Pokemon Retold: Kanto Chronicles

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Chapter 4 (Episodes 15-24)

Last time we left Ash and the group, Ash had just won his third badge by defeating Lt. Surge. Now we find our hero at the Vermillion City Pokecenter making a very important call to Professor Oak.

"Hey Professor, I just won my third badge." Ash said showing his new Thunder Badge to the professor on the phone.

"I see that Ash congratulations. Now I know that's not the only reason you're calling." Oak said.

"Yeah I need to switch out one pokemon and send another to you." Ash said holding up two pokeballs.

"Oh and why is that?" Oak asked.

"Well I want to switch Butterfree and Spearow, so I can train him some more. The other pokemon I'm sending you is my Sandslash." Ash said.

"Why are you sending Sandslash here?" Oak asked curious about the reason behind this strange move.

"Well the reason is when I left the gym two woman were there and were giving free tickets to a voyage on the SS Anne for pokemon trainers. Well we took them but when I told my team, Sandslash freaked out and rolled into a ball when I mentioned the ocean. He still hasn't uncurled himself." Ash said looking at Sandslash's pokeball.

"Well that's understandable, but why don't you switch Sandslash with Krabby?" Oak asked.

"Well if I did that I would have four pokemon weak to electric attack and that puts me in a severe disadvantage in pokemon battles if my opponent has one. It would be better if I kept that spot open and caught a new pokemon." Ash said.

"Sound reasonable," Oak said nodding his head and stroking his chin,

"Ok send Sandslash over first and then I'll switch Butterfree and Spearow." Oak said. Couple of minutes later, Ash and the group walked out of the pokemon center heading for the docks and getting on the SS Anne.

Onboard the SS Anne

When the group got onto the ship they were greeted by the sight and sounds of trainers and salesmen that were riding on the massive ship.

"Wow, look at all the trainers." Ash said looking around noticing all of the people on the ship.

"And the shopping" Misty said as she looked at a vendor selling items.

"And the women." Brock said seeing many beautiful women walking around.

"What was that Brock?" Misty asked looking over at the older teen.

"Uh nothing Misty." Brock said waving his hands in front of him.

"Raticate use Hyper Fang." The group heard over in a battle area. There they saw two pokemon battling. One was a Starmie and the other was a giant brown rat with a white belly and huge fangs.

Raticate, the Rat pokemon and the evolved form of Rattata. It uses its whiskers to maintain its balance. It apparently slows down if they are cut off.

Dexter said as the Raticate hit the enemy's Starmie with its ferocious teeth and defeated the water pokemon. The trainer of the Raticate was a man dressed in a fancy tuxedo with a top hat, a slim mustache and dark glasses. He had a woman with a beautiful red dress and with brown hair hanging off of him.

"Great match young man, now who shall challenge me to a match?" The fancy man said waving his one arm in the air that wasn't taken up by a beautiful woman.

"He's not worth battling right now." Ash said walking past the display.

"Why not Ash?" Misty asked following the younger trainer.

"Well his Raticate is tired and who ever battles him next is going to win because of that. It's not worth getting a cheap victory." Ash said with Brock and Misty following him. Ash then heard a familiar voice.

"Come one, come all feast your eyes on the wonder of steel type attacks." The group heard from where a crowd was gathered.

'That voice, that opening line, it could be only one person.' Ash thought as he looked toward the center of the group to see a man he hadn't seen since Pewter City.

"Hey Jericho!" Ash yelled over the crowd. This got the older man to look in the group's direction and see his friend from Pallet Town

"Oh Ash! How are you doing today? Ladies and gentlemen this is someone who I personally helped in his journey with the use of these metal moves. Come on up to the stage Ash!" Jericho said as he beckoned Ash to the stage.

"How have you been Ash?" Jericho asked the young trainer.

"I'm doing fine Jericho. I won my third badge before I came on this cruise." Ash said as he showed his badges.

"That's wonderful Ash. Now can you tell the crowd how much help that move I taught your Pikachu was?" Jericho said, shouting to the crowd

"Iron tail helped me win two badges. I won the Boulder badge from the Pewter City gym and the Thunder badge from the Vermillion City gym." Ash said holding up two of his three badges. When the trainers on the boat saw that one of these steel moves helped Ash win Thunder badge, they went wild. All the trainers gathered around the stage begging Jericho to teach their pokemon one of the three steel type moves.

"Alright, hold on. My services are not cheap. To teach your pokemon these moves will cost 2000 pokedollars each. My time is valuable and I won't do it for a trainer that can't pay." Jericho said as most of the crowd left because they couldn't afford the price but still there were about 12 trainers left so that was still a good profit to be made.

"Thanks Ash I needed some proof that my moves work. So what pokemon did Pikachu's Iron Tail knock out?" Jericho said interested in how his formal pupil was doing. The three trainers and pokemon tutor were sitting at a table talking about how their lives had been since they last saw each other.

"Yeah Pikachu won both matches for me. He knocked out Brock's Onix to win me the Boulder badge and beat Lt. Surge's Raichu to win me the Thunder Badge." Ash said proud of his pokemon's accomplishments.

"Yeah I was hoping to have one of my pokemon taught another one of your moves but I see your going to busy with training those other pokemon. Not to mention I don't have the budget for you to teach them." Ash said with sadness in his voice.

"Oh which pokemon and which move?" Jericho said looking at his friend.

"My Spearow and Pidgeotto would do great with Steel Wing." Ash said thinking of the strategies that he could come up with those two knowing that move.

"Well you're in luck Ash!" Jericho said patting Ash on the back, "I'm running a special. I'm teaching Steel Wing for free, course first trainer come only trainer served. So you interested?" Jericho said smiling.

