Evangeline's Creation And Family Issues.

In the bright, but very cold streets of Paris, a festival was being prepared. The ice covered street lamps were covered with decorations of white, pale blue, and designs of snowflakes. The rooftops were surrounded with lights of green, red, and white. The people of Paris were crowding one street to another, chatting, shopping, and greeting each other with the happiest of voices, 'Merry Christmas'.

However, there was a very sad couple that was slightly bringing down the happy holiday spirit. A young woman, wearing her most festive dress, a beautiful green and red dress with a snug dress coat. The blazing bangs of her black street hat hung losely over her emerald eyes. The cold breeze dared to chill the woman's pale, but elfen face. The young man, that stood beside her, was very similar. His tall, and well-built stacture only towered over the women by one foot. He wore a well-groomed tuxedo with shined boots, a scarf of scarlet wrapped around his strong neck, and a soft, black trenchcoat. His milk chocolate hair brushed over his forehead to meet his ocean blue eyes.

The man held the woman's soft, delicate hand with his large, but equally soft hand in comfort. "Do not worry, Amelia. We'll find a way." He assured in a soft-spoken, but very gentle voice.

The woman, Amelia, looked at her loving husband with teary eyes. "I wish it was as simple as you make it to be, Marcus." She replied in a heavy French accent. Her voice sounded like an angel's chime in the man, Marcus' ears.

Both Amelia and Marcus sighed in sadness and grief. Two of the most famous scientists in Paris, and they are unable to raise a family of their own. Yet, they tried everything they could think of, and no luck. However, luck just as funny and strange as faith.

The couple split up, to do some Christmas shopping for each other. As Marcus was about to walk down an alley, to one of the finest jewelry stores, his leg had a tringe of pain, as if it was bumped into. Marcus looked down and focused his sight. It was a scruffy, grey dog with no collar. The dog's fur was covered in dirt, soot and was wet to the touch. Its eyes were a dark chocolate, that can tell you the story of its life. Its claws were black with dirt, but worn out from running. The dog's nose was black, and cold as ice. The dog looked at Marcus with its ears folded down and its tail between its legs.

Marcus smiled at the dog and knelt to its level, "Hey there, little guy. Are you lost?" The dog sniffed Marcus' face, then shook its body roughly. The dirt flew all over Marcus' face, causing him to sneeze lightly. The dog ran off and disappeared into a corner. Marcus followed it, but lost it at the corner. He wiped the dirt from his face, then felt a tiny bump on the bridge of his nose. Marcus picked the bump off his nose, and got out his handy magnifying glass. What he saw amazed him, a tiny flea egg, abandoned by its parents and the dog. The egg gave Marcus an idea. He was working on a formula to fertilize plants, saving to eco-system. He smiled and put the egg into his left pocket.

Marcus met up with Amelia, in the center of the city. Amelia noticed the happy smile on Marcus' face, and couldn't help but be curious. So, she tilted her head to her left slightly. "Marcus, what have you done?" She asked in slight suspision.

"Amelia, honey, I've found the perfect Christmas present for you. For both of us." Marcus smiled, as he dug into his pocket and showed Amelia the flea egg. Amelia got out her glasses and adjusted her sight.

"A flea egg?" she asked in confusion. Marcus pointed to his head, indicating the phrase 'think about it'. Amelia closed her eyes and thought carefully. She knows of her husband's fertilizer formula. And she's been working on a formula to stablise the fertilizer, but ended up becoming a voice enhancer. Suddenly, an idea hits her. Amelia opened her eyes, gasped and smiled at Marcus, who was still smiling.

"Marcus, you're a genius!" Amelia cheered as she threw her arms around her husbands neck, "We're gonna have a child!"

Marcus and Amelia quickly ran home, to their lab and began creating the formula. Halfway, Amelia thought about something, and asked her busy husband, "What if the formula is unstable, and it...?"

"It'll be fine. I found out what the missing component is." Marcus assured, looking through the vial cupboard. To Amelia's surprise, the missing component was a vial of purple liquid. She smiled, realising it was her voice enhancer. Marcus put in two sprays of the enhancer into the fertilizer, the yellow substance glowed and turned a golden orange. Marcus picked the egg out of his pocket, placed it on to a lonely table, and gave the egg a good few sprays. In no time, in a cloud of gold and orange, the egg grew into the size of a 10 pound baby.

Amelia jumped for joy and happiness. Realizing how late it has gotten, Marcus decided to retire. Amelia stayed behind, listening to the egg's movement. She was soo happy, that she started to sing her family's lullaby.

"I... I hide my light, Inside a cloak of white,

Beneath a blue scarf and a chapeaux,

The pearl of my heart, Locked within a shell,

Too afraid to let it go, To let it show.

And all the headlines read, For the whole world to see,

An Angel in Parie.

I fall apart, I fall apart.

Apparently I did appear,

Beneath the light, Yes it was me,

An Angel in Parie.

