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Stalking the stalker was a rather interesting plan for the seven of them to execute, mainly because of Irina. She was not one to play the patient game, so every time she and Tiffany spotted Stephanie she had to be held back so she wouldn't attack and maul the psycho girl. Although that probably would have been a great thing to watch, they needed to find Gwen before they let Irina do her violent work. While they were stalking her they came across some of the disturbing habits that she had. For one, Stephanie would sneak into the boy's apartment and into the bathroom while Carlos was taking a shower. They assumed he never saw him because he likes to close his eyes and sing in the shower, and she probably never made a sound as not to spook him, but boy did they need to have a chat with him about locking the door.

Then Stephanie would sneak into his room and jump into his bed. She'd roll around in the sheets before stealing a piece of clothing such as underwear or a pair of dirty socks.

"She's out of her mind. Can I just push her down the stairs?" Irina whispered harshly.

"No damn it we have to tail her!" Tiffany growled in response.

Then Stephanie would quickly leave the apartment and wait for Carlos to leave so she can further stalk him. She'd follow him to the vending machine, watching as he stood there for ten minutes trying to decide what he wanted before walking to the pool and trying to pretend that everything was okay and that he wasn't worried out of his mind for Gwen. He'd join James and have a chat while Stephanie hid in the bushes and took as many pictures as she could of him.

Then came the difficult part of actually following her and not getting caught. When they had to tail Stephanie as she snuck out of the Palm Woods, the girls used Irina's car, but Tiffany drove because she felt Irina would try to drive Stephanie off of the road. They wore sweatshirts, glasses and hats to try to hide their identities as they followed the girl down to the dock area. When they were there they parked outside and watched as Stephanie brought the car over to an abandoned building and climbed through the window and made her way inside. There was no sign of Gwen being there, but now they knew just where to find her….

"I want a chainsaw and I don't care what you guys say I can totally have it." Irina crossed her arms over her chest and stuck her nose in the air, looking away from everyone as she tried to ignore them.

"I'm not letting you carry a chainsaw! One that is way too big and obvious of a weapon! Two, it's extremely dangerous and three we don't want you to actually kill her!" Logan told Irina as he set his hands on her shoulders.


"No you aren't bringing it, here's your chainsaw." Logan dug into his pocket and pulled out a picture of a chainsaw he had ripped out of a magazine. Irina growled and held the picture, staring at it angrily as they all continued to plan.

"So we go inside and…tackle Stephanie and get her to tell us where Gwen is. Sounds like a good plan to me." Kendall nodded, "I think seven people can take on one psycho!"

"What if it's booby trapped?" James raised an eyebrow at them, "Just like that house we were in, and you guys looked like hell when you made it to us."

"We'll get past it." Tiffany nodded and draped an arm over Kendall's shoulders, "I think we've got a pretty solid plan…..what do you think Carlos?" Everyone turned their attention to Carlos who remained quiet. He looked down at his shoes and pulled his helmet on top of his head.

"I think that I'm ready to save my girlfriend." He nodded confidently. "Let's do this!"

When they arrived at the docs it was getting dark outside. They figured it would be best to sneak in when it was darker, making it harder for Stephanie to see them outside. The gang parked the car and ran towards the building, climbing in and looking around with their flashlights. As they wandered around the first floor they came across a shrine dedicated to Carlos…and they just couldn't help it.

Well James and Logan couldn't help it; they snorted and started to laugh quietly until Carlos hit the both of them on the back. They looked around to make sure there was no basement they could possibly come across, and there wasn't. There was however a tripwire which Kate stumbled over, making a loud alarm go off for a couple of seconds.

"What the hell was that?" Kate yelled.

"Our cue to hurry up!" Kendall replied.

Meanwhile upstairs Stephanie sat on the table across from Gwen, eating a big juicy burger and fries while Gwen stared at her like a beaten puppy. Her mouth hung open slightly and she stared at the food in envy.

"Oh you're hungry aren't you?" Stephanie laughed and ate a French fry, "I bet you wish you could have this!"

