Lisbon realises she is living, what is most likely the last minute of her life as she knows it. Her legs obey the order to stand as an automatic reaction to the words she has heard a thousand times, but this time her legs are like jelly, she feels the tremors running through her body. The time she has dreaded has arrived. She steals a look at Jane who stands stoic their eyes meet and he gives her a slight smile, encouraging her that everything will be alright.

Images rush through her mind barely taking a second. Red John dead on the floor, not in handcuffs, as she had always hoped, but with bullet holes made from anger, taunted. desperate anger, payback for years of pain and torture.

Lisbon is grateful for the command to sit down.

"Have the jury reached a verdict?"

She scans their faces to find any clues as to their decision, Jane probably already knows.

"Will the defendant please stand"

Her eyes are locked on Jane, she uses him to remind herself to breathe, matching her breaths to his, slow deep controlled breaths. His face is unreadable, but his eyes never leave hers, as if he is willing her to take his strength. The strength that has allowed him to function in this world after the devastation of the loss of his family. The memories of frustration annoyance and despair that he has caused her melt away at the possibility of separation. She is aware that her tremors have stopped, a determination settles on her face, Jane nods in satisfaction.

"Will the jury state their verdict"

Lisbon sees Jane's breath catch, a wave of panic sweeps across his face, his hands are opening and closing.


Lisbon had been unaware that the foreman was even speaking, it is only when Jane's eye's darken with torment and disbelief that reality dawns. Chaos reins in the court room but Lisbon is only aware of Jane. Partners, confidants, best friends coming to terms with the damning words that have been spoken. All that has been lost, moments they shared together, enjoyed but taken for granted. Jane is crumbling before her, she is frantically trying to return the strength he had so willingly given, as before her eyes he turns into a shadow. His features show regret and guilt at what the consequences of his quest for revenge have brought. She looks at him with the hope of just a few years, of a future not totally lost. Her heart brightens as his eyes steady and a small spark returns. He will be alright, she will be alright, they will be alright. She gives him a slight smile as the handcuffs click around her wrists.