Epilogue: The Final Battle

They were making a mad dash towards the beam following a convoy of Makos and Hammer heads heading in the same direction more quickly towards the beam. Shepard's progress was stopped as a nearby Reaper blasted a Mako and sent it flying towards him. He stopped just in time as the Mako landed directly in front of him. Shepard looked behind him and took a moment to be relieved at seeing Garrus and Liara still running towards him. His moment of relief didn't last long as another blast from the Reaper sent another Mako over his head and towards his two friends. His heart froze and he was unable to move as he saw the Mako land in front of them, as the Mako toppled over and crashed to the ground the two were able to avoid being hit by the giant machine but were unable to avoid the explosion. Forgetting the beam Shepard turned back and raced towards his friends. As he approached Garrus was able to get up on his own, if not shakily and in obvious pain, while Liara was on the ground and unable to move. Shepard jumped over the fallen remains of the Mako as he bent down to wrap Liara's arm around his neck and half guided half carried her to cover behind the first fallen Mako.

The sound of rushing Makos and Reaper blasters filled the air as Shepard gave the last of the medi-gel to his protesting friends. Shepard couldn't help but shudder at seeing the condition of his closest friends, Liara was covered in wounds, her purple blood spilling from the holes her barriers were unable to block amongst burn marks from the explosion. Garrus had a number of wounds and cuts as well along with his left leg angled in a funny direction. Knowing his friends wouldn't be able to make it with him the rest of the way Shepard connected his comm to the Normandy.

"Normandy! Do you copy? I need an evac. Right now!" Shepard heard a reply coated in static as he barely heard Joker say, "We're taking heavy losses up here, Commander." Shepard cursed as he heard a familiar humming of a ship approaching their location followed by Joker's response of, "On our way, Commander!" Shepard sighed again in relief and sent a silent thanks that Joker was as good a pilot as he bragged he was. As the Normandy lowered from the sky only yards away from their position Shepard grabs Liara again around the waist, placing her arm around him, and lifted her off of the ground.

"Come on." He urged as he carried Liara to the Normandy with Garrus close in tow. As the three run towards the Normandy the hatch is lowered releasing a number of Alliance soldiers running out of the Normandy and towards the beam, a number of the soldiers stayed on the hatch firing at anything hostile that got too close to the ship. As the three got onto the latch Shepard handed a bleeding Liara to Garrus.

"Here, take her." He ordered.

"Shepard," Liara protested as Garrus took the bleeding Asari from Shepard.

"You gotta get out of here," he said his voice full of worry and his blue eyes soft. Liara had seen that expression on his face rarely since the war had begun but knew now wasn't the time to reminisce.

"I'm all right Shepard," she assured though the pain in her expression told him otherwise.

"Don't argue with me, Liara." Shepard said sternly but without any steel in his voice.

"You're not leaving me behind…" she argued as she resisted Garrus's attempts to bring her into the Normandy. Shepard's face changed to one of pain and resentment as he approached Liara.

"No matter what happens-" he started with an audible crack in his voice, "You mean everything to me Liara, You always will." Shepard put a hand on Liara's face and looked into her serene blue eyes, the expression in his eyes changed instantly from one of resentment and pain to one of absolute love as the two stared at each other.

"Shepard I -," she's interrupted by an explosion behind Shepard and while he doesn't look away she can feel him slowly move away, never taking his eyes off of her.

"I am yours," she finally manages as Shepard steps off the hatch and runs towards the beam. Liara struggles to stay on the hatch as long as she can until Shepard is unseen within the mass of foot soldiers and Makos. Finally she relents and allows Garrus to carry her into the Normandy. The Normandy was a hub of action, everyone on their stations and no one taking their eyes off of their screens for a second. The two are instantly met by two medics who take Liara from Garrus and lead the two into the med bay. When they enter the smell of bleeding flesh and decontaminate hits them as they are brought to the only spare bed in the room. Liara lies on the bed much to the urging of Garrus who claimed he was only suffering from minor flesh wounds. As the medics approached Garrus insisted they tend to Liara first claiming that she had more serious wounds to tend to. Liara lied on the bed impatiently as the medic cleaned and treated her wounds along with more injections of medi-gel.

