Ass Cover: They belong to Lucasfilm, and the Bearded One. I'm just borrowing them for a spell. Cuz I just finished one of these lovely little works, and I wonder why it's always Anakin lusting after Obi-Wan and never the other way around. So… yeah. Here I go. Be wary. I'm thinking about making it a series, actually. Obi-Wan's descent to the Dark Side because of his love for Anakin. Yeah. Sounds good to me.

A Master's Mind

"A Padawan need not know his master's mind."

As so often before, my Padawan gazed at the ground, properly chastised as the words left my lips, although I felt no better for it.

It certainly would not have been a good thing for this Padawan, who was no good at hiding his true feelings, to know his master's thoughts, his master, who was so good at concealing his true self.

No, I would never tell Anakin how I felt.

In truth, there is nothing that I don't know about my Padawan. Even before, I knew that he loved the former Queen of Naboo, down to his soul. I knew when he wedded her, I knew everything.

Anakin had never been good at holding back his emotions.

And for this reason, for his love of Senator Amidala, I never showed a thing.

When he was younger, thirteen or fourteen, he'd had a fleeting infatuation with me, as most Padawans do with their masters. On occasion, the masters develop a love for their Padawan that goes beyond simple training bonds. Always they get over it.

I, unfortunately, have not.

He is training with his lightsabre today, swinging it and spinning it and I'm trying to pretend that I am only watching him in the way the other Masters watch their Padawans.

I don't want this.

He loves, and that can be the downfall of a Jedi. I know this from my own experience.

I know that we have shared the same loss, he his mother, and I my master, both of them people very dear to us. We have known the same anger, the same pain. We have committed the same crimes.

The difference between my beloved Padawan and I is that I have returned to my chosen path, the path of a Jedi.

I feel the darkness within him, even through his happiness and his joy in his marriage to Senator Amidala. It is something that his love will never erase. It grows and it twists him, corrupting him, changing him.

I would give anything to take that away, to make him pure once again. If I thought for a moment that my love could do this, I would forsake everything that I live for, my own path of righteousness to turn him from the darkness.

If only a Jedi Knight in a situation like my own could speak his mind.