman eyes the little girl, "May… may I plait your hair?" Prim looks at her in surprise but nods, turning around as Katniss sighs in content, her shoulder relaxes and the tears that were falling during the story were now dried and stained on her face as her slender fingers craftily plait it down on the girl before continuing. "The story, it's true."
"What's the story about?" My voice pops in, watching the two as Katniss sends me a weary smile never stopping her fingers. "It was about a little boy, a royal actually." Both Prim and me stare at her wide eyed as Katniss laughs, but it wasn't the same kind as I heard so many years ago. It was defeated, broken. "Yes. When my," she gulps, "my father was alive you see. He took me into the back of the forest that separates the actual village, that I lived in, and the castle itself." Prim gasps in both surprise and joy, now knowing why she can't ever enter in the forest area. "Yes, my father and I used to go hunting there, and I thought that forest was for survival and only that, however the royals have planted those trees for an entirely other reason. To never make contact with the 'peasants.'" She frowns slightly but doesn't say anything about it. "And for some other reason that I don't know. But anyways, my father took me deep into the forest until we reached into the back garden of the castle." Her smile fades slightly, the scene itself of her dancing with Peeta must be in her mind. But she picked up her voice and continued. "That's where I met the king. He and my father were quite good friends actually, except for the fact that my mother was once the king's first love." Prim gasps again, staring at Katniss with wide eyes, I myself was the same. Who knew Katniss knows so much? Katniss chuckles, making Prim move her head back to it's position as Katniss grabs some ribbons that were on the table side.

"Yes, however, because of my father's voice, this is what my father told me. But because of that, my mother left for him. But the two were quite happy, or so what I was told." She sighs sadly, finishing one plait as she does a perfect ribbon on the end. Blue. The ribbon was blue. Just like the colour of Peeta and Prim's eyes is what I can guess why she done it. She starts to do the other plait. "Anyways, back to the story. The king and my father had a small, formal greeting until I was faced front with the prince himself." Prim giggles slightly, trying to play as the cute little girl again, not that she isn't. 'Really? You mean, the Prince Peeta himself?" Katniss chuckles, nodding as she grabs another ribbon. "Yes. Quite a cute little boy, same blonde hair and bright blue eyes." Her voice trails off, a pained look on her face but it was masked with another smile, looking at Prim as she finishes the other plait. "That's the short story." Prim giggles, clapping her hands. "Thank you Lady K-"
"Oh, please don't call me that. I'm just Katniss for you." She interrupts, giving the girl a kind smile. Prim smiles at her and nods, giving Katniss a hug. I can see the strong bond that both has created in such a short moment. I can't help but smile myself at Katniss's expression. All I need to do now is to wait, and hope everything comes together.

Oh gosh. I sure hope things are all right there.

I stand near the empty shack, the cloak covering my face and body as I pace back and forth.

What if Katniss figures out who Prim is? What if she decides to follow Prim and Johanna to here? This is a risk. But I'm willing to take it. I'm willing to take anything, just to get her back.

I stop my pacing. Oh gosh. I'm in so much trouble.