"This isn't right. We should be out there, with him!" Liara yelled as she sent the medics away. "He shouldn't be out there by himself."

"He's not by himself Liara, there are over a hundred men and women with him running to the beam, and he'll make it." Garrus assured her.

"Garrus is right Liara," a familiar voice said. Liara turned her head to see Dr. Chakwas approaching her. As she approached her eyes widened and she gasped inaudibly raising a hand to her mouth.

"Garrus! What are you doing standing? Get into a chair immediately!" Liara turned confused at seeing Karin's outburst but she froze at seeing Garrus's condition. She had been too preoccupied to notice before but his left leg was all but ripped off and was hanging at a dangerous and painful angle. He protested only momentarily as another medic approached with a chair and eased him into it.

"Why didn't you say anything earlier?" Liara asked as she saw Garrus visibly relax after getting weight off his leg.

"This entire planet is on the brink of destruction, getting tackled by a Brute doesn't seem as painful in comparison," he mused simply.

"But- but that was hours ago!" Liara exclaimed shocked that Garrus would willingly suffer for that long.

"It wasn't as bad then and I'd injected medi-gel, there wasn't anything else I could have done,"

"Except tell Shepard before you were out of range of the base site," Dr. Chakwas scorned. "You could have lost your leg Garrus and you still could."

"We're going to lose a lot more than a leg if we don't win this war Dr.," Garrus growled. Karin's expression softened only for a moment before she began instructing the other medics to put a cast around Garrus's leg along with another injection of medi-gel.

"How are we doing?" Garrus asked, the anger gone from his voice and replaced from mild exhaustion.

"The Reapers are attacking our ships with a brutal and merciless precision; we are surviving but won't be able to take much more punishment. The same can be said about our ground forces." EDI replied from over the Normandy's PA.

"Damn," Garrus cursed angrily. "The entire galaxy on our side and the Reapers are still cutting through our defenses." After the medics had casted Garrus's leg he stood up testing the weight and limped towards the med bay door, M-98 Widow in hand.

"Stop the ship, I'll set up a perch somewhere and do my thing."

"Like hell you will," Chakwas said blocking his path to the exit. "You aren't going anywhere Garrus."

"You heard what EDI said Karin, our men are getting killed out there. We need everyone who can hold a gun to shoot at something big and synthetic." As Garrus pushed past Dr. Chakwas towards the door he was stopped abruptly when the door opened revealing Tali in the door way. Tali had been convinced by Engineer Adams to remain on the ship to help keep the power of the Normandy at its peak. When she appeared in the doorway Garrus took a step back surprised and worried at Tali's appearance.

"Tali I-"

"You get tackled by a Brute, shot at by a Reaper and nearly killed by an exploding Mako and you want to go back out their?" she said, it was hard to tell through her mask but it was a good bet that she had been crying.

"Tali listen to me," he was interrupted by a slap from Tali that appeared to surprise everyone in the room.

"No YOU listen to me you bosh'tet," she said sternly. "If you think that I am going to let you get back out their fighting ancestor knows what then you must have taken another rocket to the head." Garrus was about to argue when EDI began speaking over the PA again.

"I've just received word from Admiral Hackett, a Reaper attacked the entire convoy heading to the Citadel. Currently Shepard and Admiral Anderson are the only ones that made it but it is unknown if they survived, their com links are currently unreachable."

"Shepard,"Liara said as tears began flowing down her eyes. She began weeping uncontrollably as Karin and Tali went to comfort her, after staring at the women Garrus cursed himself and limped over towards the bridge. When he made it passed the scurrying crew he found Joker and EDI frantically working the controls of the Normandy to avoid enemy fire. As he approached neither of them turned to look at him but Joker had apparently heard him coming.

