My Only Love

You were always there for me. When I missed my home, when my friends were in danger. It made me love you more. That's why I'm sorry I had to go. I didn't belong in Cephiro, if only you could come here to me.

Umi sat at the piano in the music room, playing a soft, sweet melody. Her hair swayed as her hands moved up and down the piano, lightly brushing the keys with each note she played. One single tear slid slowly down her soft face. This song always reminded her of clef.

If only I didn't leave, if only I'd stayed and told you my true feelings. I knew it would change things, but would it have been for the best? I truly loved you Clef.

The tears started to come faster this time, leaving two little dots on the lap of her sapphire blue skirt. She didn't notice her parents standing by the door. They knew something had happened at the Tokyo tower when she went with her School, but she seemed saddened by something else, a different kind of sadness. After she went for the second time with her friends, She seemed more.. distant.

You always comforted me when I needed it. I never knew how to repay you. Oh how I wish I had the strength of heart to tell you when I could. If only I could tell you now.

Her parents stayed by the door. They'd began to get worried over the past few weeks. She would always sit at the piano, or in her room, or in the garden and when she thought no one was around, she would always cry. Umi sobbed loudly. Her mother stepped into the room to comfort her but one firm hand on her shoulder told her otherwise. The look on her husbands face as she turned to look at him said it all. This was something Umi had to go through on her own. They stepped away from the door and closed it as silently as they could.

I can't stand to be away from you anymore Clef. I'd give up everything to see you again. Words can't describe my love for you.

The soft, sweet melody came to an end. She looked up at the darkening sky in the window in front of the piano. She wondered what Cephiro looked like now, created by the people who loved it most.

By Clef.

' Oh clef..' She whispered. She gave in and rested her head in her arms, sobbing uncontrollably.

You are my only regret. My only love.

*********************** Natsu-chan: AWWWWWW wasn't that soooo kawaii?? So full of fluff u could stuff a teddy bear with it!! Well anyway I wrote it after I saw the last episode of MKR. I just felt that something needed to be said about Umi not telling clef about her love for him. I thought it was sooo kawaii. I hope u enjoyed and I would love to get some reviews on this, so do ur worst, I wanna know wot ppl think of my fluff ^^; all flames welcome except from those who will flame me 'cause they think A/U is better, because if u do why r u reading the fic? And because I don't like that pairing as much as this one 'cause Umi actually loved clef. Even tho I like A/U too. Well actually I don't know wot one I like best ^^; anyway I forgot the disclaimer so jus to make sure no1 sues me, here it is: Disclaimer: I don't own Magic Knight Rayearth even if I may act like I do sumtimes. I do not make profit from this fanfic.

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