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Just an advance warning, things will get graphic. I'll post warnings on chapters as when they are needed.
This is my first try in writing something that comes directly from my mind's
bizarre creativity. Friendship is the main focus here.

Jade West drummed her fingers on the desk as her chin was propped up in her left hand, eyes fixated on the clock that hung over the entrance door. She had already knew about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and was just waiting for the class to end. Yet, Mrs Yonders kept droning on about the details of where and when he was assassinated, which the entire class had already knew.

' Can this clock go any slower? ' She mentally groaned, while her eyes followed the minute hand as it crawled, ticking way too slowly. The minute hand on the clock slowly ticked off the time; 2:59. The clock's hands now slowly ticked down each second before she could leave the classroom. She lifted her head from her arm and sat up straight as the minute hand teetered towards the bold twelve.

"Bringggg!" The class began to grab and clear their belongings off the desk as some of them had already walked towards the door. "I expect a detailed report on the Death of President Lincoln, understood?" No one seems to be really listening, though, as they filed out of the class, going on with their afternoon agendas.

Jade close and dumped her history textbook, along with a few small sheets of paper with the important things to take note of scribbled on it, in her Gears of War messenger bag. She sling it over her shoulder as she make her way out of the classroom to meet Beck and his friends. Jade make her way through a series of turns to the gang's unofficial meeting place - Tori's Make It Shine locker.

Everyone was already there, chit-chatting about the newest play called Forbidden Royal Love, directed by André, that was going to happen in Hollywood Arts' Black Box Theater this weekend. "Hey babe," Beck smiled as he offered Jade his coffee, after sipping it a few times. "took you long enough to get here." Jade shot Beck a half-hearted smile, before sipping on the black coffee with two sugars.

"What's the play about?" Robbie inquired, with Rex resting on his right arm. 'It's about three guys, who have different ways of proving their love for the royal family's three daughters." André answered, not looking up from his green pearpad as he typed some words in it. "So, who will be starring in that play?" Tori questioned, leaning against her locker, as Beck drape his left arm over Jade's shoulder, pulling her closer to him and pecking a kiss on her right cheek.

"I'm not sure, Sikowitz says he'll be picking." André muttered, but cheered after reading some details off his pearpad. "Alright, people! Sikowitz just posted on TheSlap. The list for the leading roles are out!" The gang crowd around him, trying to take a glance at the leading roles for the play. "Hold up, ya'll. I'll read it out, okay?" André cleared his throat, "Okay, the male lead who will play the rich, handsomely charming yet flirty boy is.. Beck." The latter let out a husky chuckle, and run his fingers through his lustrous, fluffy hair.

"Next up, a boy who is intelligent, and funny.. Robbie." The bespectacled boy pumped his fist in the air, making Cat giggle. "Lastly, a bad boy who often break the rules, but is also strong built and romantic - Ryder Daniels." Tori made a face when his name was mentioned, partly because she still can't get over the fact that he uses talented girls to gain good grades.

"Now, the girls. First, a beautiful, shy girl who always get what she wants... Tori Vega." Tori smiled, while Jade shot her a glare. "Secondly, a cute, kind, and naive young lady, Cat!" Cat giggled out loud and clap her hands enthusiastically as he continued on, "Lastly, we have a girl who the royal family kept in the dark, hardly acknowledged publicly as one of the royal family's daughter. She's a rebel without a cause, the one who always break the rules, she's none other than Jade West." Jade smirked as she lean her head on Beck's chest.

"Ohh! Can we get the scripts soon?" Cat asked, looking at André with puppy dog eyes. "Sikowitz says he'll send the scripts over to each of you via email." "Via?" Beck repeated, as André nodded. "Alright then, who wanna go over to my house and rehearse the lines?" Tori ask, as Cat shot her arm up eagerly. Tori then looked over to Jade, "How 'bout you, Jade? Do you wanna come?" She shrugged, but nodded reluctantly when Cat pleaded her profusely.

