Good morrow my fellow fan fictioners. I bringeth good news. Katara's finally starting her job! I can't wait to write how it goes with Zuko 3 3 3!

Chapter 4

I take the shirt and head to the bathroom. I walk into an open stall and change. I walk out and look in the mirror. I wasn't really paying attention to the shirt while I put it on. I'm wearing a black shirt with a red dragon logo in the corner and the stores name under it. It wasn't the cutest shirt but it went with my outfit. I looked at my name tag before I pinned it on my shirt. It was rectangular and stainless steel. My name was engraved neatly in the middle. I then pinned it on my shirt nicely.

I walked out of the bathroom proudly, displaying my new attire. I wasn't sure where to go or what to do so I went to go find Shauna. I couldn't find her in the dining room or behind the cash register. I spotted a door with a sign that said 'EMPLOYEES ONLY' and walked in because I was officially an employee.

As I walked in I saw a few armchairs wrapped halfway around a circular coffee table, a small magazine stand, a bulletin board, and lockers. 'Must be the break room,' I thought. I walked over to the lockers to put my stuff in an empty one. After, I turned and walked towards a door that read 'managers office'. As I approached the door I noticed a framed picture with the words employee of the month printed underneath. I looked up to see who was pictured and was surprised to see a smiling Zuko. 'Must have been a forced smile,' I thought. I knocked on the door trying not to be rude, Iroh opened it. "Hello Katara," he greeted kindly, "come in please."

I followed his orders and came in. "I need to give you something." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper and gave it to me. I looked at it; there were three phone numbers, the first one said Iroh, the second one said Zuko, and the last one said Shauna.

"Call any of us if you need anything," he said

"I will." 'I defiantly won't be calling Zuko,' I thought. "What would you like me to do first," I asked changing the subject.

"Hmm let me see. You can start by waiting tables and if you do a good job you will be promoted to cashier and then to cashier and waitress!"

"Great! Is Shauna here so she can show me what to do?"

"I'm sorry but Shauna's ill and won't be back until Thursday. Until then Zuko will help you."

He got up and left to go get Zuko.

"Oh no oh god no," I said quietly, "why does it have to be Zuko. Why can't it be someone else?"

They came back in. "Zuko," Iroh said, "you will be helping Katara wait tables while Shauna is gone."

"What? Why," he yelled, "Can't someone else do it?"


"So why don't you ask them?"

"Because I want you to do it."

Zuko groaned. "Fine I'll teach this person how to wait tables."


Zuko and I walked out quietly and went into the dining room over to an empty table. "This," he started, "is a table. You have to clean this up after a customer leaves." He pointed to a door behind the counter. "That is the kitchen. You only go in there to make people tea. Not to hang out or socialize. Your first task is to clean the tables. Go to the supply closet and get the spray bottle and sponge. After your done wash your hands and wait tables."

"Is there anything else you wish for me to do your majesty?"

Again he glared at me once again. "Yes there is. I want you to stop talking to me unless you absolutely have to."

"That's the only order you gave me that I'm actually ok with."

"Great now start working."

I went into the supply closet like Zuko told me to and got the spray bottle and sponge. I walked out and started cleaning tables. It was easy because almost all the tables were occupied. I put the supplies back into the closet and then started taking orders. Every person I tried to take orders from had already been served and I only got to help two people before my shift was over.

I went into Irohs office to see if there was anything else he wanted me to do. He asked me to make twelve cups of ginseng tea for his early customers after the shop closed. It wasn't that long until 8:30 came along. Everyone left except me.

I went into the kitchen and started up the tea maker and put in ginseng leaves. I made the twelve cups pretty fast. The leaves had zero flavor left in them so I expected the machine to stop but it didn't. The water kept coming. 'Oh my god I broke the tea maker!' I found a few cups to put the water in but they filled up too quickly. I couldn't find any more. I took out the list of numbers Iroh gave me and my phone. I called Iroh. "Pick up pick up pick up," I said out loud. No answer. I would have called Shauna be she was sick. I had to resort to my least favorite person.

Hey everyone sorry for the shortness. This chapter started to bore me. The next one's going to be way better and ways longer I promise. Spoiler Alert: Zuko's gonna look HOT! 333