This fic has been revamped and reedited as of November 28th, 2007. Essentially it's the same, but I rewrote certain parts. I never wrote the conclusion. It is finally finished. Sorry about the…years… of delay!

There was obviously life… I graduated, moved out, worked, started college, had a social life. But I think I could have found time for the last chapter. I think that the main problems were that I was embarrassed of the first chapters and unsure of where I wanted to go with it. Now, I write outlines for my stories. Helps a lot, y'know.

I had this idea while watching an episode from the Buu season, and wondering how Bulma and Vegeta got along at home.

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The blue-haired woman stood near the Gravity Room. It was night and she was alone. After a few moments of silent observation of the place she had grown to despise, she began recklessly beating it with her fists. "Goddamn you!" She sobbed, sinking to her knees in despair.

The night was quiet once more.

Whenever, Wherever

Chapter One

Bulma grinned as she let Chichi into her house. "Hey! Are you ready for the picnic?"

Chichi rolled her eyes. "Hmmph...yeah, I need a rest from those boys eating up the house..."

"That sounds like Goku, Gohan and Goten all right! Lucky for me, I don't have to cook for them!"

"That would be because you're pathetic at cooking, woman." Vegeta was leaning against the wall in the back of the room, his arms crossed and a smirk on his face.

Bulma turned to glare at him. "ASS!"

Vegeta chuckled. "Is that the best you can do? I've been called a lot worse than that..."

Bulma shook with rage, and decided to hit the nearest thing she could see, which happened to be Chichi.

"HEY!!! Do YOU MIND?!" Chichi shouted after she was shoved into the wall.

"Oh whoops. Sorry Chi..."

Vegeta of course chuckled, which made Bulma even angrier. "The woman knows she doesn't stand a chance against my superior power, that's why she hit you." He said arrogantly.


A dark look passed Vegeta's face, as it always did when his rival, and possibly best friend, was mentioned. "Hmmph." He snorted, and sauntered away.

"That man has some problems!!" Chichi stormed. "Really!!!!!"

An expression that Chichi couldn't catch flickered across Bulma's pretty face. The next second it was gone, and Chichi wasn't sure she ever saw it.

"We're HERE!!!!" Goku's voice was impossible to mistaken.

Bulma smiled at Chichi. "Come on..."

"Wait! Bulma, what's wrong with your hands?" Chichi asked in alarm, noticing several bruises and a bandaid.

Bulma quickly covered them up. "I… had some trouble in the lab," She replied casually. "No biggie!"


That night, Bulma lay in her bed, staring up at the wall. She could hear Vegeta's light breathing as he slept next to her. She turned onto her side to look at him. Reaching out, she touched his face. His eyelids flickered and then he opened his eyes, looking back at her. She removed her hand, blushing, and looked away. He didn't say a word, and a few minutes later she could hear his breathing again. Her eyes filled with tears as she looked back upon the man she had come to love.

They no longer acted like lovers. She wasn't even sure how he felt about her anymore. He usually just ignored her, or teased her. He hadn't grabbed her impulsively in a passionate make-out session in years. It was like she no longer mattered. All he did was train, train, train.

She sniffled and got out of bed, heading downstairs. She could use some ice cream right about now.

She didn't know that Vegeta was still awake. He opened his mouth to ask what she was doing, but changed his mind and went outside. He eyed the Gravity Room, but instead chose to fly off for a bit. Perhaps when he got back, Bulma would be normal again.

Bulma arrived back in her room a few minutes later to find an empty bed. She sighed loudly. "Typical man!"

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