"Boys?" "Can't. We promised Lane we'll help him move some boxes and stuff to clear his office." Robbie explained, while Beck nodded. "And I have to go home and take care of my grandma before she calls and yell; André, help! There are aliens underneath my bed! " André mimicked his grandmother's actions, causing laughter to erupt around him.

"Well, okay then. See you guys tomorrow!" Tori exclaimed, as she walked towards the door with Cat following behind. Jade planted one last kiss on Beck's lips before joining the girls and headed towards the parking lot.

"Jade, where's the car?" Jade glance at Tori and gave her the are-you-kidding-me look. "If I took Beck's car, how the hell will he get back to his fuckin' RV?" Jade exclaimed, before gulping down the last drops of her JetBrew coffee, and threw the now empty styrofoam cup in the garbage bin next to them. She then exhale, calming herself down before continuing, "Besides, the car keys are with him."

Tori groaned, "Great. Now, I have to call Trina and ask her to give us a ride to my house." She fish out her pearphone from her jeans' front pocket, and dialed the older Vega sister's number. After two minutes, Trina emerged from Hollywood Arts' building, looking smug, but wiped that expression off her face when she saw a pissed off Jade was with her sister. The girls got in the car, with Tori in the passenger seat and both Cat and Jade in the back.

While they were on the way back to the Vegas' house, a white van over took them and changed lane, so that it was right in front of the girls' car. It then halted abruptly, causing Trina to slam on the brakes; the force nearly send them flying forward. Four buff looking guys, each wearing black sunglasses, emerged from the white van, rapidly moving towards the car. As the girls were still recovering from the daze, they did not realize that each of the four men had took hold of one car door.

They yanked the car doors open and practically drag the girls out of the car. They put up a fight and tried to retaliate, but Cat was easily lifted up and brought to the back of the van, where the man gagged and tied her arms and legs up. The bald, tall man then grab a wooden plank from a clear plastic container next to Cat.

Tori didn't have much time to fight against the man with short, spiky hair because he shoved a chemical-soaked rag over her mouth and nose, successfully creasing any futile attempt to get away from his strong gasp when she fell unconscious. He then brought Tori over to where Cat was, and did the same restrains on her. After doing so, he got in the passenger seat and waited for the other three of them to finish ' claiming the goods ', as they called it.

On the other hand, Trina was retaliating pretty well, using her material arts tactics to fight against the man with a dragon tattoo tattooed on his collarbone. What she did not notice, though, was the bald man creeping up behind her. He knocked her out by hitting her over the head with the wooden plank, using just enough strength to knock her unconscious, but not enough to cause any fatal brain damage. Both men carried her to the van, and repeat what they have done to Tori and Cat to the poor girl. The dragon tattooed man nodded once to the bald man, before advancing towards the girls' car.

Now, the only one left is Jade. The girl with delicate pale skin bite down hard on the man with snakebite piercing's left forearm, drawing blood in the process, when he tried to manhandle her. "Fuck! You little bitch! How dare you?!" Cat whimpered as her eyes widened at the horrific sight happening to her best friend before her very eyes. He took his anger out on Jade by grabbing a handful of her hair and pulling back hard, forcing her head to snap back.

"I'll show you what happens when you bite and defy me, bitch." He whispered harshly next to her left ear, before bringing his right hand straight down along with Jade's head - slamming her head against the metal roof of the car with great force. The collision had successfully knocked her unconscious, causing a small trail of blood to trickle down her forehead upon the impact.

The man smiled with satisfaction as Jade went limp in his arms. He bent down slightly, scooped her up bridal style in his arms, and threw her roughly in the van. "Don't you want to secure her?" The bald man who was leaning against the van asked, as the former man began walking towards the driver's seat. "Nah. She won't wake up anytime soon from that hit." He smiled, as the bald man shrugged and got in the back of the van with the girls, closing the double doors after him.

How was it? :) was it good, or was it lame? As the story progresses on, the graphic warning will make sense. It's my first try in writing something that is explicit themed and contains real coarse language rather than mild swearing. Hope you enjoyed reading it! :)