"Yes! Thank you Jericho, you don't have to do this for me." Ash said to his friend. "Don't worry about it Ash. I owe it to you for all this money I made today!" Jericho said looking into his wallet, which was stuffed to the brim with pokedollars. "Beside Steel Wing is the easiest to teach out of the three moves." Jericho said as he grabbed the two pokeballs. "Now I'll be in the hull training. Come find me in an hour or so." Jericho said as he walked off.

About forty-five minutes after Jericho left, men in black suits with big red R's on their chest came out with machines on their back.

"Alright this is a stick up give us all your pokemon!" One of the grunts said readying his machine to gather the trainer's pokemon. On one of the tables that was higher than the rest, two people stood in their white Team Rocket uniforms. Jessie looked thrilled to have been working this job but James looked like a depressed mess.

"To protect the world from devastation."

"OH HELL NO!" Ash said as Pikachu jumped from his shoulder. "Pikachu light them up!" Ash said as Pikachu let out a huge Thunderbolt that hit the Rockets. This caused a chain reaction throughout the ship where trainers battled for their pokemon. By the end, after the smoke had cleared, all the Rockets were defeated and the trainers celebrated. The only rockets not captured were the two in white and a Meowth. However unknown to the trainers a deadly storm had come and was now knocking the SS Anne around like a little dinghy.

"Damn we have to get to the lifeboats or we're going to get stuck in this ship." Misty said following Ash and Pikachu to the hull of the ship.

"We can't Jericho is still in the hull and he has Spearow and Pidgeotto!" Ash said. The group was running down a hallway trying to get to the older man. A huge wave hit the SS Anne, tipping it over and flipping it upside down. When this happened, Ash, Misty, and Brock flipped with it and were knocked unconscious. The boat then began to sink to the dark depths of the ocean.

On a Large Piece of Driftwood

The sun, the blistering unwavering sun beat down on our heroes laying on a large piece of driftwood. It had been tough but they had escaped the deathtrap that was the SS Anne. Ash and the group met up with Jesse, James and Meowth while looking for a way out and decided to head for the hull since the ship had flipped over. They had fought their way through fire and other obstacles and made it to the hull area. There they met up with Jericho who was still unconscious, but woke up when Misty started slapping him. He told Ash that both Spearow and Pidgeotto had learned Steel Wing. They then had to figure out how to get out of the hull and up to the surface. They found rope and tied themselves to a water pokemon, Brock to Starmie, Misty to Goldeen, Ash and Pikachu to Squirtle and Jericho to Staryu. The rocket trio tied themselves to a Magikarp that belonged to James. Ash then used Charmander to burn a hole in the hull and the group escaped. Well most did, the rockets didn't know that Magikarp couldn't swim that well and were left behind. The group had found the large floating barge of driftwood and took residence for the meantime. When they got there, they noticed that they were surrounded by nothing but water with debris everywhere. Ash and Jericho sent out Farfetch'd, Pidgeotto and Spearow to look for land. Each one of the flying pokemon took a different direction. A few minutes later, Spearow brought back the Rockets with Magikarp trying it's hardest to drag the three to safety. When they were brought up to the deck, they looked dead but soon revitalized after Misty thought it would be a good idea to send them out to sea. It had been a day since the birds left to find land and Farfetch'd had returned at sunset. Now we have the three rockets, Misty, Brock, Ash and Jericho burning in the sun waiting for Pidgeotto to come back.

"Why is it so damn hot?" Ash asked looking from under his hat that was pulled low over his eyes.

"I'm hungry." Meowth said getting nods from Jessie, James, Jericho, and Brock. They all looked at James' Magikarp that was in between the group and started getting ideas about eating the fish. Meowth was the first one to crack and lunged at the fish and bit down on the scales only for his fangs to break.

"That was dumb. Magikarp are the toughest pokemon around. They can live in any environment whether it is clean or polluted." Ash said shaking his head at what the heat was doing to his friends and annoyances.

"That and they have some of the hardest scales around." Misty said to follow up Ash's statement.

"I paid lot money for that stupid pokemon. Not only is it not a strong or rare pokemon it cannot even be eaten!" James said in a rage. "You're Useless!" James yelled out ready to kick the fish. When his foot came forward it didn't hit its target. Instead of kicking Magikarp, he hit nothing but air and fell straight onto his back. Ash had moved and grabbed Magikarp from being kicked and now looked pissed.

"I'm tired, I'm hungry, but I'll be damned if I see someone abuse a pokemon without doing something." Ash said with Magikarp in his arms looking up at the trainer that saved it from being kicked.

"It's not like that pokemon is worth anything, it's useless." James yelled at the young boy. "Let's see what Dexter has to say." Ash said as he brought out his pokedex, which did not have a signal at the moment to make a call.

Magikarp, the fish pokemon. Magikarp is an underpowered, pathetic Pokemon. It may jump high on rare occasions, but never more than seven feet.

"See even the stupid machine says it's useless." Jessie said laughing at Ash and Magikarp.

"At least I wasn't dumb enough to buy a Magikarp for a lot of money blueberry head." Dexter retorted which got Ash to wonder when his pokedex got its own attitude.

"You want that weakling you can have it!" James said as he threw Magikarp's gold platted pokeball at Ash and he caught the ball.

Magikarp: Gender: Female Ability: Swift Swim

Attacks: Tackle, Flail, Splash

"Well welcome to the team Magikarp." Ash said smiling down at the red fish. "Everybody may think your weak but I see that spirit. It took a lot of strength to drag those three cement heads from the ocean floor." Ash said laughing at his own joke, which got a "Karp" and a smile out of Magikarp. "I promise you Magikarp, together we're gonna make them regret getting rid of a strong pokemon like you." Ash said with determination in his eye.

"Ha the day that weak pokemon beats us is the day the twerpette kisses you." Jessie said which caused Misty and Ash to blush. Magikarp noticed this and got a determined look in her face.

"We're getting away from you twerps, that crazy of yours may be contagious." Meowth said as all three of them jumped to a smaller platform. Magikarp started flailing around and jumped out of Ash's hand and hopped toward the rockets.

