Cousin Lucille and The Professor.

Two years have passed, since I became friends with Emile and Raoul. We've became very good friends, and even shared our dreams for the future. Emile dreamed to be a movie director, Raoul dreamed of becoming an inventor, and I dreamed of helping both of them. They laughed out of humor and agreed with my dream. I had my share of laughs, when Raoul admitted that he is allergic to feathers. Even after two years, I still haven't slept a day. I hope to see how the rest of my family's been doing.

It's Mid-August. The river Seine has been swelling up lately, from all the rain over the past year. Miss. Paradis planned on taking the orphans on a field trip, to see the Eiffel Tower. Most of the orphans agreed, but the others didn't, since I agreed. No one wanted to hang out with me, except Emile and Raoul, who encouraged me to go. Cheeky boys. I put my disguise on and got some stuff ready for the field trip. Drinks, sandwiches, picnic blanket, plates, ect. A little later, we arrived at the Eiffel Tower and began studying about it.

"As we all know, the Eiffel Tower was built as a monument to remember the memory of the man who named the tower. Can any of you tell me who built this brilliant structure?" Miss. Paradis asked. Not many raised their hands. I was looking in the book of famous people, so I could answer. I raised my first hand.

"Yes, Evangeline?" Miss. Paradis called me. I stepped forward and pointed to a picture of a bearded man, standing in front of the tower, which was only 1/10th built.

"Gustave Eiffel. Yes, that's correct. Well done, Evangeline." Miss. Paradis said with a smile. I walked back to behind the group, getting called names along the way. I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I looked and saw Emile with a small smile.

"You did good, Evangeline." Emile told me, making me give him a smile. As the trip went on, I heard a singing voice. An alto. I looked around an saw... a girl that looked a lot like... Mummy? As curiousity got the best of me, I left the group and followed her. I kept following the girl until she got cornered by a group of large boys. The clouds grew dark and it rained heavily again. I took off my disguise and followed the leader of the group, from the rooftops.

"I told you to leave me alone!" The girl shouted in a strong french accent, just like Mummy and Auntie Vanessa. "Fiesty. I like that in a woman." The leader said with amusment in his voice. The rest of the group laughed at the girl. This was my chance. I tapped the leader's shoulder and he turned, annoyed.

"What do you want, pipsqueak?" He asked, before getting a good look at me. I looked up at him, snarling, and showing them my 'clawed' hands. "Wh-Wh-What is that thing?" One of the group asked in fear. I roared at the group of boys. Thunder clashed in unison with my roar. The boys screamed in fear and ran off. I smiled, then looked at the girl, who was curled up in a ball.

I walked up to her and placed my hand over her shoulder. The girl looked at me. I smiled kindly at her. The lightning must've made me look threatening, because she screamed and ran away. I watched her as sadness took over me and began to cry. Thunder and lightning flashed and crashed together. I heard a sudden sound, then looked. Below my head, my locket was open. It was playing my family's lullaby. Tears continued to fall down my cheeks as I opened my mouth,

"I... I hide my light, Inside a cloak of night.

Beneath a red scarf, And a chapeaux.

The pearl of my heart, Locked within a shell.

Too afraid to let it go, To let it show.

And all the headlines read, For the whole world to see,

A Monster in Parie.

I fall apart, I fall apart.

Apparently, I did appear.

Beneath the light, Yes it was me.

A Monster in Parie.

I hide my pain, Inside a melody.

As if the notes I sing, Will set me free.

I keep all my dreams, Under a lock and key.

I'm soo afraid, That they will fly, Away from me.

A Monster in Parie.

A Monster in Parie.

A Monster in Parie..."

I sighed in sadness, as the rain soaked me to the bone. As another thunder clashed, I heard footsteps, then the rain stopped falling on me. I looked up and saw the girl I saved, holding an umbrella over her and my heads. "Wh-Where did you hear that song? That's my family's lullaby." She asked me. I gave her a confused look. Her family's lullaby?

"My mummy used to sing it to me, ever since I was a baby. Mummy said it was the same song that Auntie Amelia sang to her daughter, before they all died." The girl explained with tears in her eyes. My eyes widened in shock. Auntie Vanessa is her mummy? That means, I have a biological cousin. I smiled with tears in my eyes, and showed the girl my pendant. She noticed and took a look.

