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The Dreamers

Chapter 1


My name is Bella Swan, I am around sixteen or seventeen years old to the human eye, but I am just six years and a few months old. Confused? Let me explain…

My mum, Renee, was just sixteen years old when she had me. She had found an 'angel' in the forest in Forks where she lived with her parents and older sister, Marie. She fell in love with the 'angel' and him her, or so she thought. She visited him all of the time and was seduced by his glorious ways. She soon found out that she was pregnant with his child and was forced to leave her home, abandoned by her family. When she was just one week pregnant she looked like a three month old pregnant woman. She was incredibly skinny and pale except for her huge stomach which was covered in bruises and was a gruesome purple colour. The baby was strong, much stronger than her frail self and broke her ribs. She had to survive off of the blood of animals that ran free in the forest where she lived with her 'angel'. After only a month and a half she gave birth to a glowing baby girl and named her Isabella Marie Swan. She died almost instantly, I remember clearly like it was just a few minutes ago the look in her eyes as they bore into my chocolate brown ones, gazing adoringly at me like I was the only thing in her world. "Beautiful." She had whispered and with one last shaky breath she died, me cradled in her arms wrapped in an old blanket. Her eyes were still open, unseeingly and blind but they were still fixed on me and my eyes never left her gaze as the 'angel', also known as Charlie, picked me up out of my beloved mother's arms…

Charlie already had a son, his name was Emmett. His mother must have been big as he was like a giant. Huge but cuddly and friendly… to me. He despised Charlie for creating him and murdering his mother as he put it. Me and Emmett were both half human/half vampire and could survive of either blood or human food, we could also sleep like humans could. Charlie had found this piece of information extraordinary as apparently there were no other half human/half vampires out there, we were two of a kind me and Emmett.

Emmett didn't like Charlie's lifestyle; he thought it was cruel and unnecessary. I agreed with him and followed his lead in hunting animals instead of hunting innocent humans. We occasionally ate human food but we most definitely preferred blood, it had more flavour and sated our thirst more affectively.

Emmett didn't have any mystical vampire powers as I did, nor did Charlie for that matter. I had many powers like a shield, telekinesis and thought projection. Charlie was pleased with me but kept me and Emmett well hidden away in Forks forest in a huge three story house concealed by endless rows upon rows of trees and ferns. I'd never been out of it, Charlie had said that we were special to him and he didn't want anyone else to take us away from him, "It's a brutal world out there Bella." He had told me whilst sweeping a stray lock of hair behind my ear. I'd just nodded my head in agreement and went back to reading my worn out copy of Romeo and Juliet.

Emmett thought it was pure stupidity that Romeo would kill himself for something as ridiculous as love. He didn't understand it, neither did I for that matter, but I'd read it enough times to get the gist of it. I wondered if I'd ever get to experience it or if I'd live my life not knowing what it felt like.

Me and Emmett look a lot like Charlie, if anyone ever did see us they would immediately recognise us as Charlie's children, no doubt about it. Emmett has incredibly curly hair, the same shade of dark brown as Charlie and me. He is as tall as a tree and is extremely beefy and muscly. When he smiles little dimples form on either side of his lips and his blue eyes sparkle like a trillion stars beaming upon me.

Charlie on the other hand, is not at all muscly or tall or beefy or anything else that informs you of his strength. If he was mortal he would be undeniably weak but he's not mortal he's immortal and could crush someone in a heartbeat. His eyes are a shocking red colour; they stand out next to his unbelievably pale skin.

I'm a lot like Charlie, small, slender, dark brown haired and pale. But I have my mother's chocolate brown eyes, exactly the same shade like they've been taken out of my mother and put in my eye sockets.

My slender body shudders delicately at the thought.

I always thought of my mother but I hated to imagine hurting her after doing so much damage already and killing her. I was a murderer but at least I wasn't the only one; Charlie helped create me and killed humans regularly and Emmett had killed his mother too.

I sighed before setting my worn out copy of Romeo and Juliet on the coffee table in front of me. Emmett looked up from his fifth bag of cheese and onion crisp. It's a good job that we don't put on weight otherwise we would be like air balloons.

"What's up lil sis?" He asked me, looking at my bored facial expression.

"Nothing." I sighed.

He raised a perfect eyebrow at me. "Oh come on you can tell me anything, I don't keep secrets from you."

"I don't know how to explain it." I mumbled, fiddling with my fingers.

I'd never been good at talking to people as I'd never really met anyone except for Charlie and Emmett, and anyone who ever did find our house but they were usually killed off before they got too far as tell anyone or come and investigate. That was the upside of my mystical power to project my thoughts into whoever I wanted twos mind so then I wouldn't have to explain myself, if I didn't have my powers I don't know what I'd do!

"Show me." He said, sitting forward and rubbing his huge hands together.

I slowly walked towards Emmett and sat next to him on the cosy couch, twisting myself towards him so that he was in reach. I gently put my hand on his baby soft cheek and closed my eyes, revealing what I was trying to tell him.

"It's a brutal world out there Bella." I pictured Charlie saying. "I don't want you to get hurt baby girl."

I nodded slowly before fixing my attention back on my Romeo and Juliet book. I showed Emmett what I was thinking at that particular moment in time and how I wanted to see what the 'real world' was like. What if it wasn't what Charlie had said it would be? What if he was wrong? What if there was a whole new world out there that was just waiting for us to discover it?

I was suddenly brought out of me projecting my thoughts to Emmett by him shaking his head furiously and making me lose contact with his cheek, making my thought projection abruptly stop.

"I don't think so Bella." Emmett started, "As much as I don't like Charlie, I think that he is telling us the truth for once."

"Yeah but you don't know for sure unless you see it for yourself." I mumbled, suddenly finding my fingers very interesting again.

"Bella," Emmett said, lifting my chin up so that I was gazing into his blue eyes, "If Charlie says that the world is brutal and he's a vampire. What do you think is out their? It's not all fairy tales and damsels in distress waiting for their prince to come. Its real life Bella and there are bigger and stronger things out there from what I have heard. You could be killed, please don't do anything reckless or stupid. Please?"

After gazing into his pleading eyes for a second I know that Emmett is right. But I just can't help but wonder what it's like outside of this house and forest.

"I'm gonna go take a nap." I mutter before making my way to my small bedroom. I could have had a much larger bedroom but the view in this room was spectacular.

I'm not tired but lay down under my covers anyway. I toss and turn and think about what the world has to offer and if I should be greedy and take what it is generously giving me.

After pondering over this for approximately five and a half hours, I made my decision.

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