"A puppet is just a puppet: Something to be toyed with until it breaks."

Maroons high-pitched, mousy voice deepened as much as it could when he said: "There's a rebellion, Sir."

Of course; as to be expected, when you try to craft a perfect world someone ignorant who doesn't understand will band together with more ignorant people and stand against you.

"Oreburgh?" He muttered a yes. "Well, then there's only one answer," a smirk tugged at my lips, "cut off their resources even more. Higher the taxes, make everyone work double shifts in the mine, have guards loot the houses for any evidence that they have left town. If there is evidence, well, let the guards have their fun." Maroon left the room; closing the door behind him. The hallway light that had crawled in over the dark wood floors crawled backwards as the door slowly shut, and then completely disappeared when the doorknob clicked closed.

Again, I was left to my darkness. Since a few days ago, when things in Oreburgh first got out of control, I locked myself in the Champion Chambers—the master bedroom, bathroom and sitting room at the top of the League building—all alone, in the dark, only ever disturbed by my trusted advisor Maroon, who once was loyal to my father but, since the mysterious Saydan Manor house fire, has been loyal to me, like his family has been for generations; meditating with Giratina for guidance. Ever since I earned my title, I've been working feverishly to put together the pieces of the puzzle for Giratina; to learn how to get him to his greatest, strongest form which was ever-so dastardly ripped away from him. I owe him this. In return, I get one of the strongest Pokémon that has ever existed, insuring that I will always and forever be the most powerful person in Sinnoh; the Sinnoh League Champion. Not only that, but whatever great powers comes with the Pokémon will be in my possession. Maybe this Pokémon, who is currently not of this world—yet—will have the power of resurrection; something no Pokémon here holds. Maybe this Pokémon can bend the forces of time, like the mighty Dialga, or space, like the mighty Palkia, or something even greater than this—something the human mind can't even comprehend!

Oh, how the possibilities are endless.

However, I haven't been able to accomplish such a task. My searching has been mostly fruitless; except for the occasional clue. But I can feel like I'm getting closer, so close that I can taste the sweet accomplishment on my lips, the closest I've ever been, and Giratina keeps assuring me that I am very close.

But for now, I have to keep everything under control. I can't make the Sinnoh people distrust me. Soon, they'll have the most powerful leader any Region in the entire world could have; they just have to be patient. These ignorant people will regret their mistakes once I'm strong and can protect them from anything. Then they'll see why I have to discipline them now for their wrongdoings. Like a parent; like when I had to scrape the grime from leftover food off of my mother's china after I mouthed-off to my father.

To make sure they can try to understand and trust me, I gave Jubilife many gifts and treasures, and they broadcast my good deeds to the rest of the region. If you turn on the television, everything is about how great I am. To continue this, every town and city got shipments of televisions. Minus Oreburgh, they got theirs taken away when they started acting out. They're currently placed in timeout; cut-off from the rest of the world, so they can think about what they've done, I suppose.

Nevertheless, I wasn't worried. I wouldn't let a small, worthless town—only worth as much as I give them—get in the way of plans or my thinking. Not even when they somehow escaped and blew up the top of Sunyshore's lighthouse a few days after I raised taxes and such. A great act of defiance, yes; and the first of many, but I would never let them stand in the way. Not them, not Legendary Pokémon, and especially not young, stupid trainers blinded by the thoughts of earning badges. No one would stop me.

"Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely."

"Her name's Cynthia Everheart, Sir." Maroon had said, and showed me her interview.

"She's stronger," Giratina told me, "there's something different about her." His tone was...Different. It made me scowl at the blonde haired trainer on the television screen.

"I'm the strongest," I said, and Maroon looked at me past his glasses. "She's nothing to worry about. And if she becomes a problem…Then I'll take care of it." He slightly smiled, but I could feel the fright he was omitting. He was slightly scared of me, but he respected me and would never betray me. That's perfect.

After more discussion, my advisor left. I stepped out onto my personal balcony and looked over the land in the nightlight. A chilling breeze whipped by, and I breathed it in deeply. Any other champion would be nervous by oncoming trainers, but not I. I'm better than that. Grinning, I thought: I'm not nearly done with my work…This is only the beginning.

"Fear leads to obsession with power, and obsession beckons the darkness."

~The End~

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