"Magikarp what are you doing?" Ash asked as Magikarp flailed into the water.

"Heh look even that weakling doesn't want to be trained by the twerp." Meowth said as the rockets laughed again. Magikarp began to glow and started to grow into a giant blue sea serpent pokemon.

"Wwwwhat is that?" Jericho asked looking at the monster before him.

"It's a Gyarados!" Misty fell down to her knees and started shaking

"Magikarp evolved" Ash said looking at his new pokemon

Gyarados, the atrocious pokemon and the evolved form of Magikarp. Gyarados are brutally vicious and enormously destructive and are known for totally destroying cities in ancient times

"That weakling turned into that monster!" Meowth yelled.

"James control it, it was your pokemon." Jessie yelled as Gyarados reared her head back and a yellow ball of energy formed.

"But it's not mine it's the twerps!" James said as Jessie was strangling him. Gyarados shot the energy beam at the three and sent them flying.

"Team Rocket's blasting off again!" the rockets yelled as they vanished from the horizon.

"That was a Hyper Beam attack." Brock said as Gyarados turned back to the four that were still witness to her ferocity. It stood tall over the four that were frozen in fear. Gyarados then brought her face down in front of Ash who was almost the size of her head. The group was silent afraid at what might happen to their friend. Ash looked Gyarados straight in the eye and saw something he recognized from the giant snake. He then busted out in a smile.

"Ha I knew you would get strong but I didn't think it would be this fast." Ash smiled at the blue beast in front of him. Gyarados proceeded to nuzzle Ash and knocking him down in the process.

"I don't believe it." Misty said in disbelief.

"What's hard to believe about this?" Jericho asked looking at the sight in front of him.

"Gyarados are the hardest water type pokemon to train. They're dangerous and usually violent but Ash's acts like a big softy." Misty said.

"Well it may have been a really short time, but in that time Ash inspired Gyarados to evolve and accepted him as her trainer. She's probably really strong in battle." Brock said seeing that Ash had finally gotten up from the ground and was petting his newest pokemon.

"Alright let's see how strong you are?" Ash said using Dexter to scan the pokemon.

Gyarados: Gender: Female Ability: Intimidate

Attacks: Dragon Rage, Twister, Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Water Pulse, Earthquake, Ice Beam, Flamethrower

"Wow, you got really strong Gyarados." Ash said hugging the sea serpent.

"How can a newly evolved pokemon have all those strong moves even if it's a Gyarados?" Brock asked astonished at the range of attacks.

"Gyarados are known as pokemon natural disasters no matter where they are and know multiple types of attacks and learn them all at evolution. However most Gyarados cannot utilize these techniques due to their rage which is why most know thrash. Some old legends say that the extreme power is payment to the Gyarados for their Magikarp forms being weak given to them by a higher deity. However with all the power they are given, they lose their control and go on blind rages unless a trainer can calm it or if the Gyarados was shown love and respect when it was a Magikarp." Misty said remembering her old lessons on water pokemon folklore. She then walked over to Ash.

"Hey what's up Misty?" Ash said looking at her but still petting Gyarados. Misty then gave him a quick peck on the cheek and a blush instantly was on both Ash and Misty's face.

"Jessie did say when Magikarp beats them, was the day I kiss you." She said giving Ash a smile.

"Yeah I guess she did." Ash said looking around in the sky still trying to process what had just happened.

"Hey Pidgeotto" Ash yelled to his flying pokemon who was coming back to the barge with something in her mouth. Pidgeotto dropped into Ash's arm and dropped a palm leaf into Ash's hand. "Alright you found land! Can you lead us to it?" Ash asked his flyer who nodded. "Alright, oh and Pidgeotto say hello to Gyarados, your new female teammate." Ash said pointing back at his new pokemon. Pidgeotto stood there for a moment and started dancing around as if she had one the lottery. She flew up to Ash's belt and hit one of the pokeballs and Spearow came out of his ball.

"What the hell?" Spearow asked looking around confused until he saw Pidgeotto. "Oh, it's you bitch."

"Hello ass thought I would ask you a question." Pidgeotto said with a smile.

"What is it?" Spearow asked getting annoyed of Pidgeotto's antics.

"Do you still say that female pokemon are weaker than male pokemon?" Pidgeotto asked in superior tone.

"Yeah I do what does that have to do with anything? Decide to admit I'm right?" Spearow said in a cocky voice.

"Not at all, I want you to meet Ash's new female pokemon." Pidgeotto said pointing behind Spearow.

"So what's the big deal? Ash's got another bitch on the team." Spearow said as he turned around and Gyarados was face to face with him and spoke for the first time.

"Hello I'm the new girl." She said in a light girly voice. Spearow was turned to stone as soon as he saw Gyarados and fell back when she spoke.

"Spearow! Spearow! Pikachu get over here I think he's having a heart attack. Shock him." Ash yelled worried about his pokemon who was having a break down.

"What did I do?" Gyarados asked Pidgeotto.

"Put an arrogant ass in his place." Pidgeotto said with pride.

"Oh, I thought I was just introducing myself." Gyarados said oblivious to what she had done to Spearow.

A Day Later

"Hallelujah! Land!" Ash screamed as an island came into view. It had been another day since the group was stranded but with strapping ropes to Gyarados and following Pidgeotto they had arrived at an unknown island.

"Finally I can stand on dry land. After that I'm never taking a cruise again!" Brock said, as they were getting closer to the shore. However before they could get to the shore there was a large cluster of blue jellyfish pokemon in their way, which caused Gyarados to stop. Each one had a red jewel in the middle of their forehead and two red spheres on both sides of their head.

"Tentacool!" Misty squealed like a little girl.

"Tentacool?" Ash asked as he brought out Dexter to see what this pokemon was that got Misty all excited.

