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The boys suspects the girls are missing, when they're not answering their phones. Will they realize it before it's too late?
Bade, Tandré and Cabbie - if you consider it. Romance, or friendship-wise.

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Beck lay in his bed, staring up at the ceiling of the RV. He turned to look at the digital alarm clock beside him; the bold neon green lights flashing 8:23PM. Beck had called Jade seven times, and left her three messages, but still nothing from her. It's unusual for her not to reply - even if she was mad at him, she'd at least send him a text saying she doesn't want to talk to him. Something must be up.

' Where is she? ' Beck thought to himself, ' Surely she can't be mad at me, right? ' He tossed and turned, unable to find a comfortable position to sleep in. Letting out a loud sigh, he sat up, swinging his legs over the edge of the bed and plodded over to the small table beside the tv. Grabbing the black pearphone which is currently charging, he switch on the device's display screen and tapped the message app, then Jade's nickname.

To: Babe xoxo

[8:26] Babe, where are you? Is everything alright? Call me when you see this. :(

Beck place his phone down, and sulked back to the bed. He hated this feeling in his guts - worrying about Jade but can't do anything about it. He had considered driving over to her mother's house, but doesn't want to encounter a drunk Mrs West and risk getting a bottle of whisky thrown at him. Beck sighed as he place his head on the pillow, unable to close his eyes. Hence, he just lay there, thinking about Jade, ' I hope nothing bad happens to her. '

After a few minutes, he heard a ding from his phone. Thinking it might be Jade finally replying him, he jumped off the bed and rushed over to the phone in record time. But he was met with disappointment. He frowned before rolling his eyes when he saw the name that appeared on the screen – aka, the least person he wanted to receive a text from – Sinjin. ' I wonder what he wants. ' Beck sighed, reluctantly sliding his finger over the screen to check the text.

From: Sinjin

[8:32] Heyy :) k so do u know where trina iz? she didnt answer her phone. or jade. her house iz empty.

That text made Beck frown even more and the latter statement only served to trigger the small portion of his possessive-jealous side – which Jade often claim that he don't have and is always trying to bring it out of him. Well, Sinjin did it, and with only one text! Anyway, what makes him thinks that he knows where Tori's annoying and egoistic older sister would be? And why is he concern about where Jade is? He's not her boyfriend! And what the hell is he doing in Jade's house?

Beck simply replied with a "I don't know." and grabbed a jacket along with his car keys. He stomp out of his RV with only one thought in mind: ' What kind of boyfriend am I? Even a creep like Sinjin shows more concern for Jade than I am! That's it. I'm going to search for her. '

André sat on the couch, with his keyboard placed on the coffee table in front of him. He glanced at his green pearphone every few second, hoping to see Tori's name pop up. He has been sending messages to her since 7pm, but not even a single reply was received. ' Dang it. I can't concentrate! ' André doubt she'd be asleep this early, so he decided to give her a call now, picking up his phone and dialing her number. The phone rang, but was directed to the girl's voicemail instead.

"Heyyy! You've reached the voicemail of T. Vega! Leave me whatcha wanna say after the beep!" André sighed, "Yo. What's up, Tori? It's Andre. Where have you been? I've been trying to contact you since 7pm! We still have to work on Sikowitz's project together, remember? So call me back, will ya?" He tapped the end call button, hoping Tori would at least respond soon as he went back to dawdling in front of his keyboard, playing random notes absentmindedly.

Robbie's baby blue pearphone XT rung - after he was finally willing to pay the service provider $45 a month. He dug the phone out of his pajamas' pocket and looked at the caller ID. It was from Cat's house. He smiled as he answer it, "Hello, Cat?" "Robbie?" It was Mrs Valentine instead of the redhead's voice he had expected to hear. "Do you know where Cat is?" To say Robbie was surprised was an understatement. Didn't Cat went home? "Erm, no... didn't she go home?

