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Prompt: Be Prepared

Word Count: 811

Characters: Well you'll see...I'll mention them at the end!

The school seemed to rise up in front of him like a prison of some sorts, waiting to claw him in and take him prisoner. But he had to remind himself that he wasn't being delivered to prison, no that had been the perfect description of his last school. No, he was here at Dalton Academy because he was getting away from all that happened. He had changed schools, changed state, even changed the side of the US he had been on. It was better that way, to completely cut himself off from everything that he could remember.

He wished the limp wouldn't be so darned obvious; it was an unfortunate side effect of bullying. It did not help the fact that he had two suitcases and more were coming. No, if only there was someone around to help with all this. But he was pretty sure that it would be lesson time and if the academic reputation had anything to say for itself, there wouldn't be students skiving off lessons. He tugged at the tie around throat that was far too tight to be comfortable and he smoothed down his blazer before taking his suitcases and starting to wheel them towards the main building. It was a small mercy that he had been dropped off at the top rather than the bottom of the steps. That would save him so much work and effort that was now unnecessary. Suddenly, and without warning, a loud piercing bell sounded, coursing through his veins and shocking his system. The pitch was unbearably high and he almost instinctively put his hands to his ears, letting the suitcases fall to the floor with a dull thud that he didn't notice.

Once the pain of the noise was over, he took his hands away from his ears and shook his head slightly, hoping to get the echo of the bell still ringing in his ears. He closed his eyes, trying to ignore the stabbing pain that was now inflicting his foot where the cast was placed.

"Do you want help with those?" He hadn't noticed the stream of boys coming out of the doors and the voice that was in front of him was kind. He looked up to see a dark-skinned boy who had to be about his age with a shy grin and eyes sparkling with honesty and sincerity.

He nodded. "Thanks, that would be great."

The boy picked up his suitcases easily and stood them upright, a difficult task on the uneven gravel. He concentrated on getting rid of the pain by standing. "Shouldn't you be on crutches if your foot is in a cast?" The boy asked curiously as he set the second suitcase upright and helped him to his feet. Immediately though, he ducked his head embarrassed. "Sorry, that's rude of me."

He shook his head. "No don't worry about it." There was something about this new person that he liked, an open and friendly nature that made him trust the boy. "I've just been told by the doctor a couple of days ago to put a little more weight on it." He nodded to one of the suitcases. "My crutches are in there for any day that my foot starts hurting or when I'm doing loads of exercise and walking.

The other boy nodded, getting the idea. Then he bit his lip before laughing slightly. "I'm sorry, I'm so rude. I haven't introduced myself properly." He extended his hand politely. "I'm David Thompson."

He took David's hand, a firm handshake that told him the boy had been brought up properly. "Good to meet you. I'm Wesley Montgomery but everyone calls me Wes."

David grinned. "Well, Wes, what grade are you?"

Wes bit his lip, trying to remember. "Um, freshman."

David's smile grew wider. "Brilliant, so am I!" He nodded to the suitcases. "Do you want me to take one and we can find out which wing you've been assigned to. There's a spare room next to me in North, I hope that's for you."

Wes had to admit that he was a little overwhelmed by David's enthusiasm, he hadn't exactly been prepared for that, but it was a welcome change from the strict and fierce nature of the boys that he had feared. He smiled gratefully once more. "That would be really helpful. Thanks."

David promptly drew the handle of the heavier suitcase and waited patiently as Wes struggled a little with the other. Anyone who had been observing them at the time would have assumed that it was another of David's kind gestures and soon enough Wes would find his own friends with David. But Dalton had only witnessed the start and would not be prepared for the most epic Bromance at the school since its foundation. Yes, Wevid would most certainly be a forced to be reckoned with.

Yes, I don't know why that happened and how either but hey! I hope you liked it and that you enjoy what I have to offer in later chapters!