Ass Cover: They belong to Lucasfilm, and the Bearded One. I'm just borrowing them for a spell. Cuz I just finished one of these lovely little works, and I wonder why it's always Anakin lusting after Obi-Wan and never the other way around. So… yeah. Here I go. Be wary. Put this after A Master's Forgiveness. This is the end, obviously.

A Master's Love

If I could cry, I would.

I don't have that ability anymore, here, as a part of the Force. I can only stand here and watch my former Padawan sob as my mortal body burns.

I love him. I always have, and I will until the day that he stands beside me in this greater power. Stands here with myself and my master, and Anakin's master after me.

"Master, does he have the ability to turn away from the Darkness I have caused him by asking him to take my life?" I ask, and Qui-Gon lays a hand on my shoulder.

"He is strong, Padawan, he will overcome." My master tells me. I do not know if he says it because it is truth or if he says it because he wishes to spare my feelings.

I am silent as I watch Anakin, and they leave me.

After all I've done, he still did this for me. I do not think, if I were in his position, I could have forgiven what I did to him.

"I love you, my Padawan." I say aloud. He turns abruptly and it is as though he can see me.

"I know, Master." He says, his voice soft and almost lost in the roar of the flames. No one wants to be there with him as my body burns. None have the forgiveness that is embedded so deeply in his heart.

"I never wanted anything to be like this. If there had been another way, be assured I would have taken it," I say. I know now that he can hear me, he can see me, as though I am really there. I reach out, but my hand passes through him. His face is tear streaked, and I wonder if, after all the pain I have caused, I am worth those tears.

"I understand, Master. I didn't when it first happened, but now I do." Anakin says.

"You have become the ideal Jedi, Anakin. I am proud, as are my master and Master Windu," I tell him. I don't want him to cry. More than anything, I want him to stop.

"You were always the Jedi ideal, Master," he says.

"I chose the dark, Anakin. I could never be that."

"You were selfless. You chose the path that would save another. You didn't have to ask me to take your life. Before and at the end you were what a Jedi should be."

I nod. "I love you Anakin," I tell him.

"I know, Master." He says. "You were the only father I had."

"You are a father yourself now. Raise your children to be as strong and as compassionate and forgiving as you."

"I will, Master."

The flames began to die and he turned from me, watching the last sparks and my ashes floating on the breeze.