Pokemon Retold: Kanto Chronicles

Hey guys, this story I have had written for a long time and did not think it was good at the time but after reading it again and doing some editing I feel that it is somewhat respectable. Pokemon was the first anime I really watched and loved. This show got me watching other shows like DBZ, Naruto and Yu Yu Hakusho. It also has one of the most epic theme songs of all time during the Indigo League. Sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it. This story will follow the anime but how I feel some of the episodes should have gone with Ash learning the skills needed before going on his journey. This Ash will have enough sense to train his pokemon before taking on gym battles and he will age with the series. I hope you guys like it. Now on with the show.

Chapter 1 (Episodes 1-2)

"Ah. I can't believe I broke my fucking leg," screamed a man from the confines of the Ketchum residence. The man that was lying down on the couch was wearing a dark green shirt and blue jeans with a cast around his right leg. He had wild black hair and built like a brick wall with a slick black goatee. Beside him sat his loyal Raichu who had many battle scars from battling over the years. The pokemon just lay at his partner's feet rolling his eyes at his trainer's situation. However, the man's pain only increased as a frying pan came crashing down on his head from the kitchen. "Shit that hurt!" he yelled to the world

"Now Derek, you shouldn't be saying those words around little Ash," said a young woman with her brown hair down in a ponytail and an angry look on her face.

This is the residence of Derek and Delia Ketchum. Six years ago they were married and had their son, Ash. To help provide for his family, Derek participated in many Pokemon tournaments and did fairly well in any that he participated in. So much so that he was invited to participate in National Tournaments. However that plan changed because of the cast on his leg. The reason Derek was on the couch with a broken leg was because he had stepped on a Voltorb while participating in a tournament in Vermillion City. Many of the surrounding people did not know how he had survived. It was earlier in the week when he was finally healthy enough to leave the hospital and allowed to live at home.

"You know you're lucky you didn't die from that explosion," said Delia as tears started to form at the corners of her eyes, "what if I would have to raise Ash all by myself?"

"Don't worry Delia, nothing can kill me" Derek said with a smirk as he tried to show off his biceps. "Ow!" he said as he rubbed his arm. Apparently he was still sore from the explosion.

"You're not the young trainer who could survive anything anymore. You have a wife and a child that depend on you now. Ash barely recognizes you now as it is." Delia said with the tears now starting to cascade down her face.

"Yeah I know." Derek said looking down in defeat. It was true, Ash didn't even recognize his father when he arrived and was put on the couch. He had seen fear in the eyes of his son. He had to find a way to make it up to him and Delia. He just could not be in Ash's life. He suddenly had an idea.

"Hey Delia, how bout this. I stay for a while and help around the house and help raise Ash. I can also get a job somewhere around here to help out. After a couple of years, I can compete in the tournaments again to make more money to help the family."

"That's a great idea Derek. I know Ash will love to hear the news." Delia said as she hugged her husband and ended with a kiss.

Four Years Later

The Ketchum residence was silent in the early part of the morning. It has been a year since Derek left for the tournament circuit again. He and Ash had a rocky start but eventually bloomed into a great father/son relationship. He taught Ash many things about pokemon such as type advantage and how pokemon have different personalities. He even taught him how pokemon can have more moves than just the typical four and that it was best to have a variety of different pokemon and techniques. Derek got Ash a job helping take care of pokemon at Professor Oak's Lab. Today is the day Ash starts his journey as a Pokemon master. That's if he ever wakes up.

"Aaaahhhh!" Ash screamed as he realized what time it was. He quickly put on his blue jeans and black shirt. He put on his tennis shoes, green fingerless gloves and his blue vest with white sleeves. He then bolted out of the door to get his first pokemon from Professor Oak.

"Crap, crap, crap, crap. It figures I would be late because of Dad's match." Ash said to himself as he ran down the dirt road to Professor Oak's Lab. He had the whole day planned. Wake up early and get to the lab before anyone else. He was going to pick a Charmander and head back to the house and have breakfast with his mom and after finishing that head north to Viridian City and catch some pokemon before lunch. Now he would be lucky to make it to Viridian City by nightfall. Ash could finally see Oak labs and started sprinting faster. When he got there he sees the one person that he did not want to see right now.

"Hey Ash, looks like your fourth this time instead of the usual second." Gary said with an arrogant smile on his face. The two had grown up together and had a fierce rivalry over who was better. Most of the contests ended with Ash coming in second. It also didn't help that they worked together at the ranch. Not to mention that Gary caught his older sister, Daisy, and Ash kissing just a couple of months ago. That had been fun to rub in Gary's face.