Tentacool, the jellyfish pokemon. Tentacool drift in the seas and stings anything that comes by it two poison tentacles.

"They are some of the most beautiful water pokemon. They're even called the jewel of the sea." Misty said twirling around acting like she was in a dream world.

"Well since you're in dream world, I guess me and Brock have to figure out how to get around these things without being stung." Ash said as he sat down and got into a thinking pose. However, Gyarados was tired of waiting and agitated from Misty's comment on the beauty of these blob of creatures in front of her and powered up a Hyper Beam aimed at the pod of jellyfish.

"Gyarados don't!" Ash said but was too late as Gyarados released the Hyper Beam and the pod went up and scattered them.

"Ash, control your pokemon." Misty said seeing the sea serpant pokemon attacked. After the attack Misty heard two thuds behind her. There she saw two different pokemon. One was a Tentacool the other was a blue seahorse pokemon with a yellow belly. "I better catch them before Ash sees them." Misty said looking at the two.

"See what Misty?" Ash said turning around with Dexter still in his hand.

"Horsea, the Dragon pokemon. Horsea are known to shoot down flying bugs with precision blasts of ink from the surface of the water.

"Dragon pokemon?" Ash said as he started reaching for his extra pokeball.

"They're mine!" Misty said as she flung two pokeballs at the water pokemon on the raft. Both balls shook for three times and locked.

"Man that Horsea would have been cool to have." Ash said.

"You have to quicker Ash." Misty said holding her two pokeballs in her hand and giving Ash the peace sign.

"Can't catch them all." Brock said patting Ash on his back as the group was heading for the beach.

The group finally landed on the beach and Ash put Gyarados back in her pokeball. When the group started toward the town Jericho left the group, off to make more money and spread the love of steel. They finally arrived at the Pokecenter and had their pokemon taking care of as they went and ate trying to fill their stomachs after a long couple of days. They were now in the lounge waiting for their pokemon to be healed.

"According to the map on Dexter, the nearest gym is in Saffron City." Ash said as he looked over to his friends.

"Saffron huh? Never heard of what the gym's pokemon there are like." Brock said relaxing in a large cushion chair.

"I've heard rumors that had it with fighting, psychic, ice and even a bug type gym. Of course it's all rumors but from what I've heard is that there has been no trainer that has been able to get that badge." Misty said on the couch laying her head in Ash's lap.

"Well that's just great." Ash said as his eyes sharpened.

"Come on there's a first time for everything Ash." Misty said looking up from her spot on his lap.

"Not that. Him." Ash said looking at the door. There in the door stood his childhood rival with his cheerleaders at the entrance to the pokemon center.

"Well if it isn't Ashy-boy." Gary said looking at the scene in front of him. To Ash's right was a dark skinned boy and laying her head on Ash's lap was a cute red head. "Well I guess that there's someone for everyone. Even if they suck at being a trainer." Gary said with an arrogant smirk on his face.

"I suck at training? At least I know better than to drive around in a car around Kanto which stops you from going to areas where pokemon are." Ash said.

"Ha you probably don't even have a badge." Gary said a little peed off after that last comment.

"I've got three badges." Ash said with pride.

"Three? I'm already up to five. I got them so fast I'm taking a vacation." Gary said showing off his badges which none of them Ash recognized except for the Boulder and Cascade Badge.

"Well if you're so confident in your abilities, how bout we head outside and have a battle before you start your vacation." Ash said as he got up and stood in front of Gary with electricity sparking between them.

"Fine, outside now." Gary said as he and his cheerleaders headed outside. Ash, Misty, and Brock followed afterward and they found a field that was not being used for battle.

"Alright I want to make this short and sweet, so how about a one on one battle." Gary said. His cheerleaders went through their cheer for their favorite trainer while the two stared each other down from across the battlefield.

"That's fine with me. You want to send yours out first or shall I." Ash said knowing what Gary was going to do.

"Please, the better trainer goes first. So I'll go first, then that rock, then you." Gary said pointing to the rock that was sitting right by Ash's box.

"Fine, just choose." Ash said. "It's not going to matter since you won't beat any of my pokemon. Go Growlithe." Gary said as an orange puppy with black stripes came out of the pokeball.

Growlithe, the puppy pokemon. It is very protective of its territory. It will bark and bite to repel intruders from its space.

"Alright." Ash said as he messed with his pokedex and set it to the camera mode.

"What are you doing?" Gary asked not knowing what was going on.

"Just wanted to capture your face when you see my pokemon. Now go Gyarados." Ash said as Gyarados appeared looking down on Gary and Growlithe. Gary couldn't believe what he was seeing. There in front of him was one of the most dangerous pokemon in the world. How in the world did Ash get something like that? Gary heard a click and heard Ash bust out laughing. Gary looked over and saw Ash looking at his pokedex.

"What's so funny?" Gary asked still having a look of horror on his face.

"Your face when I sent out Gyarados." Ash said still giggling at the picture.

"This isn't a laughing matter! Can you even control that monster?" Gary yelled out.

"Of course I can and Gyarados is not a monster, she's a cuddler." Ash said as Gyarados nuzzled against her trainers body. Gary couldn't believe his eyes. The most dangerous pokemon in the known world was a big softy.

"Ha your Gyarados is a wimp! No Gyarados with an ounce of dignity would behave like that." Gary said which got both Gyarados and Ash to become serious.

"We'll see how big a softy Gyarados really is after this battle." Ash said with Gyarados letting out a roar.

"Fine let' go. Growlithe use Flamethrower." Gary said as his Growlithe sent out a stream of flame from its mouth.

"Gyarados use Water Pulse to douse those flames." Ash said as Gyarados fired a ball of water out from her and overpowered the flames from Growlithe.

"Now use Hydro Pump." Ash said as a huge jet of water came from Gyarados's mouth heading for Gary's pokemon.

"Use Agility to dodge!" Gary said as Growlithe started speeding around the field and avoiding the Hydro Pump.