"What's the matter run out of ammo and lose your stick?" he chided not taking his eyes off of the screen before him.

"How are our guys holding up?" Garrus asked, abandoning his usual choice of banter.

"There holding but from what I can tell there taking a hell of a beating out there." Joker replied morbidly. "Hopefully Shepard will be able to work the Crucible, otherwise it's going to end up being a really short war." Garrus didn't reply and just looked at the screen as he watched Joker avoid and destroy and oncoming Reaper ship.

Damn it Shepard, Garrus thought to himself, I hope you fire that thing off soon. Otherwise there may not be anyone in the galaxy left to save.

Somewhere in the trenches on London's borders

They never stopped coming. For every Reaper Kaidan and his squad had taken down three more appeared to take their place. He was lucky that he ended up running into Major Kirrahe and his platoon of STG agents. Kaidan and several of his students had been forced into cover by a group of Marauders and were doing very little to fight back. Two people took turns keeping barriers up while the others would fight back firing their guns and detonating biotic explosions, unfortunately it seemed inevitable that they would be over run. It was then that Kirrahe and his men were able to flank the Reaper forces and relieve the pressure off the biotics allowing them to finish them off with ease. With the last of the Marauders gone Kaidan gets up from his cover and approaches the Major. Kirrahe takes out his Scorpion pistol and fires a round into the heads of the Marauders at his feet. As he turns around and holsters his gun he smiles when he sees Kaidan approaching.

"Boy am I glad to see you guys," Kaidan exclaimed holding out his hand. Kirrahe took it and shook it quickly before the two majors began walking under a building for cover.

"I can assume so, glad to see you're alright Major, lose anyone?" Kirrahe asked.

"Nah, we took a couple of shots but everyone is still standing." Kaidan replied.

"Good to hear, I just received word from my associate Padok Wiks, a few people managed to make it to the Citadel."

"Did he know who?" Kaidan asked anxiously. Kirrahe shook his head.

"No he didn't but I think we can both assume that Commander Shepard managed to make it,"

"I hope so, if anyone can get the Crucible activated it's him," Kaidan said confidently.

"Agreed, but on the off chance the people who made it die up there my team and I are heading to the beam. I believe it's safe to assume that your squad will be joining us? It would be beneficial for both of us: you for an increase in numbers and us for the biotic assistance." Kaidan nodded in agreement.

"Sounds like a plan to me." Turning to his men he rallies them up and the two forces combine and make way towards the beam. According to Kirrahe's Omni tool they were still at least 10 miles away from the beam, so they started running towards its general direction. As the soldiers ran Kaidan couldn't help but admire the Salarian's endurance and speed, he remembered fighting with Kirrahe's team on Virmire and he was surprised to see such fighting skill in Salarians, he never understood why they were always credited for being just scientists and doctors. Unfortunately Kaidan would be seeing the Salarians skill in combat all too quickly. After running a fair distance Kirrahe stopped running and motioned for his men to take cover behind the remains of a fallen building. As they take cover Kaidan risks a glance over to see who was there. The way across was blocked by two Brutes and at least a dozen of both Marauders and Cannibals along with a number of Husks walking the way. Kirrahe then gestures to Kaidan and signs to him a command he learned back in Alliance training.

Biotic Detonations

Signaling to his own men Kaidan and his students prepped themselves for the detonations. Kaidan waited for the perfect moment to strike, and his students knew to wait for their old mentor to make the first move. Finally after several minutes of waiting Kaidan launches an overload at a group of Marauders, as soon as it hit the first one destroying its shields it branched out and hit several other weakening their shields greatly. Before the Reapers had a chance to react the other men from Kaidan's unit made their move, as soon as the overload had hit three of his men threw singularities while Kaidan and the other two men launched warps at the now floating Reapers. While their cover was now blown they had taken out most of the opposing infantry, unfortunately both of the Brutes were still standing.