"Wait fourth, crap hope the Professor isn't out of pokemon." Ash said as he bolted by Gary who just shook his head at his rival before leaving out to begin his journey with his cheerleaders.

Ash finally made it inside the lab. There he sees an older man with a lab coat on, a maroon shirt, khakis and a smile on his face. He had known Derek since he got his first pokemon and Ash was the spitting image of his father at that age.

"Welcome Ash, I knew you would come." Oak said with a smirk

"Yeah, sorry I over slept professor." Ash said as he was panting from the run he just finished.

"Don't worry about it Ash, your father did the same thing when he started his journey too." Oak said as he started walking towards the platform to receive a starting pokemon. Ash saw this and walked quickly after the graying man.

"So what pokemon are left Professor?" Ash asked hoping that he hadn't missed his chance.

"Well the regular starters have all been taken" Oak said which caused Ash to look depressed, "but I do have an extra just for occasions like this." He said which put life back into the young trainer. "Here you go Ash," the professor said and handed Ash a pokeball with a lightning bolt symbol on the top. Ash released the pokemon inside and out popped a yellow mouse.

"Wow a Pikachu!" Ash said in excitement at the sight of his new pokemon. The Pikachu looked at its new trainer with a questioning look. It was as if he had seen the face before but he had seen very few humans. The Pikachu just shook it off and figured that it must be a coincidence.

"Good to know you like your Pokemon" Oak said with a smile. "Now here is your pokeballs and here is something very special for you." The professor said as he handed Ash a rectangular black object. He flipped it open and it had a screen with several buttons and what looked like characters on the screen. On the back was an indented area that was about the size of a pokeball.

"What is it Professor Oak?" asked Ash not sure what the object is

"That Ash is an experimental pokedex. It gives information about the pokemon scanned like the older models. However, when you catch a pokemon, it can tell you what attacks, ability, gender, even if it is a rare type of its species. On the back is where you can transfer items back to your mother or anyone who has a transfer machine. The technology to transfer pokeballs that way hasn't been perfected yet but when it does this pokedex can be upgraded to accommodate the changes. It also has a map programmed in of the Kanto region, a digital camera to capture memories of your journey and has a video phone so you can keep up with your extra pokemon, your mother, or a girlfriend you get on your journey. Especially if you want to keep tabs on my granddaughter." Oak just chuckled at the young trainer. He had no problem with the young man pursuing his granddaughter. He was a hard worker and cared for all the pokemon when he worked at the lab. She could have picked someone a lot worse. The last joke caused Ash to blush but he quickly used the pokedex on his new pokemon.

Dexter: Pikachu, the mouse pokemon. When several of these pokemon gather, their electricity could build and cause lightning storms. It keeps its tail raised to monitor its surroundings

Gender: Male Abilities: Static

Attacks: Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, Double Team, Charge, Thunderbolt

Ash looked at his new pokemon with pride. He tries to return Pikachu back to his ball but every time Pikachu dodges the beam. Ash looks at Professor Oak for answers.

"Well it seems your Pikachu doesn't like to go into its pokeball." Oak said while looking at the trainer and his pokemon.

"Alright that's fine, hey Pikachu want to ride on my shoulder." Ash asked the electric pokemon.

"Cha" Pikachu said as he hopped onto Ash. Oak stood back expecting the rodent to blast Ash but when he didn't Oak relaxed. When Pikachu was on his shoulder he asks Professor Oak to take a picture of the two. After that Ash prepared to leave for his journey.

"One more thing before you head out on your journey." Oak said as he went over to the computer. "I have to fill in you trainer data such as what you look like for identification"

"All right Professor" Ash said as the professor typed away at the computer and put his pokedex into the computer to transfer the data. When Ash got the pokedex back his trainer card was on top.

Owner: Ash Ketchum Hometown: Pallet Town

Age: 10 Height: 4'10 Weight: 115 lbs

Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Status: Rookie

Badges: 0 Pokemon: 1 ID: 702938574

Birthday: May 22

"Well if that's it Professor, I'm gone." Ash said as he left the pokemon lab. After Ash had left, a person came out of the shadows smiling at the scene that had unfolded.

"He's defiantly my son" Derek said as he sat next to Professor Oak, "I just can't believe that Pichu evolved into a Pikachu so fast, it has got to be a record."