"Now use Dig!" Gary said as Growlithe dove underground.

"Dodge this! Gyarados use Earthquake!" Ash said as Gyarados started smashing her tail against the ground and causing the earth to tremble around the area. Gary had dropped to the ground along with Ash, Misty, Brock and the cheerleaders. Ash looked into the distance and saw a giant building being built crumble due to the attack. 'Note to self: Don't use Earthquake near buildings under construction.' Gary's Growlithe got the worst of it since it was underground. Growlithe had to come up from its tunnel and was sprawled out on the ground trying to get its bearings.

"Gyarados stop Earthquake and use Hydro Pump." Ash said. Gyarados stopped slamming her tail against the ground and shot another torrent of water at the puppy pokemon. The attack hit and knocked Growlithe out.

"Growlithe, No!" Gary yelled as he went to check on his defeated pokemon. Ash was celebrating his victory and was hugging Gyarados.

"Great job Gyarados!" Ash said as Gyarados nuzzled into her trainer.

"Good battle Ash, but are you're an idiot!" Misty screamed. "Using Earthquake in a populated area someone could have gotten hurt!"

"Yeah it wasn't one of my brightest ideas but it worked." Ash said rubbing the back of his head. "Wait…Yes, I finally beat Gary!" Ash yelled when he realized what he had just done.

"Don't let it get to your head. Next time I'll use a stronger pokemon to beat you." Gary said walking over after returning Growlithe.

"You're just a sore loser." Ash said with a triumphant smirk on his face.

"No I'm not; I just recently caught Growlithe and used him against you because I thought you were a weak trainer." Gary said.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night." Ash said, "You can't take this victory from me Gary." Ash said as he turned away from Gary and his cheerleaders.

"Let's get out of here guys." Ash said as he walked down the path heading for Saffron City with Misty and Brock in tow. Ash just stared off into the distance, angry with his rival.

The group had finally made it to Saffron City. It hadn't been a safe trip. The group had almost fallen off a cliff due to a little girl wanting to play. Then they made it to the entrance to Saffron City, where Team Rocket, who had by some miracle caught up to them, and stuck them in some sort of prison. Then the little girl who had almost caused to fall off the cliff showed up and teleported the group to the pokemon center and now here they are, resting at the Saffron Pokecenter.

"Wow that was rough." Brock said as he lay down on the couch.

"I know. Why do we always run into trouble?" Misty said lying back in a big cushiony chair.

"I blame Team Rocket. First chance we get we're putting them in jail." Ash said with an annoyed look on his face thinking about the pokemon thieves that had been stalking him and his friends.

"Here are your pokemon." Nurse Joy said as she brought the group's pokemon over. "Thanks Nurse Joy. By the way can you tell me what kind of gym Saffron City has?" Ash asked the nurse. When Ash said the word gym, Joy froze and turned around.

"My suggestion to you is to just leave the city before you even think of challenging the leader here. She's not the kind of trainer to be messed with." Nurse Joy said with a serious tone and started walking back to the medical part of the pokecenter.

"Well that was just inspiring." Ash said as he headed to the room the group had rented for the night.

The next morning the group stood before the Saffron Gym. The gym was colored gray and what looked like a parachute over it.

"Well time to get this badge out of the way." Ash said as he started walking to the gym.

"I wouldn't do that son." A man said from behind the group. He had a green jumpsuit on with a yellow cap hiding his eyes. "Sabrina is a dangerous psychic. If you fight her now you will lose." The man said and then jogged away.

"Why does everybody say I'll lose? I figured by now, people would figure out I can beat any odds." Ash said as he ignored the man's warning as the group walked into the gym. Inside group finds that the gym it strangely quiet. They looked inside one of the doors they had come upon which had a glass window looking into it. There they saw people trying to bend spoons with their mind and predicting what was on cards.

"What are you three doing here?" A man with long brown hair and a mask on his face said which got the attention of the group. He was wearing purple shirt and a white coat just like all of the people in the room they were just looking into. Ash finally responded.

"I'm Ash Ketchum and I'm here to challenge Sabrina for the Marsh Badge." Ash said.

"Ha you would be better off trying to beat the champion Lance than Mistress Sabrina. At least he is merciful." The man said as he looked at the trainers.

"Whatever, she can't be that bad." Ash said not believing what the man was saying.

"Fine it is your fate. I can only warn you. Follow me." The man said. He led the group down the hall until they reached a battlefield. On the other side of the field sat the little girl that had almost killed them sitting in the lap of a woman that looked to be about seventeen. The girl had dark green hair with purple eyes and had a red shirt with yellow buttons and a black skirt on.

"Mistress Sabrina, this is Ash Ketchum. He wishes to challenge you to a match." The man said as he bowed in front of the leader with the girl in her lap. "I would recommend not even bothering battling this ahhh!" The man said as a dark blue energy appeared around his head, which caused him pain. "I'm sorry Mistress Sabrina. I have no right to tell you who and who not to battle." The man said as he apologized for antagonizing the gym leader and quickly left the field.

"Are you ready for battle?" The doll said which really creeped out Ash and the others.

"Uh Ash maybe we should leave." Misty suggested.

"No, I will not be scared away from a challenge." Ash said looking back toward Sabrina. "Yes, I'm ready to battle." Ash said as he prepared for battle.

"I should warn you, if you lose you'll have to play with me and you can never leave." The doll said in a playful tone.

"I wouldn't mind playing with that woman you're sitting on." Brock mumbled under his breath.

"What was that Brock?" Misty asked only catching bits and pieces Brock said.

"I didn't say anything." Brock said waving his hands in front of him.

"You know I can read minds right." Sabrina said speaking for the first time without the doll. This caused Brock to pale at the punishment that he was going to get from the psychic. "And your friend here has a better chance than you do." Sabrina said looking at Ash. This caused Brock to huddle in the corner with a dark cloud hovering over his head.

