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Well here it is! Touch Me Not.

My last year in high school everyone! Just moved here, to Tokyo, two months ago, during the summer vacation and now summer vacation is over I headed off to school tomorrow. I use to live in Tokyo before but we moved to America when my dad got transferred there on business. That was five years ago, we moved back here because my dad died in a hit and run case about a year back. Some drunken dude ran my dad over with his car and left him in the street to die and we had to clear everything up before we moved. We also moved because gramps needed help with the shrine although the old man is too stubborn to admit it.

So...yeah! There you go. Oh by the way my name is Kagome.

"Kagome, honey! Breakfast!"

"Coming Mom!" I yelled, running the hairbrush through my raven locks one more time. Satisfied that my hair was tangle free and looked pretty as well I snatched my backpack off of the floor next to my bed, smoothed down my uniform and headed downstairs.

"Morning." I called out cheerily as I sat down to the table.

"Morning dear." My mom smiled.

"Morning child." Gramps grunted.

"Morning sis." My brother, Souta smiled before kissing me on the cheek.

I kissed my teeth and pushed him off me. "What'd you do squirt?"

Souta smiled and sat down. "Nothing sis, can't a guy show his sis that he loves her?"

I narrowed my eyes at him and dug into my eggs.

"You have five minutes to eat Kagome, school's about to start; the bus will be here any minute." My mom smiled as she sat down.

"Aw mom! I can walk to school; it's only three blocks down the road." Kagome whined.

"Tomorrow, dear. You're going to be late if you don't catch the bus today. Get going." She replied, shooing me from the table.

"Okay, bye!" I called back as I left the house, jogging down he shrine steps. There the bus stop was, a yard away; and as I reached the bus stop it pulled up a minute later.

There were about ten others at the bus stop waiting to get on behind me so I walked into the bus to meet teens laughing, some throwing paper balls, other listening to music, texting, reading magazines, on laptops even. 'cool' I thought to myself. America was the same. I walked pass students and many stared at me, especially the boys. Almost every seat was full, I looked to the back and saw the weirdest thing. There were like five seats in a row at the back but only three were on each opposite end and then there was this guy sitting in the middle with a vacant seat on either side of him. I let some students pass me but they didn't want to sit near the kid, instead they turned back around and preferred to stand. Weird right? I wonder what's wrong with sitting next to that boy. He wore a grey hoodie, with the hood up, over his black uniform that the boys wore. He had his head laid back, looking at the ceiling, his hands fisted.

With a mental sigh I walked to the back where he was, and couldn't help but hear the students' whispers.

"What's she doing?"

"She's new here."

"No one sits next to him."

"Oh my gosh."

I ignored all of them and stood in front of the boy. Slowly he looked at me. And my heart jumped to 180 miles an hour. He was gorgeous! A handsome face, golden skin, smooth complexion, full eyebrows, but those eyes! His eyes were a beautiful, hot, golden color.

He had a bored expression on his face, just looking at me. I breathed in and spoke quietly. "May I sit down?"

When I spoke he closed his eyes, took a deep breath and opened them again. "No." he said.

What the hell? What's his problem? I looked at him and stepped closer; and that's when I saw him swallow and his eyes jumped from seat to seat nervously.

I was so walking to school tomorrow.

"Okay." I said to him and stepped back an inch. He seemed to calm a little, because he just looked at me, with his eyebrows raised.

For some reason I shrugged and turned to the front. I leaned on one of the seats and decided to stand. Everyone that was watching turned around and started chatting again. The bus driver closed the door and took off.

The whole bus ride to school I felt him. He was staring at me and I knew it. I could feel his eyes boring into my back. It was highly uncomfortable. When the bus came to a stop in front of the school I sighed mentally. The two guys in the back that sat at the two ends pushed past me and I glared at them.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the guy with the hoodie hadn't moved yet. "Aren't you coming?" I asked him softly.

He just stared at me. I walked a little ways ahead. "You're going to be late for class." I tried again. He didn't budge. I walked to the front of the bus and looked at him.

He grabbed his bag and started walking but stopped when he got about twenty feet close to me. I stepped close and he stepped back. I rolled my eyes and walked off the bus. Weird but handsome guy.

I walked into the school and looked around, it was big. Looking around I searched for the front office. The bell rung twice and I still hadn't found it. The halls were empty now. "Damn." I said softly.

I turned around and walked down another hall, and that's when I felt it. Someone watching me. I looked over my shoulder and saw him standing in the doorway of the boys' bathroom, looking at me.

What was his problem? I walked somewhat closer but not too close. "Can you tell me where the front office is please?"

"Take a left and then a right. There is a brown door that says front office." He replied and walked away.

"Thanks." I called out to him, but he kept on walking.

I missed first period but made it in time for second, which was language. I handed the teacher my paper and he introduced me to the class.

"My name is Mr. Yamato." He said. "Welcome to Shikon High, have a seat."

I nodded and sat down, taking out my notebook as the teacher started writing and talking about the outline for the term.

Blah, blah.

Classes came and went and I was headed to fourth when I saw this guy in a football jacket walk up to this guy, I couldn't tell who, and call out. "Hey yash! How's it goin?" the guy backed up quickly putting space between them.

I heard a guy call, "Hey Kouga! Leave the freak alone, we got practice!"

So the guy in the football jacket was Kouga and the other guy had on a grey hoodie …hey! That's the guy from the bus!

I watched as Kouga kept getting close to him, causing the boy to put more distance between them. "Got laid yet man?" Kouga asked.

Kouga came close and poked the weird dude's shoulder. I watched as the dude recoiled from him and brushed off his shoulder. And Kouga laughed, while people watched with smiles.

