The Dreamers

Chapter 6


It had been two weeks. Two stinking weeks since the kiss Edward and I had shared. He still hadn't mentioned it and I was most definitely was not going to be the one to bring it up.

I may not have been able to base it off of past experience, but for what it's worth, the kiss was impeccable, yet innocent and prudent. His appealing scent had taken over my system and my hands had gone from limp at my sides to preoccupied in his chaotic hair as his fingers made their way up my arms and eventually to my flaming cheeks, securing me in place and bounding me to him.

Sighing with content, I had unfurled myself from him, with much apprehension, and laid my head on his shoulder as I tried to regain my breath, his arms still wrapped firmly around my waist and resting on the small of my back, tracing my dimples there. I shivered involuntarily as my soft curves pressed against his unyielding steel and as much as I had wanted to continue to kiss him, it was getting late and my lungs had somewhat vanished. I had been inhaling frantically, but it wasn't enough to calm down my pulsing heartbeat as I started to become lightheaded; my breathing still very much laboured and uneven.

The last thing I can recall of that night was curling up into him as he kissed the top of my head and wished me pleasant dreams, which I most definitely had. He had disappeared once I had woken up; leaving me vulnerable and feeling like what we had shared the previous night was nonsense and didn't mean a thing to him, even though the kiss had been celestial to me.

At the moment, we were in Alaska, the relentless sheets of snow fluttering down like feathers drifting leisurely towards the ground. It was scenic but bitterly cold as bits of snow got caught in my eyelashes, melting from the heat of my skin.

Edward had made sure to keep his distance from me since we had shared our kiss. It was ridiculous and it was making me feel terrible. Was I really that bad a kisser?

I internally groaned as I continued to trail sluggishly after him, "Edward, I'm tired. We haven't stopped hiking for three days. Can't we at least eat?"

"I suppose, but we're in the middle of nowhere. So, we'd have to go hunting rather than to a restaurant. Is that okay?" He asked in an unsure voice.

I nodded my head, sighing at our lack of communication. What had gotten into him? He used to be so friendly, responsive and approachable. Now, he was just an unsociable mess who seemed to be unsympathetic towards me and me only. What had I done to deserve this sort of treatment?

Within a heartbeat, he had swept me up onto his back and dashed off into the snow covered forest.

That was another thing he had allowed to bring us further apart; separation. He wouldn't allow himself to carry me throughout the forest whilst hunting like he once had, now, he would just dump me on his back.

I had a notion that it was due to my face; he obviously didn't want to see it. It made more sense than any other conclusions my crazy mind had drawn. It wasn't the prettiest thing to look at and to improve this point further, he would also walk in front of me and wouldn't make eye contact with me when he actually did, which wasn't very often, talk to me. He had bewitched me, body, soul, flesh and blood. And now, I was eternally his. He owned me.

I huffed as we came to a halt and watched as the nearby prey, which was a grizzly bear, searched for a fish in the small stream running down the face of the mountain.

Delaying my attack due to my dizziness, I sprang out from behind the tree just as a blur of black and white flung out and launched themselves at the bear.

I froze in my tracks as I watched the vampire drain the bear of its blood. It was obvious it was a vampire due to its feeding choices and the way it's beauty stroke me like a knife, taking a blow at my self-esteem.

The petite girl spun around in the light breeze and crouched down into a protective stance just as two others came to flank either side of her.

A hiss sounded from beside me and whizzed around to find Edward hunkered down, his eyes trained on the small flock of vampires, specifically the striking blonde girl.

"Who are you? And what are you doing here?" A blonde man sounded beside the petite girl, his piercing golden eyes gazing questioning towards me, "This is our territory, we advise you leave immediately."

I, still not fazed by the vampires presence, spoke up, "I'm Bella and this is Edward," I gestured towards Edward with a shy smile on my lips, "We were just hunting nearby, we're not a threat of any sort, as you can probably notice; we have the same lifestyle choices."

The blonde man gasped, along with the petite girl as the blonde girl stepped forward, "I'm Tanya and this is Alice and Carlisle." she gestured to each of the vampires as they gazed at us apprehensively. Tanya smiled seductively at Edward whilst twirling her locks around her finger. I but my lip, drawing some blood. I hastily wiped it away with the back of my hand and smiled shyly at the coven of vampires as they gazed at me in shock, obviously noticing that I, in fact, wasn't a vampire like themselves.

Unexplainably, Alice with her cropped, spiky, black hair and golden eyes suddenly became unresponsive. She stood expressionless as her eyes glazed over and looked like she was in a completely different world. The blonde man, Carlisle, was immediately at her side, holding her elbow with one hand and whispering in her ear, obviously trying to calm her tense body down.

After a minute, she jerked and gasped at the air around her, "What happened, Alice? What is it?" Carlisle asked Alice, gripping her shoulders and looking deeply into the depths of her warm eyes.

Alice pointed a shaky finger at me, "You have to get her out of here, Jaspers going to attack her."

With this said Edward went back to his protective stance in front of me and hissed menacingly. The small trio took a step back but, nevertheless, continued to whisper in hushed voices.

The trio froze when the form of a honey blonde haired boy appeared from out of a bush, "You called me?" He smiled down at Alice. This must have been Jasper, the one who was supposed to attack me for some unknown reason. How did she even know that?

Before I could comprehend this, Jasper turned towards myself and Edward, obviously wanting to know why Alice wasn't answering him, "Oh, whose this?" He asked.

At that precise moment, the wind changed direction, sending the snow and gale in Jaspers direction. My hair splayed out around me, hugging my face as Jasper got a whiff of the air.

"Oh." Was all he said as he stalked towards me, a deadly look in his golden eyes.

I was bolted to the ground, stuck in my position as he pursued me. His eyes blazing with fire and the desire of watching me writhe in pain.

In the flash of an eye, Edward held him by the throat, his teeth grazing along the skin there.

"No, stop! Please!" I belted, lunging forward towards Edward form.

"Get off of him!" I shouted, yanking on Edwards arm as he, along with Jasper and the rest of the clan, looked at me, dumbfounded.

Edward released Jasper but stayed planted in front of me, defending me from the monster inside Jasper.

"I'm sorry," I mumbled, "I didn't mean to inflict any harm on your family. We'll go."

And with that, I grabbed onto Edwards arm and began trekking out of the forest, back to a more discrete place were we could be left in peace.

"No, you don't have to go." Sounded a peel of bells behind me, I gasped and spun on my heel, "That was very kind of you to spare my lovers life. I don't think I'd be able to live without, Jasper."

I smiled at Alice as she hugged Jasper towards her, warning him not to attack me.

"I'm sorry for near attacking you, but I've never smelled anything like you in my many years." Jasper muttered, his eyebrows furrowed deep in thought.

"That's okay. I'm kind of used to people doing that sort of thing." I said, smiling at him apprehensively.

"Would you like to come and meet the rest of our family?" Alice asked me, a small smile playing on her lips, forming dimples on either of her cheeks.

It didn't escape my notice how Alice had said 'family' instead of 'clan,' but I put it to the back of my mind, saving it to analyse for later when my mind wasn't crammed with unclear thoughts, one of them being the way Edward couldn't keep his eyes off of Tanya and she him.

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