I hide my pain, Inside a melody,

As if the notes I sing, Will set me free.

I'd keep all my dreams, Under a lock and key,

I'm so afraid, that they will fly away from me.

An Angel in Parie.

An Angel in Parie.

An Angel in Parie."

Amelia yawned with a stretch and decided to retire for the day as well. As she left the room, the egg began to move and a sweet, angelic voice sang, "An Angel in Parie..."

The next morning, Amelia and Marcus woke up to a voice singing, coming from the lab. They got out of bed, got their dressing gowns own and hurried to the lab. To their surprise, the egg was open. It hatched. The voice sang again, and it sounded around them. Amelia closed her eyes and listen to the voice. It was singing her lulla-bye. She opened her eyes and was able to locate the voice, "It's over here."

Marcus and Amelia walked to the corner of their garden part of the lab, and saw a small figure hiding behind the large sunflower. To their surprise, they saw a flea, the size of a one year old child. It's blue body with black hairs on its arms, legs, back and two long hairs on top of its crown. Its face and plated chest are pale blue. Its eyes caught the couple's interest. Both eyes were yellow-green with blue rings for the white areas of the other animals. However, the left iris was pale blue, and the right iris was pale green.

The flea froze in fear, realizing it was spotted, and looked at the couple. The couple looked at each other and smiled. Amelia, slowly, walked toward the frightened creature. The flea backed into a corner and rolled into a ball. Amelia smiled and extended her hand, "It's okay. I'm your mummy."

As Amelia said 'mummy', the flea got out of its ball position, and looked at her. It chirped in confusion at Amelia. "That's right, dear. I'm your mother." Amelia said in a gentle voice.

The flea reached its three-fingered hand to Amelia's hand. But, to Amelia and Marcus' surprise, it threw its four arms around Amelia's waist, purring in happiness. Amelia's eyes welled tears of joy, as she hugged the creature back.

The flea froze, as it saw Marcus, and hid behind Amelia, gripping on her dressing gown. Marcus smiled gentley, "It's alright. I'm your daddy."

The flea chirped again in confusion, then noticed Marcus' blue eyes, fulled with fatherly kindness and honesty. It let go of Amelia's gown and walked cautiously toward Marcus. Marcus stretched his arms out wide. The flea smiled with tears in its eyes and threw its arms around Marcus' neck. Marcus let his tears fall down his cheeks, as he hugged his new child. Then, a thought came to Marcus, as he let the flea go, and looked at it, "Now, what should we call you?"

The flea chirped in thought. It opened it's mouth and sang, in the angelic, sweet voice that chimed as everytime it hit a note, indicating it was a girl, "An Angel in Parie..."

Amelia thought for a second, then noticed the sun was shining a light on the flea, as the clouds cleared. She smiled, "How about, Evangeline?"

Marcus and the flea looked at Amelia in confusion and shock. "It means, 'good little angel.'" Amelia translated. Marcus smiled in approval. The flea hugged Marcus again, and purred, indicating that it liked its name.

Two years later, after getting the spare room ready for Evangeline, Marcus and Amelia were slightly in a bit of a situation. They loved their child, even though it was a mutated flea. She showed signs that she is slightly human as well. And she was the perfect child, suiting her name. They clothed Evangeline with one of Marcus' grey sailor shirts and black sailor pants, when he was in the navy. Amelia gave Evangeline her favourite street hat, from when she was a small child. Even though, she had four arms, three-fingered hands (including thumbs), mandibles, hairs, and legs built for jumping high, Evangeline looked like a normal, blue child. However, they're worried what the public will think of her.

A thought came to Amelia, as she was looking at the family album, "We'll introduce her one at a time." So, she called her mother first, telling her to come and visit, to see her daughter. Amelia's mother agreed and told her that the family will arrive in about a week. After hanging up the phone, Amelia started thinking about a disguise, for Evangeline.

During the week, Amelia started picking outfits for Evangeline, until she picked the right dress, a light blue dress with sleeves, and a slight wavy design. Evangeline was excited to meet the rest of her family.

"Be patient, Evangeline. I'm almost done. Why don't you play with my uncle's drum? They came all the way from America." Amelia suggested to Evangeline, she gave her a pair of bongos. Evangeline examined them and began lightly tapping them with her hands. Amelia tried a number of wigs, but Evangeline didn't quite look good with them.

"I've got it." Amelia smiled, as she got her mother's stage chapeaux, which was light blue with a black band, and a white v-domino mask. "There we go. Beautiful." Amelia commented, as Evangeline smiled and touched her masked face in amazement. Amelia, then, noticed something was off, "Oh. Your arms, sweet-heart."

Evangeline noticed and got her lower arms into the sleeves, as Amelia got a pair of white gloves. Amelia placed the gloves on and smiled, "Perfect."

Evangeline looked at herself in the mirror, then looked at Amelia. She chirped in confusion, but her eyes asked a more serious question, 'Are you embarassed of me, Mummy?'

