It's over.

Everything's over.

At least, for now.

The 'Extra' one has returned to death,

As well as my sanity...

My aunt...Reiko-san...why?

Why, why must all of this happened?

Why the curse? Why our school? Why our class?

Why our friends? Why our relatives? Why someone we loved?

It makes no sense at all.

Just because the dead won't rest, why the living must die in their places?

The calamity, it happened again and again, costing numerous lives that should still be living.

Even though we could stop it, as I have did, there's no way I could did it under normal circumstances.

No one else could.

Had it not been from Mei Misaki and her ability to figure out the 'Extra' one, nobody could've stop the calamity.

Heck, it's like life itself doesn't want us to live.

What did we do wrong? Why must we suffer?

It. Doesn't. Make. Any. Sense.

Most of the deceased; Yukari, Sanae, Ikuo, Kubodera-sensei, Junta, Yumi, Takako, Tomohiko, even...Izumi. They were all someone close to me.

They didn't deserve to die.

Damn it. Damn it all.

If I can just...go back.

Before it all happened...

I could stop it.

I...already know who's the extra one...

I can stop it, I can prevent all of this...

Yeah, keep dreaming, Kouichi...

You're not gonna change anything...none of us can...

It just happens.

Chibiki, the librarian, once told me like that.

So, am I suppose to accept that everything just happens? Like it's just a simple everyday occurrences?

Hell, no!

This isn't Final Destination! This isn't some horror-flick movie! This is -our- lives we're talking about! Pointless deaths for nothing!? It can't be possible!

I don't believe it. I won't believe it.

There has to be an answer to this.

I can't...I can't accept it like this...

It's true, me and Misaki, along with Naoya, Yuuya and a few others survived.

But what about Izumi? What about Yukari? What about the others who didn't make it?

It's unfair. Just unfair.

Even if we survived, how could we forget about their deaths?

Our friends, they died trying to survive.

They died blaming, hating, and eventually killing each other.

We survived.

Hell, if I knew it would end like this, then I don't want to survive.

I killed my own aunt to survive, I failed to save most of my friends.

Who would want that kind of life?

A survivor, torn by the guilt of his dying friends, cursed to live on remembering the tragic fates that befall them. A lifeless life taken from others.

What a fucked-up life that I have.

"Sakakibara-kun...Sakakibara-kun? Kouichi?"

A low, gentle voice I'm familiar with spoken, awakened me to reality.

"What's wrong, Kouichi?" Mei Misaki, now an elegant lady at the age of 24, and my lovely wife, asked me.

"It was nothing, I'm just...I'm just remembering something..." I said.

It has been nine years, hasn't it?

"Have you seen Izumi-chan? I can't find her anywhere." Mei asked me.

"She's probably out in the local park, playing with that idiot Naoya like usual. Still can't believe she called him 'Uncle'." I told her.

Oh yeah, we had a great daughter together. We named her Izumi, after...well, you probably know.

Izumi...I can't forget about, no, we can't forget about her.

She's...she meant a lot to both of us.

Granted, she tried to kill us in the end, but that's because she's desperate. Desperate because none of her methods to stop the calamity worked. You wouldn't know how it feel, when you are responsible for your entire class's safety, and you can't do anything to save them. It's just...downright cruel.

Nobody is strong enough to face this...

She tried, tried so hard, yet it was all for nothing. Even her life was taken away.

And I...I let her down...both of us let her down.

Had I and Mei bother to tell her about Mei's ability to discover the Extra one, we could've ended the calamity even before going on a trip. It would be hard, but at least some lives could've been saved, she could've been saved.

But I did nothing, we did nothing.

And she paid the price of our failure with her life.

Damn it, even in her last moments, I couldn't even make her happy...

"You''re so're supposed to say you remember..."

Tears started flowing down my eyes again.

Mei, who noticed them, probably figured out that I needed some time alone, then left the room to find Izumi, but not before turning the television on for me to watch.

The channel on TV is broadcasting news.

"This evening, a young female student was found dead inside the Yomi North gym. The witnesses, her friends, told that the dead student, Sakari Yoshino from Class 3-3, was practicing basketball when suddenly, the lamp on the ceiling got loose and fell directly on top of her, killing her almost instantly..."

Not a surprise.

It's actually like a routine now.

Every year, since the beginning of that year's term, there's always news of freak accidents, which somehow cost the lives of students from the Class 3-3 of Yomiyama North Junior High, and their relatives, too.

"Fujioka Takizawa, electrocuted to death while attempting to fix the sound system."

"Suzuki Noriega, got hit by an out-of-control car."

"Kazuya Ryuji, burned to death due to an explosion caused by a gas leak..."

Why didn't they just tear down that goddamn school already...damn it.

My memories started to vague about the incident nine years ago, our class, but I still remember about the clue to stop the calamity planted by Naoya.

Well, I don't know if it really works, but after some time into the school term. the deaths stopped.

All of us assumed that it really worked, killing the Extra one really did stop the calamity.

But...there's always someone who didn't make it.

There's always someone who has to die.