"Why are you being so cruel?" Gwen asked quietly, "I just want to go home, I won't date Carlos just leave us alone…"

"Oh that's such a cute plea!" Stephanie laughed and took a huge bite of the burger. "A very cute plea but it's too late for that. Like I said, you'll endure my torture." She laughed and continued to eat in front of her while Gwen sat there starving and watching her eat. When Stephanie was halfway done with her meal she opened the window and chucked everything out the window. Then she walked over to her bag and pulled out a long stick. Gwen raised her eyebrows wondering what she was going to do with that, and Stephanie took to sharpening the stick and poking Gwen through the cage like she was a wild animal. While Stephanie laughed and enjoyed her torment, the alarm went off and instantly she was frozen in fear. "Oh my god…those bastards!" She yelled and turned around to face the door. "Maybe it's just a wild animal again…" She muttered to herself. While she was distracted watching the door Gwen realized she was just close enough so she could stick her hand out of the cage. Gwen leaned forward and pushed as much as she could through the bar and yanked the key chain off of Stephanie's belt. Stephanie whirled around and growled.

"You bitch!" She hissed and opened the window up wider while Gwen went through the keys trying to test which one it was.

The door was kicked open by James and all of her friends plowed through the entrance just as Stephanie was pushing the cage towards the window.

"GWEN!" Carlos yelled happily but then noticed the cage tipping out the window. They all ran forward, and Carlos just barely missed grabbing the cage as Gwen fell out of the window screaming bloody murder.

"YOU'RE MINE BITCH!" Irina yelled as the girls all tackled Stephanie to the ground. Carlos blinked and stared at the water for a second as the cage hit the surface and began to sink. Then he got up and jumped out after her, along with Kendall, Logan and James.

When the cage hit the water Gwen's eyes were shut tight and she was clutching the keys for dear life because if she lost them she was never going to get out. She held her breath and tried not to panic, but that was incredibly difficult. In her panicked state of mind she was having a hard time turning the key in the lock and she couldn't hold her breath anymore, so she coughed and began to inhale water. The key was grabbed from her hand and she was ready to just quit but Kendall turned the key and with Logan's help he yanked the door open. She reached her hand out and Carlos grabbed it quickly, pulling her towards him while James helped to pull her out of the cage.

Together the five of them raced to the surface of the water where Gwen coughed and spit out as much sea water as she could as she gasped for air. James climbed on top of the dock and leaned over, pulling up Gwen and the rest of his friends. As soon as Carlos was out of the water she threw herself on top of him and squeezed him to death.

"INCOMING!" Was heard from inside the building, so they all turned their gaze to see the girls shoving Stephanie out of the window and into the water.

"WAIT I CAN'T SWIM!" Stephanie shouted as she flailed and flopped around in the water. The guys all looked at each other and rolled their eyes. Logan, Kendall, and James all jumped into the water.

"Hey don't help the bitch!" Irina yelled out to them.

Kendall helped Stephanie out of the water and onto the boardwalk. As soon as she was there she stared at Carlos and Gwen with a sinister look in her eyes, but Kendall held her arms behind her back until James and Logan emerged from the water holding the cage in each of their hands. James got on the dock and pulled it up while Logan pushed it up to him.

"What are you doing?" Stephanie asked with wide eyes. The boys all just grinned and shoved Stephanie into the cage and locked it behind her. "HEY YOU CAN'T DO THIS!"

"We so can, no one messes with our friends." Kendall grinned happily.

"And no one messes with my girlfriend!" Carlos said rather proudly. He pulled Gwen against him so he could nuzzle her neck and give her a long, loving kiss.

"Irina what are you doing?" They could faintly hear Tiffany asking.

"Taking pictures because they're cute!" Irina replied as she snapped pictures of the two of them with her phone.

"Don't you think you should call the police?" Kate raised an eyebrow.

"You have a phone you can do it!" Irina smiled and took more pictures of Gwen and Carlos.