Chapter 5: Get This Party Started

I'm comin' up so you better get this party started

I'm comin' up so you better get this party started

Get this party started on a Saturday night

Everybody's waiting me to arrive

Sendin' the message out to all of my friends

We'll be looking flashy in my Mercedes Benz

I got lot of style, check my gold diamond rings

I can go for miles if you know what I mean

I'm comin' up so you better get this party started

I'm comin' up so you better get this party started

Stacey was wiggling her hips as she danced on stage. Joey was blowing kisses to the ladies as Jordan threw his drumsticks in the air and he caught them. Po was winking at Tigress as the female tiger was dancing to the song with the audience.

Pumping up the volume, breaking down to the beat

Cruisin' through the west side

We'll be checkin' the scene

Boulevard is freakin' as I'm comin' up fast

I'll be burnin' rubber, you'll be kissing my ass

Pull up to the bumper, get out of the car

License plate says Stunner #1 Superstar

Stacey was smiling very sweetly as she did a spin then gave the crowd a devil grin as she sang the next verse.

I'm comin' up so you better get this party started

I'm comin' up so you better get this party started

Get this party started

Making my connections as I enter the room

Everybody's chilling as I set up the groove

Pumpin' up the volume with this new beat

Everybody's dancing and their dancing for me

I'm your operator, you can call anytime

I'll be your connection to the party line

I'm comin' up so you better get this party started

I'm comin' up so you better get this party started

Stacey was now waving her hands in the air as she continued to sing the song. As the crowd cheered with excitement as Tigress over heard some fan girls talking. "Man these guys are awesome!" one goat girl cried.

"Yeah that panda guitarist is really cute wonder if he wants to hook up later?" asked another goat girl.

"That cute panda guitarist is my boyfriend so paws off", Tigress snarled. The fan girls immediately shut up and slowly backed away from Tigress. Tigress turned her attention back to Po and the Outlaws as Stacey song the last part to the song.

I'm comin' up so you better get this party started

I'm comin' up so you better get this party started

Get this party started

Get this party started right now

Get this party started

Get this party started

Get this party started right now

After that last verse the whole crowd went crazy screaming and hollering as the Outlaws took a bow. They exited the stage as Tigress went to greet Po but found a few other fan girls surrounded them. One was a beautiful female cheetah with hazel eyes wearing a brown blouse and skirt. She was asking Po to sign an autograph and he agreed. But then she undid her blouse exposing her chest to him. Po's face went red with embarrassment as Tigress let out a growl as she stalked toward them. She grabbed the cheetah by her fur and threw her to the ground. "Go near my boyfriend again and I'll knock you straight into the Wall of China!" Tigress hissed. The cheetah buttoned up her blouse and ran for it.

"Easy kitten I wasn't going to do anything", Po assured thinking Tigress was mad because she thought that Po was going to touch the cheetah's chest.

"I know but they need to know you are taken and I am not going to let some cheetah slut show you her chest and expect you to sign them", Tigress said firmly. "You weren't going to sign them right?" she asked as her tail twitched in agitation.

"No way not when I have a girlfriend who loves and trust me. Beside I don't sign those types of autographs anyways for my dad raised a gentleman", Po assured her with a smile.

"I know you were great up there", Tigress said putting her head on his chest.

"And you were hot dancing down there while we were playing", Po said as he kissed her forehead.

"I did it for you", Tigress said slyly.

"Awesome kitten and thanks", Po said. Just then Laura showed up with a huge smile.

"Man Po bear you guys rocked the crowd went crazy!" she exclaimed as she jumped into his arms. Po smiled as she spun her around laughing with excitement. Tigress stiffened up as she saw this take place and her claws were itching to come out. Po set Laura down and Laura realizing what she did and in front of whom immediately got embarrassed. "My apologies Tigress I just got excited about Po bear's performance hope I didn't upset you by what just happened", she said in a soft voice.

Tigress calmed down and said", It's understandable and thank you for telling me but I trust Po for I know he will not cheat on me".

"Wow Po bear, I like her a lot better than Carla. If I did that to you when Carla was here she would start a fight. You are one cool cat in my book Tigress", Laura said with a smile. The last band performed and the Johnny came back on the stage with a mike and the votes.

"Okay party people time to see who goes on and who goes home. The contestants that will go on are The Spice Dumplings, which was a group of girl does. The Amazing Gators, which were a group of all male gators and lastly the Rejects and of course the Outlaws!" Johnny exclaimed as the crowd cheered. "Alright everyone rest up for tomorrow night the second round is love songs so practice hard and make us fall in love. Goodnight everybody!" Johnny yelled as he got off the stage. Laura let out a scream of excitement as she grabbed Po's paws and danced around with him.

"We are both going to the next round awesome!" she cried. Po let go for a minute and picked Tigress up as he swung her around kissing her madly on the lips. Just then Clyde showed up with a smile and Po put Tigress down.

"Looks like I'll see you in the next round", he said with a grin.

"Looks like", Po said with a grin of his own.

`"Well good luck and let's give these people a good show", Clyde said as he held out his paw.

"Couldn't agree more and good luck to you too as well", Po said as he shook paws with Clyde. Clyde and Laura walked away as Tigress and Po went up to the other Outlaws and went off to celebrate. They went to the local tavern to drink to their victory as they bought drinks and celebrated.

"Man this is fun or what I am loving this", Joey said as he swallowed a cup of Apple Cider. They would be drinking alcohol but they didn't because they didn't want a hangover later. Po had his arm wrapped around Tigress as they laughed and told stories about their youth. Tigress was having a blast besides the crazy fan girls it was a lot of fun. Just then a drunken Bull came over to Tigress and gave her a flirty grin.

"Hey baby I saw you at the Battle you danced real fine. Maybe you could give me a private dance later say in my room tonight", he said giving her a wink.

"Sorry I am already seeing someone", Tigress said flatly ignoring the Bull's advances.

"Oh come on baby you don't have to be shy. I won't bite unless you want me to that is", he said with a chuckle. "Come on I can really rock your world if you let me. When can have a very good time and I can make you really growl my sexy tiger", the Bull said as he grabbed Tigress's arm.

"Take your hand off of me!" Tigress growled but before she could do anything Po stood up and pulled Tigress's arm free from the Bull's grasp.

"The lady said no so I suggest you do as she asks", Po said calmly.

"What are you going to do about it?" the Bull asked as he got in Po's face. Joey and Jordan tensed up ready for a rumble but Po just sighed for he really didn't want to fight.

"Look she is my girlfriend so how about you just apologize and no one has to get hurt", Po said calmly.

"Oh believe me fatty you are the one who will get hurt", the Bull yelled. He swung a fist at Po but Po grabbed his hand and threw him into a wall. The Bull got knocked into a wall and had a huge bit of wall fall on his head as he was knocked out.

"I hate using violence", Po said as he rubbed his paw and sat back down. Then he looked at a very concerned Tigress and ask", You alright kitten?"

"I am now thanks to you my brave Dragon Warrior", Tigress purred as she kissed his lips. They finished their drinks and Po placed some extra coins to the shop owner.

"Sorry for your wall this should cover it", Po said as he handed the shop owner the coins.

"Thanks sonny but if that were my girlfriend I would have done the same thing", the shop owner said with a grin. Po smiled and escorted Tigress and the rest of the Outlaws outside toward the rooms to go to sleep. For they had a battle to win and they will need their rest and Po was going to make sure no one messed with his Tigress. Just like Tigress was going to make sure no one messed with her Po.

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