Amelia smiled, "Of course not, dear. I'm worried about you. My family doesn't know about what you are. I tried, but the excitement got to them. Don't worry. I'm sure they will love you, dear." These words brought Evangeline's smile back.

The week past, in the middle of the day, and the family arrive. Marcus invited everyone inside and took a seat in the large living room. The family was a group of five. Two men, two women and a young boy. Both the women had ginger hair, and emerald eyes. But, one was small and had grey stands in her hair. And the other was a splitting image of Amelia, but her eyes were duller. The eldest man had grey on his side-burns and the bottom of his head of darker bown hair. His eyes were dark green. The younger man was a splitting image of the older man, but had a firmer face and light green eyes. The boy, however, had a chubby face with dark, nearly black, hair and dark brown eyes.

"It's great to see you all here today. Don't worry. Amelia and our little girl will be down very soon." Marcus told everyone. Trying to ease the tension of the introduction. Amelia was better at this than he was.

The sound of four footsteps creeped behind Marcus. "Hello everyone. I'm very glad you could all be here. We'd like to introduce you to our daughter." Amelia said, as she stood beside her husband. Marcus stood aside, "This is our little angel, Evangeline."

The family looked at the petit flea, in her full disguise. The boy, in the group of the family, narrowed his eyes at Evangeline, making her feel very nervous. The older woman walked to the nervous flea, and extended her hand, "Hello, dear Evangeline. My name is Lucy. But, you can call me 'Grandma'."

Evangeline looked into the woman's eyes and saw love at first sight. She smiled and hugged her grandma. Evangeline let go of Lucy, to let her join the rest of the family. Amelia's twin went next. "Hello, Evangeline. I'm Vanessa. I'm your aunt."

Evangeline smiled and threw her arms around Vanessa's waist. Vanessa smiled and rubbed Evangeline's back. Luckily, she didn't notice the flea's hairs. Next was the older man. Evangeline tilted her head a little, making the man give out a gentle chuckle, as he extended his arm to her, "You're very cute. My name is Matthieu. You can call me 'Grandpa'."

Evangeline nodded with a smile, and shook his hand. Marcus and Amelia smiled, seeing how well their taking Evangeline. The younger man was next. He bowed to Evangeline, "I'm your uncle, Sean."

Evangeline smiled and covered her mouth, indicating that she was giggling. Sean smiled, "Yeah, I know. My name is funny sounding." Amelia supressed a giggle herself.

The boy was next. The look he gave Evangeline, made her feel uneasy. "I'm Victor. Your cousin." He introduced himself. Victor stretched his arms out wide, showing that he wanted a hug. Evangeline was unsure, but she wrapped her arms around him. Being quick, Victor untied the mask, and took the hat. He let go of Evangeline, the mask fell, showing her face. Everyone gasped in fear. Amelia and Marcus gasped in shock. Victor smiled, "Ha! I knew it! She's a monster!"

Evangeline felt her face and noticed the mask and hat were missing. Tears welled up in her eyes and ran to Marcus. "Everyone, we can explain. She may not be human, but she is our child." Amelia tried to explain.

"That's your child? She's a mutant. A monster!" Vanessa shouted in fear. "That 'thing' could harm you, or anyone in this city."

"We've had her for two years. She's an angel. Yes, she's a flea. But, Evangeline is a wonderful child and-" Marcus shouted, but he noticed Evangeline in front of the family. She chirped and purred, then began to sing,

"You think I'm a murderous monster?

Yet, you've seen so many creatures,

I guess it must be so.

But, still, I cannot see.

If the true monster is me,

How can there be so much, that you don't know?

You don't know...

You think you own whatever place you go to.

The Earth is full of life you haven't seen.

And I know every stone, plant and creature,

Has a soul, has a story, has a meaning.

You think the only people, who are people,

Are the people who look, and think like you.

But, if you walk in the shoes of another,

You'll learn what is old, is new to you.

Have you ever see the sky lights glow so bright?

Or, ask the moon why it grins?

Can you sing with the voices of the Tower?

Can you hear the colors of the wind?

Can you hear the colors of the wind?"

Evangeline looked at the family. Each of them, except Victor, was touch by her song. Lucy ran and threw her arms around Evangeline, with tears in her eyes. Evangeline smiled and hugged her grandmother back. Lucy let go of Evangeline, and looked at Amelia, "You take good care of this good little angel." Amelia nodded.

The rest of the day went very well. Until, it was time for the family to go. Victor was the last to leave the house. He stared at Evangeline, "You may have my family fooled, but you're not fooling me. If you'd do anything to this family, I will squash you like the parasite that you are." Evangeline tilted her head in confusion, and chirped. Victor left the house, with the door slamming behind him. For some reason, Victor's words scared poor Evangeline, that she struggled to sleep that night. Ever since that day, the people in Paris lived in fear, as the newspapers say that there was a monster in Paris. This scared Evageline even more.