"Well I think your son is headed for great things Derek. I know it." Oak said as he relaxed after a hard day of dealing with new trainers. "Yep and from what you tell me about him and your granddaughter, he's going to be a lady killer just like his old man." Derek said with a smirk on his face.

Outside the lab an unexpected sight awaited Ash. His mother was there with his backpack and his hat he had won in a pokemon sweepstakes and Daisy stood there with a blush on her face when Ash came out of the lab. Daisy was eleven years old with long brown hair down to her shoulders. She had on a green turtleneck sweater on with blue jeans and black sandals. Instead of going out and being a trainer, Daisy decided to stay in Pallet Town and work as a researcher and help her grandfather around the lab.

"What are you doing here Daisy?" Ash asked in surprise at seeing her.

"Well first I work here," Daisy said with a smirk, "then I had to see my idiot brother off with his posse of fan girls, and finally I had to make sure my best friend doesn't go off without saying goodbye."

"Oh you two are so cute, by the way Ash you forgot some of your things at the house." Delia chimed in causing both of the kids to blush.

"Thanks for bringing my stuff mom." Ash said as he hugged his mom.

"No problem sweetie. Oh is this your pokemon? He's so cute!" Delia said as she looked at Pikachu

"Yeah this is Pikachu," Ash said as he scratched Pikachu behind the ears. "Wow grandpa must think you're special if he let you start with a Pikachu. Usually they're hard to train when given or caught by a trainer." Daisy said as she scratched Pikachu behind his other ear.

"Well you better leave now or I won't be able to let you go" Delia said as she hugged Ash.

"Yeah mom, I'll call you once I get to Viridian City." Ash said as he turned to Daisy and gave her hug as well and kissed her on the cheek. After that he finally started heading for the route leading to his future.

"Don't forget to change your underwear everyday Ash" Delia said as Ash was about to be out of ear shot which caused Daisy to giggle.

"Damn it Mom!" Ash yelled as Pikachu laughed on his shoulder

"Language young man" Delia said as Ash left from view. After Ash left from view Daisy headed into the lab to start working, passing a man who was leaving out of the lab.

"He'll do fine Delia" Derek said as he came behind her and wrapped his arms around her.

"I know he will Derek, I'm just being a caring mother" Delia said as she lay back on Derek

"Let's go home and relax." Derek said as he leads Delia back to the house

Path Leading out of Pallet Town

Just outside the reaches of Pallet Town, we find Ash and Pikachu walking down the dirt road leading to Viridian City. Ash had spent a total of ten minutes on his journey and was enjoying it so far. He had programmed Prof. Oak's, Daisy's and his mom's number into his pokedex but an incident occurred of his divided attention. He tripped up on what his pokedex told him was a Ratatta which had crossed his path. The purple mouse pokemon quickly ran away snickering at the stupid human. This left Ash lying face down on the ground with Pikachu laughing at him. However, the commotion of Ash's crash and Pikachu's laughter brought some unwanted attention to the duo. As Ash was about to get up, a shadow swooped down and almost took out Pikachu.

"What is that?" Ash asked which Dexter promptly answered

"Spearow, the Tiny Bird Pokemon, Eats bugs in grassy areas, it flies around ceaselessly to protect its territory. Note: Some wild pokemon do not like tamed pokemon or their trainers."

As this was said the Spearow turned around to attack Pikachu again.

"Pikachu use Thundershock." Ash said as Pikachu let the electricity fly. The bolt of lightning hit its target and Spearow fell to the ground. "Now use Thunder Wave" Ash said as the yellow mouse let a wave of electricity flow toward the downed Spearow. The tiny bird continued to fight the paralyzed state it was in and got back to its feet. "Pokeball go!" Ash said as he released the empty pokeball from his hand. Before the ball made contact the Spearow did one last act of rebellion. "Speaaaaroww!" it yelled as the pokeball hit it. The ball shook three times and then locked.

"Alright Pikachu, we caught our first teammate!" yelled Ash as he jumped up and down and retrieved his new pokemon. Before he did anything else, he used the pokedex to check its stats.