"No. She hasn't been home at all. She called me saying she'll be going to Tori's house, and she hasn't pick up her phone since then. I'm getting very worried." The voice was rather anxious on the other end, and Robbie soon felt the same jumpy feeling, "Oh... then have you tried calling Tori? Or maybe Jade? She was last seen with them."

"I've tried called Tori, but her parents said she and her sister didn't reach home at all either." "Well, how 'bout Jade?" he asked, not believing that Cat wasn't with Tori, and Tori isn't home. Jade's place was probably the last place they would go. "That girl?" If Robbie weren't mistaken, there was disgust laced in Mrs Valentine's tone.

"Cat deleted that girl's home number on my mobile, but she didn't pick up when I called her phone either." Mrs Valentine had always thought of Jade as a negative influence on their bright and cheerful Cat, hence it was always that girl to her, never the West girl's real name. "Oh..." "This is bad," a sigh could be heard clearly through the phone, "well, if you saw Cat, tell her to give me a call, okay?"

"Yes, ma'am." Robbie hung up the phone, he wanted to called Beck or André, but decided against it, "The girls will show up in school tomorrow, I'm sure of it." he assured himself, letting out a slight chuckle as he crawled into bed next to Rex, ' They're probably still busy rehearsing their lines somewhere and forgot to check their phones. '

"Are ya outta your mind, Rob?" Rex's voice emitted next to the boy after he stuck his hand in the puppet, "Wh-what do you mean?" the bespectacled boy questioned, flashing an uncertain smile, "I mean, if the gurls aren't home and also not pickin' up their mobiles, then something must be up!" Rex exclaimed, his body shaking vigorously for emphasis.

"Maybe they went to JetBrew's or something to rehearse their lines." he defended, voicing out his earlier reassurance, "And there's a perfectly good explanation why Jade didn't pick up her phone when Cat's mother called. She hates Cat's mother just as much as Mrs Valentine hates her." and with that, Rex shook his head and sighed.

He then continued, his tone unusually calm and collected, "Call the guys. See if that wicked witch answered Beck's call or has Andre heard from cheekbones." Robbie nodded, whipping out his pearphone once again to initiate a conference call with Beck and André.

"What's up, Rob?" André was the first one to pick up his phone, but there was disappointment and tiredness in his tone, "Hey, so erm, Rex and I was wonderin-" "Hey." Beck's husky voice interrupted them, with an engine starting up heard in the background, "Hey, Beck. So as I was saying, Rex and I was wondering if either of you heard from the girls?"

"No... I left Tori, like, a bazillion texts and voicemails and she replied to none! None!" André exclaimed while smashing random notes on his keyboard. "Neither have Jade. Didn't they say they'll be at Tori's?" "Yeah, but Cat's mother called Tori's parents and they said Tori and Trina didn't go home after school. Then, she said Jade didn't pick up when called either." while Robbie was explaining, something clicked in Beck's head, "Wait. Sinjin texted me, asking me if I knew where Trina was, which of course I don't, and mentioned that no one was at Jade's house either."

"Sinjin texted you?" Robbie asked. "Hold up, Sinjin was in Jade's house?" André sounded amused, which quickly changed to creeped out when he remembered that this was not the first time Sinjin has broken into the West girl's house, "Wait. Again? Man, that guy's a creep!"

"Yeah, I know." Beck rolled his eyes, as he made a turn down the lane leading to his girlfriend's house, "I'm reaching Jade's house. If she's not around, I'm going to places where we usually hang out." he parked his car and peer through the car window, "Well?" Robbie press on, "Like Sinjin said, she's not here." her car was still parked in the driveway, as they rode to school together since she slept over in the RV last night. Which meant that the girls didn't even came to Jade's in the first place – knowing Tori doesn't have a license and Cat doesn't own a car.

"So, they aren't at any of their houses..." Robbie started, "And they are not picking up their phones." André continued, "And none of them, including Trina, went home after school." Beck ended, now driving to the nearest JetBrew. The line fell silent as the only thing that crosses their minds are:

Where could the girls be?

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