A/N: hey everyone! So this is me Nightwing's-assistant, and I'm back with my sequel! If you have no idea what is going on...click my name^^ up there and read "Hi, I'm new here." I am sorry for my TERRIBLE writing skills in that one...It was my first fan fiction so please excuse that...ooh and I skipped to the time skip...so this is all my own style and new characters will show up randomly (like Blue or Cassie or you know characters from invasion) so yeah...ENJOY

It's been a month since Annika's 'death' and about ten hours since I found out that she's still alive. Christmas was really hard, considering we had already bought her some gifts, but the best gift I had gotten was her call for help, revealing that she's still alive. I haven't slept since the call, and I am constantly thinking that it was just our imaginations. Whenever I think that I am feeling bad, I look at Bruce he has it way worse than I do. Everyone knows he doesn't cope with death well, but the fact the he let her join the team, and adopted her doesn't sit well with him. And then, when I think that Bruce and I are the only ones suffering, I see her aunt, Dinah taught her how to fight, and let her become a hero. Every now and then I look around, and see myself feeling selfish, and slightly conceited that Annika picked me to send the help message to, not her foster father, or her biological Aunt, but - I don't even know what she considered me. She said she liked me, but where those emotions changed after recalling my flirting with Zatanna? Or did she lie in the first place? What did we mean to each other? Wait- I have no time to think about that, I need to know where she is. I look at the spot where her tracker went off, and devise that it hasn't moved since she sent the signal.

"Hey Rob," KF says yawning. "Go to sleep, we'll find her in the morning." He says.

"What if I lose the signal, or if she sends one while I'm sleeping?" I snap at him.

"Okay, okay, if we go to that location," Wally says pointing to the screen, "Then when we come back, will you sleep?"

"Maybe." I say getting up.

"Good enough lets go." Wally says and presses the insignia on his chest, changing his costume from red and yellow, to black. We walk together to my R cycle and we head toward the doors.

"If we leave, everyone will know." I whisper to Wally.

"Hello Wally, hack Robin!" He replies.

"Hack what?" We hear Conner behind us.

"Conner they're gonna hack the door so they can go out without telling us." M'gann says.

"Go where?" Artemis asks.

"I believe they are going to find Annika." Kaldur says.

"Without us?" Zatanna asks.

"Apparently not." I say right behind them, they all shriek quietly.

"No one is a better ninja than Robin." KF says smirking.

"Well we may as well take the Bio-Ship." M'gann says.

"We may as well take the Justice League." I mutter, hoping that Conner didn't hear it. We walk toward the Bio-Ship and I take my seat in the front, eager to get to the last place Annika was.

"So, uh why is everyone coming?" Conner asks scratching the back of his head.

"Ooh lets all take turns as to why we're going!" Wally says enthusiastically.

"Well, Annika and I got along pretty well, I guess." Conner says.

"Anna and I, were really close, practically sisters!" M'gann says happily.

"I knew Annika at Gotham North, and Gotham Academy she was really nice there." Artemis says quietly.

"I felt bad" Zatanna says.

"She was a good teammate, and friend." Kaldur says.

"She was like a young Black Canary, so I could date her, and it wouldn't be illegal. Not to forget, she is gonna look like Dinah when she grows up." Wally says, receiving a smack upside the head from Artemis.

"Robin, it's your turn." M'gann says quietly.

"I love her." I say, before thinking. Wally's eyes grow wide, and Artemis gives a smirk. "I don't know if I love her as a sister, or more than that, but I love Annika North." I say, and lean back in my chair. We sit in silence for the rest of the ride, and I for one, am glad, now I can think.

"We're at the coordinates that Robin gave me." M'gann says quietly.

"Take us down." Kaldur says, we take a few minutes to land, but we finally do. I jump out of my seat, and out the newly shifted door. Followed by Kid Flash, Miss Martian, Superboy, Aqualad, Zatanna, and Artemis. I bring up my holo computer and track where she sent the signal.

"So she was here?" Zatanna asks.