Dexter: Spearow: Gender: Male Ability: Keen Eye

Attacks: Peck, Leer, Fury Attack, Pursuit, Aerial Ace

Condition: Paralyzed

Ash looked surprised. He figured that a wild pokemon would only have four attacks but with this was a surprise. However, before he had time to celebrate his first capture, a shadow made its way across Ash and Pikachu. When he looked up he sees a flock of Spearow poised to attack him and his pokemon. Ash started to panic and grabbed Pikachu to run away from the angry flock. As he was running the Spearow continued to peck him and Pikachu. Ash finally jumped into a rushing river to avoid the attack. He held Pikachu close to his body so not to lose him. Miraculously, something pulled him out of the water. When he surfaced he found him face to face with a fairly cute red headed girl. She had a yellow shirt, red suspenders, and short blue jean shorts.

"Are you okay?" Asked the girl

"Yeah I'm fine, how is Pikachu?" Ash asked while looking for his pokemon, who he found in the arms of the girl.

"He looks okay but he should get to a pokemon center soon." The girl said with concern in her eyes. "How did you end up in the river anyway?"

"We were being chased by a flock of angry Spearow and jumped into the river for protection." Ash said as he looked at Pikachu. "By the way I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town." He said while holding out his hand.

"Misty Waterflower from Cerulean City" she said as she shook his hand. Just then Ash saw the flock of angry birds in the horizon.

"Misty I need to borrow your bike to get to the Pokemon Center." He said in a panic.

"Go I'll meet you there" she said as Ash jumped on the bike and rode as fast as he could.

The group of Spearow had finally caught up with him and started attacking. During this time a violent storm had blown in and was not helping with him keeping the bike upright. The dark clouds brought with it lightning, thunder, wind and stinging rain. This was not going to deter Ash from getting his friend to safety. However with the dirt road becoming mud, the bike finally flipped after another Spearow attacked him. Pikachu was thrown from the bike and Ash ran to protect his first Pokemon.

"Pikachu, get in the ball where it's safe" Ash begged the little rodent but Pikachu refused to go into his ball. Ash looked over his shoulder to see that the flock was coming in to finish both of them off. In a last ditch effort to protect his friend; he got into a protective stance against the angry birds that were about to go in for the kill. "My name is Ash Ketchum and I will not let you hurt my friend!" Ash said as the Spearow flew toward him. Pikachu jumped from behind him and into the flock and let out a gigantic thunderbolt attack, which caught the entire attacking Spearow, Ash and Misty's bike.

The storm finally cleared up with Ash and Pikachu lying across from each other on the ground.

"You alright buddy?" Ash asked as he looked over at his exhausted Pokemon

"Pi" came the answer as both turned to look at the sky. There in the sky was a giant rainbow colored bird with a rainbow following after it.

"What's that pokemon" Ash asked to no one but Dexter thought Ash was directing the question at him.

Dexter: Pokemon not in Database; many species have yet to be discovered

"Huh looks like there a lot of adventures ahead of us." Ash said as he smiled at Pikachu. However, when he turned he saw what looked like a scorched piece of twisted metal and remembered who it belonged too.

"Shit, Misty is going to go ballistic on me." He said as he started to get up and head toward Viridian City with Pikachu in his arms.

Ash had finally made to the Pokemon Center in Viridian City. He had run into a police officer named Jenny, who thought he was a pokemon thief at the time, but Ash showed her his ID, and she had taken him to the pokemon center in her police motorcycle. While on the way Officer Jenny informed him of a group of pokemon thieves called Team Rocket that are stealing pokemon and to keep a look out for them. When he got there, he gave the nurse Pikachu to take care of and heal. Now here he was waiting outside the emergency room waiting to find out how his buddy was.

"That was one hell of a day." Ash said as he laid his head back on the cushioned couch he was sitting on. He could only look at the ceiling as the minutes passed by. He finally stood up and looked around. The pokemon center was spacious. Right now he was sitting in the lounge. As he looked along the walls he saw the entrance to the trainer sleeping quarters, there were televisions on the walls with different programs and over in on the far wall were the video phones and a machine that allowed trainers to switch pokemon while on their journey. As he looked at the phones, he realized he had yet to call his mom or Professor Oak. With that he sat down and called his mom.

"Hello Ketchum residence" Delia said as she answered the phone.