"Now let's start this battle." The doll said, "Go Abra." The pokeball that had been in its hand floated up and released a strange brown pokemon that looked like it was asleep.

Abra, the psychic pokemon. Abra sleeps for eighteen hours a day. If it senses danger, it will teleport to safety even as it sleeps.

"Well that's not good." Ash said as he thought of his options. Finally he decided to go with Pikachu. Pikachu jumped off his trainer's shoulder and onto the field. Abra and Pikachu stood there waiting for the other to move until Pikachu realized that Abra was asleep. "Pikachu use Quick Attack" Ash said as Pikachu shot at Abra only for it to teleport out of the way. The Abra reappeared where Pikachu was and stood up and started to glow. When the glow died down there stood a brown pokemon with whiskers and a star on its forehead. It also had a spoon in its right hand.

Kadabra, the psychic pokemon and the evolved form of Abra. It emits special alpha waves from its body that induce headaches just by being close by

"Damn, this just got way harder. Pikachu use thunderbolt." Ash said as Pikachu released the torrent of electricity.

"Kadabra use Psychic" This caused the lightning to be sent straight back down at Pikachu which gave the mouse a taste of his own medicine. "Now use Confusion" Kadabra used Confusion on Pikachu, which caused him to start doing the hula, and then sent Pikachu straight up into the ceiling.

"Pikachu!" Ash yelled as he ran to check up on his pokemon. "You alright buddy?" Ash asked which got a weak "Pi" in response. The doll started laughing and clapping.

"Yay, I have new toys" The doll said then Ash, Misty and Brock were teleported to an unknown area.

When the group landed they were in some sort of town. However they were soon to discover they were in some sort of play town. They discovered a family portrait of Sabrina and her parents. This was as much investigating the trio got when Sabrina and the doll appeared and were about to crush the travelers. Luckily they were teleported to safety. This is where we catch up to our heroes.

"I told you that you didn't stand a chance," said the man who had warned them earlier.

"Yeah you sure did." Ash said acknowledging his defeat.

"Yes, Sabrina was not always that brutal. She used to be such a sweet girl before her powers took over." The man said.

"You sound like you know her." Misty said looking at the man.

"I should I'm the one that trained her." The man said.

"So that makes you her trainer or is there more." Brock asked.

"She's my daughter." The man admitted.

"So this was your doing" Ash said being as blunt as he could be.

"Yes I know it is." Sabrina's father responded in sadness.

"Is there any way to help her?" Ash asked.

"Yes there is." The man said looking at Ash. "Head east to Lavender Town and to the pokemon tower, there you will find a ghost pokemon that will help you defeat my daughter." The man said as he disappeared.

"Well Ash what are we going to do." Misty asked.

"Weren't you listening Misty. We're heading to Lavender Town." Ash said as he headed east to get the pokemon that would help save Sabrina and earn him his fourth badge.

Lavender Town

"Hey Professor." Ash said as he was sitting at the videophone at the Lavender Town pokemon center. He had called Professor Oak with the phone on his pokedex while traveling to Lavender Town and told him what had happened and asked what his best plan would be catching a ghost pokemon was. Oak told him that the best pokemon for the job was Butterfree since he had psychic attacks as well as the powder attacks.

"Oh hello Ash. Have you decided which pokemon you are going to switch with Butterfree?" Oak asked with Butterfree flying happily behind the older man.

"Yes sir, I'm sending Pidgeotto." Ash said as he grabbed Pidgeotto's ball off his belt.

"Make sure you don't make fun of her size this time Professor." Ash said remembering the last time he sent her to the Professor.

"Don't worry Ash I remember the last time." Oak said laughing nervously. After the transfer the group headed for the pokemon tower.

When the group arrived at the tower, dusk had rolled in. The setting sun casted an ominous presence upon the tower, where the ghost Pokemon was supposed to reside as the group got closer to it. As Ash walked forward to enter the tower, he looked over his shoulder only to realize that Misty and Brock had stopped.

"You guys aren't going in with me, are you?" Ash said looking at his companions.

"Well we're not the ones wanting to catch a ghost pokemon." Brock said as he turned back toward Lavender Town.

"Well I'm not going in but I'll stay out here waiting for you." Misty said smiling at Ash.

"That does nothing for my confidence." Ash said, "Well at least you're braver than Brock." Ash said as said friend ran out of viewing range. "If I'm not back by morning, come get me." Ash said looking at Misty.

"Yeah I'll go find someone to go in and find you." Misty said as she got in her sleeping bag by a fire she built and went to sleep.

"Some friends" Ash said, "Well at least I have you buddy." Ash said looking for his Pikachu only to find him in a small sleeping bag pretending to be asleep. "OH NO! You're not getting out of this," Ash said as he grabbed Pikachu and entered the tower.

When Ash got into the tower, he called out both Butterfree and Charmander. Charmander's job was to light his way and Butterfree was to attack the ghost pokemon that appeared. "Be ready Butterfree, ghost pokemon are known pranksters and will try to scare you." Ash said which Butterfree nodded acknowledging the facts his trainer gave them. As the group walked through the tower they noticed that there was a light on in a room with its door closed. Ash and the group got to the door. "Alright when I open this door be ready to attack Butterfree." Ash said. He opened the door and there was nothing there. It was a dining room with food on the table and a welcome sign. 'Huh didn't expect this' Ash thought as he went to the table to see what kind of food was offered. When he got close the doors slammed closed behind him and the plates and food started flying around trying to hit him and his pokemon.

"Shit, Butterfree use Confusion on the entire room." Ash said dodging a pot roast. Butterfree released his Psychic energy on the room and knocked all the plates back and cause a black and purple ball of gas to hit the wall as well. Ash checked the pokemon with the pokedex

Gastly, the gas pokemon. Said to appear in decrepit, deserted buildings. It has no real shape as it appears to be made out of gas.