"Men take them down!" Kirrahe ordered, his fellow STG members began opening fire upon the Brutes and the remaining other Reapers before them. While the surviving Marauders and Cannibals took cover and began firing the husks and Brutes began advancing towards the group.

"Take out those Brutes!" Kaidan yelled to his students. The biotics spread out and surrounded the two Brutes from spread out spots of cover; they then began firing warp blasts and reave in Kaidan's case in attempts to take out the Brutes. As the Brutes were hammered bioticaly it wasn't long until the Salarian group began firing on the Brutes as well. It was then that two separate Cobra missiles were fired at the two Brutes dropping them instantly to the ground. Kaidan turned to see Kirrahe and his second in command Rentola both holding the expended missile launchers. Kaidan smiled and was about to thank the Salarians when an ear splitting roar came from the sky. Kaidan looked up to see a giant monster flying above them and aiming down.

"Harvester!" A Salarian yelled as everyone went to dive for cover. The Harvester circled above the group and began firing projectiles at the two teams. They were shielded from the cover but the moment that it shot at the buildings they would be in plain sight.

"How do we kill that thing?" Kaidan yelled over the sound of exploding missiles all around them.

"Impossible as long as it's in the sky!" Kirrahe shouted. "Biotics won't reach it and not enough snipers to cause any real damage," To prove his point a handful of the Salarian operatives took out Viper sniper Rifles and began firing at the Harvester.

"Any Cobra Missiles left?" Kaidan asked as a blast came close to destroying half of his squad.

"Only one left, but chances of hitting it from down here are unlikely. We need to force it to the ground!" Kirrahe shouted. As if to answer their prayers the Harvester roared and flew extremely low to the ground dropping a group of Husks and Cannibals down in the middle of the group. Moments later it then landed on the ground meters away from the dropped Reapers. Kaidan's students set up a group of barriers preventing the Reapers from hitting any of the Salarians as they leveled the minor Reaper forces. The Harvester than began an onslaught of missiles as it fired relentlessly at the Salarians behind the barriers. As the missiles hit the barriers Kaidan's students fell to the ground from the force of the attacks forcing them to the ground.

"Someone fire at that thing!" Kirrahe shouted as he and several other operatives threw Decoys in front of the Harvester. The Harvester was distracted by the sudden appearance of random Salarians for only a moment, and fortunately that's just what the third party was waiting for.

"ARALAKH COMPANY MOVE IN!" From atop the buildings the Salarians and Kaidan's men were sheltered beneath a group of Krogan leapt from the roofs of the buildings and landed on the Harvester. Kaidan looked up at the sight and was surprised (and immensely relieved) to see Grunt amongst the other Krogan jumping the Harvester. As they landed the group of them began firing round after round of shot gun shells into the Reaper's back causing it to wail out in pain. In a moment of power Grunt rushed up the neck of the Harvester and leapt into the mouth of the beast while it howled in pain. Firing what appeared to be a grenade launcher Grunt emptied the clip into the Harvester before jumping out in time as the creatures head and innards exploded killing the beast instantly.

"YES! That was AWESOME!" Grunt shouted as he got up covered in blood and organs. He turned back to his men on the Harvester and yelled, "Make sure to take off its wing, it'll make for an impressive trophy!" As Grunt turned around he finally noticed Kaidan and the others as they approached him warily.

"Heh I was wondering what got the Harvester to fall to the ground, guess it's lucky it didn't kill you guys huh?" Grunt said leering slightly.

"It would appear so," Kirrahe said cautiously. Before another word was said the sky changed color to an intense shade of red. As the group looked up one of the Salarians pointed up and shouted, "Someone managed to activate the crucible!"

"The what?" Grunt yelled back towards the Salarian that shouted it.

"It's the weapon we've been working on to destroy the Reapers Grunt," Kaidan explained.

"So… there won't be any more Reapers to kill?" Grunt asked almost sadly.

"That's the plan." Turning back to Aralakh Company Grunt cocked his Claymore and shouted,

"HEY, the Reapers will all be destroyed soon, hurry up and get that wing! I want another 30 kills before there all dead!"