"Hi mom, I'm calling to tell you I made it to Viridian City." He said as he smiled at his mother. "Oh that's great Ash. I'm so proud of you. It took your father a week to get to Viridian City." Delia said as she looked at her son. "Why are you so dirty Ash?" She asked looking at Ash's disheveled state. "I may have ran into a flock of Spearow on my way here." Ash said rubbing the back of his neck. "Ha yep those bastards are as mean as a Gyarados if you get them riled up," a voice said from outside the picture of the phone. Ash smiled knowing the voice. "It's good to know your home dad, taking a break?" "Yep and enjoying time with your mother." Derek said as he got in close to Delia and unknown to Ash was rubbing her butt, which was causing her to blush. Ash feeling uneasy at how his parents were acting decided to end the phone call. "Well I said I'd call, now I got to check in with Professor Oak. I love you Mom. Love you Dad." "I love you too sweety." Delia said and Derek nodded his head back at Ash while giving him a thumb up as Ash hung up the phone and called Professor Oak.

"Hello is any one there" said Oak as the only image Ash saw was the back of his head.

"Um professor I'm over here" Ash said as the Professor looked back.

"Well shoot" the professor said as he switched the call over to the phone in front of him. "Ash, my boy, how are you doing?" The professor asked with interest.

"I'm doing fine sir. I've made it to Viridian City already" Ash said.

"That's great Ash. I hope you've caught some Pokemon before making it to the center. Ha I bet Gary that I would eat a ten gallon hat if you didn't catch at least one pokemon before you made it to Viridian City." This caused Ash to have a smile.

"Well professor, make sure I'm there when Gary eats that hat because I did catch a pokemon. Come out Spearow." Ash said as he brought his bird pokemon out who flew and landed on his new trainers head and pecked it twice before hopping onto Ash's shoulder. "Ouch, what was that for!" Ash yelled at his pokemon, which only got a smug smirk from the bird pokemon.

"Well it looks like your Spearow likes you. That behavior of pecking usually means it accepts you as its trainer, that or it could be that he likes causing you pain" the professor said as he watched the trainer and pokemon interact.

"Yeah whatever, oh by the way professor, I saw this giant rainbow colored bird before I made it to Viridian. You wouldn't happen to know what pokemon that was do you?"

This caused Oak to gain a serious look on his face, "I know of one supposed to look like that but it has never actually been seen. In fact, most people think it is a myth. The legendary pokemon Ho-oh."

"Well Dexter scanned it but couldn't find any data on the pokemon." Ash said.

"Is that so? Well put Dexter in the slot below the screen and I'll see what this pokemon is since all the pokemon scanned are saved in its database." Oak said pointing down at a slot that opened.

"Sure Professor," Ash said as he complied with Oak's instructions.

"Well let's see what pokemon you saw" Oak said. He proceeded to look at the data. When he got to the data he froze and his mouth gaped at the image.

"Um Professor, are you alright?" Ash asked as he saw the shocked professor. Oak then proceeded to fall back and crash into the floor which caused the phone call to shut off and caused Ash's pokedex to shoot back at him. He looked over at Spearow on his shoulder. "Well that can't be good" he said as Spearow shook his head no. Spearow suddenly bristled and fled into his pokeball which got Ash to wonder what scared his fierce flying pokemon."

"YOU!" Ash heard behind him and he began to sweat. He looked behind him and saw what could only be death looking at him. "How dare you do this to my bike!" There standing behind him was an enraged Misty holding the burnt pieces of scrap metal that was formally her bike.

"Sorry Misty, we had to defend ourselves from the Spearow and your bike got caught in the crossfire. Don't worry I'll pay for it when I can." He said trying to placate the angry red head.

"You're damn right you are going to pay for that bike. I'm not going to leave you alone til you do." She said as she began to calm down. "So how is Pikachu?" She asked realizing that the yellow pokemon was not with his trainer.

"He's doing fine he should be out of the E.R. any time now." At that the Nurse Joy came out and walked to Ash.

"Your Pikachu will be fine. He just needs some rest and will be ready to go in the morning," said Joy as she walked back to the nursing station.

"Thank you Nurse Joy." Ash said as he went and visit his fallen pokemon. When he arrived at the room that held Pikachu, he saw that his pokemon was laying down with bandages around his head and in a light sleep. He and Misty went into the room and Ash grabbed Pikachu's paw, which woke the mouse up.

"Hey buddy how are you doing?" Ash asked.

"Pi Pika Chu" Pikachu said as he smiled up at his trainer.

"Well that's good buddy." Ash said as he smirked at his pokemon. Misty looked on with a smile on her face at the interaction between the two. They were in the room for about ten minutes when they heard an explosion come from the front desk. Misty, Ash and Pikachu, who was now on Ash's shoulder, ran to the front. There they saw two people and a pokemon standing.