"Or she still is." I say, looking around, there is nothing here, just an old country road, and some street signs.

"What's that?" Artemis asks.

"Probably just some street trash, you know, one time I saw a refrigerator shelf, and a winter coat, and-" Wally continues but I tune him out, I walk over to the street trash, hoping to find something that could lead me to Annika.

"What is it?" M'gann asks flying over to me.

"Just an old shoe." I reply walking to the next item.

"And the other shoe." I mutter, "This is gonna take forever." I say walking over to Kid Flash.

"Hey, don't give up Rob, we will find her." He says smiling.

"Hey! I found something!" Zatanna yells. We all run over hoping to find some sort of clue. We look to we're Zee is standing and see a poorly drawn Superman insignia.

"So? Some kid could've drawn that." Conner bluntly states.

"Conner, in case you haven't noticed, this isn't exactly Disneyland, no one is gonna stop here to take a break." Artemis says.

"But even if it was Annika, why Superman?" Kaldur asks.

"Maybe it isn't Superman, but Superboy." I say, surprising everyone.

"But why just Superboy?" Zatanna asks.

"Maybe he was the first person she thought of." Zatanna suggests.

"Or his insignia was the easiest to draw." Kaldur tries.

"Maybe she thought only us boys would show up." KF says.

"What? Are you implying that Anna had no faith in us girls?" Artemis asks glaring at Wally.

"No, I'm implying that you girls gave her the cold shoulder." He retorts.

"I treated Annika well." M'gann says quietly.

"Annika was quiet and seemed unapproachable." Zatanna snaps at Wally.

"STOP REFERRING TO HER IN THE PAST TENSE!" I yell at the team, they look at me surprised, but stay quiet.

"So why Superboy?" M'gann asks.

"Maybe she didn't just draw Superboy's insignia, everyone try looking for your own." I say, walking around.

"I don't have an insignia." Zatanna says.

"Annika is a quick thinker, just look for something that could represent you." I say looking for my insignia.

"K-KF can you run around a bit and look?" I ask.

"Yeah, just hold on a sec." He says and runs around the area.

"Nothing but Supey here." He says after a few minutes.

"Maybe it's something else." Conner says.

"Maybe it's only for Conner." Zatanna says grinning.

"No, it's something that she knows I will understand." I say to myself.

"Why you?" Wally asks.

"Because I've known her longest." I snap at the speedster.

"Not exactly," we hear, I whip around to see Red Arrow looking at the Superman insignia.

"Can we help you?" Artemis asks, glaring at him.

"No, I can help you, I've known Annika for years, she's practically my cousin, now let me tell you what this means." He replies coolly.

"And how do you know we didn't figure it out already?" I snap at him.

"Look Rob, Annika is a tricky thinker and I have known her a lot longer than any of you, do not say I do not know my cousin." He replies walking closer to me, angry.

"Well do not tell me I don't know my sister!" I snap.

"Sister?" M'gann asks.

"Er-I did say she's like a sister." I stutter.

"But you said you love her." Conner states bluntly.

"I said, that I love her as a sister." I retort.

"You actually said that you don't know." Artemis says grinning.

"Alright, alright, anyways can we get back to the insignia?" I ask, glaring at the team.

"Yes, now, I think she put the insignia here to show that Superboy here should use a certain power." Roy says smirking.

"Uh, what power?" Conner asks.

"Well, what power did you use last when she was around?" I ask.

"Super strength? How is that going to help here?" He asks.

"Try the different types of sights." Kaldur tries.

"Why wouldn't she put my insignia?" Wally asks. "I have all those sights with my goggles."

"SUPER HEARING!" Roy and I yell at the same time.

"Uh, alright." Conner says and makes a face of concentration. "Uh I hear music." He says, and I suddenly become excited.

"Where is it coming from?" I demand.

"North." Conner replies, and I suppress a smile, we are closer to finding her.

"Let's go!" I say and run toward to Bio-Ship excited beyond belief to see Anna again.