"'For our loving angel.'" She read. She opened the pendant and saw my parents. He eyes widened in shock. "That's Auntie Amelia and Uncle Marcus. Then that means..." The girl said, then looked at my smiling face. She smiled, "You're my cousin, Evangeline." I nodded. Suddenly, she wrapped her arms around me. It took me by surprise, but I hugged her back. "I can't believe you survived the fire. Where have you been this whole time?" The girl asked me.

I was about to answer, but Miss. Paradis shouted my name. I let go of the girl, got my disguise back on and returned to the group. The rest of day went normal.

Many months later, it was my 10th birthday. A nice family adopted Emile, and other kids were with their new families. I was left with just a large group. All I got for my birthday was a cake and small party, that very few attended. I couldn't take the insults and bullying anymore.

A few days, after my birthday, at the dead of night, I packed my stuff, put on my disguise, and left the orphanage. I ventured the streets and alleys of Paris, but there was no place for me to stay. It was morning, and I found myself in front of a large greenhouse. I lightly knocked the door, the door creaked open. I entered the greenhouse and looked inside. I was amazed.

The place was nothing but large plant-life. Even, some sequoia trees were taller than their average height, sunflowers were 20 feet tall. Even the regular lilly was about the same height of a full-grown human. As I continued to look around, I noticed a lab in the center of the greenhouse. A large shelf of different vials of formulas, a long counter, with a sink and bonsurn burner, and a chalkboard, with a formula equation, answered with a question mark.

I looked at the equation, and began to think. After a few seconds, I picked up the chalk and began jotting my ideas. After a few minutes, I stopped jotting, put the chalk back, and smiled. I solved the equation. Suddenly, I heard the door open. Thinking quickly, I jumped to hide in the sequoia tree. I was impressed with what I saw.

An adult man entered the greenhouse. He was taller than me, and had dark hair, beard and eyes. Next to him, was an albino long-nosed monkey, wearing a street hat and a vest coat. I watched the two walk to the lab. The man walked to the counter, to check his work, until the monkey gasped and jumped for joy.

"What is it, Charles?" The man asked the monkey, Charles. Charles pointed to the chalkboard, showing the equation. "By Joe, this is a breathrough! Who solved this?" The man cheered in happiness. The monkey looked around, but couldn't see me. I smiled, knowing that I helped the man. He started to create the formula and was able to create a pink liquid. He gave Charles a few sprays of the liquid, and Charle's voice turned from monkey screeches, to a male's singing voice for a few seconds.

"Very impressive. A voice enhancer. Amelia would be delighted, if she and Marcus were alive today." The man said, with a sad tone at the last part. Amelia and Marcus... Was he friends with Mummy and Daddy? After a few seconds of silence, the man, the Professor, began another formula creation. Before he retired, he put down another equation on the board. I waited a few hours, until I decide to get out of my hiding place.

I looked at the equation, it looked very familiar. As I read the problem, a memory hit me. This was the same equation that was in Daddy's notes, before they were burnt away with him. I quickly picked up the chalk and wrote the solution. When I was done, I returned to my hiding place and stared at the stars and moon. The morning sun hit the greenhouse, and the Professor woke up and had breakfast with Charles. The monkey looked at the board and noticed the solution I wrote. He jumped for joy again, and showed the Professor.

"This is incredible. I wonder who wrote this." The Professor pondered, as I watched him. Charles must've smelt my scent, because he started to get jumpy and began looking around.

I quickly jumped away from my hiding place and landed on top of the tallest palm tree. Charles got closer to the tree, and I jumped again, to another plant. However, the branch I landed on was loose. So, it flopped downward, and I fell into the riverbed of the greenhouse. As you know, fleas can't swim, so I struggled to stay up for air. I saw a hand reach into the water, before the darkness took over.


I was wondering in a beautiful field. It was blossoming with Spring flowers with the Summer breeze blowing behind me. I heard voices calling my name. I followed and saw Mummy and Daddy, smiling at me. I ran up to them, but their smiles faded into anger and sadness, as flames surrounded them. The flames spread across the field and got closer to me. The dancing blazes got closer to me. Angry voices entered my ears, blaming me for the death of Mummy and Daddy. I screamed for them to stop, and they did. The field was nothing but ashes, Mummy and Daddy were gone, and the sky was nothing but smoke. Suddenly, I heard a guitar playing. A tall figure, wearing white and blue appeared. I couldn't see its face, but its eyes were like mine, but red, instread of blue and green. Its voice was soft and gentle, telling me it was male,

"See my face, Wet with tears,

Running down my cheeks.