Outskirts of the beam 30 minutes earlier

The group of Krogan lead by Wrex followed by James, Javik and Zaeed were making a mad rush for the beam. The only cover that was around were the remains of destroyed Mako and Hammer Heads, the only thing between them and the beam was an entire army of Brutes and Ravagers surrounded by hundreds of Husks.

"I can't remember the last time I had so much fun!" Wrex cheered as he threw a number of Lift grenades at the progressing enemies. Javik had just finished off a Ravager that got to close and said, "You believe that fighting for our lives against impossible odds to be fun?"

"Hell yeah! It's the Rachni Wars all over again." Javik scowled as he infected a nearby Brute with Dark Channel.

"Had you been around in my cycle my people would have ridiculed you for your reckless pleasantries."

"Then I guess the Protheans didn't have all that much fun huh?" Wrex chided as he ripped a husk in half and detonated a biotic explosion on the Brute Javik had infected.

"How about a little less arguing and a LITTLE MORE KILLING REAPERS!" James yelled as he carved through several Husks with his Omni blade.

"Oi! Less bitching and more killing Husks! We're burning moonlight!" Zaeed scolded as he razed an entire group of Husks and a Brute with a fistful of Inferno Grenades. They were pinned down and unable to advance due to the far reaching missiles of the Ravagers. The group was eventually forced to a standstill taking cover as the Reapers slowly moved in on them. One Krogan who turned the corner to fire a shot was immediately killed due to a Ravager blast to the face.

"We can't keep this up much longer! Those sodding Rachni are destroying us!" Zaeed shouted as He managed to headshot a Brute with his Mantis.

"Gaahh Shepard kills two Rachni Queens and we still have to deal with them." Wrex moaned as he floated a group of Husks with a Singularity. They continued firing as the Reapers still managed to close in on the now shrinking group. Suddenly a speeding ship flew ahead dropping something in an arch shape in front of them.

"Great now they have back up!" James moaned. Javik however shook his head as he took a sniff of the air.

"No, these are not enemy synthetics." Before anyone could ask what he meant a flash of green went off in front of them. Turning from around the cover the dwindled group was shocked as they saw a group of Geth led by a Prime wiping out the Reapers before them. As a group of Infiltrators was dealing with a nearby Brute the Prime approached the group with a sense of confidence.

"We have come to provide ground support; I hope you were not under fire for too long a period." As the Prime spoke the group had mixed reactions; Javik sneered at the AI who had saved them, as a result of his experience with them in his cycle while James and Zaeed sighed in relief.

"HA, never thought I'd be giving thanks to a Geth. Here to lead us to the Beam boys?" Wrex asked confidently as he reloaded his Claymore.

"Negative, the unit known as EDI has informed us that Shepard Commander has made it to the Citadel. We are to insure nothing happens to hinder his mission."

"What? You're pulling us out of the fight? That's a load of shit if I ever heard one!" Zaeed cursed as he shoved a medi-gel needle into his arm. At that moment a number of high pitched screams went off from behind.

"I think you spoke to soon old man," James said warily as he reloaded his Claymore. From the way they came four banshees were making their way toward the citadel followed by a horde of Marauders and Cannibals already opening fire. Out of nowhere two Geth Infiltrators appeared in front of the group and brought up two large shields that managed to protect everyone from the oncoming fire.

"I guess it's a damn good thing you're on our side than eh?" Zaeed back as he grabbed a grenade from his belt. The Prime ignored the compliment and pulled out a Plasma Rifle that had been holstered on his back.

"Warning, Geth shields will not hold from consecutive Banshee biotic strikes. Requesting immediate removal."

"I do not take orders from a synthetic," Javik snarled as he primed his Particle Rifle.

"I did not mean to give you an order, it was a requested suggestion." The Prime said apologetically.