"Alright a ghost pokemon." Ash said as Gastly got back up. Gastly shot out black beams out of its eyes and hit Butterfree. Butterfree fought back with poison powder but it did not affect the ghost. Gastly hit Butterfree with a Lick attack and caused the butterfly pokemon to reel back in disgust. Butterfree was on his last legs and this Gastly was strong.

"Come on Butterfree you can do it! I believe in you!" Ash said rooting on his pokemon. Butterfree turned back to his opponent as the gas pokemon got close and when Gastly got close enough Butterfree shot a strange beam from his antenna. "What's that?" Ash asked in surprise at Butterfree's new attack.

Psybeam: a peculiar ray that may confuse the foe

Sure enough Gastly was woozily floating around in a daze. "Alright Butterfree, use Sleep Powder on Gastly." Ash said as Butterfree sent out the blue powder from his wings and hit the ghost pokemon causing it to go to sleep. "Pokeball, Go!" Ash said as he threw the ball and it hit Gastly. The ball shook several times before the ball clicked shut. "Alright, I caught Gastly!" Ash said in triumph as he held his pokeball to see Gastly's stats.

Gastly: Gender: Male Ability: Levitate

Attacks: Hypnosis, Lick, Night Shade, Confuse Ray, Spite, Dream Eater

Status: Asleep

The ball then teleported from Ash's hand to Professor Oak's Lab. Ash left the Tower feeling that he was being watch but shrugged it off as just some of the ghost pokemon making sure he left and met up with Misty as they left for the pokemon center. When they left two pokemon stared out of the tower looking at the two trainer.

"Do you think Gastly will be alright?" Another Gastly asked the much larger ghost pokemon who stood on his legs.

"I'm sure he will. That boy has a good soul. One thing is for sure, I know he'll prank those trainers pretty hard since he was caught." The larger ghost laughed as the thought of his friend causing havoc entered his mind.

Back at the pokemon center, Ash and Misty discovered Brock beaten to the floor with bruises all over his face.

"Brock what happened to you?" Ash asked his friend.

"Yes Mr. Brock what happened to you." The Nurse Joy asked with a pleasant smile on her face.

"Uh nothing. Nothing at all." Brock said not wanting to say anything that could get him hurt anymore. "So did you catch a ghost pokemon?" Brock asked out of curiosity.

"Yep and I'm getting him from Professor Oak right now." Ash said as he walked to the phone of the pokemon center.

"Hello Professor Oak?" Ash asked as he saw the lab that was almost always clean in total disarray.

"Oh thank god Ash. Please tell me you're getting your Gastly out of here." Oak said tiredly in his disheveled state.

"Professor what happened?" Misty asked looking over Ash's shoulder.

"Well Ash's Gastly has a healthy pranking streak and has been causing havoc here." Oak said as Gastly appeared behind him and licked his face causing a shiver up Oak's spine.

"But it's only been twenty minutes since I caught him." Ash said not believing his one pokemon could do all of that in the short amount of time he was there.

"Oh sure, says the trainer that wasn't here! Now get your Gastly!" Oak said as Gastly scared the professor once he realized that Gastly was behind him.

"Hey Gastly, I'm about to retrieve you so get in your pokeball so we can have fun here." Ash said which made Gastly obey and get into his pokeball.

"Wow you have a way with your pokemon Ash." Oak said as he grabbed Gastly's pokeball.

"So which pokemon are you sending me?" Oak asked hoping for a pokemon that did not play pranks.

"I'm sending Squirtle" Ash said, "I have two water pokemon so I'll keep my other one with me."

"That's fine Ash" Oak said in relief. He had taken care of plenty of Squirtle so Ash's should not have been any different. Ash placed the pokeball that was to be switched on the machine. However unknown to Ash this pokeball had gold flakes all around it and most of the flakes had worn off due to everyday activities. Ash finally got Gastly's pokeball and headed outside to introduce his new pokemon to the group.

"Alright everyone come out!" Ash said as he released his pokemon. Pikachu, Gastly, Butterfree, Charmander, Spearow and Bulbasaur all came out as expected. However what was not expected was Squirtle coming out of the last pokeball.

"Uh oh" Ash said as he looked at his team.

"What's wrong Ash?" Misty asked looking at Ash's pokemon.

"Well I told Professor Oak I sent him Squirtle. But if Squirtle is here that means that….

At the Lab

"Ok let's see how strong you are little Squirtle." Oak said as he released the pokemon in his lab. However it wasn't the small turtle pokemon but a large agitated dragon pokemon, which was in a very foul mood because she had been separated from Ash. "DAMN YOU ASH KETCHUM!"

With the Team

"DAMN YOU ASH KETCHUM!" The group heard that yelled all the way from Pallet Town.

"I'm sure he'll calm down in a couple of days." Ash said thinking that the professor would forgive him for the mistake. Gastly was laughing his invisible ass off as what his trainer had just did.

"Oh that was good. I like him, he's a riot." Gastly said.

"Yeah it never gets dull around here." Bulbasaur said.

"He was going to send me to the lab." Squirtle said with a depressed tone.

"Don't take it personal" Pikachu said to the turtle pokemon.

"You have the bad luck of having to be compared with Gyarados as water pokemon. It just means you have to get stronger."

"Yeah, it's not like the rest of us. We don't have any other pokemon for our types. Butterfree is switched in and out with Sandslash because they are different types and do well in different situations."

"Yeah the only one of us who has competition is Spearow. Of course, the two love birds have to be separated or they'll start mating." Butterfree chimed in which got Spearow to become furious.

"How dare you say that I would mate with that zzz…zzz…zzz." Spearow started but was put to sleep by Butterfree's sleep powder.

"Wow that's a nice trick to keep him quiet" Charmander said which Butterfree just shrugged.

"It's not that hard. Bulbasaur and Gastly can do the same thing to shut him up." Butterfree said as Spearow was talking in his sleep.