Washing over my fears,

Like rain upon the streets.

I'm a monster, but...

My heart is passionate and profound.

I will sing, Like April Showers,

Singing till my final hour.

But, up here, Everything's clear,

I'm looking at Parie.

I know eventually,

You will find the meaning of,

This thing that they call 'love'.

So it ends, This poem,

If it really has a moral.

This boogeyman wants you to know,

That love's in the Soul."

*Dream End*

When I woke up, I gasped for air and sat up. I coughed a bit, and realised I wasn't in the water anymore, but on a bed, in a bedroom. I looked at my hands and saw that my disguise was off. Panic took its grip on me, did the Professor see me? Did Charles see me? Will they call the police? Will they kill me? My train of thought broke by the sound of the door opening. I quickly ran to the nearest shadow I could find. It was the Professor and Charles, with a tray of food.

"Little dear? Are you awake? It's okay, I won't bite." The Professor said with a kind voice, looking around for me. I hid deeper in the shadow. Charles smelt me and walked infront of me. He reached out his hand to me, but I shook my head. Charles shrugged and joined the Professor.

*A few months later*

After the accident, I spent most of my time in the garden, hiding from the Professor, and becoming good friends with Charles. During the past few months, I found that Raoul's family is a close friends with the Professor and that Raoul has spoken alot about me. During that time, I remembered that Charles saved me from drowning. And I was very gratefull. One night, my amnesia took its toll and fell asleep. And I dreamt about the man in white again. Something about him gave me hope. His eyes were sad and his voice spoke a lot of emotions.

When I woke up, I found out I was in a bedroom. And I was sleeping in a queen-sized bed. I looked around and dread chilled down my spine. The door opened, and the Professor appeared, with Charles beside him, holding a tray of food. I quickly jumped out of the bed and hide in the shadows again.

"It's okay, dear. I'm not going to harm you." The Professor encouraged.

I shook my head. Charles crawled to me and reached out his hand. I looked into his eyes and saw that the Professor was a harmless soul. I nodded, taking his hand and he showed me to the Professor. The Professor looked at me with no fear. Interest and facination were clear in his eyes. He began to examine me, from the tips of my fingers, to my toes.

"Very interesting. A Ctenocephalides canis with definite signs of human DNA. Whoever had the brains to create you was very smart to find the perfect match." The Professor told me. I smiled proudly in my family's work.

The Professor, suddenly, noticed my necklace, "May I see your locket, dear?"

I looked at my locket, and gave it to him. He opened the locket and the music played. I tried hard not to think about my parents. I saw tears in his eyes, "Amelia and Marcus."

He closed the locket and looked at me. Out of nowhere, the Professor threw his arms around me. I gasped in shock, then wrapped my arms around him.

"Where have you been, young Evangeline? I thought you died with your parents." The Professor asked, then told me. He was friends with my parents. I dug through my trenchcoat and showed him an image of the Orphange. He took it from me and smiled.

"It's settled then." He said. I chirped in confusion.

"I'm going to adopt you." He answered. I jumped in shock. Adopt me? But, I'm not completely human. I'm just a mutated flea.

The next day, The Professor, Charles and I returned to the Orphanage. Miss. Paradis was very worried about me, thinking that I wondered off. But, she was very glad that I was with someone very familiar. The Professor told Miss. Paradis that he has decided to adopt me as his daughter and prodigy. As he was signing the papers, I heard Miss. Paradis ask the Professor why such a quick decision. He told her that he was a friend of my father's since kindergarten. And he was my GodFather. A few hours later, it was official. I was the Professor's daughter and prodigy.

My life was wonderfull again. I was home-schooled with my new father. I became best friends with everyone that became friends with me, Raoul, Emile, my cousin Lucille, and Charles. But, I could only visit them once a week. I was okay with that. However, Victor's words and the fire still haunt me. So, my insomnia just get worse. But, every night, I do hear a voice singing, as I stare at the stars. It was the same voice from my dreams of the tall man in white and blue. Sometimes, he wore black and red. But his eyes and voice never change. And I don't know why he bothers me so much. He makes my heart feel warm and big. Butterflies the size of my hands flutter in my stomach. My face heats up. Have I found my dream man? But, there's the question; Is he human, or something else?