"Hey do you Pyjaks want to kiss and, make up later?" Wrex said seriously. Turning to the remaining Krogan he said, "Alright you heard the giant robot, focus your fire on the ugly Asari looking things. Bonus points for collateral damage." As the Krogan laughed as they began cocking their weapons Javik formed a barrier around himself.

"I will move in close, humans cover me." Before James or Zaeed could respond or object Javik leapt from behind the Geth's barrier and made a rush for the closest Banshee. As he ran James and Zaeed were able to snipe down any Marauder or Cannibal that would have had a shot at him, and any that they missed Javik instantly sent flying with a biotic throw. As he approached the first Banshee he was forced to duck and slide as it swung to grab him, he managed to survive as he slid between her legs and sending a Dark Channel at her from below. As she recoiled from the attack weakening her Javik had enough time to cool down and throw a green hued warp at the Banshee. As the Banshee fell to one knee from the impact it was soon taking fire from a trio of Geth soldiers who were firing upon it from out of her range.

Javik then turned and fired his Particle Rifle at full power at the second closest Banshee causing it to flail and resist the blast. Javik could feel enemy fire make contact with his barrier but he kept contact with his attack never faltering. As his weapon ceased firing in order to cool down Javik sent another warp at the Banshee leveling it. As that Banshee fell defeated Javik also dropped to a knee, the energy taken to maintain the barrier finally catching up to him. As a horde of Marauders and Cannibals approached and aimed at the Prothean Javik pulled out his M-6 Carnifex planning to drop as many Reapers as he could before being killed. As the Reapers fired at the Prothean Javik was surprised when a large Biotic Barrier appeared around him out of nowhere. He turned around to see who it was, and was shocked when he saw the only other Biotic, Wrex, busy using a husk as a nun chuck against a Marauder.

"I thank the Goddess for allowing me to be here in time to protect one of her children." Javik looked up and was surprised to see the Asari Justicar Samara slowly floating to the ground beside him.

"Justicar," he said trying not to sound ungrateful.

"Rest for the moment, I will handle our enemy." With a raise of her glowing hand Samara sent a shockwave of energy that seemed to pulse from the barrier and send flying all the minor Reaper forces, leaving the remaining Banshees to recoil from the attack.

"You are very powerful Justicar, were your order alive in my cycle I feel the end of my people may have been prolonged," Javik complimented honestly.

"Thank you Javik, but I'm afraid that this isn't the time for compliments."

"Agreed," Javik said reclaiming his Particle Rifle. "Let us end this." As Samara lowered her Barrier she sent another fury of shockwaves upon the Reapers leveling the field of corpses and weakened enemies, while Javik fired at everything in the air that moved insuring that they wouldn't get up once they hit the ground. The remaining Krogan and Wrex were finishing off the last of the cannibals when Javik felt himself jerked up from the ground. He was then brought face to face by the ugly face of a Banshee. As it stared into Javik's face screaming the Prime from earlier moved in and fired at the Banshee's head causing it to drop Javik in surprise. In retaliation the banshee sent the Prime flying with a Biotic warp throwing it into Wrex and his team; it then turned back to Javik's form on the ground. Javik tried to defend himself with a weak warp, exhausted still from his use of biotics earlier, but it was easily batted aside as the Banshee reached down for Javik. Before Javik knew what happened there was an explosion of biotic energy before him causing Javik to shield his eyes from the light. When the light finally dimmed enough for him to see he was stunned to see Samara's form on the ground with a giant hole through her chest, the Banshee above her screeching in victory. Feeling a sense of anger he had not felt since he learned he'd be the only Prothean put into stasis Javik leapt from the ground and rushed the Banshee. Forgoing his Particle Rifle Javik fired furiously at the Banshee until its barriers were depleted. Then, with the last of Javik's biotic energy, he forced his fingers into the Reaper's chest and ripped it in two. As the Banshee fell dead Javik stumbled over to the limp form of Samara.

As he fell to the ground beside the Justicar he was surprised to see that she was still breathing.

"That was very foolish," Samara chided calmly. For some reason Javik did not feel worthy enough to look into her eyes.