"What's wrong, half-breed?" Kouga's hand shot out again, pulling off the weird guy's hoodie. Silver hair pulled into a ponytail and dog ears atop his head were exposed to everyone. I was the only who hadn't known cause everyone else didn't react. The guy was a half demon. Wow. As Kouga continued, the wonder I had wore off.

I glared. Were these people enjoying this? I sighed and went to stop the madness. Kouga kept poking the guy and the guy kept recoiling and brushing off. He looked nervous. Seeing his distress made me angry for some reason. I walked faster.

"Don't touch me! Asshole!" I heard just before Kouga crashed into me, and we went down. Kouga landed on top of me and my head hit the floor. Not hard enough to crack my skull, but hard enough to hurt. The wind knocked from me, my head pounding and anger boiling I swore. "Fuck!" I grunted, rubbing my head.

I looked to see everyone gathered around watching. Forget them, I said to myself and looked for the boy in the hoodie. He was by himself in the corner looking at me. After brushing himself off one last time, he left.

"You better run you mutt!" Kouga spat. Then the idiot on top of me smiled down at me. "Well hello beautiful."

I rolled my eyes and pushed him. "Get off."

He rolled off of me and I stood, holding my head as I got dizzy. "You okay?" Kouga asked holding my shoulder. I pulled away and fixed myself.

"I'm fine." I spat, and left to class. Stupid jerk.

Lunch time came and I could feel people staring at me as I walked into the cafeteria. Ignoring them I walked over to the cooks, got some food and looked for a seat.

I noticed something right away. The weird guy was sitting at a table by himself, with no food and writing in a notebook. All the surrounding tables were full but his was empty. I even saw students outside eating. What was the matter with everyone?

I made my way over to the weird guy's table and was scooped away at the last minute by a girl. "No sweetie. People don't sit at Inuyasha's table." She smiled, ushering me to what I assumed was her table where she sat. So that was his name I thought. Inuyasha. I liked it.

"My name is Eri." She said cheerily, "Have a seat."

I sat down and looked at the six other girls that occupied the table. "Hello, my name is Kagome."

Everyone nodded and introduced themselves.

"Why don't people sit with him? What's wrong with him?" I asked.

Eri sighed. "Well first off, he's a half demon." She started. And what she said made me angry. "Second he's a freak. He broke this kid's arm last year because he touched his head." She stated in a shocked voice. "And the year before that he pushed a little girl down, because she hugged him!" she shook her head. "He's always fighting, rarely talks, never had a girlfriend and he's always by himself." She added. "He's really weird. You shouldn't let yourself be seen with him. People will think you're weird too." She finished.

Unbelievable. I couldn't do it. These people were so…uh! I picked up my tray and left the table, purposefully walking over to Inuyasha's table. People stared at me as I walked, seriously? Did they have nothing better to do?

I stopped in front of the table where he sat. I saw then that he was drawing not writing. He was very good too.

"Hey." I said to him.

He took his time before he looked at me and when he finally did I smiled. "May I sit down?"

"No." he said softly. "Go away."

I expected the answer this time so I kept my smile. "What are you drawing?"

He continued to look at me. "Go away."

I stepped a bit closer to him and he narrowed his eyes at me.

"Can I see?" I asked sweetly.

"No." Inuyasha replied.

"Please?" I smiled; at least he was talking to me.

He sighed. "Will you go away?"

I don't know why but I wasn't intimidated by his rudeness. I sang my answer softly and childishly. "Only if you let me see."

If I didn't know better I'd say I saw his lip twitch like he wanted to smile. He slid the notebook across the table and I set down my tray. "May I?" I asked before picking it up. He didn't answer so I picked it up. Beautiful blue flowers clouded my vision and it seemed like I could touch them, how realistic they looked. My breath caught as I continued looking, the beauty and calmness of the flowers touching me. I looked from the drawing to Inuyasha, to find him looking at me intensely. "They're beautiful." I whispered. "What are they called?"

He blinked before answering. "Chilean blue crocus."

I looked back at the lowers once more before I reached out and handed it back. "thanks." I smiled, but he didn't take it.

Taking a breath I set the book down and slid it to him. "I don't have cooties you know Inuyasha." With that said I picked up my tray and walked away.

I could feel him staring after me as I left and this time it made me smile.

Stepping onto the bus after school I zeroed in on Inuyasha, sitting at the back in the same spot as this morning. Bolder now, I walked up to him stopping three feet in front of him. He liked his space. Placing my book-bag down in front of me I kneeled down in front of him and sat on my legs.

"Hello Inuyasha." I smiled.

As usual he looked at me and said nothing.

"I like your name." I added.

He cocked a brow at me.

"Can I sit with you?" I asked.

"No." he answered finally.

"Fine." I folded my arms playfully.

He just rolled his eyes.

"I like your eyes. They're a pretty color." I nodded, confirming it to myself.

He looked me in the eye this time and I stared into his. My heart rate quickened and goose bumps broke out on my skin. His eyes seemed to call out to me, saying they needed me.

And then he blinked. I blushed and looked down at the floor until I composed myself.

When I looked back at him he was smirking. Idiot.

"How old are you?" I asked a moment later.

"Old enough."

"What's your favorite color?" I shifted and waited for an answer.


I nodded. "Nice. My favorites are green and blue."

"What's your favorite food?"


"Favorite drink?"


"Favorite pet?"


"Favorite music?"


I glared at him. "If you wanted me to shut up just say."

"Shut up."

I stared at him and he stared back. "Fine." I grumbled.

I stayed silent until my bus stop came. "Bye Inuyasha!" I smiled and left.

Golden eyes watched the raven-haired girl as she jogged up the shrine steps, hair swaying behind her. "Kagome." He whispered.

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