"Damn..ZZZ…Ugly…ZZZ…Moth." Spearow said which caused a tick mark to appear over Butterfree's left eye.

"Yeah this could be fun." Gastly thought looking at his new family.

Back in Saffron City

"Time for the rematch." Ash said as he, Misty and Brock were standing in front of the gym. Ash had spent the trip back to Saffron getting Gastly ready for his battle. The group entered the gym and was now standing in front of Sabrina.

"I see you have come back to taste defeat again." Sabrina said with the same doll in her lap.

"No not this time." Ash said. "I'm here to beat you and get that Marsh Badge." Ash said with determination in his eyes.

"We shall see. Go Kadabra." The doll said as the psychic pokemon appeared on the field of battle.

"Go Gastly!" Ash said as the ghost pokemon appeared from his pokeball. "A ghost type? I never thought you had the skills to catch one." Sabrina said.

"People always underestimate me because I'm a rookie." Ash said as Gastly disappeared where no one could see him. "Gastly use Night Shade." Ash said as blast of black beams shot out of nowhere and hit Kadabra.

"Kadabra use psybeam." The doll told the psychic pokemon, which shot its attack into a seemingly random spot and hit Gastly.

"Gastly are you ok?" Ash asked. Gastly nodded back at Ash. "Alright use Hypnosis." Ash said as two rings of energy raced toward the psychic pokemon.

"Dodge with Teleport then use psywave." The doll said as Kadabra teleported behind Gastly and hit it again with Psychic energy.

"Gastly!" Ash said with worry. "Can you continue?" Gastly nodded.

"Ha. That pokemon will never be able to defeat my Kadabra. Soon you will lose and there will be no escape from being my newest toy." The doll in Sabrina's lap said as she started to giggle which creeped Ash out again.

Gastly got a serious and determined look on his face and started glowing. Gastly's body grew into a purple mass and gained two hands. "Wow Gastly evolved" Ash said as he pointed Dexter at his new pokemon.

Haunter, the gas pokemon and the evolved form of Gastly. By licking, it saps the victim's life. It causes shaking that won't stop until the victim's demise.

Gender: Male Ability: Levitate

Attacks: Lick, Night Shade, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Shadow Punch, Confuse Ray, Spite

"Wow that's dark." Ash said as Haunter started cackling. "Are you ready Haunter?" Ash said, which Haunter responded with a thumbs up. "Alright start with Shadow Punch." Ash said which Haunter sent a fist of shadow at Kadabra, which hit its mark and sent the psychic pokemon rolling back. "Now use Hypnosis." Ash said as Haunter disappeared and reappeared in front of Kadabra, grabbing the psychic pokemon and hit it with two circles from around his eyes.

"Kadabra wake up." Sabrina said abandoning the doll, honestly worried about her pokemon.

"Now finish it with Dream Eater." Ash commanded which Haunter got close to Kadabra and started pulling some white cottony material from Kadabra's head and ate it. By the time the attack was finished so was Kadabra. "Yes I won!" Ash said hopping up and down.

"Congratulations young man" said Sabrina's father who teleported in after the battle was done with a woman who Ash assumed was Sabrina's mother.

"Thanks now how is what!?" There on the other side of the field was a laughing Sabrina with Haunter doing funny faces at her. "Huh she has a pretty laugh." Ash said. After the laughing fit, Sabrina went over to Ash with Haunter following behind her.

"Thank you Ash. Without you or Haunter who knows how long I would be like that." Sabrina said. "As gym leader I here by give you the official badge of the Saffron City gym, the Marsh Badge." Sabrina said holding out the golden circular badge.

"Thank you Sabrina. Now's it time to take the picture." Ash said as he held the badge. "Picture?" Sabrina asked curiously.

"Yeah it's something I do at every gym I win a badge at. I take a picture with the pokemon I used to win the badge." Ash said.

"Mind if I get in the picture." Sabrina asked with a sly smile on her face.

"Sure why not." Ash said as he walked out of the gym with Sabrina in toe.

Path Leading Away From Saffron City

It was an hour later and the group was on the road to Celadon City. Ash had a huge smile on his face and was staring off in the distance. Misty had a very angry look on her face and Brock looked depressed.

"I can't believe she did that." Misty said thinking about the event that happened just an hour ago.

"What do you expect he left Haunter with her so she could keep laughing." Brock said, as he looked depressed.

Ash on the other hand was in a different mind set. Before the picture, Ash gave Haunter to Sabrina to keep her in a good mood and they traded numbers with each other so Ash could contact Sabrina and call Haunter back to his team when he wanted. When they took the picture, something unexpected happened. Ash looked at the picture on his pokedex. In the background was Haunter giving a victory sign with Ash's hand holding the Marsh Badge out front. However the attention grabbing part of the picture was Ash and Sabrina lip locked and her father in the background glaring at Ash with his wife holding him back. Ash had only one thought on his mind. 'Got to go to Saffron more often.'

Ash's Team

Pikachu, Spearow, Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Butterfree

At Oak's Lab: Pidgeotto, Krabby, Gyarados, Sandslash(shiny)

In Training: Haunter-Saffron City Gym

Misty's Team

Staryu, Starmie, Goldeen, Tentacool, Horsea

Brock's Team

Geodude, Onix, Zubat

Trainer Card

Owner: Ash Ketchum

ID: 702938574

Hometown: Pallet Town

Birthday: May 22

Age: 11 Height: 5'0 Weight: 117 lbs

Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Status: Rookie

Badges: 4 Pokemon: 11 Ranking: N/A

Well that's chapter 4. Hope everyone enjoyed it and like what I did with Ash and his pokemon. Now onto finishing papers, doing presentations and getting ready for finals. Damn so much to do so little time. Also this story only has about two more chapters that have to be proofread and edited before I catch up with where I stopped with it years ago. Well anyway have a great week. Peace!