"Oh no, Team Rocket!" yelled Nurse Joy. "I have to get the pokemon out of here and to a safe Center."

"Not so fast Nurse" said the red headed member with her hair in a long ponytail. "That's right you don't even know who we are?" asked the man with short bluish purple hair. The duo then proceeded into a stupid motto where they said their names were Jessie and James, however what caught Ash's attention was the pokemon who finished the motto. "Meowth that's right!"

"Wow a talking pokemon." Ash said as he got his pokedex to see what the pokemon was.

Dexter: Meowth, the scratch cat pokemon. Adores circular objects, wanders the streets on a nightly basis to look for dropped loose change. First specimen observed to walk on hind legs and capable of human speech.

"That's right I'm special," Meowth said. "Now hand over all the Pokemon" it said. However during the motto and the use of Dexter, Nurse Joy had done transferred all the pokemon to the next center.

"Well this is a snag in the plans." James said.

"Who cares lets take the pokemon that are with the trainers." Jessie said as both Rocket member grabbed a pokeball each. This did not sit well with Ash and he sent Pikachu and Spearow out. The two rockets sent out two pokemon. One was a large purple snake while the other looked to be a giant purple ball with a poisen sign on it.

"What are those pokemon?" Ash said as Dexter answered.

Dexter: Ekans, the snake pokemon. Moves silently and stealthily, it eats the eggs of birds, such as Pidgey or Spearow, whole.

This got Spearow seeing red. Then the other pokemon was scanned.

Dexter: Koffing, the poison gas pokemon. Because it stores several kinds of toxic gases in its body, it is prone to exploding with out warning.

After the info, Ash gave his pokemon their commands. "Spearow use Aerial Ace on Ekans, Pikachu use Quick Attack on Koffing." The attacks hit their marks and knocked the two poison types into their owners.

"Hey what's the deal twerp, you can't beat us." Meowth yelled from the pile of bodies.

"I just did. Pikachu, Thunderbolt on Koffing and send that group flying." He said as the mouse pokemon let the bolt of lightning hitting the poison pokemon, which then proceeded to explode. This sent the group of thieves out of the building and into the sky.

"Wow you're pretty good for a rookie trainer." Misty said as she walked up to Ash.

"Well I learned a lot from my dad and I can tell when a pokemon is malnourished or mistreated and it looked like every one in that group hadn't eaten in a while so I knew my rested pokemon had a good chance of winning." He said as Nurse Joy walked up to him.

"Thank you for taking care of those thieves. Everybody here owes you their gratitude. You and your girlfriend can stay here for tonight. I'll even let you stay in the same room." Nurse Joy said with a smile. This caused both to grow embarrassed.

"She/ He is not my boy/ girl friend." The two said simultaneously.

"Oh young love is blossoming." Nurse Joy said as she walked away from the two flustered trainers after giving Ash the key and taking his and Misty's Pokemon to be healed again. The two walked into the room to see a TV and one bed.

"You're sleeping on the floor tonight." Misty said as she jumped on the bed.

"The hell I am. It doesn't bother me to sleep with someone else so as far as I'm concerned you can sleep on the floor if you want." Ash said as he got on the bed right next to Misty.

"Whatever" Misty said as she rolled over facing away from Ash, "You better not snore, oh so help me I'll shut you up."

"Crazy girl" Ash said as he drifted off to sleep not knowing what his second day of being a trainer would be like.

Ash's Team

1. Pikachu

2. Spearow





Oak's Pokedex Rating

Kanto Pokedex: Caught or owned: 2 Pokemon seen: 6 percentage seen: 4%

Experience: 1 Day

Rating: Well, it's a start. The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step and luckily you didn't trip. The adventure has just started and there are many more pokemon for you to see.

Well that's chapter one. May not be the best thing I've ever written but I feel good about it and I felt others should read it. Now, there is no pairing for this story because honestly he's 10 and they don't know what to do at that age, hopefully. However being raised with his father around has led to a very different acting Ash as proof with his dirty mouth. Luckily, unlike the anime, Ash will not remain in 10-year-old hell. Instead he will grow and age with his pokemon becoming stronger along the way. Also the pokedex rating thing is based off the 149 pokemon known to reside in Kanto since Mew and Mewtwo have not made an appearance in that world. Hope you guys liked the story and please be nice in the reviews. I should have the next chapter ready by Friday. Have a nice day. Peace!