"You should not have intervened," Javik said absently. Samara laughed weakly as she moved her hand under Javik's chin to force him to look her in the eyes. Although she lied there dying Samara still had the strong look of a Justicar as her eyes continued to shine radiantly.

"The Goddess does not wish her children to throw away their lives without meaning, and she told me that it was not yet your time to die."

"You are wrong, I should have died with the rest of my people." Javik argued. Samara shook her head slightly.

"No Javik, you were brought to this cycle for a reason, and I can only hope that it is deserving of such a proud warrior," and with her final words Samara the Justicar had breathed her last breath. Javik couldn't move as he continued to stare at Samara's limp corpse. He closed his eyes to calm himself when he heard worried shouts coming from the group. He turned to see nearly all of the Geth platforms shaking and sparking violently and then almost on cue a bright red light filled the sky as it quickly approached the Earth from space.

"Warning," the Geth Prime Platform stated in a deep worried sounding tone. "Warning Reaper code upgrade hindering operating systems- software and hardware failing. Reverting to former consensus programing until new data acquired." At the end of the warning all of the Geth units stopped moving and shaking and fell to the ground lying limp.

"The hell just happened to Jarvis?" Zaeed asked holstering his Assault Rifle. After several moments of confusion The Geth Prime unit repowered up and stood up as if nothing had happened.

"You want to explain what just happened?" Wrex asked as he approached the recovered Prime.

"A signal was fired from the Crucible to kill all Reaper enemies in every Galaxy and system, to refrain from the Geth being destroyed due to our Reaper upgrades we have reverted back to our former use of storing multiple programs in one platform.

"So you have more Geth in you?" James asked confused.

"Correct. There are currently 2,387 programs in this platform, many more are now being transferred to nearby Prime units and lesser platforms." As if on cue a number of the soldier and infiltrator platforms begin to power up and regain their position.

"So what's the difference now than when you had the Reaper upgrades?" James asked still confused by the logic.

"Our original programming makes us more advanced when numerous Geth programs are within proximity of each other, a hundred programs approximately would be put into a single lesser platform to give it basic skills. The more of us in an area the more intelligent we are, the Reaper upgrades made every single Geth program an individual perfect AI."

"Were you able to save all your programs?" Zaeed asked nonchalantly. The Prime unit's head flaps moved in thought before finally responding saying, "Yes, no Geth programs were eradicated by the purge. However a number of platforms have been destroyed. Stray programs are being grouped into mobile platforms and our main collective hub on Rannoch." Another soldier Geth stood up as the red light finally reached Earth and engulfed it. It did no damage to the organic or Geth life in the proximity but as the light hit the Reaper forces they dropped instantly. As the light spread cheers could be heard from nearby spreading throughout the city and eventually all of Earth. The Krogan began firing off their weapons in celebration while James and Zaeed shook hands and cheered. The minor Geth programs were beeping and wiring to one another while the Prime spoke to them in the same manner. Javik looked up to the source of the red light, the Crucible, watching as it fell apart at the tremendous amount of pressure it was releasing to destroy the Reapers. As he watched Javik felt a tremendous burden lifted from his shoulders.

"It is finally over," the Prothean said tears forming at each of his eyes. His 50,000 year with the Reapers had finally come to an end, but there was something that crossed his mind as he watched pieces of the crucible fall towards Earth miles away from their location.

"Synthetic what is the condition of the Commander? Did the Normandy collect him from the Citadel?" The Prime unit looked up towards the sky and after a few moments looked down towards Javik.

"We are unsure; our attempts to reach the Normandy's AI have failed."

"Did the Commander even make it off the Citadel then?" Javik demanded almost shouting at the Geth. The others stopped celebrating after hearing Javik's worries about the Commander.

"No data available at this time," The Prime said regretfully. Javik looked back up to the sky to the falling debris of the Crucible and while numerous thoughts crossed his mind only one stood made any sense to the Prothean.

The Commander must be found, the Avatar of this cycle must not be killed.