Every year, there are deaths, just like this year. Even the year with the lowest casualties has about five deaths in total, not including the relatives.

Chibiki, who's still working as a librarian there, told us.

I tried to persuade Mei, who has the ability to see the Extra one, to help out the students, but she refused.

"Even if I could show them who's the Extra one, I can't prove it. They wouldn't believe me, and even if they did believe me, they wouldn't want to kill one of their classmates, or even teachers, or even their family members. You of all people should know this, Sakakibara-kun."

"So, how can they figure out who's the Extra one, then?" I asked.

"They can't." Mei just gave me a short, simple reply.

So, here I am, lying in this bed watching the news about people's deaths helplessly. There's no way I can help them, no way we can help them.

None at all...

...Let it go by, and hoped that everything will get better eventually.

That was all that we can do...

False hope, cruel mercy.

I slowly closed my eyes again.

If I can just...go back...and stop all of this...

If I can just go back and meet with Yomiyama Misaki face to face, and beat him up for all the crap he did to us...

Why don't you just stay dead, you bastard?













What just happened?

Ow! My head!

Where the hell am I?

"How do you feel? Are you in pain?" A voice came from beside me.


Hey, I recognize that voice.

I looked to the right.

It can't be...'s impossible...

What the hell happened?

Reiko Mikami, my aunt, is sitting right beside me, looking at me with a concerned face.

She should've been...!

"What the hell!? How could-!" I screamed out, trying to get out of the bed.

My grandma, who I've just noticed, then stood up and hold my arm.

"What's wrong, Kouichi-kun!? Are you hurt or something?! Should I call the doctor?!"

She asked me, showing a horrified face.

I tried to get up from the bed, which I just realized that it was a hospital bed, but Reiko hold me down.

"No! You can't do that, Kouichi-kun! You're not healed yet! If you did that, it may worsened your condition!"

Hell, forget about my condition! It's you who should be worried about yourself!

"The nurse's here!"

I glanced at the door, and saw the unbelievable.

"Nurse Sanae?!"

What the hell!?'re already...!

"Hold still, Kouichi-kun! Don't worry, I'm here! Just stay still!"

I did as she commanded, still shocked from what I just saw.

"Right. Now, that's a good boy." She smiled, which creeps me out somewhat.

Reiko sighed loudly.

"Whew! You freaked me out, Kouichi! Don't do something like that again! You're gonna give me a heart attack!"

Heck, I'm even more freaked out than you are!

How the hell could you and Nurse Sanae be still alive!?


"What happened, Kouichi-kun? Are you sick or something? Should we leave you alone for a while?" Reiko asked me kindly.

"...I...I think I'd like that...Reiko-san..." I said miserably, trying to piece my mind together, to no avail.

Reiko just smiled at me.

"Come on, grandma. Let's leave Kouichi alone for a bit. I think he needed some more rest."

Reiko and grandma then left the room, leaving me alone with Nurse Sanae.

"Hold still, Kouichi-kun. You're not healed yet, so don't do any sudden movements, okay? Now, get some sleep, maybe I'll find even more mystery books for you later!"

She gave me a cheerful look, then walked to the door.

"Oh! By the way, some friends from your new school will be visiting this evening. They're worried about you, you know? So treat them well! Deal?"

Friends? What friends?

Before I had any chance to ask, Sanae has already left the room.

For a moment, I had a chance to think.

I looked outside the hospital window. In the distance, I saw a very familiar school.

"That's the school you'll be attending."


Did I just heard that right now?

Damn, it's like a Deja vu...

Wait a minute, this isn't Deja vu! It already happened!

Memories started floating back to me.

"I'm sure you'll get used to it in no time!"

"We look forward getting to know you, Kouichi!"

"Help each other, and work your hardest together..."

"So you can all graduate in prime health next March..."


Did it really happened!? Did my wish has been fulfilled?

I looked at the nearby alarm clock on the side table.

5:46 PM, 1998/04/25

It DID happened!

I can't believe it!

I...I went back nine years in the past...

But...what am I supposed to do now?

"You already know who's the Extra one. Sent her back to death, and get this over with."

What the hell!?

Who's there!?

"This is what you wanted, isn't it? You have the power to save them now. Now, use it. Save your friends, save those you cared, end this madness once and for all."

Whose voice is that!?

"Time is running out, Kouichi. Hurry, before the deaths begin again. This will be your final warning..."






What. The. Fuck. Is. Going. On?

Editor's note: Well, after my last Another fanfic failed so horribly I need to take it down. I guess I'll give it another try with this. Honesty, I wanted to find out what happens if there's really SOME way for Kouichi to save his friends and loved ones. I just...DAMN! They just killed 2/3 of the cast during the climax! What a screwed-up anime I've just watched...

At any rate, this story won't be all sunshine either, there's sure to be some downer moments. (This being Another, it wouldn't be too much of a surprise...). There will be NO deaths, but there are something far more worse than it...

Also, I've decided to put my another fanfic, Project Rebirth (a SAO/Angel Beats! crossover) on hold, for a while. I'm in some sort of a Writer's block due to my busy schedule. But don't worry! It'll be up and running again in a month or two!